About Me

^She's from China

I love imagining, listening to music, reading some books, painting or drawing, admiring ancient & modern architecture, skyscrapers, megastructures... Want to see many of them. =) My favorite singers are Dido, The Divine Comedy, Keane.

I knew Keane around 2004, but in 2008 I began to love them and became a Keane fan! 'Cause Perfect Symmetry is so fresh to me, I could feel the fun when they made this album. I do love the combination of 80s, the synth, the clap...etc! And I met the band members at HK airport on 12 Aug 2009. It was my first time to take a plane and I never thought that we were on the same flight too!!! and I have seen their two gigs, Hong Kong & Singapore! =D TTRJ, Thank you so much!

And the 3rd time to see Keane was in Beijing in 2011, on 16th Apr, the Hit FM anniversary. One of the most intimate gigs I've been to! Though it's a 11-song set, I enjoy Jesse's bassline pretty much! (His very 1st shows after joining the mad world, and took place in China! :P)

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