Bexhill live blog 10 April 2012

23.06: Right, that’s us done for the night. Thanks very much to all of you who’ve been reading the blog from all over the world – we’ve loved getting your emails (there have been literally hundreds of them) and, of course, your comments under the blog. We’ll leave you with Richard’s picture of the crowd at the end of tonight’s show. If you click it, you’ll be able to see a bigger version.

Goodnight – and we’ll see you for another live blog soon.

22.58: Here’s tonight’s full setlist…

22.56: Just spoke to Tom and Tim, who are both pretty exhausted after that, but extremely pleased with how the show went and how well the crowd responded to the new songs (which they really did).

22.50: And here’s Richard with a sign which we’re assuming was thrown onto the stage (well, either that or the rest of the band made it for him).

22.48: Here’s Jesse and Tim leaving the stage…

22.43:  Crystal Ball and they’re done. Amazing response from the crowd. it really has been a belter of a show. If you’re not yet excited about Strangeland, then you really should be. (Honest.)

22.37: Here’s a photo taken during Sovereign Light Cafe, which really was greeted like an old favourite.

And here’s another pic of the cafe itself, which is about 400 metres along the seafront from where we’re typing this now.

22.31: Back up the secret spiral staircase for a pic of Tom with his guitar for My Shadow. Only two more songs to go after this…

22.25: Richard has just tweeted during the encore!

22.22: Here’s some photos from Is It Any Wonder? and Bedshaped…

22.21: The band have just come off after Is It Any Wonder? before their encore. "Is it me or it is really, really hot out there?" asks Richard. With the sweat pouring off them, the others nod in agreement. And, after a few seconds break, they’re back out to play Sea Fog…

22.06: Next to the stage, there’s a little spiral staircase, so we thought we’d go up it to see what we found. Turns out there’s a little gap which you can see the stage from. And so here’s a picture taken through it…

Somewhere Only We Know (tonight’s 14th song) gives way to the aforementioned Silenced By The Night.

22.02: "Hi there 🙂 Mr, what’s your favourite new keane song?
Greeting from Lima, Peru :D" Katia

Ooh, that’s a good/tricky question. Can we have three? Sovereign Light Cafe, Silenced By The Night and You Are Young are definitely right up there. But the whole album really is sounding great.

22.00: So here’s a photo from up on the De La Warr balcony. This really is a very lovely venue.

Just after we took that pic, the band played Black Rain, which they did with only a few red spotlights pointing towards the crowd from the stage. As that made taking live photos decidely tricky, we thought we’d have a go at trying to write a K for Keane using a long shutter and the spotlights. So how did we get on?

(Not too bad.)

21.54: We thought we should head up to the balcony/seated bit for some pics too – and we passed Kyle and his merch stand on the way, which reminded us to let you know that those natty De La Warr T-shirts are in the Keane Shop now (as are the other things on display).

21.51: Looks a bit like Elvis from right back there, don’t you think?

21.48: The view from near the back of the standing/downstairs part of the venue during This Is The Last Time.

21.46: The view from the desk at the side of the stage with lots of complicated-looking buttons.

21:45: "Hey just wondering how long it takes Tom to warm up his mighty voice?" Ariel

He probably did about 15 minutes of singing before the show tonight.

21.30: Adam from Russia has just emailed to say that he’s decided to skip a trip to the relatives to keep reading the live blog. Whilst we obviously cannot condone that kind of behaviour, we’re rather pleased.

21.29: The view from the back during Everybody’s Changing. (So nice to hear that live again. It’s been too long.)

21:21: Another shot from just now – and we’re off to take some more…

21.12: And here they are during the first song, which was a mighty-sounding You Are Young.

21.08: Here’s the band (and Beth) just before they went on at 9pm…

20.58: As the band’s lovely PA Beth has just pointed out, there are only two minutes until stage time. And here’s Tom and Tim warming up just now (it sounded pretty amazing).

20:43: Two men have just invaded our office. Outrageous. It’s almost as if they have a show to prepare for, or something.

We can exclusively reveal that the drums and bass of Bend And Break are sounding well good.

20.35: From where we’re sitting, we can hear Tom singing Baby I Love Your Way, which is unexpected.

20.32: Here’s some photos of Hoodlums, who’ve just finished their splendid support set.

20.30: Stage time in HALF AN HOUR.

20.28: "Hey, can you help me with Organic Chemistry and Physics? I’m going to fail my tests because of this blog! :-(" Mia

Focus Mia, focus.

20.25: Su in Sao Paulo baked this to celebrate Tom’s birthday last week. Apple, nuts and apricot flavour, we’re told. Looks blooming lovely.

20:20: Richard very kindly just popped in with some photos taken during last night’s show.
UPDATE: The first one is now clickable…

20:00. One hour to stage time, and here’s four fellas having a chat.

19.55: A chap looking at a laptop.

19:50: OK, so these are the songs you folks would like to be on the setlist which usually aren’t….

On A Day Like Today (most requested)
Sunshine (not far behind)
Hamburg Song
To The End Of The Earth
She Has No Time
Try Again
Untitled 1
The Frog Prince
Black Burning Heart
Can’t Stop Now
A Bad Dream
Neon River
Your Own Time
Your Love
The Way You Wanted
Snowed Under
We Might as Well be Strangers
Nothing In My Way
Love Is The End
Try Again
Something In Me Was Dying
She Opens Her Eyes
Call Me What You Like
Leaving So Soon
Closer Now
Fly To Me

We shall make sure the band see this – but could be a tricky to squeeze all of them in. Actually, as we type this, Tour Manager Colin has just taped the setlist to the wall – and we’re pleased to report that they’re playing at least one of the songs listed above tonight…

19.44: You folks in Latin America are amazing. Thanks for emailing these.

19.41: A man in a corridor with a camera.

19.34: The band are in the dressing room discussing tonight’s setlist. Are there any songs you think should be on there that might not be? Email us at and we’ll see if we can cause some mischief with a marker pen…

19.30: This, meanwhile, is a rather more mysterious sign.

Clearly you don’t wanna mess with SECONDARY LIGHTING.

19.27: This, as you might well guess, is the stage door.

19.18: And we’re back. We had the roast lamb and it was jolly nice.

18.53: Right, doors open in 36 minutes, so we’re off to grab a quick bite to eat from Catering. Back very soon.

18.47: Hello to Sophie in New Zealand who has just emailed from The Future (well, it’s Sunday morning there). And to Ben and Mike from Cape Town, South Africa, who appear to be some kind of Viking Keane fans.

18.40: And here’s a few of tonight’s venue, the De La Warr Pavlion, looking very beautiful as the night begins to fall.

18.32: OK, here’s how things are looking outside (this is our first visit to Bexhill and it really is lovely)

18:16: Looks like there might be a nice sunset outside. Off to find out…

18.14: Ooh, Keane table cloth. We should pass that one on to Kyle…

18:13: "Hello from Kemerovo, West Siberia, Russia! It’s 1.00am and so it’s a bit frosty right now (-5 C)" says Maria. Minus 5. A bit frosty. Amazing.

18.11: Doggy gig request, noted.

18.08: Happy 13th birthday Theadora from California! (Apologies for distracting your mother from cake making with the live blog.) Happy birthday to Tomkitten from Leicester too.

18.05: This just in to from Bagpuss, who’s hanging out with Keane’s backline tech Colin, on stage right, right here in the De La Warr. (Superb.)

18.01: "Tom, we’re going to take a picture of your back." "OK."

17:56: Sorry for the gap in service, we’re just chatting to the band about "website plans".

17:18: The band are in the dressing room at the moment, chatting to Kyle, their lovely merch man about possible new lines (it’ll be tough to top the UTIS shower curtain or the Bedshaped pillow case, but if anyone can, Kyle can). This seems like a good moment to let you know that there is some new De La Warr merchandise in the Keane Store right now.

Let’s begin with the bespoke, hand pulled De La Warr silk screen print – which we have some photos of from the manufacture proess…


17:14: Hello to uundaa in Mongolia (where it’s 1.05am and a little bit windy), and a very happy birthday to Rob in Derby.

17:09: We were just telling Rich about all the countries you’ve been emailing and he said, "Oh! Have you seen the world flag?!". He then walked us over to the stage, to show off this amazing creation which has been put together by Keane fans worldwide. The band are very, very impressed with your efforts (and the flag is sitting on the kit for these shows).

Richard’s surprisingly tall, don’t you think?

17:02: Good to see that Denise from Brazil’s cat is enjoying the blog. (Hello to the folks who’ve emailed from Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador. We were trying to keep count of all the countries who’ve emailed, but we’re struggling.)

17:00: Geraldine in Chile has emailed this peachy pic to – it’s certainly looking sunny in Santiago.

16:55: Here’s a few more pictures from our wander around Bexhill earlier. The theme of this batch is "signs".

(Looks like that little lad might’ve spotted some…)

16:44: Breaking news from Västerås, Sweden. "Here it’s cloudy but the sun was shining earlier," says Julia.

16:42: And here we are – some pics of the band playing the terrific You Are Young from the new album, with Tom facing the others. Sounded really, really good.

16:34: The fellas are still soundchecking, so we’re off to grab some more photos…

16:31:  It’s also cloudy in Belfast and Venezuela, sunny in Mexico, rainy in Lithuania and, as you’ll tell from Maria’s wonderful picture, pretty blooming cold in Finland…

16:22: And here is your world weather update. It’s cold in Pittsburgh, cloudy in Sao Paulo, windy and cold in Salerno Italy. But still super sunny in Bexhill.

16:20: This is how it’s looking from Tom’s mic…

16:14: Blimey, we’ve had a deluge of emails to since we last looked. Hello to folks in America (various cities and states!), Pakistan, Argentina, Indonesia, Austria, Spain, Scotland, China, Italy, Germany, Canada, Isle Of Man, Estonia, England, Brazil, Peru, Russia and Belgium who’ve all emailed in the last 15 minutes.

16:08: OK, we’ve dragged ourselves away from the soundcheck (Disconnected, Silenced By The Night, You Are Young so far), to post some photos from it. And so here they are:

15:52: Hello to Angela and Alejandra in Bogota, Colombia, Irawati in Indonesia, Zoe in Uppingham, UK, Hilde from Holland, Jessica and Susana in Portugal, Derek, Melani, Brenda from the Keaneshine fansite, and Dorothee and Linus from Germany. You folks are all the hardcore who were reading the blog before we gave it a plug on Twitter or Facebook. Jolly well done. Right, soundcheck’s starting, we’d better go and take some photos of it…

15:46: The theme of these next few photos from our wander around Bexhill earlier is "action".

15:45: Next in to our inbox are Aline from Sao Paulo in Brazil, Quirijn from Groningen, The Netherlands, Chi from Taiwan and Paulinha from Portugal. It’s fair to say that Keane have quite a global fanbase.

15:43: Hello to Minh Tang in Vietnam and Wajeeha from Pakistan, who are the first two people to email to say hello. Do feel free to tell us what the weather is like where you are, so we can create one of our famous live blog global weather reports.

15:40: That’s a funny looking rowing boat.

15:37: The band are all here, in the room next door to where we’re typing this (which is actually their warm-up room). Sounds like last night’s show – the first of the whole Strangeland tour – went down really well, which they’re obviously very pleased about. And they’ll be soundchecking in a couple of minutes.

Hope you’re settling down for some live blog fun wherever you are. As ever, do feel free to drop us a line at if you’d like to say hello and tell us where you’re reading from.

15:35: It’s a gorgeous, sunny day in Bexhill, as you’ll be able to tell from these photos of tonight’s venue…

15:30: Hello and welcome to the live blog from Keane’s second show at Bexhill-on-Sea’s De La Warr Pavilion. Let’s begin with a photo of this lovely town’s most famous café….

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