Bend And Break video winner 03 December 2009

The second of our eight winners, for Bend And Break, was very kindly judged by Richard. Remember, we’ll be announcing the overall contest winner once we’ve announced all the invidual song winners.


Kaidy Kuna from the US (video above)
Richard: I love this video! it’s a full-on production with so much going on – huge cast, fight scene, proper acting – the sepia-filmed images of the past. It’s heavy, too! properly depressing early-on – even the looks the baby and child give are spot-on. The little lad is so cool – there’s real intensity to his stare. Honestly, I’m blown away.


Liouba and Svetlana from Moscow, Russia
Richard: I love the central idea of leaving the balloon as a message – it’s really effective, and every good video needs a strong central idea like this one. Looks like you had a lot of fun making it, too, despite the cold! It’s a really positive video that i really enjoyed.

Angélica Trujillo from Bogotá, Colombia
Richard: Firstly, this is great – and I’m amazed it’s your first animation! i love the angles (e.g. the drums, zooming in on the tv), use of mirrors, the details, the models… plus the way it becomes more intense as it goes on. Really really good.


(In order of entry date)

Richard: Thank you all so much for making them – there have been so many entries, it’s amazing.

UPDATE: This video below should’ve been posted when we posted all of the entries – but unfortunately it slipped through the net. Apologies to Kate (who’s video was very close to making the shortlist)

Kate from Russia

Luciana from Brazil

Dionne Waterman from Winnipeg, Canada

Carlo Bosco from Italy

Lali, Eve, Lu y Rodri from Argentina

David Rosa González

Kris Ty in Spain

Lonelykeanefan in UK

Cesar Aurelio Gallardo Sánchez from Mexico

William Brown from the UK

Watassja Keaneski in Japan

Becky Courrier and Hannah Nitecki from Minnesota

Kaiada from L.A, United States

Laura & Shannon in the US

Daniela Aparicio in Mexico

Margarita Tovar from Colombia

Ariadna from Barcelona, Spain

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