A message from the band
31 Jul 2008

Dear friends,

As you'll have gathered from our many and varied blogs, broadcasts and photos, we've been lost in a world of new music over the last few months - writing songs, pushing our limits, making fools of ourselves, and generally having a wicked time.

We started out in Paris, where Jon Brion inspired us to create first and think later.

We took the night train to Berlin, where everything came together in an avalanche of experimentation that took us all by surprise; where we made a pact with Stuart Price to ignore the rules of good taste; where we were hypnotised by Marlene Dietrich and spent many a long night throwing ideas around in the crumbling Cabaret-esque glamour of our favourite bar.

We've hidden ourselves away in the depths of the English countryside, recorded a new track in London at the last possible moment, and now we're in Los Angeles tying up the loose ends.

We've had an amazing time making this album and we're very, very proud of it. It's called Perfect Symmetry and will be released on October 13th.

Tom, Tim and Richard

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Hola porfavor Keane en su gira contemplen MEXICO en este país los amamos son grandiosos y nos encanta cada vez que vienen .... ya estoy ansioso por tener en mis manos su nuevo cd que yo sé que va a ser un éxito como todo lo que ustedes hacen de música.... arriba Keane we loved!! :) salu2 desde México

Posted by chesare at 1:17am, 11 Sep 2008

Let me be clear when I say this. When Keane decided to do their third album I knew... and I am not a scientist... that it was going to be different. Then the band came out in the open and said that it was not I repeat not going to be all soft sailing for the songs. If I recall well, Tom said some of these songs were going to be a bit more up beat in his interview. Please Please be very careful what you post about the bands album and songs. Remember they sing how they feel and we don't know what they are going through, moving away from, or dealing with in this particular place in their lives. I am a fan just like everyone else and I care about people genuinely, I dislike judgmental prejudice because it is reckless thought. Listen to the words. Thank you Keane Lauren (Trinidad & Tobago)

Posted by Lauren at 6:02pm, 30 Aug 2008

yes! tottaly 80ties... so very refreshing. Love the song!

Posted by kad at 1:59pm, 24 Aug 2008

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Posted by Mot at 9:12pm, 23 Aug 2008

This song Spiralling is totally, utterly 80ties and very Bowie. Which is a great compliment I think cause all my good memories are stuck in the 80ties and I adore Bowie. Everything about this song makes me want to take out my dancing shoes! I want to kiss you for being so brillant........! XXX Yo!

Posted by Yolanda at 11:45pm, 19 Aug 2008

Concert in MEXICOOOOOOOO, Pleaseeeeeee, Tom i Love you, I LOVE TO KEANE, I Love your music, to Guadalajara Mexico, pleaseeeee.

Posted by Mary Keane at 5:49am, 14 Aug 2008


Posted by Mary Keane at 5:47am, 14 Aug 2008

The song feels and sounds like a mixture of " Nik Kershaw and Go West" from the 80's. It is very fresh in its sound and makes you want to listen to it over and over again. A very clever pop song. Looking forward to hearing it performed live at some point soon I hope.

Posted by elysiumxv at 8:26am, 13 Aug 2008

I JUST CANT WAIT FOR IT!!! I love you guys!!! Keane are the best ever!!! I love Spiralling!!! Tom I love you!!!Lots of love form Mexico!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Posted by Keanylicious_Chaplin at 12:47am, 12 Aug 2008

ebaaaaaaaaaa............. novo cd Perfect Symmetry adorei anciosamente em espera Keane a melhor banda! bjaoaoaoaooaoaooa

Posted by morganna at 10:02pm, 10 Aug 2008

i can't wait for the new album. im counting down the weeks and have booked time off work so i can listen to it non stop. i love keane and my dream is to see you live. toms voice is just so fantastic guaranteed to melt my heart every time i hear one of your songs!!!!!KEANE ARE THE GREATEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!

Posted by traceofpurple at 4:51pm, 10 Aug 2008

i can't wait to buy the album, to listen to the other songs and hopefully to see you guys singing live in romania:-Dhurry up with the first videoclip and..come soon here:) lots of love, oana.

Posted by \"special friend\" at 12:24pm, 10 Aug 2008

Ooohhh! Addictive! I really love it, bridge and all. Alive and kicking in the 80's?? Me too. Revived sound thats bang up to date. Geniuses!

Posted by sam (uk) at 10:46am, 10 Aug 2008

The only thing I can say is that "Spiralling" is so amazing...I'm waiting for"Perfect Symetry"...I know the album is going to be so good. I love Keane, I love what they do...well, I love everything about them. It's such a good band and there's no doubt that it's one of the best bands around the world (the best one, in my opinion)

Posted by fabi_k2 at 6:39am, 10 Aug 2008

It was the best music I heard in all the world!!! so I´m from Brazilian and every fa likes so much the music!! please hurry back to Brazil

Posted by LucesKeane at 9:00pm, 09 Aug 2008

I Love Keane

Posted by Liah Rice-Oxley at 3:50pm, 09 Aug 2008

Hi guys, I have been a fan of yours since you started. I was really excited about this free download but I'm afraid it was a big let down. I know you went to Berlin and allowed the creative processes to flow but Keane did not need to write an Achtung Baby. I hope the album is not a continuation of what I have heard already. Too much ABC/Talking heads/Wham and not KEANE!

Posted by joecr36 at 9:51am, 09 Aug 2008

The new song is FANTASTIC! All I can say is "Please, sir(s). Can I have some more?"

Posted by habibijones at 8:05pm, 08 Aug 2008

q buena kncion!!!!!!me duermo y me despierto con (spiralling)jajajajajajaja...=lily=

Posted by lily at 7:22pm, 08 Aug 2008

Oh man....i cant belive it!!!!!.....can't wait for the album........but the prob is....its hard to get a copy in our country!!!!

Posted by darkmatter at 5:24pm, 08 Aug 2008

Hello Keane ! I live in France, near Paris. I've always loved your music, you are my favourite band and artists. I know all your songs by heart ! they are so great and meaningfull ! You guys have had a great idea to let people download freely the first track of your next album ! This song is different from the songs from the former albums but it's great and matches perfectly with your new look ! But I can understand some people don't like it and prefer the former ones...but I think we shouldn't like an artist only for a predefined style...Tom's voice's still marvellous and your ability to change style proves you are great artists !!! And now I'm really looking forward to buying and listening to your new album on October 13th !!!! Many kisses from France Charlotte

Posted by littlemisscharlotte at 9:00am, 08 Aug 2008

Very good song and great rythm. Congratulations! Thanks for the download.

Posted by Gabriela Paredes at 8:20am, 08 Aug 2008

keane son lo maximoooo los adoroooo

Posted by sofia at 3:17am, 08 Aug 2008

helllo keane , felicidades su cancion spiralling es hermosaaaa .. gracias por hacer tan felices a sus fans.. con amor desde peruu... los esperamoss.. tom i love you ...... sofia

Posted by sofia at 3:13am, 08 Aug 2008

Hello again and again and again, guys! =D "I am waiting... for the next show in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro !!!!!" WE LOVE YOU!!! \o/ Love, love, looove!!! \o/

Posted by Carlinha at 2:44am, 08 Aug 2008

...Pude existir..muchos deberes y responsabilidades, estudios, trabajo, etc... Pero el deber de un buen keanero...ester tiempo... +del 50% para KEANE!!!!... Super cancion descargada... Solo cuento los dias para escuchar el material original...!!!!!!! Keaneros del Perú y del mundo...solo nos toca sufrir hasta ese dia!!!!

Posted by maryluz-lightandsea at 1:13am, 08 Aug 2008

Grace: Hola chicos! el tema esta muuuuuuuuyyyyyy bueno! ESPERAMOS SU REGRESO A ARGENTINA!!! KISSES!! TOM, TIM & RICH!!!

Posted by lily at 12:05am, 08 Aug 2008

I go out of town for a few weeks and look what happens: new website launched, album release date announced, and all the comments( that I will never be able to catch up on.) 10/13/08 (or 13/10/08 in Euro terms)!

Posted by East Coast, USA at 8:28pm, 07 Aug 2008

I looked forward to your new album and now that I know the date of ex bah I am even more impatient ^^ I believe, I am safe of it what is more this album will please me as both precedents:D Maïté ( 15 years) Big one fan living in Brussels :p

Posted by Happygiirl at 3:07pm, 07 Aug 2008

Absolutely amazing,congrats!!! TTR team

Posted by Rachel (Rio-Brazil) at 11:05am, 07 Aug 2008

@domi. just a precision. The cartoon is french but it's originally coming from a comic strip made by the absolutely great Derib and Job who are Swiss...I didn't want to have all Switzerland on my back:) They are really great writter and drawer for kids.

Posted by ptitonnerre at 9:40am, 07 Aug 2008

@domi. Tu n'es pas français? Quelque chose me faisait "ist schon"penser que tu étais peut-être allemand. Si c'est le cas ton français est bien meilleur que mon anglais. My nickname ptitonnerre is coming from an old french cartoon with a Native American, and it was essentially talking about ecology, nature preservation.

Posted by ptitonnerre at 8:56am, 07 Aug 2008

THANK YOOOOUUUUUU!!! Thank you very much, you 3 boys because you made my day yesterday. I listened to your WONDERFUL, TERRIFIC Spiralling at last!!! Thank you for thinking on your millions of fans around the world sharing your new song. Yesterday I went back to my beloved 80's music with your magic sounds. I also like your new look and the colours of the album. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by dubhemmf at 7:38am, 07 Aug 2008

GeNial..!! SpiralliNg Me gustó demasiado, es uNa caNcióN que vale Mucho la peNa, persoNalMeNte creo que fue uN graN caMbio a lo que escuchaMos eN Hopes aNd Fears y UNder the IroN Sea... No puedo esperar para escuchar Perfect SyMMetry.. ahhh y sería taN feliz si viNieraN Nueva MeNte a México... ToM, Richi, TiM.. los aMaMos.. eN especial yo..!! Erika ---> México

Posted by Keanehp at 4:45am, 07 Aug 2008

bY THESE DAYS I WAS NEAR LA, BUT IF I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT YOU WERE THERE I WOULD GO AND SAY THANK YOU....It is great! I would love this song even if I didn't know your also great previous albums..... I cannot think of anything else than ENERGY! and I am glad that this is what your music is coming with..... YOU KNOW THAT WE WISH YOU A LOT OF LUCKY DAYS, THANK YOU FOR THIS SONG AND FOR BEING ALWAYS THERE!

Posted by a?da (m?xico) at 4:35am, 07 Aug 2008

Those three pictures are amazing!!! I'm speechless... first the spiralling song and then the pictures. You three look better every single day!! I already have them as wallpaper :-)

Posted by noelia_arg at 4:28am, 07 Aug 2008

I'm realllllllllllllllllllllllllly looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by minhyun at 3:29am, 07 Aug 2008

\o/ Ooo! \o/ I love Spiralling! It would be cool to listen to it live. so please, come back to Brasil! Lots of Love (TFPS)

Posted by FeKeane at 3:21am, 07 Aug 2008

Difficult to asimilate the new sound at first! Oh, I just imagine this son in a night club, very well remixed. Yay!

Posted by luli at 1:54am, 07 Aug 2008

i love you guys!!!

Posted by thomas_chaplin at 1:51am, 07 Aug 2008

Well done guys! "Spiralling" has been playing in my head over and over again!!! I guess that is what you want! It is very different but you can't stay in the same place your hole life right?! That's a lesson for me too! I love your old songs, I cry every time I listen to your last cd because it's so dead on and Tom's voice is amazing! But, because everything you do is perfect, I believe that "Perfect Symetry" is going to be a it! I am definetly buying it! Love from Portugal

Posted by Olga at 1:05am, 07 Aug 2008

HELLLOOOO !!!!! again... I'm so happy, counting the days to hear the rest of the songs... Haaaaa, I'm impatient. Bye, guys MUCHOS BESITOS!!!! for all

Posted by pionia85 at 1:03am, 07 Aug 2008

I just wanted to congratulate you for your new song! You amaze me guys and I love it!!!!! =D

Posted by *Sofia* at 12:40am, 07 Aug 2008

I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!, you really are the best, I just love the way your music is evolving, it's awesome. Anyway. I'm glad you are back, can't wait for the full album I'm sure its just as awesome as this song. a little... I don't know.. disco or 80's or something like that, anyway congrats for the new album, the new site and everything, and thanx. Can't wait for the next concert, here in Mexico We luv ya. XD.

Posted by tom-kal at 12:36am, 07 Aug 2008

VENGAN A HONDURAS POR FAVOR!!!!!!!!!! Son una de las mejores bandas de los ultimos tiempos, no puedo esperar por tener en mis manos Perfect Symmetry. En un mundo lleno de tanta musica basura, gracias por sus hermosas melodias y letras. You got a lot of fans in Honduras.

Posted by DUO at 12:36am, 07 Aug 2008


Posted by Dana at 12:26am, 07 Aug 2008


Posted by maria(mexico) at 12:14am, 07 Aug 2008

Just AWESOME!!!! And as always HYPNOTICAL!!!! Really happy to hear from your coming back. And as I am sure you probably speak French fluently: Revenez nous vite!!! Gros Poutous xxC

Posted by chichi at 12:10am, 07 Aug 2008

PERFECT SYMMETRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD!!! YEEEEAH! GENIAL!!!!!! I wanna hear the song...·*:*·.

Posted by Dana at 11:59pm, 06 Aug 2008

hi how are you??????????????? I'm good very good jajjaajjaa i love the song "Spiralling" is cool jjajaja salutes from chile Live chile

Posted by Mot at 9:43pm, 06 Aug 2008

Hello, the dearest ! The song "Spiralling" is so good that my brother made up his mind to play it at his hard rock party, can you imagine this? I can't. You, affectionate & tender boys, & your style is so mental & recognizible that I'll find it out of the miilion at once. Yes, actually I find this song major & cheerful. Thanks a lot for everithing what you do. And please, don't bend & break I bealive in you & send my best regards! Elmira.

Posted by Elmira at 8:16pm, 06 Aug 2008

SPIRALLING WOW.super,prave to pocuvam na youtube,a je to fakt brilantne.ste skvely chalani.milujem vasu hudbu,je mi to balzam na dusu.rich skvela praca,aj ty thomas a aj ty tim.jej a vy ste pouzili v tej pesnicke aj ten smiesny pristroj,co sa s nim minule tim hral a potom to nevedel vypnut a richard si pi tom udieral akoze hlavu o stenu.LEN TAK DALEJ,NEVIEM CO BY SOM SI POCALA BEZ VASEJ HUDBY.

Posted by mita at 7:15pm, 06 Aug 2008

It´s amaizing! I can here that the sound of the band has evolved and reached a new level. The lyrics have that keane touch. Very funky song but it is complex too. I love it!

Posted by jearim at 7:06pm, 06 Aug 2008

ahojte.ani neviem,preco sem vlastne pisem.ved vy keanaci to aj tak necitate a vam ostatnym je to fuk.uz sa neviem dockat noveho albumu,ach ako sa len tesim az mi ho priatel stiahne do mp3.jaj

Posted by mita at 6:35pm, 06 Aug 2008

"Oooohh" I can't get it out of my mind. Was that what you meant guys? Love ya a lot. "Ooooh" "when we fall in love, we're just falling in love with ourselves"

Posted by MarciaCamara at 6:33pm, 06 Aug 2008

Before downloading this song it was already clear that I'll buy the new record. But now I can't think about something different!!!!!!!!!KEANE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by twin1 at 6:22pm, 06 Aug 2008


Posted by CLEAME at 6:20pm, 06 Aug 2008


Posted by CLEAME at 6:15pm, 06 Aug 2008

Bonjour!! j'ai essayé plusieurs fois de clamer � combien j'ai hâte d'écouter votre nouvel album!! votre musique, la voix de Tom me transporte c'est indescriptible et je serai une de vos nombreuses fans pour très longtemps..merci aussi beaucoup pour l'aperçu de votre album il parait très surprenant et différent des 2autres..j'ai vraiment hâte de l'écouter!! merci encore d'être aussi bon rien que pour nous!! (un concert à la l'île de la Réunion? au soleil? ça ne vous tente pas??

Posted by Oriane at 6:09pm, 06 Aug 2008

Your new song is absolutely great! I've download it yesterday and I can't stop listening to it! Sorry for my English, but I come from Germany ;) Thank you very much for the free download and I am looking forward to listen to your new album! It will be great! Best wishes from Germany! emi.

Posted by emi. at 5:53pm, 06 Aug 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the song! I don't quite know what to think of it yet--but that doesn't really matter. It's different and fun and I can tell you guys had so much fun recording it--I really respect that. Well done!

Posted by Mimi at 5:45pm, 06 Aug 2008


Posted by kari from Spain at 5:45pm, 06 Aug 2008

Did you wanna be a winner? Did you wanna be an icon? Did you wanna be famous? Did you wanna be the president? Did you wanna start a war? Did you wanna have a family? Did you wanna be loved? I LOVE THAT PART! THE SONG IS GREAT! THE SOUNDS AND TOM'S VOICE... IMPOSSIBLE TO IMPROVE! WOOOA! COME TO ARGENTINA!!!!!

Posted by Beluja at 5:05pm, 06 Aug 2008

"Spiralling" is a grand song you lot created, i have been enjoing it a lot, but Tim i have a question is "Spiralling" in "Perfect Symmetry"? I wish it was, and can it come with a DVD with the album like in "Under The Iron Sea" because i'm fascinated and curious about how the the third album was made, all the behind the scenes and bla bla bla, etc. And one last question will this album have a song a bit similar to "Bedshaped" and "A Bad Dream"? Take care guys and HURRY UP WITH THAT BLOODY ALBUM I'M DYING for it Please HURRY!!!!! And Best wishes from Jose Windle

Posted by Jos? Windle at 4:26pm, 06 Aug 2008

Un sonido realmente fantastico....una gran canción =D

Posted by Lelouch at 3:49pm, 06 Aug 2008

A GAZILLION THANKS FOR THE FANTABULOUS SPIRALLING. I hear echoes of Talking Heads and Duran Duran and I absolutely love the quality of Tom's voice. Its such a happy sound - it makes me smile and want to dance!! But as I am at "work" I'll just smile for now! Anne-Marie, Dublin.

Posted by amerie1 at 3:37pm, 06 Aug 2008

the new song its.... hm different but lovely and great like the other songs we can´t wait for some more news... and the new website its also great and sweet new pictures.... big greetings from germany so a lot of people asked the same question ´cause of the release date its 13th oct. in germany, too????

Posted by steff b germany at 3:28pm, 06 Aug 2008

Hey guys great song but I have to ask a question about the new album is october 13 the release date world wide or is it just for europe.t would be helpful if anyone answered this question for me thanks xxxxxx eve (miami)

Posted by citygurl21 at 3:23pm, 06 Aug 2008

Fantastic arrangement and vocal on Spiralling, really looking forward to the new CD.

Posted by Tom Green at 3:14pm, 06 Aug 2008

Hello Keane, G R E A T , G R E A T, G R E A T, Since monday I´ve already played Spiralling a thousand times. It´s so different but at the same time so Keane. Let´s see we will have to wait until October for the album. Question: October 13th, is a worldwide release ??? Or for example here in Argentina we will have to wait much longer ?????? P L E A S E. Can anybody answer my question?????

Posted by Rosita at 2:39pm, 06 Aug 2008

Hi guys!!! Once more congratulations, spiralling is fantastict!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/\o/\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/\o/\o/ \o\ \o\ \o\ \o\ \o\ \o\ \o\ Keeeeane /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/

Posted by Carlinha at 2:23pm, 06 Aug 2008

Adoro l' immagine dove siete tutti e tre seduti davanti ai tavolini gialli di un bar con le immancabili tazze da te': finalmente vi vedo a colori, mi piace l' atmosfera che si respira li' attorno, soprattutto avverto che avete un' aria contenta, siete tre uomini meravigliosi, tenaci ed audaci! Vi auguro un successo stratosferico, ma adesso cosa succedera', non vi farete vedere piu' ? Io gia' mi sto rattristando solo al pensiero... Comunque augurandovi tutto il bene di questo mondo vi do un arrivederci al piu' presto! Bye bye, Sabrina da Catania.

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:09pm, 06 Aug 2008

Wow ! Good-looking site ! I adore it ! And the music of Spiralling is as sparkling as it is stunningly beautiful, I love it a lot. Thank you for this superb gift. The sand is falling slowly but surely inside the sandglass. On this subject, I always liked this french proverb: TOUT VIENT A POINT A QUI SAIT ATTENDRE which means: with time and patience, we succeed, we obtain what we want in the end. I hope my english is correct, I did my best, of course with the aid of my [COLLINS & ROBERT (French-English/English-French) DICTIONARY]. Alors, concernant l’Album, j'ATTENDRAI le temps qu'il faudra ! Fleurs et bises de Alger = flowers and kisses from Algiers. [[[ for those who love nature, Hakim becomes Kimo on www.jardiner.over-blog.fr ]]]

Posted by hakim at 2:07pm, 06 Aug 2008

a huge thanks for the free download. Sprialling is totally brilliant.i can`t wait to hear the third album. i`ve been listening to "try again" on and on in this past two week, it stucks in my head now...

Posted by bandiera at 2:07pm, 06 Aug 2008

@ ptittonnerre: leave the irony out =). Your English is damn good! (Y a beaucoup de messages que j'arrive même pas à décoder, surtout en Espagnol ou Portugais ou je ne sais pas quelle langue exactement - c'est assez grave et pas très marrant.) It's just I noticed your nickname and wondered why tonnerre =D.

Posted by Domi at 2:07pm, 06 Aug 2008

Spiralling has so many ddifferent sounds that I like, I LOVE IT, i can;t stop listening to it. I LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!

Posted by tomtimrich at 2:05pm, 06 Aug 2008

Do not pay attention on this (“™) !

Posted by hakim at 2:05pm, 06 Aug 2008

Wow ! Good-looking site ! I adore it ! And the music of “Spiralling� is as sparkling as it is stunningly beautiful, I love it a lot. Thank you for this superb gift. The sand is falling slowly but surely inside the sandglass. On this subject, I always liked this french proverb: « TOUT VIENT A POINT A QUI SAIT ATTENDRE » which means “with time and patience, we succeed, we obtain what we want in the end�. I hope my english is correct, I did my best, of course with the aid of my [COLLINS & ROBERT (French-English/English-French) DICTIONARY]. Alors, concernant l’Album, j’ATTENDRAI le temps qu’il faudra ! Fleurs et bises d’Alger = flowers and kisses from Algiers. [[[ for those who love nature, Hakim becomes ‘Kimo’ on www.jardiner.over-blog.fr ]]]

Posted by hakim at 1:44pm, 06 Aug 2008

Yes, we are daft because we didn't download yet but there are still few days to do it... You know we lived these glorious times to buy the music without the Net... We are old, and so we are old school and rather polite... So we thank you first, before to do it and before any thoughts or critics... Personaly, the more we listen, the more we love !!!... We didn't breathe a word during the last few days but we had the pleasure to discover the song in live in Jo WHILEY's show (I like this woman and I like at everytime she talks about KEANE !)... It was a lovely moment like when baby comes... It's a result from months of work and we should never judge too faster... Sound is not bad at all, pretty cool and cheerful.... Tom's voice is always amazing to give the "+", and even if the song doesn't give that we could call "the great KEANE's thrill", it's a pretty and slight song for introducing the album or also for radios and it's pretty sure that most people will love this song, or the reluctant could be seducted by it with the time !!!.... We count with it to have fun in gigs... Lots of love from France.

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 1:24pm, 06 Aug 2008

when weeee faaaall in loooove, we're juuuuust faaaaalling in looooove with ourselves!! KISSSES :x

Posted by MIA-MIA at 12:50pm, 06 Aug 2008

@domi. yes I'm french. you can see it ...with my perfect english speaking...it's so amasing, isn't it? And you can't hear my spectacular accent...

Posted by ptitonnerre at 12:38pm, 06 Aug 2008

Wow, coming back from holiday finding this! What more can I wish! Thanks guys, you made my day again! :D

Posted by Lina at 12:35pm, 06 Aug 2008

Ragazzi... che forti emozioni mi ha fatto provare questa nuova canzone! Ha un sound talmente energico che ti colpisce subito al cuore, io me ne sono innamorata al primo ascolto, la voce di Tom è potente, limpida e chiara e l' arrangiamento strumentale è così coinvolgente che mi fa sognare! Grazie di cuore Tom, Richard e Tim per averci regalato questo straordinario singolo che a me ha fatto battere forte il cuore! Avete realizzato una musica originalissima che rispecchia pienamente la vostra voglia di sperimentare sempre nuove tecniche di suono e di suscitare tanto stupore nel vostro pubblico! Bene, vi posso assicurare che ci siete riusciti benissimo : questa canzone non passerà di certo inosservata e sono sicura che si piazzerà presto ai primi posti nelle charts di tutto il mondo, credetemi, il mio intuito mi suggerisce questo! Tantissimi saluti da Sabrina da Catania, I LOVE YOU!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:38am, 06 Aug 2008

@ ptittonnerre. don't worry about it. You weren't aggresive or anything. Ist schon Ok. I'm starting to dig the song actually =D. Are you French?

Posted by Domi at 10:32am, 06 Aug 2008

I have played this song several times now and still I'm not sure about it, especially the bridge! I was disappointed because Tom's voice sounds different but then, having said this, I didn't like UTIS to begin with but I soon became hooked. I will love Keane whatever they do and wherever they go, their music has helped me through some difficult times. Actually, just playing Spiralling again and my toes are tapping - yippppeeeeeeeee!

Posted by keanemaiden at 9:42am, 06 Aug 2008

@domi. I'm REALLY sorry if I looked agressive, it was not my intention. I'm a little bit nervous this week, so all my apologize...but still thinking that some comments were quite unfair:) This song sounds good with her retro style. Sounds like an old Bowie and makes me remember my french 80's, with Tom's voice as a free gift. Personally I'm not shocked and I don't think it's that far from what they used to do i the past and from who they are (and maybe it's closer). Anyway, that's FUN, don't take this too seriously. Love and kindness.

Posted by ptitonnerre at 8:57am, 06 Aug 2008

This album should win the Grammy! That should! Hopes & Fears nearly, Under The Iron Sea not at all! This should! This should! Perfect Symmetry should win Grammy for the Best Assorted Genred Album!(does it exist?) No probs! It should win in every way possible!

Posted by Sujash Islam at 8:21am, 06 Aug 2008

WOW the new song, "Spiralling", is awesome! Really really love it. Keane is the best band in the world EVER and I seriously need them to come back to Mexico, they rocked this city last time they were here! This album's gonna be totally perfect, I'm pretty sure. What else can you expect from them?! Love them completely!!!!

Posted by jpquibrera at 7:42am, 06 Aug 2008

You know, yesterday I wrote that I wasn't digging your new song, but I noticed today I've listened to it 5 times. It's a bit infectious, and while I still stand by my comment that it's synth-heavy in a very 'forced' way, it's growing on me. I'd like to hear you all talk about what inspired this new sound sometime, as it's -vastly- different from your earlier stuff. :)

Posted by shinkou at 7:01am, 06 Aug 2008

dobre ranko keanaci.je novy den 6 august 2008.o chvilu mi ide autobus,tak nemam moc casu.jaaaaj,uz sa neviem dockat vasho noveho albumu.tesim sa nan ,ako mala opica xixixixixi.prajem pekny den.

Posted by mita at 6:55am, 06 Aug 2008

I see a lot of people mentioning the speaking bridge, and just to voice another opinion, I have to say that I really dig that part! I realize several of you disagree, but I think it's great - especially love it when the drums really kick in during the "President" phrase, I think it's so cool! And Victor, you are right on, glad you posted.

Posted by Nico at 4:09am, 06 Aug 2008

Welcome To Thailand

Posted by kiki at 3:56am, 06 Aug 2008

Hi Keane! I write from Colombia and i wanna tell you that the new song is amazing! I can see how hard you have working on this new album to make it equal or better than the previous, you are definitely the most original band of these times and I love. Good Luck.

Posted by *Lau* at 3:48am, 06 Aug 2008

boys i'm just happy!! i love spiralling..is one of the best songs that i hear this year!!.. love it.. and i want more!!!... lot of kisses an yes... you ARE ROKING!!!... love you!!

Posted by **Lilito** at 3:26am, 06 Aug 2008

I have to say that some of these comments crack me up. Look, everyone is entitled to their opinion which is why there are forums. Some of us will like this obvious nod to the 80s and some of us will think it's not cool. But what makes me laugh a bit are the posts that are suggesting that Keane should just "remove the bridge" because they don't like it. There is absolutely no way that any artist is going to compromise their vision because some people suggested it on a bulletin board. With so many hundreds of hours that have gone into the arranging, mixing, and recording that goes into place -- it's already set in stone by the time you listen to it. It's already album ready. You have absolutely no input. So please, stop asking the impossible and just deal with the fact that Keane are artists, are pretty much are doing what they want at this point in their careers, and wrote a song that you may not love completely. Even as an unsigned artist, I wouldn't change a bridge because a few people on a board suggested it. LOL!! -Victor

Posted by vleon1012 at 3:22am, 06 Aug 2008

i heard the spiraling already.., yep it is kind of unique song that you guys had made..just like the others. i like the part when the back vocal said.."woohooo.." :) though this song very different with all the previous, it is still worth listening..

Posted by chillysijabat at 3:15am, 06 Aug 2008

And Kisses from Mexico!!!

Posted by roxy at 2:28am, 06 Aug 2008

i think the keane knew would shock fans haha ha i like i and i liked the new song ive listened thousands times! its surprising , exciting, nostalgic , provocative, its kinetic energy hehe i guess Tom really likes to make questions cause i still remember : " what do u think of?" in youtube

Posted by miss.anne at 2:24am, 06 Aug 2008

I've just heard the new song.... It's AMAZING, INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Sends me stright to the 80's and it makes me dance around my room. What a contagious sound!!!! and your voice Tom sounds Great. When you said that you were going to brake the rules...You MADE it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope hear more piano in the other songs!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS and all that made the album possible!!!!!! LOVE YOU.

Posted by roxy at 2:22am, 06 Aug 2008


Posted by EmmanueL -ARGENTINA- at 2:15am, 06 Aug 2008

So I've had a couple of days now to really listen to Spiralling - I loved it immediately and now even more so! I love the contrast of the really rather dark lyrics set against such bright, upbeat music - fantastic! And I have not yet given Keane a great big THANK YOU for providing this song in 256 rather than 128 - that was so, SO good of you! I know it doubled your server traffic at the worst possible time, so please know that we truly appreciate it, so much. Can't wait to see you on the road! :)

Posted by Nico at 1:56am, 06 Aug 2008

HEY! KEANE!!! estamos esperando con mucha energia el nuevo album, estamos contando los dias! Ustedes son lo mejor! Amamos su musica con el alma! Por favor, vuelvan pronto a Monterrey, Mexico.

Posted by Lupita at 1:11am, 06 Aug 2008

Hello KEANE! I'm so excited about the new cd! I became your fan on a hot summer night!!! It was in August 2007 when you came to Oporto, Portugal. After the concert I felt like your songs were perfect for that time in my life. You probably will never read this but I'm happy just to be able to be your fan and listen to your beautyfull music! Looking forward to listen the new song "Spiralling". Love and kisses from Olga in Portugal.

Posted by Olga at 1:05am, 06 Aug 2008

thanks for the new song.... i can't wait for 13th october

Posted by joel at 12:56am, 06 Aug 2008

Thanks x the new song!!! Spiralling is very diferent but i liked!! is a new style, music, energy, yeah!!! guys are so amazing!! I'll wait the new cd ^-^ KISSES FROM MEXICO CITY!!!

Posted by Marysol88 at 12:55am, 06 Aug 2008


Posted by jackie_mex at 12:43am, 06 Aug 2008

Hello Keane, I absolutely love your music!!!! I first heard of you guys when playing FIFA 07 (haha) and fell in love with the song "Nothing In My way". Since then I've bought both of your CD's and "recruited" tens of friends who are all now huge fans!!! I even bought a piano!! I have to say though, that this new song is totally different and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. The more I listen to it the more I like it, but it really feels a bit poppy and techno/dance. That is not to say I am not a supporter, but just stating my opinion. I miss the classic sounding piano very much (sunshine is a great example). I hope you didn't COMPLETELY do away with it!!! That's not to say that Perfect Symmetry will all sound like "Spiralling", and I'm sure that each song will have its own distinct feel. But it felt very "Pet Shop Boys" to me, I know you guys are fans of them, and maybe that's what your after... Don't mean to disappoint you guys!!! I will buy all of your CD's regardless and would LOVE to see you guys come around here (Boston, Mass). Can't wait for the new album, Cheers!

Posted by Ryan at 12:08am, 06 Aug 2008

\o/ \o/ \o/ KEANE \o/ \o/ \o/

Posted by Carlinha at 11:54pm, 05 Aug 2008

I've been trying to put some comments but the connection kept comming and going. Nice to know sth new. i'm really excited to hear the new album, the name makes me expect a lot from you but as always, you'll give more. Congratulations and want it to be october already!!

Posted by gracia at 11:43pm, 05 Aug 2008

Well, "Spiralling" is very different to what we were hearing so far, but I love the new sound....is refreshingly of 80 and Ilove the new window to write, jejeje.... Many congratulations, great job... MUCHOS BESOSSSSS!!! (a lot kisses, in english....)

Posted by pionia85 at 11:21pm, 05 Aug 2008

Can't stop listen "Spiralling", wonderfull song. Come to Brasil SOON ;D Beijinhos Mariabella

Posted by mariabella at 10:52pm, 05 Aug 2008

Esty sin palabras ante su nuevo sencillo muchachos creo que hicieron un exelente trabajo, el cambio es radical, sin embargo este cambio fue mas que bueno tengo que admitir que todoesta cambio me da una gran y positiva vibra se que las cosas saldran mas que bien en todo esto, y la prueba esta en SPIRALLING.... gracias. Un bes a todos y esperamos sabes pronto de ustedes.

Posted by Ana at 10:39pm, 05 Aug 2008

just listened to your interview wiv steve lamaque on radio6 was great to hear you are so keen (scuse the pun lol) about the new album, luv the new guitar influence its really different and i wish people would stop comparing u wiv others, No one could compare to the excellence that is KEANE, sorry if i sound so gut wrenchingly sad lmao, ...Can i just ask? what is it wiv all the exclamation marks from our friends over the ' iron' sea lol ?

Posted by loraine at 10:24pm, 05 Aug 2008

I'm spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrllinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg LOL ^_^, I LOVE ITTTTTT, i finally got it... great song...

Posted by MIA-MIA at 10:00pm, 05 Aug 2008

Spiralling is GREAT! congrats Keane! I love it!!! XD Please come to Portugal... I want to sing this song with you! It's different but still very good...

Posted by DianaAC at 9:41pm, 05 Aug 2008

I love ThE song Is awesome. Congrads guyss I love you ,I love YOU tomm. I heard tom on radio 1 with jo whiley I love your voice.Nice interview.. Lot love M.P

Posted by marthapico at 9:17pm, 05 Aug 2008

Ciao Tom, Richard & Tim, Just a short message to say that the new song is fantastic. I really love it so much! It's quite different from your "usual" sound; you had the courage of your inspirations and convictions and in my opinion the "experiment" has given more then excellent results. Thanks fo all the energy you share with this new sound. Tom's voice is O_O Oh my...... and new instruments Tim choose sound really amazing! Hope to meet you soon on the new board =) Thanks for everything! Lots of love Simona

Posted by sim163 at 9:07pm, 05 Aug 2008

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't belive! this is the best music! I really loved, I can't wait for another musics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEANE IS THE BEST!

Posted by sam:k at 8:54pm, 05 Aug 2008

hey guys! The new song sounds different, but amazing! It's very different from the two previous albums, but I guess this is exactly what you want, right? The lyrics are beautiful! Don't know how or why, but you always manage to write something extremely meaningfull to me. I can't wait for Perfect Symmetry. I Hope It won't take too long to be on stores here in Brazil. And for you guys to come back too. Kisses!

Posted by so.cris at 8:46pm, 05 Aug 2008


Posted by Jimena GDL, Mex at 8:39pm, 05 Aug 2008

What a surprize! The sound is much different, but I think it is growing on me. I can't get the beginning part out of my head. So that has to be a good sign, yes???

Posted by keanefan516 at 8:21pm, 05 Aug 2008

este taka malickost,nech ste vsetci v zivote stastny,nech sa vam dari,ale hlavne aby ste nikd nezistili ,ze zijete zivot,ktrory nechcete.STE SKVELY,DAKUJEM ZE VOBEC STE.

Posted by mita at 7:49pm, 05 Aug 2008

ake obdobie musi clovek prezivat,aby nieco taketo napisal a zahral a zaspieval a pocuval.nie som spokojna so svojim zivotam,uz asi mesiac citim,ze to nie je to co by som chcela.nikdy som nebola za anglicko,ale teraz ma tam nieco taha.je to strasne,ked zistite,ze zijete a vlastne ani nezijete.chodite do prace,ktora vas nebavi,ste tam cely den za nic v podstate.a prave piesen DEDICATION ma nuti zamyslat sa nad takymito vecami.

Posted by mita at 7:47pm, 05 Aug 2008

inak dufam chalani,ze si budem moct stiahnut na mp3 aj pesnicku DEDICATION,MAPS a THATS ALL.DEDICATION je skvela vec.perfektne zaspievana a zahrana.zimomriavky mam az za usami.

Posted by mita at 7:38pm, 05 Aug 2008

Well it's certainly different ! I love the lyrics and Tom's voice is great...........as always ! Drums are impressive ! Not so keen on the speaking part. Sounds a bit Frankie Goes To Hollywoodish. Roll on 13.10.08 !!

Posted by Liz H at 7:13pm, 05 Aug 2008


Posted by CLEAME at 7:02pm, 05 Aug 2008

caute caute.ako sa mame.ja som si dnes v robote strcila prst do ventilatoru.mozem len povedat,ze to bolo zaujimevave.nerobte.este sa ozvem.paaaaaa

Posted by mita at 7:02pm, 05 Aug 2008


Posted by mde at 7:00pm, 05 Aug 2008

I really loved the new song! "Spiralling" is sensacional! Congratulations, boys! And now we keep waiting for october 13th... Lots of love from Brasil! Kisses! Bye!

Posted by Juliana (Brasil) at 6:58pm, 05 Aug 2008


Posted by CLEAME at 6:57pm, 05 Aug 2008

i`m listening it yeaaaaa thanks!!!! bises nadia de argentina

Posted by 8bullet_proof8 at 6:53pm, 05 Aug 2008

Keane, The Best Band !!!! Thank you !

Posted by CLEAME at 6:46pm, 05 Aug 2008

Hello Keane !!!! I wait one day to have the happiness again of seeing Keane, here in Brazil, especially here in Amazon, where I live! I love a lot you Keane! Tom you are an Angel! Good night of the Brazilian fan, Cleame. ; -)

Posted by CLEAME at 6:40pm, 05 Aug 2008

Pure class as usual looking forward to the album i just no it will be fanatastic

Posted by suec at 6:40pm, 05 Aug 2008

I really love Spiralling.I hope Keane can make a new break in music Chinese fan

Posted by martin at 6:27pm, 05 Aug 2008

Other bands talk about "a new sound" and "experimentation" but, outside of Radiohead, it just doesn't ring true. Then I play Spiralling and I add Keane to that list. I loved the sound on UTIS so much but this will really grow on me and I can't wait for the album.

Posted by meltchett at 6:24pm, 05 Aug 2008

Thank you guys! Love you....

Posted by Cris at 5:55pm, 05 Aug 2008

yeah yeah!!! I love the song Spiralling...and I can´t wait until 13th of october...but I´m happy, my birthday is on 17th october :) you know what will be one of my presents! I´m fron spain!! kisses

Posted by natachaplin at 5:53pm, 05 Aug 2008

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW to the new song! And i absolutly love the beginning! And its like i kind of new that this song would be like this- happy and fun. Because its what i think you are now. In a happy state. And I guess this album will be more "fun" than the two other ones where you really sat down and figuredout your fear. So now its time for somfun. LOVED the song, LOVE this site and i LOVE you"

Posted by Mari(Norway) at 5:52pm, 05 Aug 2008

I downloaded your new music on this site, and I just LOVED it!!!! Your Cd, MUST be absolutelly divine!!! LOVE YOU, GUYS!!!

Posted by Nicky at 5:34pm, 05 Aug 2008

Hope you guys play a show in the DC area, if you do I hope to hear about it early enough so I can go see it, Perfect Symmetry will be one hell of an album

Posted by cbobama08 at 5:26pm, 05 Aug 2008

This is so amazing and I'm so excited!! Looking so forward to hearing the new album...excellent name in the first place...Hugs from Argentina, South America misses you!!! Tom, Tim, Richard, you are genious! Love you, bye!

Posted by .: Jime :. at 5:20pm, 05 Aug 2008

hmmm.. I am not sure how to call this kind of music... dance techno, sounds like a live version of pop or dance song.? I didn't liked the song, Keane is a rock band, this song is very much not, I think synths should be on the background or in parts of songs, but not to build the entire song. Please forgive me!)

Posted by tarelendil at 5:10pm, 05 Aug 2008

a this new song is PERFECTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I can´t stop listing to it!! I´ts so good!!

Posted by LucesKeane at 5:02pm, 05 Aug 2008

jajaja q bien ps pero lo weno esque la stamos disfrutando y es una cancion pegajosa e increible a vr qien consigue primero el disco xp jejeje salu2 t Keane Fan even dead :D

Posted by AnGeeLiiToO at 4:58pm, 05 Aug 2008

helllo aannggeelliiittoo jajaja lo que tienes que hecer es primero firmar en la pagina y despues volver a home y clikear en download !!! va es lo que yo hice entonce recibis el msj en hotmail o cassilla tuya y te metes devuelta en el msj que te enviaron pero ahora que ya firmaste en el archive la vas a poder descargar un saludo eso es lo que hice y salio por que lo lei en el msj que dice lo puedes descargar depues de haber firmado o algo asi lo lei por ahi :D bye

Posted by sebsarg :) at 4:46pm, 05 Aug 2008

by the way the song Spiralling is AAAAAAAAAAAWEEEEEESOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEE!!!! i really meant it i can't stop listening :O i wonder when i'll have the entire album :O :D haha Greetings from Guatemala :) your song is going to the radio in a few days here wuhuuuuu i will gonna ask for it all day xD Tom,Tim & Richard you ROCK THE WORLD ....and Guatemala to :D

Posted by AnGeeLiiToO at 4:41pm, 05 Aug 2008

holaaaa devuelta jejeje lo pude escuchar que bueno que esta :D jajaja me encanta sebassssss desde argentina los quiero muchachos bye!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by sebsarg :) at 4:41pm, 05 Aug 2008

@domi. That's your taste. Nobody can say that a song is better or not than an other. That's different for each person. I just wanted to say that you can like or dislike a song, it's not the problem. It's just the way to say this. It's not because you don't like something that it's bad or that you need to be hardly critical with this.

Posted by ptitonnerre at 4:39pm, 05 Aug 2008

OolaA! sebsarg :) yo tampoco la pude bajar hahaha :D supongo que es porq ay que tener el quicktime PRO para poder bajarla :( aunq yo la tengo gracias a un amigo :) la puedes oir en Youtube ayi sta tambn hehehe salu2

Posted by AnGeeLiiToO at 4:37pm, 05 Aug 2008

holaaaaaaa no se por que no puedo bajarla noooooooo!:(

Posted by sebsarg :) at 3:59pm, 05 Aug 2008

absolutely amazing. loving keane even more. can´t wait for the third album to come out in Brazil and please, you guys come back here for more concerts in Rio. i know you liked the city :)

Posted by lucas22 at 3:51pm, 05 Aug 2008

Eu adorei!!!! É diferente sim!!! Já perdi a conta de quantas vezes já ouvi. I love you!!

Posted by valeria.sobral at 3:38pm, 05 Aug 2008

just one little message to Nico from Belgium..you imagine this song at FOREST NATIONAL......HOT HOT HOT

Posted by taratata at 3:26pm, 05 Aug 2008

I'M STILL TRYING TO GET USED TO THE SONG,I'm still shoked like I said before, but...don't like the SPEAKING part...did you wanna be a winner???? WHAT'S THAT!!!! anyways I LOVE YOU GUYS

Posted by MIA-MIA at 3:18pm, 05 Aug 2008

that s what i like.......i don t know if i should laugh,cry or applause....so.....i m going to wait and see...and stay zen.

Posted by taratata at 3:17pm, 05 Aug 2008

@ptitonnerre: you don't have to feel offended by people who are being critical. There's no doubt about the greatness of the band, but they've made better songs than this one; that's all that's been said.

Posted by Domi at 3:13pm, 05 Aug 2008

Very good, excellente news, thanks for download, alexandre, brazil

Posted by alexandrelacau at 3:12pm, 05 Aug 2008

i like the song till 2mins 10 secs from beginning

Posted by FidanroQ at 3:10pm, 05 Aug 2008

Hola chicos: Escuche Spiralling (muchas gracias por la descarga gratuita), me parece fantastica una buena variacion y renovacion de la banda, retro y genial!. la meti en mi ipod y no puedo dejar de escucharla :D. espero con ansias el nuevo disco. Tom I love you!!! Keane: Los amo!!!!, gracias por hacer la mejor musica del mundo!!!!! Besos y Abrasos desde Peru :D!

Posted by pillie at 2:26pm, 05 Aug 2008

Hola chicos: Escuché Spiralling (muchas gracias por la descarga gratuita), me pareció fantastica una buena variación y renovación de la banda, retro y genial!. la meti en mi ipod y no puedo dejar de escucharla :D. espero con ansias el nuevo disco. Tom I love you!!! Keane: Los amo!!!!, gracias por hacer la mejor música del mundo!!!!! Besos y Abrasos desde Perú :D!

Posted by pillie at 2:25pm, 05 Aug 2008

I'm really surprised by some comments. I think they're really rude with your song and I don't understand why. That's a great song like I've already said. Keep going guys. People don't like changes and differences. I'm sure they will change their mind with time and they will learn to appreciate your work. Grosse bise.

Posted by ptitonnerre at 2:24pm, 05 Aug 2008

You know, mostly people need some time to get used to something new and maybe that can be an explanation as to why the opinions aren't overall positive. Problem is: this new single is just so different, there's no Keane element I can relate to (except for Tom's voice) and that scares the hell out of me. I must say, I did get a bit scared with all the instruments and synths you tried and bought. It's not bad, but it's not good enough to please me... yet. I'm curious about the album.

Posted by Domi at 2:21pm, 05 Aug 2008

Cannot wait for the Album!!

Posted by jonno at 2:04pm, 05 Aug 2008

I've listened to the new song a few times now... I kind of like the verses, but not much for the chorus and I hate the speaking bridge. It just sounds silly, and annoying. And the 'ohhhs'... makes it sound like a novelty song... the song is certainly growing on me though, I guess it has to as I didn't really like it at first! It's probably because I hate 80's music... often generic lyrics and annoying synth sounds. Not sure why you guys like it so much. Still I'm hoping the album will sound like a Keane album overall. Some ambitious piano playing would be very nice!

Posted by Scorched at 2:00pm, 05 Aug 2008

Guys, drop the bridge (did you want to be famous)...it sounds like a Madonna song. I must say the song caught me be surprise....not in good way. The song could work, but that bridge just brings the song down to an immature level. I love all your stuff, but I have to be honest on this one and not be just a blind follower....if it was on either of the last two albums, it would be my least played song.

Posted by TennesseeJed at 1:48pm, 05 Aug 2008

«Spiralling» is a really good song!

Posted by missdiana at 1:47pm, 05 Aug 2008

SO HAPPY! SO HAPPY! SO TOTALLY HAPPY! I’ve been spiralling around all day long. I believe when artists are working they minimize some of the sadness, injustice, violence, corruption, desolation by creating this magical vortex of beauty and energy and love and effort and completeness! I suppose that's our purpose. Visiting the darkness over and over and over bringing a reborn divine spark back to share with this crazy, crazy world of ours. Cos when listening to you we improve and laugh out loud and learn and dance and release hidden tears that we share with your verses only, we are finally able to recognize ourselves surrounded by mirrors made of rhythm, melody and harmony that you create. And sometimes we like what we see, sometimes… tuff! When we fall in love we're just falling in love with ourselves! Oh, new album, can’t wait! Tons of love! By the way, Tim, have you seen “The Corporation�? Brilliant documentary! Second thought… of course you HAVE! Anyway, cheers, Érika.

Posted by Erika B at 1:33pm, 05 Aug 2008

I hope that you guys don't be smokers.

Posted by Saveren (Brasil) at 1:15pm, 05 Aug 2008

:D i cant wait, the single is amazing, im addicted :D

Posted by Sarah at 12:54pm, 05 Aug 2008

i cannot wait for the album i love keane

Posted by follow71 at 12:43pm, 05 Aug 2008

Count me in. This song grows on you. Love it! I know what I'm waiting for...

Posted by rowella at 12:42pm, 05 Aug 2008

i seen keane in concert march 2007 in glasgow best band dive seen live,i cant wait till their next tour new song great

Posted by follow71 at 12:37pm, 05 Aug 2008

As usual Keane doesn't give us the best song of their album at first. I didn't know that it was the "come back" of the 80's. At the end of the song, "Dj Keane" is not a good idea but I still believe that the others songs will be nice ( as usual).

Posted by marinou at 12:31pm, 05 Aug 2008

I just downloaded the mp3 and first few notes i wasnt sure, but by the end i was tapping me feet and singing along to the chorus, i especially love the 'OOoOoh' bit lol. So great to hear a new Keane song. I will put it on me MP3 player and be listeneing to it while im watching my sons play cricket in Ansty this week in the bands home county of good old Sussex ...Cant wait for the album you've done it again another Keane success.

Posted by loraine at 11:53am, 05 Aug 2008

are we compromising? i like the new song but not as much as any of your previous albums...

Posted by FidanroQ at 11:46am, 05 Aug 2008

ole,ole, my feet can't stop to dance. i love lyric and music. remenber me 80's.

Posted by amada at 10:48am, 05 Aug 2008

Hey! I listed to the spiralling song and... well, in generally is a good song, but... some part I didn't like at all... the whoo in the begining and along the song... the part with "you wanna be president, famous... is uglly. take this out and is a greath song, good sound. to be onest I was expecting more rock sound and not disco, but... still love keane :D

Posted by gina d at 10:42am, 05 Aug 2008

An other ABSOLUTELY GREAT SONG from you. Merci beaucoup Messieurs. You're a ray of light in dark days, like always. Tout plein d'amour à tous.

Posted by ptitonnerre at 10:35am, 05 Aug 2008

WOW!!! I really like spiralling! when I heard it the first time i thought that bono and david bowie made a new song... I like this great new sound! keep up the good work Guys greetz from the Netherlands

Posted by drummer15 at 10:29am, 05 Aug 2008

I never realised you guys liked ABC. I'm well impressed.

Posted by Suze at 10:29am, 05 Aug 2008

Great track, great eighties sound to it. Can't wait for the album and hopefully a uk tour with it?

Posted by Percy Pigs at 10:11am, 05 Aug 2008

Have just downloaded and listened to Spiralling!!! Have to say initially I didn't like the "Wooah" bit in the background as it reminds me of silly kids or party songs. But the song itself is great and the Wooah bit helps.!!!I love the way you manage to marry lyrics to the rythm. Am not crazy about the "do u want to be President " bits etc. sounds too much like Big mouth Bono, and you are far and above better than Bono!!!!! Saw you play in dublin last year and it was truly amazing!!!!! looking forward to new album and hopefully new visit to these shores.

Posted by Lvbrs at 10:10am, 05 Aug 2008

Keane, I love you guys, I really do. But so far, I'm not digging Spiralling. I think what turns me off most is that I'm hearing a sound that sounds very forced out by synthesizers (particularly, the strained, slightly distorted line in the chorus that sounds like a sitar and a trumpet had a baby). I'm all for moving in new directions with music and trying new things, but overusing a synthesizer doesn't instantly equal musical genius. Then again, it may be me; "Is It Any Wonder?" was the single off of UtIS, and wasn't my favorite song by a long shot, though I still loved the album. Guess I'll be waiting till October 13th!

Posted by shinkou at 10:08am, 05 Aug 2008

I know you guys are probably sat reading these reviews somewhere in this world..try not to be too dissapointed with the feedback that not so positive..as at the end of the day any feedback is good feedback right.....but personally I think this song is spot on.. I like that you are moving in a new direction with your sound . I am really looking fwd to hearing the album and of course seeing your perform the new songs soon.. Well done X

Posted by Germaine at 9:59am, 05 Aug 2008

loving the new sound... good to see a band in this day and age being experimental and willing to push boundaries.. keep up the ggod work and can;t wait till the new album.. JZA

Posted by JZA at 9:55am, 05 Aug 2008

Hello Keane, Sorry, but I was disappointing of your new Song Spiralling. Tom your voice is wonderful, but your voice show to advantage in this song. But the song is bullish too!!! Who is the old bewitching style?:-( It is new and I be glad of the other new songs in your nex album. I hope we see you in Germany, Kisses

Posted by Anne at 9:50am, 05 Aug 2008

Spiralling is perfect... feels like Genesis. Cheers from the States; see you in Seattle!

Posted by BrandenElvis at 9:24am, 05 Aug 2008

Hello guys! I love "Spiralling" but I was surprised at first. I Love your new style: more optimistic but i'm afraid that "Perfect simmetry" loose the original keane sound... Anyway, I can't wait to hear the whole record and see you in Belgium ;) Love you guys ;)

Posted by mary0901 at 9:22am, 05 Aug 2008

Spiralling disappointed me a bit. But lovely voice from Tom!

Posted by Sujash Islam at 9:12am, 05 Aug 2008

I love Spiralling, Chris Moyles has just played it and said it was 'nice' which is praise I think! Well done can't wait to hear it on tour. Brilliant Julie

Posted by swains at 9:08am, 05 Aug 2008

you guys..really2 make me wondering about this new single..

Posted by chillysijabat at 8:17am, 05 Aug 2008

I LOVE THE NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!! I never wanted to be president, but I did want to fall in love with KEANE!!!!! My dream came true. aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by tomtimrich at 8:15am, 05 Aug 2008

Hi! Today I've been listening spiralling the whole day, and I'm still a little bit confuse, its not a bad song, but is totally different to any other song of you. Maybe is just a question of time until I get use to this new style, but I don't like it very much.I think that try new things and grow up its something good, but I dont wanna lose the old KEANE!! Maybe you'll never read this, but I'd like you to know that Your music is the soundtrack of my life, thank you for giving me a lot of happy memories!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Oh! and please, please come back to Buenos Aires!!!!

Posted by InRainbows at 8:01am, 05 Aug 2008

ups..little mistake, it should be "and DON'T forget to put Indonesia in your next promo concert country list :D"

Posted by chillysijabat at 7:55am, 05 Aug 2008

hi every one, i just recently joint this community :) we all in Indonesia (especially me) are expecting you guys come and have your concert here. i even said to all my pals, the only one band that i'm desiring to see their concert is KEANE ;)..absolutelyyyy.. welll...maybe it is enough for me to enjoy your albums for now. i have't heard your new single Spiraling yet.., now i'm in process to loading it up for my iPod..can't hardly waiiittt!!!! i know you guys will make another great album with your tremendous songs :) and forget to put Indonesia in your promo concert country list :D

Posted by chillysijabat at 7:53am, 05 Aug 2008

After all this mayhem I am glad the site is OK though I miss the old cozyness. About "Spiralling" - I totally agree with Miss Anne. The music of the 80s is not new to me - I was alive and kicking at that time. It will take me some time to get used to this side of Keane. I am willing to try, but I´m not sure about the result of my efforts.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:27am, 05 Aug 2008

I've never been so excited for an album release in my life! i heard the news and i just screamed because i was so happy. i've been waiting forever for a new album and tour.. and i know this is gonna be amazing!!! good luck with everything, guys!

Posted by LeavingSoSoon? at 7:11am, 05 Aug 2008

wow esta zuperdenzaalacancion zepazaron....ia eztoidesesperadoporelcd

Posted by zerek at 7:03am, 05 Aug 2008

dobre ranko keanaci.objavila som bohovsku pesnicku.samozrejme ze vasu.vola sa dedication.este nikdy mi tak pri nicom nestali chlpi.zimomriavky som mala po celom tele.je skvela,som z nej totalne unesena.

Posted by mita at 6:57am, 05 Aug 2008

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