Ñañaranga ^_^ Téa

Ñañaranga ^_^ Téa

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I love the music is essential in my daily life, in my free time I like to watch music videos and live concerts. Keane is part of my life since the 2005es my favorite band and I love listening to all your music, videos, concerts, I love KEANEMUSIC.COM.......I LOVE KEANE, KEANE FOREVER AND ALWAYS.....^_^

These are my favorite songs from Keane:

Somewhere Only We Know.

Bend And Break.

Everybody´s Changing.

Can´t Stop Now.


Nothing In My Way.

Crystal Ball.

The Frog Prince.................^_^

Maybe I Can Change.

Thin Air.

Something In Me Was Dying.

Closer Now.

The Night Sky.

Under Pressure.

Thats All.

The Lovers Are Losing.........^_^

Perfect Symmetry.

Pretend That Youre Alone.

My Shadow.

Go Your Own Way.

Disco 2000.........^_^

Your Song-sovereing Light Cafe.

Staring At The Ceiling.

Ishin Denshin (youve Go To Help Yourself).

Your Love.

Looking Back.


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