Wayne T

Wayne T

About Me

Im 31 yrs old. Im witty, funny, friendly, kind, and very helpful. I keep myself to myself and stay out of trouble. Im a Piscean. I enjoy chatting with friends online, i like cycling, photography, surfing the net, making and editing videos, listening to my fav music and making people laugh. Im a volunteer at my local cinema which i've been doing since July 2011. I have seen Keane 8 times so far from Oct 2006 to June 2010. My fav group ever is Sigur Ros. I also love Jonsi, Enigma, The Inituition, God Is An Astronaut, Chicane, Dido, Moby, The Echelon Effect & Nyctalgia. My fav type of music is Post Rock & Dance. I have an eye disorder called Keratoconus & also i have a cat called Lucy. Oh and i love hobnobs and Straberry Cheesecake lol.

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