3D Webcast 10 March 2009


On 2nd April 2009 Keane will make history with the world’s first ever live webcast in 3D. The band will record the live session at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios, the home of The Beatles' historic first ever satellite broadcast, and will feature live mixed graphics from world-renowned digital artists D-Fuse.
“We believe that the tradition of rock'n'roll is to always innovate, to bring new ideas and concepts into music. We are therefore incredibly excited about the prospect of being the first band to beam our music live in 3D over the internet. Over the last couple of years, our website has become a hive of artistic creativity for us and our fans. On April 2nd at 8pm (UK time), hundreds of thousands of those fans will be able don their 3D glasses and watch us play some songs from our new record, Perfect Symmetry. We will be broadcasting from Abbey Road, scene of the first ever live satellite broadcast - The Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ - and we hope that this will become a similarly powerful new way for music to connect people all over the world.” (Tom, Tim and Richard)
3D glasses are available from the brand new shop with the 7-inch of the new single Better Than This, which is out on 16th March. (We're also hoping to show you how to make your own 3D glasses.)
The audio from the gig will also be simultaneously broadcast live on-air on newly launched national station Absolute Radio. The show will then be available to watch on-demand via afterwards.

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