Keane's PA Beth tells you all about an amazing charity auction

Hello everyone

You may or may not have heard about the eBay auction currently running through Keane's US label. It's a chance to bag yourself an amazing one-off Keane snowboard, whilst at the same time showing your support for Keane's fave charity War Child.

Why a snowboard? Well, being a huge fan of throwing myself head first down a snowy mountain, it was time for me to get myself a new board.  I hunted high and low for suitable (girly) artwork but couldn't find anything I liked. So I finally decided that it would be really nice to have one custom made.  What better and more fitting artwork than Sanna Annukka's amazing Snow Queen?

In the end, I had two made. I kept one for myself and the other I got the band to sign and I've donated for auction. They are very slightly different on the bottom of the board so the winner of this auction will be the proud owner of something unique.

Plus, the auction also includes lots of lovely War Child / The Night Sky-related goodies, including a CD single and 7-inch (both signed) and a programme signed by all the artists from the gigs.

The auction is open until November 23rd. Click here to check it out and see pictures of all the items included.

And remember, it's all for War Child - so be generous with your bids!


ps - Thanks to Johnny Nederhaseur at Revolution who helped me design and make the board.  Check them out here.

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