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04 Apr 2012

Here it is - the brand new video for Silenced By The Night, which was filmed around Austin, Texas and directed by Chris Sims. Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Those of you in Germany can watch the video by clicking here

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Why... I can't see it? :(

Posted by Iveth at 6:11pm, 13 Apr 2012

This is it!!! this is keane that I was waiting for!!! beautiful video :D

Posted by maar! at 4:07pm, 13 Apr 2012

I don't like it that much... that couple and the color of video reminds me of ''We Found Love'' from Rihanna .. but the song is AMAZING as always. I love you guys! you're the best. PLEASE COME TO MEXICO SOON.

Posted by alexeii at 3:50am, 12 Apr 2012

Ever thought of becoming a journalist ? Wow!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 5:05pm, 11 Apr 2012

Silenced by “Silenced By The Night” Following its worldwide debut on BBC Radio 1, “Silenced By The Night”, the first single extracted from Keane’s fourth studio album “Strangeland”, has been repeatedly played by stations all over the world since March 13. Composed by prodigious Rice-Oxley in approximately five minutes, it is one of the lightest pieces of music that the band has published in a long period of time: shallow theme, trivial lyrics, basic melody and unadventurous pace. Nevertheless, the song is pleasing to the ear and fulfills all the requirements demanded by the ordinary radio listener. No doubt, the airplay it has had so far is justly deserved. Moreover, it is quite obvious that, behind the commercially-oriented choice of “Silenced By The Night” as a lead single, there is an attempt to evoke the unequalled piano riffs of “Hopes And Fears” which led the band into global success. Despite this particular track fails to be epic, somehow, it does revive the much-missed ambiance that characterized the 2004 record. Clearly, Keane decided not to take unnecessary risks in the promotion of “Strangeland” and avoided to shock its followers again with another abrupt transition to a new sound. In fact, after its earliest stage of pure piano rock, the group has always allowed its music to evolve drastically between each album. Few expected such an electrifying lead single from 2006’s “Under The Iron Sea” as “Is It Any Wonder?”. Two years later, when the advertisement campaign for “Perfect Symmetry” was launched, many found it hard to tolerate the eccentricity of “Spiralling”. What to say about the astonishment provoked by the treacherous collaboration with K’naan in “Stop For A Minute”, ahead of the release of “Night Train”? The previous examples make it evident that never before had the band played so safe in the marketing of a record. Regardless of its lack of anthemic potential, “Silenced By The Night” is a proper radio-friendly tune and a secure option for a lead single. Sadly, the corresponding music video, which has premiered on April 4, does not deserve equivalent commendation for the simple reason that it does not fall within the standards of Keane. Although no other clip in its videography looks as cinematic as this one, featuring incredible dynamic shots of the British foursome playing in an outdoor setting, the parallel romantic story is quite flimsy. The plot is hardly related to the lyrics of the song. Additionally, the selected actors have an appearance and style which have little to do with the universe of the band. Unusual graphical emphasis is put on tattoos and piercings. Why? Is this a desperate effort to enlarge the fan base? Besides, for some reason, Keane seems to be obsessed to achieve something more in the music market of North America. Such fixation might have motivated the band to shoot this video in Austin, Texas, as well as to kick off the international “Strangeland” tour in Canada and in the United States. In overall terms, it can be said that “Silenced By The Night” perfectly serves its purpose as a lead single of easy consumption. It will hardly become a landmark in the discography of the band, despite it might well arise the interest of new listeners in Keane’s music.

Posted by Strangelander at 1:03am, 11 Apr 2012


Posted by ||under_pressure|| at 12:33am, 11 Apr 2012

I think you'll have me back as a fan, dear Keane. What I've heard so far is beautiful. Greetings from Germany. :-) Marlies xx

Posted by Avenida at 6:47pm, 10 Apr 2012


Posted by Alekeane at 12:26am, 10 Apr 2012

Watch the video. http://www.vh1.com/video/keane/755416/silenced-by-the-night.jhtml#id=1 589364 Just watch it to make Keane go to the countdown.

Posted by -eve- at 8:33pm, 09 Apr 2012

I don't mind the video...this track does not need a video! Keane is back... and how... there is so much body into this track!!! can't w8 for your album and gigs in the Netherlands!!! Marc

Posted by mnieuwhof at 5:28pm, 09 Apr 2012

Great video and also the song too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Posted by kfa926 at 2:59pm, 09 Apr 2012

No lo puedo ver :(

Posted by Iveth at 4:03am, 09 Apr 2012

Love the day/night effects... Great video guys!

Posted by yamilt at 3:34am, 09 Apr 2012

Loved the video :D i'm sooo looking forward for the new album to come out in Mexico... can't wait any longer!!

Posted by DiCast_ at 6:07pm, 08 Apr 2012

buen video hermosa cancion

Posted by PepeRoman at 6:52am, 08 Apr 2012

I liked the video, but not more than the song itself, which I loved from the very first moment. I'm eagerly waiting for May to arrive. We'd love to have you back here in COLOMBIA, as well!! :-) Cheers for everyone! Thanks for the video, Keane! ;-) I love you!

Posted by Honey at 3:40am, 08 Apr 2012

Absolutely love this song and video!!!!! KEANE, your music is the music of our hearts and souls!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Posted by Shanchok-Nadya at 11:10pm, 07 Apr 2012

FANTASTIC!! Amazing voice (of course!) and piano and SONG!! Wonderful video! I am SO looking forward to hearing the entire CD! Congrats - and THANK YOU!!!

Posted by amazedcb at 10:14pm, 07 Apr 2012

FANTASTIC! Awesome voice (of course!!) and piano and SONG! Wonderful video! I am SO looking forward to hearing the entire CD! Congrats - and THANK YOU!!!

Posted by amazedcb at 10:12pm, 07 Apr 2012


Posted by ASTRID_CHAPLIN at 9:30pm, 07 Apr 2012


Posted by ASTRID_CHAPLIN at 9:28pm, 07 Apr 2012

EL video esta bueno pero me pareció sencillo, como que es otra version diferente de Keane, pero aun asi me gusta :) congrats guys!! kisses from Argentina!!

Posted by NATY_LOVES KEANE! at 2:09am, 07 Apr 2012

I'm sorry, I 'm not so fond of this new song (though i really like the melody on "Cause baby I'm not scared of this world when you're here ..."). It's not bad but I still miss the old Keane. And for the video, it's banal for me, the way it is filmed, we could see it in an advertisement, it's a pity. Keane really made better videos in the past (Bedshaped, A bad Dream, Crystall Ball, Everybody's changing, SOWK etc...and of course your masterpiece Atlantic). But the faces in the light at the end, it's beautiful.

Posted by athallie at 11:22pm, 06 Apr 2012

you have taken a differnt approach with this video.. .we all know that skin/sex sells ( and sometimes its needed to help tell the story)...but it was done in good taste... that alone speaks volumes...

Posted by Nina at 10:52pm, 06 Apr 2012

I have to say guys I've been waiting long for the new video but I must say I did not like at all I like the scenes of the band, light, water glass, desert landscapes, including siclorama lights of the city but these two lovers or do not know how to call them, the truth is I do not like work is very cute the song is beautiful only that detail I would like if anything can be only see the band and nobody else. of course there are very great as previous videos the crystal ball or atlantic but this is not very lucky in my opinion. course that is just my opinon I hope to have much success the truth is that the most important is the music.

Posted by rose chaplin at 10:07pm, 06 Apr 2012

Are you coming to Portugal!? Please! I´m a big fan of your!

Posted by pika at 9:35pm, 06 Apr 2012


Posted by dianachaplin at 9:32pm, 06 Apr 2012


Posted by dianachaplin at 9:30pm, 06 Apr 2012

I love the music, but not the video. It is such a poor taste video, which bother me to enjoy "Silenced by the Night". Tim is a brilliant song writer and Keane are great performers. They don't need anyone to tell their story.

Posted by pvbb at 6:31pm, 06 Apr 2012

Wonderful song, music and video!!! Images and colours and design... Please, come to ARGENTINA on tour!!!!!! Juano (Juan Carlos Lopez)

Posted by juanetelopez at 4:08pm, 06 Apr 2012

I trully like the video (not much the couple, but I understand it is the easier way of talking about love). Great song, guys. You all look wonderfull.

Posted by RxKEANE at 2:21pm, 06 Apr 2012

I miss the old Keane...Hopes and Fears that was a great album..

Posted by anachaplin at 1:48pm, 06 Apr 2012

I am happy, because I see you in Latvia, in Positivus.

Posted by mado at 7:21am, 06 Apr 2012

Me encanta, excelentes imagenes, buena fotografía, y me encanta la fuerza y el ritmo que lleva :) pd. quiero escucharlos de nuevo en Colombia!!!

Posted by JkDeGa at 6:46am, 06 Apr 2012

Of course I love the video! I am very excited about this new album!! It's just, wonderful. No words. Always waiting for more Keane news to arrive.

Posted by Jimsulc at 6:30am, 06 Apr 2012

Sencillamente hermoso, ¿cuándo vienen al Perú?

Posted by gloris28 at 4:00am, 06 Apr 2012

Oh guys...you're perfect *_*

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 1:48am, 06 Apr 2012

muuuuuuy buen vid, los eperamos pronto en Colombia =D

Posted by yuldorsteve at 1:38am, 06 Apr 2012

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuwwww.... Amazing,beautiful!!!!! I love everything you do!!! Come back to Argentina soon!!! I love you, i love Tom

Posted by ValBedshaped at 12:47am, 06 Apr 2012

I really didnt like this video. I am a keane fan but this video doesnt really make sense to me for this song. it has love in this song which i dont like . This isnt about love. Fron 1-10 i give this a 3 or 4 soo srry. i didnt understand this video i hope they make another one that is good SO SRRY

Posted by keane#1fan at 12:00am, 06 Apr 2012

Nice video and new song, greetings from Chile...

Posted by heidita at 10:54pm, 05 Apr 2012


Posted by la turca at 10:39pm, 05 Apr 2012

Amazing, When will keane come to Spain?.

Posted by Begoña at 9:29pm, 05 Apr 2012

me gusta mucho gran video

Posted by PepeRoman at 7:54pm, 05 Apr 2012

We love it here in our house! It's absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see you in June xxxxx

Posted by AndreaGibbs at 7:21pm, 05 Apr 2012

I love it! It's brilliant! Thank you :)

Posted by TomsMic at 5:50pm, 05 Apr 2012

love your new song. Please come to Perú.

Posted by mguillen at 5:36pm, 05 Apr 2012


Posted by moodsta70 at 4:56pm, 05 Apr 2012

ABSOLUTE AMAZING, I LOVE IT, KEANE !!!! BUT C O M E T O P E R U - V E N G A N A P E R U -C O M E T O P E R U - V E N G A N A P E R U -C O M E T O P E R U - V E N G A N A P E R U -C O M E T O P E R U - V E N G A N A P E R U -C O M E T O P E R U - V E N G A N A P E R U -C O M E T O P E R U - V E N G A N A P E R U -C O M E T O P E R U - V E N G A N A P E R U -

Posted by sufanuza at 4:22pm, 05 Apr 2012

is a wonderful theme, beautiful, the song that you hear over and over again and never get tired you have the ability to erizarte whole body. congratulations on this wonderful new album.

Posted by dannyta2058 at 3:20pm, 05 Apr 2012

I absoloutely love the new video! Love to all of you guys but Tom, you were amazing!

Posted by angelwz73 at 3:05pm, 05 Apr 2012

Amaziiing X3 And it was released on my birthday! :D A gift in itself :3 I love you Keane xD

Posted by FreddyCrab at 12:12pm, 05 Apr 2012

Nice to see Jesse officially included in a Keane video! Otherwise not a bad video at all! Didn't expect that but it was nice

Posted by devilskeeper at 7:41am, 05 Apr 2012

Like it!

Posted by JaneA at 7:33am, 05 Apr 2012

I love the song, have been listening everyday. However I only want to see Tom, Tim, Richard and Jesse in the video, no one else.

Posted by pvbb at 7:03am, 05 Apr 2012

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! My heart still beats so hard, Tom you are so sexyyy!!!

Posted by olivet at 6:20am, 05 Apr 2012

Great song! Great video! Please come to Kansas City, Mo soon!! Can't wait to buy new album!!

Posted by watkinsa at 3:41am, 05 Apr 2012

(:me encanto siempre con algo innovador me gusta enserio muchas felicidades chicos los quiero :)

Posted by yanin-DP09 at 3:24am, 05 Apr 2012

Can I tell you something? You are the BEST!! I really really love you!! Keane! You are part of my life :') your songs are such amazing! I can't describe how i'm feeling, This song is LOVELY! PERFECT! I cried! :c I love you! Hugs from Mexico. I'm happy , so happy, Thak you!

Posted by GabrielashimHatake at 3:11am, 05 Apr 2012

Hola Chicos: Congratulations en su new song, los felicito. Espero que les vaya muy bien, me encanta su nueva canción, los quiero y amo a todos ustedes, los esperamos en América del Sur. Chile los estará esperando. Los quiero mucho. Gracias.

Posted by sksanche at 2:41am, 05 Apr 2012

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I love it!!! The best video by Keane ever!!! I loved see the four guys in the video!!! Greetings from Peru!! Hope see you here very soon!

Posted by Daniel (Peru) at 2:22am, 05 Apr 2012


Posted by rubisita at 1:23am, 05 Apr 2012

hola chicos de keane no me gusto el video, ustedes se ven geniales pero la parejita de novios no me gusto....

Posted by angelicattrj at 12:57am, 05 Apr 2012

*O*!? (the truck where half-naked), very good song, video not so good ..... the story at the end still do not understand ... FORCE!! GENIAL!

Posted by Gisselle Ardián at 12:47am, 05 Apr 2012

All I need to see is you boys perform the story of the song can inspire my own imagination.

Posted by CAILY at 12:40am, 05 Apr 2012

Beautiful video! is great the place where they filmed, * - * look very cute especially when illuminated by the lights and when Tom walks through the desert :) Congratulations! lots of hugs, greetings from Chile, Vina del Mar and KeaneChile Fan Club until the end of the earth: D

Posted by LizxAngel at 12:39am, 05 Apr 2012

I L O V E E V E R Y T H I N G A B O U T Y O U ........ you don't know what this means to me......... I am almost crying as I did the day you presented your album setlist........... wow thanks!! (sic)

Posted by aída (méxico) at 12:29am, 05 Apr 2012

I have missed you more than I realized. Welcome back Keane!

Posted by Laura at 12:28am, 05 Apr 2012

Ayudenos en Twitter poniendo en cada tweet #SilencedByTheNight así es TT! UNA SOLA VEZ por tweet así no es Spam! Vamos Keaners! Help us in Twitter writing #SilencedByTheNight to make it TT! ONCE for tweet, we don't wanna be spam! C'mon Keaners GO!

Posted by krystinlove at 12:11am, 05 Apr 2012

aguanteeeeeeeeeeee keaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! ♥♥♥♥TE AMOOOOOOOOOOO TANTOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no lo pude escuchar al volumen maximo porque estan viendo la tele...cuando este solaa a full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dejare sordos a los vecinos hahaha thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Melisa at 12:10am, 05 Apr 2012


Posted by loreiin at 11:11pm, 04 Apr 2012

Finally, guys you are back! Thanks for the video! It is lovely :) I really hope to see you soon here in Argentina!

Posted by Deb at 11:09pm, 04 Apr 2012

beautiful song....se viene un genial STRANGELAND!!

Posted by britprincess at 10:57pm, 04 Apr 2012

KEANE!!!!!!! Thank you very much for AMAZING AND WONDERFUL concert in Moscow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you, our dear KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted by Shanchok-Nadya at 10:35pm, 04 Apr 2012

COUCOU TOMY°°°AMOUR °°PASSION °°°qui y til de plus beau!!ceclip est très romantique°°° tout ce quil faut pour cette magnifique chanson= merveilleuse histoire de deux etres qui S AIMENT tellement quils ne font plus qu'un °°°°ecouter la chanson en regardant le clip est tous les sentiments d'amour te colle a la peau°° BRAVO A VOUS c'est reussis!!!! JETEMRASSE TENDREMENT°****

Posted by choupette94 at 9:45pm, 04 Apr 2012

Congrats guys, one more successful work! A great clip, like this, always give much more leverage in a great song.

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 9:10pm, 04 Apr 2012

Hi Guys - great song - I have played it dozens of times every day since the radio air play. Not sure about video - it might grow on me, butb the song & you guys are just GREAT !!!! Looking forward to seeing you at Brixton on 8th June. John

Posted by john yates at 8:49pm, 04 Apr 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** The best part of the video is in the end, when the members of the band appear and the last shot; I do not like much videos with "a story" , when the effort is to "glue" the song/lyric to the images. It´s too poor. But it´s not bad at all, but I would prefer not having these images in my mind and just have the song in it. Sorry. But of course, when the guys and specially Tom appear, is great. Lots of love! This is a GREAT song, indeed! XXXXXX I do love Keane!

Posted by Isa at 8:40pm, 04 Apr 2012

Los veo tan maduros y fenomenales,la cancion es tan Keane ,la musica y uds son uno solo.Con los cuatro basta y sobra,los amo,hacen de mi vida algon nuevo y feliz,tienen ese poder,vengan a Chile antes que muera.

Posted by chile at 8:34pm, 04 Apr 2012

Oo praise a video exelente I am charmed with me, do not forget to pass for an Argentine please =) we want them here if or if regards from good airs Argentine.

Posted by brian@@ at 8:18pm, 04 Apr 2012

Looks lovely guys! you are getting better and better with the songs. And the new single is very enjoyable. Keep on going!

Posted by dogivy at 8:15pm, 04 Apr 2012

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me re encanto :D Chicos, esta increíble, me encanta el vídeo, el tema, ustedes, TODOOOOOO!!!! Gracias, gracias por todoooo! *_* El mejor, me encantaaaaa! :D I LOVE KEANEEE!!!♥♥♥♥♥

Posted by leonela at 8:11pm, 04 Apr 2012

I ask you guys, in St. Petersburg will perform the song "LOVERS ARE LOSING"!!!! Oh, please!!!!!!!!!!!!((((

Posted by Aliska at 7:50pm, 04 Apr 2012

Has an interesting twist in the end.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:34pm, 04 Apr 2012

Frankly, I'm still not convinced.

Posted by Vena at 7:31pm, 04 Apr 2012


Posted by Dra_House at 7:13pm, 04 Apr 2012

Esta canción es hermosa, pero honestamente, lo mejor del vídeo es la interpretación de Tom: mirada, gestos, expresiones. El resto "no dice nada", me refiero a que la trama me parece desconectada, el desenlace vacío, en cambio, los fondos y las pocas tomas de Tom sí permiten sentir la esencia de «Silenced by the night», y salvo ello, no veo representada la fuerza la canción. Es mi opinión. (Mollendo, Perú)

Posted by ygali at 7:13pm, 04 Apr 2012

Ah.... Only 3 words: I love it.

Posted by LadyDelusion at 7:08pm, 04 Apr 2012

and flesh ah ah!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 7:03pm, 04 Apr 2012

Simple,artistic, and soulful.When you see the band, you can tell they all just played with passion, as they do at a concert! Jodi Cullinan

Posted by JoJo5812 at 6:55pm, 04 Apr 2012

i think the video is good but it´s not your style...but this is ONLY MY opinion...song is great. guys, you look so great...but i think that the other videos are better....i know everything is changing so maybe is time to move on

Posted by leny at 6:52pm, 04 Apr 2012

me encantoo!! y si lo unico que le hizo falta esk salieran mas los chicos :3 GENIAL! me quede CONTENTISIMA

Posted by karolina at 6:38pm, 04 Apr 2012

me encanta , pero le hace falta algo

Posted by dada_lifee at 6:13pm, 04 Apr 2012

Fantastic love it xxx

Posted by ruthie at 6:03pm, 04 Apr 2012

Beautiful song,great video!! Can't wait to see Keane on 24th May in Glasgow. It will be the highlight of my year!! Love you guys!!xxx

Posted by JenniferP at 5:45pm, 04 Apr 2012

I'm gonna add myself to the list of LOVE IT! I especially loved the 4 band members looking into the camera at the very end of the video. Its about time Tim Richard & Jesse get included! KUDOS!

Posted by annie nyc at 5:42pm, 04 Apr 2012

wow it is good i love when toms sings with all his heart and the backgroud is a cloudy sky and the city lights that was awesome and the story about the two lovers it was ok ut i didn t quiet understood why the girl was crying and that but finnally we got music from you guys taht is lovely come to monterrey mexico latinamerica is waiting for you to come :)

Posted by karlav at 5:29pm, 04 Apr 2012

Love, love, love it!!! Amazing song and a wonderful visual interpretation. Very emotional! I live in Fort Worth so I am especially fond of the road sign! Excellent video Keane!

Posted by rstaudt at 5:21pm, 04 Apr 2012

Oh god I'm crying! What a beautiful video, seriously guys! You do a brilliant job I congratulate you! I'm proud to say I'm a fan of Keane = 'D

Posted by CChaplin at 5:21pm, 04 Apr 2012

Thank you keane!! I am very happy cry but of happiness on having seen the video ancio the day of fulfilling my dream and to be able to see them live!! Tim, tom, jesse and ridchar are incredible!! They do that my life is beautiful, his music makes happy my days I love and it will love forever simply thank you regards from chile !! :)

Posted by makita_charice at 5:20pm, 04 Apr 2012


Posted by Jimechaplin96 at 5:04pm, 04 Apr 2012

I'm a little disapointed by the video...

Posted by LN at 4:57pm, 04 Apr 2012

Loving the song, powerful vintage Keane. Tom at his best, beautiful!

Posted by CAILY at 4:56pm, 04 Apr 2012

I thought the vid romantic and nowadays is one more way we have to see the band we love in the media. The song, Tim, Tom, Rich & Jesse complete the landscape. Chris Sims and you guys did a very good job. I'm so glad you're back to the road. Please come to Brasil. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 4:48pm, 04 Apr 2012

Woo the web site's had a revamp

Posted by Minerva777 at 4:43pm, 04 Apr 2012

O M G!!! loved it! loved the new web site!, loved the song, the sounds, the video... Please anounce a show to Argentina Please please!! the best for you guys in this new journey around the world!!! XOXO from Cordoba, Argentina!

Posted by Beluja at 4:41pm, 04 Apr 2012

i loved the production, the entire video!! it's fresh, new, and I can feel the love from this video :D Great!

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 4:34pm, 04 Apr 2012

A link to start supporting this video... http://www.vh1.com/video/keane/755416/silenced-by-the-night.jhtml#id=1 589364 lets vote for our guys.

Posted by -eve- at 4:28pm, 04 Apr 2012

just beautiful!! ......, the video fits perfectly with the song, better impooisible!!

Posted by liriobsb at 4:27pm, 04 Apr 2012

just today I have a test! this is very lucky! I love it!!! me encanto estudiar el día de hoy escuchando su linda música!! hace que mis días sean mejores!! =)

Posted by tu.mejor.yo at 4:27pm, 04 Apr 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 4:27pm, 04 Apr 2012

Anyway---Keane, I think you may have outdone yourself this time. This video gives me chills!! I love everything about it (besides the semi-nudity), you guys look so fresh and rockin'. I absolutely love the concept of this video and the ending------omg the ending is perfect!! Congrats!!

Posted by Hattie at 4:21pm, 04 Apr 2012

whoa, why was that girl topless?

Posted by Hattie at 4:20pm, 04 Apr 2012

I am loving it!! watching it over and over again!!! The song makes me fly... The video is great, it feels bad at the end, when the day comes and you are not there anymore... Love you guys, GOOD JOB.

Posted by -eve- at 4:06pm, 04 Apr 2012

Thanks km.com for helping german fans. The video is a little bit strange..but beautiful. The song is awesome-that hould be enough. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by pinguin13 at 4:06pm, 04 Apr 2012

I think the song is amazing and the video... in my personal opinion: is poor, i expected something more magical, fresh...,well this is the opinion of a simple girl,but i just think it could have been better ... just saying...i feel a little bit dissapointed of it. But even so... I love you Keane and your music ♫ Nice day ☼

Posted by Missvanitzzi at 4:00pm, 04 Apr 2012

I Love it !! .... Specially the final part where we can see every face :D

Posted by MaFerBT at 3:46pm, 04 Apr 2012

This is poetry to my ears...

Posted by marianelakeane at 3:39pm, 04 Apr 2012

Disliked love him ...................... I loved the plot, the song EVERYTHING! They made me very happy I can not stop smiling! : D

Posted by krystinlove at 3:34pm, 04 Apr 2012

I LOVED the new video, finally a video with Jesse!! And not only because of Jesse as a regular on the group, but I'm also glad to see the others and not only Tom. Nothing against Tom, but in benefit of Tim, Richard & Jesse, haha. The location and the story is awesome, keep the videos coming \o/ All the best from The Frog Prince Squad, Brasil!!!

Posted by Beth at 2:53pm, 04 Apr 2012

Beautiful song, beautiful video! Like it! :)

Posted by Ell at 2:53pm, 04 Apr 2012

I just died. Simply died. And I feel quite euphoric for a dead person right now. It is THAT good. I Love It. *dies again*

Posted by HelenaParSsal at 2:48pm, 04 Apr 2012

I really hope you're gonna make it guys. It's kind of timeless but in a fashionable way =) The faces at the end are beautiful.

Posted by Earisu at 2:48pm, 04 Apr 2012


Posted by LUCIANABRAZIL at 2:42pm, 04 Apr 2012

sexy, passionate, seductive, freedom

Posted by DAHVALMA at 2:16pm, 04 Apr 2012

Mi piace il video di Silenced By The Night, è carino e romantico perchè si vede una coppia tanto innamorata e poi allo stesso tempo è bello veder apparire anche voi in uno stile un pò diverso dal solito, tipo country, state bene così, siete sempre raffinatissimi e mi trasmettete come sempre tanta tanta emozione , bravi ragazzi, ottimo lavoro!!!Un abbraccio da Sabrina from Catania!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:08pm, 04 Apr 2012

wonderfull!!! ;) I love it

Posted by pollitopeep at 2:01pm, 04 Apr 2012


Posted by PAULA*ARG at 1:26pm, 04 Apr 2012

The video looks amazing =) I really like the history of this couple =) and the scenario is beautiful. But the best is in the end, when we can see the faces of Jesse, Tim, Rich and Tom =D Thanks a lot for this wonderful work.

Posted by Jessica_Chaplin at 1:09pm, 04 Apr 2012

I love the song, and I like the video. Pity that's a little too dark of image

Posted by samus at 12:54pm, 04 Apr 2012

Oh, guys... Só beautiful that I wanna cry...!!!

Posted by Simoninha (Brazil) at 12:51pm, 04 Apr 2012

Wow wow wow wunderful video, I love it! ♥ Hope we see you in Germany soon :)

Posted by Anne at 12:28pm, 04 Apr 2012

Great video! Excellent work, can't wait for the album!

Posted by samuel08 at 12:24pm, 04 Apr 2012

Hey, guys! Congratulations! Your best video in many years! Although I didn't like the erotic thing (I've always thought you've never needed that for being successful), I think it's a great advance in your video history =) AND I'm so glad to see you all four of you there!! Now, please, could you announce ASAP your LATIN AMERICAN TOUR?? PLEASE!! WE MISS YOU, GUYS!! HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =)

Posted by Dra_House at 12:14pm, 04 Apr 2012

Yeah all the band together brilliant, love it Keane forever.xxx

Posted by daviniaalison at 12:06pm, 04 Apr 2012

@Nelly & @Dorothee Keaneofficial are working on making it work for you guys soon!

Posted by naily at 11:58am, 04 Apr 2012

Congrats guys for the amazing video!!! I love it!!!

Posted by Monikinha at 11:46am, 04 Apr 2012

Beautiful as always Keane. Thanks for made my day. Love you always :)

Posted by sofia_keane at 11:42am, 04 Apr 2012

GREAT VIDEO! I loved it! :D

Posted by uve32 at 11:40am, 04 Apr 2012

This video suits the music very well, but i totally agree with Shanchok-Nadya.

Posted by jado72 at 11:39am, 04 Apr 2012

I liked the song as much as the video clip very good indeed congratulations on your work

Posted by strangeland at 11:36am, 04 Apr 2012

Превосходно!!! Прекрасное видео!!!

Posted by lapina444 at 11:17am, 04 Apr 2012

Wonderful and exciting video! It's fun watching it. Well done! :)

Posted by Dorothee at 10:37am, 04 Apr 2012

Bäh! We can't watch it in Germany. :-(

Posted by Nelly at 10:19am, 04 Apr 2012

#THEHONS in technicolour - inspired by "Blue Valentine" at all? Very cinematic. #strangelandishopesandfearsin3D.

Posted by naily at 10:12am, 04 Apr 2012

The video is absolutely amazing! It's really a beautiful art piece, really mysterious and intriguing... But from Keane? I could expect any less!

Posted by paty at 10:01am, 04 Apr 2012

Like it :-)

Posted by Petra at 9:57am, 04 Apr 2012

really love this video!!! thank you so much for bringing me a wonderful afternoon!!! and it really cheer me up!!! Love from Taiwan-Chi

Posted by rainborn8228 at 9:56am, 04 Apr 2012

Nice one. The video compliments the song perfectly.

Posted by sss86 at 9:52am, 04 Apr 2012

Great video, Song is Keane at it's best can't wait for Glasgow roll on!!!xxx

Posted by kitdunc at 9:48am, 04 Apr 2012

Woooonderful song!!! Good video... But I always think that all KEANE songs don't need to have any related videos, because KEANE songs themselves put so many reflections and emotions in our soul, hearts, thoughts, imagination... They are full of sense and emotions, they waken and reveal in us the purest and sincerest feelings, they give us sense of beauty of Life... We love you, our dear KEANE! Thank you for your music! Can't wait to hear & see you tonight at Arena Moscow!!!

Posted by Shanchok-Nadya at 9:43am, 04 Apr 2012

Congratulations, amazing video!!! Silenced By The Night , perfect song !!! Thrilled, thanks!!! *-*

Posted by jal at 9:31am, 04 Apr 2012

ooo dios mio..desvelandome para verlo...tom se ve tan ardiente!!!!! y la cancion woooow :3 ...sin duda keane siempre en mi corazon!!!! los amo :DDDD

Posted by paty bloom at 9:22am, 04 Apr 2012


Posted by KingPazza at 9:22am, 04 Apr 2012

The video really goes well with the song. And the Oooooooooh Ooh Ooh part gave me goosebumbs again!

Posted by nightsome at 9:22am, 04 Apr 2012

May 15th in Paris, I'll be there guys ! Excelent video

Posted by pierrickbm at 9:21am, 04 Apr 2012

Wow! How exciting! The music video is great!

Posted by VioletRoses18 at 9:17am, 04 Apr 2012

It looks great guys, simply great.

Posted by Bollebijn at 9:17am, 04 Apr 2012

Sure the video is brillliant, but when you live in Germany you can only dream of the video.........unfortunately

Posted by pinguin13 at 9:17am, 04 Apr 2012

But I think Tom might had more seaside frames...

Posted by zanella at 9:14am, 04 Apr 2012

Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

Posted by NET at 9:14am, 04 Apr 2012

...the German GEMA (performance rights organization) doesn't let the German fans see this, unfortunately...

Posted by ironseafish at 9:14am, 04 Apr 2012


Posted by zanella at 9:14am, 04 Apr 2012

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