Tech hero Rob’s pics from Friday’s Amsterdam show

Hi agian.

Amsterdam was wet, windy and very hard work – I have to give a big shout out to my team for their efforts; all well beyond the call of duty: Lighting chief Shep, Automation King Rupert, video genius ASBO and screen techs Willem and Rod – thanks so much chaps!

It was all worthwhile in the end thanks, in no particular order, to top support band Athlete, the cheesy pockets in catering at lunch time, my very expensive raincoat that I bought in New York that kept the weather out, the crate of cold beer that the promoter left for us afterwards and, of course, the amazing crowd who didn’t let their spirits get dampened (geddit?) and really made it a special night.

I haven’t taken many soundcheck pictures recently so here’s a few to make up for lost time.

Tom puts a brave face on it .. (The head on the right is Shep’s – he’s fixing some rather rainsoaked lights).

Tim’s looking anxious. The wind was blowing at a (Dutch rating) force 6 all afternoon. If it had got up to an 8 then the stage would have been deemed unsafe and the show would have been cancelled. Luckily it calmed down as it got nearer to sunset and everything went ahead as planned.

Stage manager Mickey explaining the problems of putting the B stage equipment out in the rain (brief summary: Put piano out. Rain gets inside Paino. Piano goes bang. Loudly. Send piano away for repair/buy new one.)

Richard’s wrapped up warm.

A view not often seen. Mr Hughes’ right foot on his kick drum pedal.

Tim + Stormclouds in Soundcheck.

Tom on the sodden ego ramp. Notice the wind blowing the Chaplin hair over to our left.

Tom’s Solo spot on the B Stage. He got drenched.

I’m just working through my Live Earth pictures (and trying to get my voice back after shouting along with the Foo Fighters) so expect some more soon.


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