CANADA BLOG #1 23 May 2007

Tech dude Rob writes from Montreal…

Bonjour du pays que j’aime appeler Canadia.

I think that’s probably enough of my schoolboy French. But when in Quebec …

I like it here, as, it seems, do Soline and Chad, my lighting crew. They seemed noticably perkier than normal when hot girls arrived to help put the rig up this morning. Anyway, so I wanted to send something from this fine country of ice hockey, Feist and Molson Red (although you guys do need to do some work on your airline). So, as usual, I took some pictures in soundcheck in the very red and very pretty Olympia theatre. I probably need to get out more.

End of the waffle, voici les photos.

Tom warms up the piano

Les mains des Tom

Tim’s big red pods. From where the distorted piano sounds emerge

Richard looking rockstar-esque

Tim tinkles the ivories

Tom looking, rather like the guy in Kirsty MacColl’s chip shop, a little like Elvis – which is no bad thing. (Slight poetic license here but I’m sure you get my drift)

Soundman Iain’s business finger. This is all he needs to go one louder

Tim watching out for low flying stuff

Tom’s two Gibson guitars

See how French it is here? Sortie is foreign for NotAusgang. Or Salida.

Et pour finir les pieds des Tim

I’m off to watch the finale of Heroes. I’ve got my fingers in my ears and I’m humming if anyone tries to tell me what happens.

More pictures soon, Rob

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