Strangeland acclaimed in artwork awards

12 Jan 2013
Strangeland acclaimed in artwork awards

UPDATE: Strangeland took second place (out of 50 covers shortlisted) in the award. Big thanks to everyone who voted for it.


We're pleased to report that the artwork for Strangeland is up for this year's Best Art Vinyl Award 2012. It'd be lovely if you'd vote for it to win, by clicking here (thanks!).

And here it is in all its glory...

Comments (43)

Excellent artwork!!!!! Many thanks for the calendar. Now, this image is the wallpaper of my ofice's computer. Saludos desde México.

Posted by Freeman at 6:47pm, 20 Jan 2013

Congrats :D Always happy for you guys :)

Posted by Sara Silva at 12:43pm, 16 Jan 2013

Toronto, Canada awaits your next concert tour !!!

Posted by oscrush at 1:17pm, 15 Jan 2013

Congratulations for coming 2nd,should have won,but 2nd is amazing,well deserved guys.....I`m gonna have to travel down to Bexhill myself in the summer to see how wonderful it is xxx

Posted by EM1977 at 10:57am, 15 Jan 2013


Posted by STEPHIE at 9:58pm, 14 Jan 2013

Congratulations guys and Alex! For me Keane will be always the winner.

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 6:45pm, 14 Jan 2013

Great!! Congratulations!! Kisses from COLOMBIA

Posted by paliz at 10:29pm, 13 Jan 2013

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL° I am very Happy for you I knew that this WONDERFUL Album bring you the Best I think it is not finished I want a disc "Gold! You can count on me I'll Always have your scores ** You are the Best! LOT OF LOVE

Posted by choupette94 at 6:23pm, 13 Jan 2013

2nd place is good too. Congratulations guys!

Posted by sss86 at 4:48pm, 13 Jan 2013

Second place is also great. :) Congratulations.

Posted by jado72 at 11:00am, 13 Jan 2013

listo! Ustedes merecen ganar esto y muchisimo mas, son sin dudas the best band of the world, you change my life, i love so so much! Saludos desde Argentina. This is my tweeter @shisek08 , los AMO!! ☺

Posted by GISEL at 11:27am, 30 Nov 2012

hi guys; love your music. Come to Colombia again Please!! KEANE COLOMBIA @go_salazar

Posted by ornoos at 12:29am, 29 Nov 2012

Done! Hope you guys win Xoxo from Jakarta

Posted by avilgood at 12:10am, 29 Nov 2012

keane¡¡ keane¡¡ keane¡¡... Vote for your favourite Cover : click keane: strangeland por tres veces voto y tengo tres mis correos y listo . ahora me gustó mucho de ver Art... del strangeland . es bonito color delicado y fino. Tom es genio y lo sé que dejó su historia de arte, y soy pasion mucho arte y musica, Carolina y su amo Keane .

Posted by paraiso at 11:18pm, 28 Nov 2012

When a group of guys is so lovely, talented and diligent, it's natural to them to overcome any challenge. Good luck Keane!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 4:44pm, 25 Nov 2012

I couldn't find those flats when I went to Bexhill on a Strangeland pilgrimage. The SLC was packed when I went there!

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 10:19am, 24 Nov 2012

I`ve voted. Good luck. Saludos from Chile.

Posted by meu at 1:21am, 24 Nov 2012

I'm going to make sure Keane wins for Best Artwork!!!

Posted by crystaldoll at 9:44pm, 23 Nov 2012

I'm going to vote until you win this !!!!! ... like I did with the Q awards!!!!!!!!!

Posted by crystaldoll at 9:40pm, 23 Nov 2012

Done! Good luck, guys! Many hugs from Colombia! :D

Posted by Alejita at 8:56pm, 23 Nov 2012

Ah!! He votado a Keane para el Artwork. He de decir que Under the Iron Sea, tenia también un excelente Artwork. Sus dibujos eran psicodélicos pero era arte puro plasmado en música. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:33pm, 23 Nov 2012

Hola Keane. Tengo la revista Q 317. La hemos traducido al español. Pero no podemos captar con la exactitud que merece el idioma inglés, las expresiones tan autóctonas. Hablar de Keane es hablar de respeto por la música, de ambición, de dudas, en definitiva de ser los mejores. Un Tom Chaplin con una infancia de soledad, un Tim muy melancólico y receptivo, pero con ganas enormes de crear una composición excelente, encontrar aquella obra de arte que lo sentencie a lo más alto; Un Tom con un ego muy elevado con ganas de ser querido por unos fans desconocidos. Strangeland es un álbum magnífico. De alto nivel musical. Y con un sonido excelente. El mejor sonido. Diria que no llega a todo el mundo. Has de tener oído y un gran gusto por la música. Tengo la plena conciencia que habrá otro álbum después de Strangeland. Pero ha de ser como siempre Tom and Tim sónicament juntos. Ha de transmitir esperanza al mundo y la fuerza sentimental de Hopes and Faires. Y sobre todo una luz hacia el futuro. Otro estilo más rock pero sin perder el "seny" como decimos en Catalunya. Des de Barcelona un petonàs y un beso de cariño de Sir. Timothy Rice. Ojalá pudiera ver Sea Fog Studio con mi marido y el traductor.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:24pm, 23 Nov 2012

I also went to Bexhill - on a Keane pilgrimage! Had a lovely coffee and bread pud at the Sovereign Light Cafe, took lots of pictures. Love this artwork (also have the t-shirt!) My lovely husband indulges my love for Keane, and he's going with me to Bournmouth dec 4, can't wait now.

Posted by kgrist at 6:39pm, 23 Nov 2012

I would't be surprised if it won---not only because it's great but because Keane fans are known for doing anything to make you guys win whatever!

Posted by Hattie at 5:46pm, 23 Nov 2012

of course!!!!! STRANGELAND album is ART!!!!!

Posted by anouk23 at 5:40pm, 23 Nov 2012

ganador seguro esto es mas que una obra de arte vamos por mas keane!!!!

Posted by patita at 5:28pm, 23 Nov 2012

the cover of this album is so beautiful deserves to win!! by São paulo

Posted by Amanda s at 5:00pm, 23 Nov 2012

This is a beautiful work and deserves to win, of course :) I've just voted. I hope you all be fine. Greetings from Portugal

Posted by Sara Silva at 1:47pm, 23 Nov 2012


Posted by jado72 at 11:02am, 23 Nov 2012

Cari Keane, io ho appena votato, adoro il vostro artwork con il lungomare di Bexhill! Buona fortuna allora!!! Un abbraccio a tutta la band da Sabrina from Catania, Sicilia!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:46am, 23 Nov 2012

OF COURSE!!! this album is an Art! deserves every vote (: Greetings From MEXICO ♥

Posted by krmen at 2:39am, 23 Nov 2012

Tried recreating the artwork, but with me in the picture, when i visited Bexhill. Sadly the flats had bloody scaffolding on them, which ruined it a bit...

Posted by Nathan5592 at 12:59am, 23 Nov 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 10:51pm, 22 Nov 2012

I have just voted ! Goog luck ! I think of you all the time ! Florence (Paris)

Posted by crEvEtte9578 at 10:21pm, 22 Nov 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I am not sure my vote was valid (OK). :((

Posted by Isa at 9:11pm, 22 Nov 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I do love this artwork, it´s wonderful, amazing -- great photo, indeed! I will vote for it, course! Lots of love! XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 9:05pm, 22 Nov 2012

Done! Love you guys, luck!

Posted by crystal-alby at 6:42pm, 22 Nov 2012

salut les amiis°°° J e viens de voter pour STRANGELAND !! je pense que tous vos fans vont en faire autant il faut y croire !!! nous sommesà vos cotés vous etes les MEILLEURS ** avec tout mon amour * GROS BISOUS A TOUS

Posted by choupette94 at 6:38pm, 22 Nov 2012

i just voted! :-) XX

Posted by Piscilla_Holland at 6:37pm, 22 Nov 2012

I think if it wins, it would be fair for people to say it was just a popularity contest. It wouldn't be my first choice for the vote, though don't get me wrong: I do like the artwork.

Posted by mwfearnley at 6:15pm, 22 Nov 2012

I´ve voted :) I think it will win !! :)

Posted by Nikola at 6:14pm, 22 Nov 2012

I've just voted. Fingers Crossed. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 6:08pm, 22 Nov 2012

Done! The artwork is great - and Bexhill is a wonderful place. I want to live ther :-) Good luck!!

Posted by Cojoe at 5:12pm, 22 Nov 2012

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