Heineken Music Hall SOLD OUT

16 Oct 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

GIG # 646
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  • Combatman
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  • basvdvorm
  • Mug
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  • Aslian
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Comments (14)


Posted by Mug at 3:11pm, 29 Oct 2012

It was so nice! :D The beste evening of my life! :D

Posted by Combatman at 4:21pm, 18 Oct 2012

Hey guys! Does anyone sell an e-ticket? I guess hard copy wouldn't work in this case due to the lack of time. Cheers, Nelly

Posted by Nelly1 at 6:14pm, 15 Oct 2012

Hey shahla angela! I would love to buy a ticket for if it's still available!!

Posted by Nelly1 at 6:09pm, 15 Oct 2012

I would love to but two tickets for the gig the 16th in Amsterdam.....any offers?

Posted by shahla.angela at 9:13pm, 14 Oct 2012

@nici. I'm also ripped off.

Posted by jado72 at 5:55pm, 14 Oct 2012

Jeanette : I have 2 spare tickets for the Amsterdam gig but no idea how to get them to you! Any ideas?

Posted by ianrex at 10:55pm, 09 Oct 2012

still looking for tickets for october 16th ......................who has 2 tickets for sale ??? nog steeds op zoek naar kaartjes voor 16 oktober..............wie heeft er 2 voor me te koop ???

Posted by jeannette at 12:54pm, 08 Oct 2012

so sad. Tickets ordered but ripped off!!! money lost and and no tickets. Sob

Posted by nici at 5:25pm, 07 Aug 2012

Me too, can't wait! :D

Posted by Aslian at 8:59pm, 11 Jul 2012

I can't believe I'm going to this!

Posted by annie nyc at 12:26am, 08 Jul 2012

Yes, kaarten gekocht! See you at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam!!

Posted by captjoeny at 6:51pm, 03 Jul 2012

Me too!! So excited!!

Posted by Vicks at 8:37am, 03 Jul 2012

Bought the tickets :d

Posted by SixNAC at 8:25am, 03 Jul 2012