Chinese show announced 05 April 2011

Hello Everyone-in-the-World-of-Keane!!!

Tom here! Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve been in touch with you all.  We’re pleased to say we’ve been working hard writing new songs and we’ll soon be posting lots of glimpses of us in the studio for you to laugh and cry at (perhaps the return of the badger?)…

In the meantime, we’re very excited to announce that we’re getting together with Burberry to put on a huge event  on April 13th celebrating British music and innovation, in the incredible city that is Beijing.  Christopher Bailey, who is the head honcho of Burberry has been a huge Keane fan since the start and we’ve been trying to hatch a plan to do something together for ages.  The fact that we can make our first visit to China AND put on a show that we could never have dreamed of staging otherwise, means that it’s a very happy coming together!

Better still, the show will be streamed live on the website for all of you to see. We’ll keep you posted with the details!

Lots of Love

Tom x

Keane and Christopher Bailey

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