Back on the road blog 16 October 2008


THUR 10.05AM: Now that the sweat has just about dried, here are some pictures that you folks kindly sent in from last night’s show…

Picture by Jen

Picture by Kerry

Picture by CharlotteH

Pictures by Anna1976

Picture by Nicky B

Picture by MyLifeStory

WED 9.02PM: A gorgeous Bedshaped and we’re done. That was ace. Hope these mobile updates worked. We’ll hopefully be doing a full-on live blog again soon, so look out for that…

WED 8.47PM: The band are drenched with sweat but they’re beaming between songs. The new tracks are sounding great in such intimate surroundings. But we can’t help thinking they’re gonna sound amazing in arenas too. Particularly the one they’ve just started playing right on cue – Perfect Symmetry. Tune.

WED 8.32PM: Spiralling live = mighty. Oooh!

WED 8.25PM; Well it’s all very exciting here. The band are playing This Is The Last Time and are looking very hot (in a temperature sense). Amazing how everyone seems to know the words to the new songs. Props, as they say.

WED 8.11PM: Hello from the 100 Club in London where is currently watching the band belt through an amazing sounding Better Than This and wondering if we really can update the website from a mobile phone (no wifi here). If it works, we’ll keep you posted on the show. Ooh Everybody’s Changing…

WED 12.45PM: wednesday morning. woken up and kicked off the bus on park lane, right opposite where the q awards were. the second time i’ve wandered up here trying to get a cab in a few days. leeds, you were magnificent. it was pretty cool to be back at the cockpit. we couldn’t remember who we had opened for in the same venue (the bigger room) back in 2004 – does anyone know? it’s bugging me. anyway, the gig was great – the hottest we’ve played in a very long time – i guess pretty much everyone there was soaked with sweat by the end. once again, the singing along drowned out the PA a couple of times – it’s staggering how much noise a small crowd of keane fans can make. i loved playing pretend that you’re alone for the first time – i hope it sounded good! the lyrics are definitely confusing but i think we got there in the end. we are totally loving these small shows – i wish we could get back on the bus tonight and go off somewhere else! cardiff barfly; bristol louisiana; southampton joiners; york fibbers… i’m suddenly remembering all the small shows we did early on. and tonight the 100 club… if you’re coming, it’s worth taking five minutes to wander around there and just look at the photos on the wall – pretty much everyone has played there. thanks for sending in your pics too – it’s your blog too, and you make it better. richard

WED 9.26AM: Morning folks. Here are some of your pictures from last night (thanks for sending them in). The first one is by Sue S and the next three are by Shelley A.

TUE 7.48PM: Edinburgh was amazing. We haven’t played a gig that small for years and it was brilliant to be that close to people again. We were having so much fun on stage. Thanks to everyone who came.

Can’t wait for more of same tonight in Leeds. The mood in and around the band is one of intense excitement at the moment, and playing the songs live is the best opportunity to express that. We played at the Cockpit on one of the first tours we ever did, long before Hopes And Fears came out, so it’s quite a nostalgia trip being back here.

Meanwhile, going to get ready for the show. Playing one of the newies for the first time tonight, which always adds a bit of an edge. Can’t wait.

Lots of love,

TUE 5.49PM: Hello again. Here are some pictures taken by the readers of at last night’s gig. The first four are by Elaine(Fifelass) and the final one is by Nicky B – thanks for sending them guys.

TUE 7.54AM: Mornin’ folks. Here are Richard’s pictures from last night’s show. Send yours to

MON 10.02PM: blimey. that’s the hottest and most fun show so far – in the smallest space we’ve played in a long time – i think it rocked the hardest too. the singing along – wow – the people of scotland (and further afield i think, judging from the many familiar faces) were in very good voice! thanks for coming down and helping us celebrate the record coming out.
i took a few photos so they’ll be up soon, once our faithful technical guru is back home from the pub.
leeds – you have a lot to live up to!
in the meantime, um, cheers, and thanks for giving us the chance to do this all again. we love it.

MON 8.22PM hi everyone, we’re just back at the hotel after having a quick bite to eat, and we are totally up for tonight’s gig – it’s an absolutely tiny venue, but also utterly gorgeous – one of the most beautiful rooms we’ve played in, and very inspiring. definitely check out the bar. most importantly, it’s going to be very sweaty, and, with your help, utterly rocking – we’ve got a pretty energetic setlist for you, so i hope you’ve been listening to the new record all day long. judging from last night, some of you have been listening a while longer! if you’re coming then i hope you have a great night, and if not, well, i hope we’ll see you on the road sometime soon. i’m off to warm up. richard

MON 6.12PM: A couple more pictures Richard have just arrived…

MON 5.23PM: Tonight, Keane begin their three-date mini UK tour in Edinburgh. Over the next few days, we’ll be updating this thread with pictures, news and updates as they come in to Keane HQ. We begin with this gorgeous picture of Edinburgh which Richard emailed over before soundcheck…

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