EL BLOG #12 23 April 2007

Rob and Beth send a joint report from Rio

Hello everybody

We thought we’d do a joint blog and tell you what everyone got up to on our very precious two days off in Rio.

Tom, Richard, good looking soundman Ant and Adam (with the big hair) played golf.
Tim, Tony, Mickey the Map (stage manager and navigation guru – except the time he tried to get us around Stockholm with a map of Vienna), drum tech Scott, Beth and Rob went to see the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer and watched the start of the Red Bull Air Race from the top of another mountain. Football and meat extravaganza in the evening (Richard’s already told you about this). Some of the crew went out clubbing afterwards – there were some sore heads the next morning. We hear that video tech ASBO was a big hit with the ladeez (He’s available for dating if anyone fancies a good time. Email us photos and your bio and we’ll pass them on – don’t all rush at once though, please).

Beth arranged a fantastic day’s fishing on an extremely swanky yacht. Tom, Tim, Adam, Mickey, techno genius Geoff, Tony and Rob went and, surprisingly, everyone caught something, although our extravagantly be-Speedoed guide (lots of “baiting the tackle” jokes) told us that none of them were edible. Boo! Richard would have gone to the Christ statue but the hills were shrouded in cloud so he went to the beach in Ipanema instead to absorb some local atmosphere. More football in the evening with another appearance from local guest star Piedro. No injuries today although the ball did get stuck in a tree; Mickey managed to get it with a ropey stepladder and the very long pool cleaning brush. The hotel’s security were not amused and tried to knock him off the ladder, luckily crack security detail Tony and Andy came to the rescue – no-one messes with those two hard nuts!

That’s about it as we’ve got to be up very early for a mammoth and extremely complicated travel day – Tour Manager Colin is in logistical hell but I’m sure he’ll get us all there safely. Our bags will probably end up in Mozambique but we’ll be in Monterray by the end of the day.

More to come from Mexico, all love Beth and Rob

That football game in full, arty splendour. L to R, Andy (also known as ‘Razors’), Richard, Handsome Ant, Tom, Tim (about to thwack the ball into goal). On the bench, Adam and Mickey.

Local Keane FC substitute Piedro

Tim on the fishing boat. Geography fans will note Sugarloaf in the distance. Actual occupancy was 9 so safety regulations all observed. Phew!

Tom reels ’em in. Apologies for the dirty lens.

Christ the Redeemer and Tim. It’s pretty big.

PS: To reduce the confusion from Rob’s last post. The names on my preview monitors are those of the cameramen. I’d not be in a job for long if I called Richard Tim, Tim Eddy and Tom ASBO. R

PPS: Everyone has taken Beth’s fashion advice and we’re all busting some seriously stylish flip flops.

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