Alejandro Martinez

Alejandro Martinez

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I'm a messy searcher..

Now that love is nothing, and nothing really matters..

Now that Mr Blame is not my guide

and there´re many preys for the hunter..

and what I do need does need me too

Now that I can write my history,

take my chances, live okay

and I`ve become a stranger in this town

and I do nothing but pray

Now that I can see the colours from a blind´s point of view

and I can realize there´s no black and white

Now that I don´t have to love you

because I don´t love myself

and I don´t need God to brush my teeth

Now that your disdain is a bless

and I lie only to make you happy

to fill your emptiness,

ease my guiltiness,

to dress our souls..

Now that change´s everything

because everything changes..

Now that I lost myself

and I did it on purpose

and your face is omnipresent

and there´s no way to finish this poem

Now that the golden jail is not so golden

and not so jail-shaped

and I just need something that I don´t know what it is.. (but I want it now)

..or maybe I know what it is but ....

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