Crystal Ballroom

08 Jan 2013

Portland OR, USA

Supported by Youngblood Hawke

GIG # 675
  • johnboyinaloha
  • johnboyinaloha
  • johnboyinaloha

Tickets will be available as GA open floor ($30; $35 day of show). All ages. For tickets and disabled ticket info call: 1-855-CAS-TIXX.

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Comments (5)

Great SHOW!!! I really loved the acoustic version of Can't Stop Now....this may be too much to ask but what chords did you play??? I'd love to play this on my guitar! ;)

Posted by Nataliah at 1:15am, 26 Jan 2013

Hey guys, what a show! Richard was great meeting you before and after the show. Thanks for being so nice, and taking the time to talk. John

Posted by johnboyinaloha at 3:42pm, 15 Jan 2013

Phenomenal performance! We'd all have liked you guys to linger for a bit longer, but I guess jetlag was an issue here. I guess you'll make up next time you're around?...

Posted by lanfranco at 8:07pm, 14 Jan 2013

LOVED the show!! Thanks so much for coming to Portland to share you amazing talent with us! Hope the rest of your tour goes well!

Posted by Keane*fan*Dani at 4:46pm, 09 Jan 2013

Hello guys! One of your greatest friends is just 6 years old!! He learned English by listening to your songs when he was 4 (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvKxYGzeEI8Sn7nbclsS_mnKB2fySEn P-), and he'll be attending your Portland gig! I hope there'll be a good spot for him to watch...

Posted by lanfranco at 7:29am, 08 Jan 2013