Beth Qs and Tom wallpaper 08 February 2010

Hey folks. We thought you might like a big version of one of our Tom pictures from yesterday’s video shoot live blog to use as a desktop wallpaper. Click on the thumbnail below to get the full-size one.

You might also remember that during the live blog, we ran out of time to ask Beth (Keane’s personal assistant) some of your questions, so we picked a few, emailed them over and Beth very kindly sent back some answers…

Which one is your favorite song on the Night Train and why?
Simoninha (brazil)
Beth: It’s a hard choice as they are all very different but I think Clear Skies is probably my favourite.  How annoying that I can’t give you any clues to how it sounds 😉

Hello Beth, what book are you reading at the moment? I’d like a book recommendation from a female (no offence Tim!)
Sam, UK
Beth: This may cause a bit of controversy within Keane as many a debate has been had about the subject of the paranormal, usually between myself and Tom….  I am reading Will Storr vs. The Supernatural: One Man’s Search for the Truth About Ghosts.

Which, if any, of the band do you think you could take in a fight, and why?
Beth: With one of my hard looks, all of them at once. Although I’m not sure they’d agree! 

Beth, it’s going to be a year already since last time all of you were here in South America. Did you enjoy that last visit? x
Samanta G from Mexico
Beth: Speaking for both myself and the band it was an amazing trip. There’s lots to love about South America – new experiences, the passion of the fans and last time, for me, a tango lesson in Argentina!

What is Beth doing during a period when the band is ‘inactive’ for several months and she doesn’t have to iron shirts and buy Marmite? 😉 Silvia, Switzerland
Beth: There are a multitude of things to do whether the band are touring or not….  The wheels keep turning!

Hello Beth! Do you have a favourite Keane song?? Carol, Brazil
Beth: The hardest question! I have been asked this before and have said You Haven’t Told Me Anything but there are tons more too. Clear Skies from Night Train is a "new" favourite as I mentioned above.

Hi Beth! From what i gather from Tom and Richard, video shoots aren’t much fun, but which video shoot has been the most memorable for you?
Emma, UK
Beth: They aren’t always a whole lot of fun – there is an awful lot of waiting around. Yesterday was memorable for two reasons – 1) It was indoors and nice and warm and 2) it was only 12 hours from start to finish, neither of which happen very often!


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