Leanne Saunders

Leanne Saunders

About Me

I'm 19 and i have loved keane from the very beginning

In 2004 i heard Everybody's Changing that did it for me

I think there the best band to support they are great people and have the best fans in the world,

i also can play piano and guitar and i like to sing :)

some other hobbies of mine are, Photography, Photoshop, Art(drawing) , Nail art, Reading, going to the cinemas with friends, listening to KEANE full blast :P, watching tv, Computer...

My favourite colour is Purple

i have never met Keane but someday ;)

i am currently studying Art, Photography, IT

and i am hoping to go to uni to study Graphics Design

i love meeting new people especially if we have the same interests =]

I thnk i'm the only Keane fan in the Nottingham area so if there are more please send me a message :) its nice to talk about keane in person as none of my friends are fans :(

if you would like to chat send me a message :)

Latest Comments

Hi Leanne! Thanks for the add too!! :-)

clekeanefan 2010-11-01 18:00:03

hey leanne! thanks for adding me on facebook and joining keane ireland!

Keane922 2010-10-17 21:54:56

Hi, Leanne. First: your T-shirt is awesome. second: thanks for accepting my friend request. Have a beautiful adn lovely day!!!

zanella 2010-10-06 22:36:06

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