New Keane song for A Monster Calls film

13 Sep 2016

I’m pleased to tell you that a brand new Keane song will feature on the soundtrack of the new film from legendary Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona, A Monster Calls.

Our friendship and collaboration with Bayona goes back a few years. He came to several Keane concerts in Barcelona and we eventually worked together on his incredible (and Q Award-winning!) video for Disconnected. In 2014 Bayona asked us to write a song for A Monster Calls, his film adapted from Patrick Ness’ very powerful novel.

Writing and recording the song has been a fascinating process for me. Two years ago I watched some of the early shooting in Manchester, and have had many long conversations with Bayona since then! I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on set in Barcelona trying to understand the spirit of the story as told in the film, and specifically the emotions that needed to be captured in the song. Bayona and his team are extraordinarily passionate about what they do, and with the ‘feel’ of the movie constantly changing, I had to work hard to find the right tone.

The result (after several attempts!) was a song called Tear Up This Town. We recorded it in London and Sussex in January, and I was lucky enough to watch the Basque National Orchestra recording parts for it in San Sebastián shortly afterwards - a real privilege and an emotional experience!

It was wonderful to be back in the studio making music together - hope you enjoy the results!



Tear Up This Town will be available on iTunes worldwide on 23 September

Comments (21)

That 2017 brings back KEANE to us!

Posted by jado72 at 1:59pm, 10 Jan 2017


Posted by choupette94 at 10:02am, 01 Jan 2017

Hi friends ** That this year 2017 brings you and your families full of happiness and love ** I hope to meet you all on stage at all Big kisses at all of France

Posted by choupette94 at 10:00am, 01 Jan 2017

i can't wait to see the movie and listen the song :)

Posted by gabriela at 4:26am, 02 Dec 2016

"Keane, your fans are waiting"..the sentiments of many,. Mt. D...can't wait!..

Posted by Nina at 11:09pm, 26 Nov 2016

yanitom charming loves keane

Posted by yanitom at 5:25am, 10 Oct 2016

yanitom charming loves keane

Posted by yanitom at 5:24am, 10 Oct 2016

By'eck.....have missed you! Nice work Tim.....still got it my man! X

Posted by Sarah Cookson at 12:14pm, 25 Sep 2016

Nice to be back and see old acquaintances here!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:12pm, 18 Sep 2016

You got me on a surprise, I was waiting for debut solo album from Tom, and then, this wonderful song from Keane... Congratulations, for me, in the world of music this was a very good news... Thank you Tim...

Posted by Karlitachaplin at 2:56pm, 18 Sep 2016

pardonner moi pour les fautes d'orthographe ( 'erreur de frappe ) sur le nom du l'égendaire directeur Espagnol M JUAN ANTONIO BAYONA

Posted by choupette94 at 11:52pm, 17 Sep 2016

salut les amis **;c'est avec un grand bonheur que j'ai put découvrir votre nouvelle chanson ;vous voir travailler de nouveau ensemble;me comble de joie ** ;le retour de KEANE pour un prochain album est' il pour bientot ? je l'espère de tout mon coeur . Comme d'habitude la merveilleuse voix de TOMY ; plus le talent de TIM pour l'ècriture du texte ne peux donner qu'un super résultat **Bravo les amis pour cette nouvelle colaboration dans cette très belle histoire de JUAN ANTONIO BARION qui je pense connaitra un beau succès en attentant GROS BISOUS A TOUS DE FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 11:38pm, 17 Sep 2016

Lovely to see it here on km at last.

Posted by justanotherdawn at 9:54am, 17 Sep 2016

I can't wait to see the movie And listen to tom's voice 😉 Thanks a lot darling Tim for the beautiful new 😍 🎬😜👌💘

Posted by gabriela at 3:18am, 17 Sep 2016

Such a great song. I am so happy :) . Finelly!! I had tears in my eyes.

Posted by jado72 at 5:54pm, 16 Sep 2016

We can't see the video here in the US yet, but I have heard the first minute of the song. It sounds great!

Posted by MelanieD at 3:19am, 16 Sep 2016

Also, come on Mr KM, surely this calls for the forums to be re-opened.

Posted by JDP at 3:29am, 14 Sep 2016

So happy for you guys!!!! I want to hear the song... Come back soon! I miss so much your music, this song is the best newof my day 😙😙😙😙

Posted by pionia85 at 3:24am, 14 Sep 2016

Wait, what??? Awesome, can't wait for this!!! Also, nice picture of a young Tom sleeping , lol.

Posted by JDP at 3:24am, 14 Sep 2016

I can't wait to listen to the new song. This news's made my day. I'm also looking forward to Tom's album here in Colombia. I hope to read the novel before the film's released! Tight hugs!

Posted by Honey at 9:07pm, 13 Sep 2016

Not so great, but good news.

Posted by FRL at 3:12pm, 13 Sep 2016

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