Stop For A Minute

Stop For A Minute

05 Apr 2010

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:::::::::: I JUST LOVE KEANE :::::::::::

Posted by paliz at 7:50pm, 31 Dec 2012

This song is great... ive loved it from the beginning. So what if i dosent sound like Hopes and Fears? They can expand their sound to more audiences. And Strangeland is classic Keane... so there ya go! :)

Posted by Birdbreth at 3:54am, 27 Jul 2012

allemande is so pretty ... "sigh"

Posted by books at 8:47pm, 04 Mar 2010

Mis canciones favoritaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! viva KEANE son de lo mejor!!!!!!! :)

Posted by naye at 1:24am, 28 Sep 2009

I love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........ And...... TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 1:18am, 10 Feb 2009

If only I don't bend and break...

Posted by JimmyKeane at 12:51am, 07 Nov 2008

i just love "On a day like today".... amazing song....

Posted by Cris at 5:27pm, 18 Aug 2008