EL BLOG #1 12 April 2007

Keane’s adventures in Latin America start here!

Tomorrow night, Keane begin their first ever Latin American tour, with a show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As ever, will be offering exclusive coverage of the tour. That will include El Blog, a regular blog which both the band and the crew will be contributing to. Here is the first entry, from Beth the band’s PA:

Hello from Buenos Aires! We arrived here on Tuesday morning and kicked off the sightseeing that very afternoon with a trip to the beautiful cemetery where Eva Perón is buried.  Then yesterday during the day we went to a gallery and to the shops in an area called Palermo Soho, which was very nice.

And then last night I took the band and their lovely crew to a tourist Tango Show.  We started with dinner served at the speed of lightning.  You had to be careful your plates weren’t taken away before you’d finished, the waiters were so fast!  Dinner was followed by an hour of all-singing, all-dancing, ankle flicking, leg kicking, passion and romance.  Excellent! We came away very much inspired by a true tradition of Argentina!

It’s been a great trip so far – everyone is very relaxed and enjoying themselves. Now we’re all looking forward to the first show of the tour tomorrow night…

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