Can’t Stop Now video winner 24 November 2009

Hello again. We reach the halfway stage of our H&F video contest winners rundown with Can’t Stop Now. This was another song judged by Richard. Don’t forget, we’ll be announcing the overall contest winner once we’ve announced all of the invidual song winners. (The individual winners each get a signed copy of the Hopes And Fears Deluxe Edition.)


Karla Solalinde from Monterrey, Mexico (video above)
Richard: The idea to do this in the computer game is really great – a really fresh and modern twist on animation, but with a storyline there too. Five years ago this video would have cost a fortune to make! There are so many details, like the keane drum head on the drum kit (trust me to notice that!) you’ve also got a fair few of Tom’s moves down. I’m really impressed by the way you made the creative side work with the Sims idea. Fantastic.



Pedro Atiénzar  from Murcia, Spain
Richard: This was one of the first videos I watched, and it set a really high standard. It’s really professional – the shots, the editing, the movement… my favourite moment is when the camera swings with the actor’s hand. Really enjoyed it.

Ryan in Australia
This is a great-looking video – really nicely shot. I love the almost day-for-night effect, and the different angles to keep it fresh, cut with the shots of the guy’s eyes. Tom will confirm that videos where you run and run are hard work, so props to your lead actor! feels like the guy is trying to escape from everything, but i guess he works it out at the end. I felt really bad for the guy with the coffee – good cameos!

Bumble & Pingu in Edinburgh Zoo
This really had me laughing – it is time we did a video with a dance routine, and the costumes remind me of making the album… how many takes did you use? my fave move is "slow down", plus the impression of Tim’s piano playing – we do the same thing!



(In order of entry date)

Charlotte and Anna in the UK

Fidel G in Mexico

Rachel Cisto in the US

Rachel Q also in the US

Krista from Massachusetts, USA

 Maria Jose Vazquez-Mellado Petit from Mexico City, Mexico

Gretel Cervantes also from Mexico City, Mexico

Eugenia from Argentina

 Eva in The Netherlands

Kat from Canada

Great work folks.

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