bandblog 05 December 2008

west hollywood / wednesday / 1030 +/- jetlag

one more pic from paris, and in a few mins a new blog for this american leg should go live…

thanks for taking the time to look at the photos!


london / sunday / 2237

once again technology is my nemesis… take two:

i took a few rolls of film as we wound our way around europe, and here are a few of the photos, fresh back from snappy’s. i even took a few in paris – and you thought i’d forgotten! non!

i’m really looking forward to getting back to LA to top up my tan, and i’ll try to put some photos up this week.


ps thanks to scott and jesse for taking the pics that i’m in.



lisbon / wednesday / 1900

wow. i can’t believe we are at the last gig of the tour, and what a place to finish – we opened a tour here in 2005 and it was amazing, so we can’t wait to get going tonight.

jesse and i went for a wander around lisbon earlier, and took a few pics, and i’ve ruined a perfectly good map as we have travelled around europe, just so i know where we are in the world – you can see it below. i don’t think you can get much more of a contrast between the iced-up leaf at the start of this blog and the palm tree below.

if you’ve been to see us, thanks! if not, i hope we’ll see you soon,


barcelona / sunday + monday / 1515

just time for a few pics…




munich / friday / 1822 (after soundcheck)

rob found a ladder up into the roof of tonight’s venue (don’t try this at home) so here are a few blue-tinged pics from today, plus one from wandering about earlier, and a shot from last night’s (awesome) gig in berlin. the tempodrom did not disappoint! tim, jesse, tony and i even made it to the schwarzes cafe for one quick drink before hitting the road.

see you later,


berlin / thursday / 1900

i’m struggling with technology today. i just wrote a long blog then deleted it, and the time-lapse photos i tried the other day didn’t work after i inadvertently switched the camera off. whoops… anyway, it’s great to be back in berlin. i went out for a wander earlier, and even on a dreary autumn day it felt good to be back where we made the album.

the last couple of gigs have been great (they all have, to be honest) and i hope some of you got to see the last one on the web. i hope tonight can match the rest of the tour, and the last one we played here – that was a really good night.

it’s great to be back on the road – touring these songs is a lot of fun.



oslo / monday / 1450

one more pic from yesterday. can’t wait for the show tonight.


sunday 1700

ok, here are some pics from today – first up, the totally amazing new opera house here in oslo, then a few from wandering around. there are some brilliant sculptures on display. finally there are a couple of shots of tim and jesse as we walked. what a fantastic city.


sunday 1615

stockholm was great! probably the most jumping and singing so far – that was so much fun to be a part of. we played black burning heart in full for the first time – i hope it sounded good. we’re in oslo now, and i have a few photos from today, but first here are a couple more from copenhagen.



friday 1410

just been out for a wander, and here are a few pics of the wonderful København. 

off to soundcheck in a minute…



thursday midday

we’ve headed north again, but i took these yesterday afternoon in amsterdam. spot the creepy detail in the burger shop…



good morning from amsterdam. here are a couple of photos i took after everyone had left last night. thanks for making it a really great concert for us – you guys rocked.

richard / wednesday midday

can you see yourself?

It’s the last song before the encore already.  My goodness time has flown this evening.

I’ve been out to watch a few of the songs – You Haven’t Told Me Anything is a personal fave of mine – it’s a good one for a bit of a dance. The visuals in Again And Again are very very cool.  There’s certainly lots to look forward to for those of you coming to a show soon.

Apologies from me for the lack of photographs.  Firstly they do not live up to the high standard of those taken by Richard and Rob and secondly my internet connection just won’t allow it (is that a bad excuse?).

Beth / 22:23


And they’re off – starting with The Lovers Are Losing followed by Nothing In My Way.

From where I’m sitting in the "Tour Management Office’ (I’ve sneaked in with TM to the Stars Colin), it sounds mighty loud.  So much so the lights are rattling.

More later.




Good evening

It’s an hour before tonight’s show in Rotterdam.  I’m going to attempt to update the site myself this evening! Here’s a photograph from yesterday’s sound-check as a little test.

See you

Beth / 19:52 Tuesday.


evening all,

one more pic from last night, and a couple from the venue. can’t wait to see this place fill up.

richard, 18:45 tuesday


here are another couple of pics… tim’s world ten minutes ago, and another pic from last night – i’m never sure how rob and i end up in these places, but here we are having a chat whilst sat on a crane.

got to go for soundcheck. more later.



hi everyone, welcome to another blog! we’ll be putting up various bits and bobs over the next three weeks on the road in europe, starting with a photo i took around the back of the arena in antwerp after the show last night. i hope you like it.


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