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Posted by krim at 11:37pm, 25 May 2012

hey in mexico u dont sell this cd huh...but i bought ot on amzon yeah i love the songs and the artwork ots just amazing!!!!!!LOVE U TOM!!!

Posted by eugeniachaplin at 3:36pm, 28 Jun 2009

What is the name of the artist who made the artwork?

Posted by daniny at 2:18pm, 29 Mar 2009

I love thet artwork for this CD! :P

Posted by Stemo4001 at 10:24am, 23 Sep 2008

incredible songs, sung by an incredible band

Posted by rafapop at 7:14pm, 29 Aug 2008

in Christmas my sister buy "LR2004" and she sorprise me!! :) i love Allemande too, thanks Keane!

Posted by thomas_chaplin at 2:00am, 07 Aug 2008

Always I listen this CD, very nice song (we might as well be strangers) and the music with the voice of Tom, is beautiful

Posted by Liber at 5:50pm, 05 Aug 2008

i love allemande :D

Posted by eeuggee at 3:48am, 05 Aug 2008

oh! i have this one!! i love all the song in this cd.... beautiful, i love keane´s music, niza from the end of the world.

Posted by niza at 1:32am, 01 Aug 2008