EL BLOG #10 21 April 2007

Rob, Keane’s lighting/technology king, shares more ace pictures

Hello. Me again and, as always, I’m running late for a flight.

Here are three shots from the other night’s (excellent) second show in Saö Paulo

Tom at the end of the ego ramp during ‘Leaving So Soon?’

The boys on the B stage before ‘Hamburg Song’. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot two Brazilian flags. One, that Tom had just been given (on the front of his Hammond) and one from the night before, at the top right draped over Geoff’s rack (from where he keeps an eye over all Tim’s technology). We are, as they say in South London, all flagged up.

This is my preview monitor from which I can supervise all our onstage cameras for the screens – I think this was taken during ‘Put It Behind You’. (Don’t worry. The clock is still set to UK time – the show was at a far more civilised hour.)

Are you bored of these yet?


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