Beth and Colin answer your questions 18 November 2008



We had quite a few of your questions for Beth (Keane's PA) and Colin (Keane's tour manager) left over from last week's liveblog in Madrid, so we emailed them over and they both very kindly answered them. Here they are...


1. How did Colin first get involved in tour management, and particularly, how and when did he get involved with Keane?
Colin: I started dabbling around 1994. Having spent several years working in and managing cool music venues in Scotland, I decided to jump the fence and see life from a touring perspective. I started with Keane in May 2004 in the USA having been recommended by a friend at Interscope who was working their record at the time. I've been with them ever since.

2. What are you reading or what was the last book you read?....
UMA from Argentina
Colin: Currently slipping in and out of two books - Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami (my favourite author) and the Rough Guide to Ethical Living.

3. To Colin: I think I read somewhere that you're interested in feng shui, is this true? Any other "spiritual/mind-body practices"?
Di Russia
Colin: Ma boyz think I am very zen - must be the healthy living (don't drink or smoke and I'm vegetarian).

4. Colin, come on, tell me what I need to do to become a Tour Manager??
Lots of love,
Azilis from France
Colin: A good hat, a pouch, a Leatherman, a Maglite, Prototype sneakers and some catchphrases.

5. What is your favorite movie of all time?
Mary Ann, California
Colin: The Hunger, Marathon Man, Life Is Beautiful, Jules Et Jim, Star Wars and Dirty Dancin' are all up there.

6. What would your survival kit for touring include?
Colin: Berocca, porridge oats (made with salt and water), raisin bran, a wooly hat, a handy pouch, Muji stationery and seven changes of clothes (I do laundry every six days).

7. Is this the best job (aka fun) you've ever had?
Sneak N Wolf
Colin: Without a doubt. Although it's a serious business being TMTTS :-)


1. Does Beth speak other languages and does she get to use them whilst on tour?
Beth: I'm extremely ashamed to say that I don't. I truly wish I'd paid more attention to French at school, as I now own a little apartment in the Alps. I have a vaguely good grasp on how to write things such as "you hung the bathroom door on the wrong way" or "please leave space for a washing machine", but I'm not sure how helpful that is these days!

2. What is the worst duty you have to do as a PA to the band? There's something to hate in every job, isn't it?
Beth: I would say on behalf of Team Keane that we all find flying very hard, very unhealthy and very unethical. Jet lag is a horrible thing too. In terms of daily duties, there is nothing I dislike!

Hi Beth, I have a question: Of the three guys who's the tidiest?
Kisses from Argentina
Beth: The band each have a wardrobe case that travels the world with us. Richard uses what I could call "the shoe drawer" for his camera equipment. It's very organised, so I would definitely say Richard.

4. Beth, do you constantly have to get the boys to eat their greens or are they pretty healthy eaters?
Beth: It's not always easy, but yes, the band all make an effort to eat well. I do sneak a pizza and chocolate into the dressing room occasionally, but it's usually a case of them wanting it when it's not there and not wanting it when it is!

5. What are/is your favorite band(s) (after Keane of course!)
Nickbossie, Holland
Beth: Here's the first four that pop into my head - Fleetwood Mac, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers.

6. Which item is a must when on the road? that you wouldnt be without? that you would go back home for if forgotten?
Beth: I panic if I don't have my ear plugs. I can't sleep without them.

7. Do you miss the UK soaps whilst touring?  Do you need to know what happened in Endies?
Beth: I don't really miss TV at all - I haven't seen Eastenders for months!

Big thanks to Colin and Beth for their answers - and to you folks for emailing in the questions.

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