Tennis Indoor Senayan

28 Sep 2012

Jakarta, Indonesia

GIG # 640
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Comments (10)


Posted by mtesarmardika at 12:32pm, 24 Sep 2013

One comment: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! I still can't move on from the show up until today, three full days after the show. Please please please come again soon to Jakarta!

Posted by erryfp at 12:18pm, 01 Oct 2012

Please...please...please...please let there be "Black Burning Heart" and "Perfect Symmetry" on the setlist....=)

Posted by taryani at 4:47pm, 26 Sep 2012

Can't wait to see you guys in Jakarta! Please make the setlist as long as possible :D

Posted by erryfp at 10:25am, 12 Sep 2012


Posted by Cherryblossomgurl at 2:52pm, 08 Sep 2012

Hi, im from Austrlalia and interested in coming over for the gig. Anyone able to help with where i can get a couple tickets?

Posted by tobyparish at 12:44pm, 06 Aug 2012

how can I buy the ticket? anyone get a clue?.. :s

Posted by fluffybunnygia at 6:19pm, 02 Aug 2012

Oh God, yes! Dream comes true, indeed! YAY! I'm gonna see Keane! @razorical : thanks for the info. Gonna follow the account you mentioned :D

Posted by vividcolors at 7:30am, 27 Jul 2012

@chichazzz : Trilogy Live as Promotor of Keane Live in Indonesia (www.trilogylive.com) wooohoooo!! Dream comes truuueeeee.... follow @KeaneFansIndo and hashtag your tweet with #KeaneInJKT "So save your money, pack your bag. We better run before we disappear" (Neon River)

Posted by razorical at 9:50pm, 26 Jul 2012

Who's the promotor?

Posted by chichazzz at 9:24pm, 26 Jul 2012