We regret to announce that due to logistical difficulties, Keane have been forced to pull out of tomorrow’s scheduled performance at Aguaviva Festival in Tenerife. Keane would like to sincerely apologise to all fans who will be affected by this unavoidable cancellation. However, all other Keane dates throughout the summer will go ahead as planned.                 

UPDATE: Having read your comments below this story, we called up Keane’s management to ask if there is any more information we can give about the cancellation of the Aguaviva show. We have been asked to make it clear that this decision was not taken lightly and that the cancellation was unavoidable, even at short notice. The festival organsiers were given a week’s notice of difficulties around the show but despite everyone’s best efforts a solution could not be reached.  Unfortunately, we are not able to go into the full reasons at this stage. We also spoke to the band, who are gutted to have had to disappoint their fans in this way, but wanted to make it clear the cancellation was completely out of their hands. They also asked us to let you know that they’re looking forward to playing in Spain very soon. And again, everyone asked us to pass on their sincere apologies about the whole situation.

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