Richard photoblog 2

02 Feb 2010

London / Tuesday / 2138

K'Naan is in town, as you can see, and we recorded a couple of acoustic sessions with him today. I took some pics... details of when they will be online will be on km.com, so keep an eye out. in the meantime, here you go.

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Posted by krim at 4:26am, 20 Jun 2010

hi tom I stefy of San Luis Argentina photos are beautiful and you look happy and Pierre do not know how lucky and I am happy for the boys cuidate greetings

Posted by stefy at 1:05am, 15 Jun 2010

Viva keane¡¡¡

Posted by lujan at 2:50am, 18 May 2010

Richard, guys, thank you for sharing this. It looks like you are having fun and that there is a very warm atmosphere. Good vibes. Great to see you in shape! But where are you, Richard (papa, paparazzi! Sorry I needed to say that, don't get angry, please ;) Gosh, I feel envy ... you are so lucky to have a job (lifestyle, passion ...) you enjoy that much! Love all of them, but the 2 last pics are such a good end! The microphone one, is it an invitation? Huhuhuhu :P

Posted by Just_Elisabeth at 11:53pm, 14 Apr 2010

nice pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!! ;-D

Posted by jas_mae26@yahoo.com at 10:57am, 29 Mar 2010

Querido Richard,gracias por tener tu blog,asi me siento mas cerca de uds,las fotos como siempre preciosas,me gustaria saber si alguna vez vas a exponer tu trabajo???,seria genial.me gustaria tener alguna de tus fotos aca en Chile.Besos....

Posted by chile at 3:49am, 24 Mar 2010

tom y su espiritu de niño

Posted by evy at 9:37pm, 21 Mar 2010

i liked this photos really is soo``HIGH QUALITY´´ i saw the show and i liked ``stop for a minute´´ Tom your voice make sence in every kind of songs, k´naan ok you convince me, Richard thanks for these photos you are a great SELET PHOTO, Tim you are the best. an little menssage Richard and Tim take care of tom in this time he need you guys... A KISS FROM ANGOLA!!!!!!

Posted by soukeane at 3:37pm, 19 Mar 2010

Chicos saludos desde Costa Rica!!!! Estan preciosos los tres!!! Los AMO!!! Espero que vengan pronto por acá, se les espera con muchisimas ganas!!!

Posted by fabirod at 8:16pm, 04 Mar 2010

Toujours des superbes photos!! TIM♥ Merci Richard!!

Posted by Miharu at 7:42pm, 03 Mar 2010

I love to see you so together, working and cheerful. Keane love you! Duda - Rio de Janeiro

Posted by duda at 11:40am, 28 Feb 2010

KE bonitas fotos suban mas I LOVE YOU GUYS

Posted by debanhny at 8:41pm, 19 Feb 2010

Jesus!! With that haircut now you REEALLLYYY look like a kid, Tom! Looking forward to hear your new songs, guys =) Best wishes*

Posted by anavferreira at 8:22pm, 19 Feb 2010

¡LINDOS PRECIOSOS! ¡Están cada día más guapos!... Saludos desde Chile... Daniela.

Posted by Almond blossom at 3:03pm, 16 Feb 2010

me encanta como se ven, cada vez mejor........no puedo esperarar para conocer todas las cosas nuevas que tienen para todos sus fans

Posted by liriobsb at 7:00pm, 14 Feb 2010

oh I love your hair Tim!!!! and Tom oh that's short!!!! :O comparing it to the old Hopes and Fears days :) it looks wonderful always lol :)

Posted by Jazy at 2:08am, 14 Feb 2010

Tsssssssssssssssssssss... Tim.... Tim... Jesse!! Jesse!

Posted by Aline Chaplin at 2:38am, 11 Feb 2010

chikssssss, que felicidad... hace muchoooo que no los veía xd... estan hermosoooosss, me encanta que Tim se alla dejado los rulitos jajaja y Tom xd que puedo decir de él, hermoso como siempre jajajaja... Bs As

Posted by yesica at 7:18pm, 10 Feb 2010

@ Frankie : you are right about contacting the person when a mod delete a comment, I usually follow that step. I'm sorry I haven't said anything this time ! Editing a comment is a good alternative except it isn't always possible. For your comment, to me, there was no point in editing it only. The complaints I get are through emails and anonymous, when I or any other mod look into the case and judge it indeed offensive the message gets deleted. Also, Frankie, if I barely contact you when I have to delete some comment you left, it's mostly because I'm pretty sure you're aware of the things you say on here. Good and bad. I know you play a lot with words and enjoy being a bad boy, that's why I don't see the need in contacting you. But, let this be a lesson for me next time I'll warn you. ;)

Posted by Vic! at 9:10pm, 09 Feb 2010


Posted by Marília at 6:46pm, 09 Feb 2010

@ Gudrun : I can't see anything offensive in their comments, that's why they're still on here. ;) So let me rephrase it, if anyone has complaints about an offensive comment, let me know. =)

Posted by Vic! at 4:53pm, 09 Feb 2010

OK, Frankie, you can tell this story to bury the hatchet, but don´t do it as if you had been present, cause I was the one you quoted. - Vic, if it´s complaints that get people´s posts deleted, I have complained about Denislavia and A.B., as they are getting on everybody´s nerves. And what happened - nothing! We have to endure those ramblings and love sick sereades whenever we read the blog.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 4:00pm, 09 Feb 2010

estan muy buenas las fotitos ahh..

Posted by limbramos at 3:36pm, 09 Feb 2010

@ Frankie : That's very nice of you to say ! I really appreciate ! Though I still stay on my position and think your message was inappropriate, I got several complaints that's why it has been removed. ;) Now if you or anyone else has problems with a comment feel free to contact me. =) Now I'd like to add, the mods I know are all doing a very good job ! I'm absolutely not better than them, let's be honest on that ! ;)

Posted by Vic! at 3:22pm, 09 Feb 2010

Great, Frankie is burying the hatchet. Happy New Year.

Posted by Miss Teake at 9:30pm, 08 Feb 2010

Generally speaking, I know that Gudrun will agree that what freedom of speech means for civilized society should not be messed up with the will for destructive anarchy expressed by some uncivilized individuals ( I'm not talking about Frankie). So, freedom of speech -YES, abuse - NO. That's how it is. That's how it should be. Enjoy the New Year's Message of today and have fun! Pozzies for all.

Posted by Miss Teake at 5:42pm, 08 Feb 2010

I'm really getting tired of this censor discussion, that does not exist on KM.com btw. Yes we do remove comments, but only those who are inappropriate. What's inappropriate ? : insults/attacks against anyone (band, fan, etc ...) ; jokes of very bad taste, which hurt people's feeling. I'm sorry but making fun of people with cancer who have to go through chemo, to me, is not funny ! Any comment that's judged inappropriate is removed. I find it very annoying the only ones complaining are those who know very well why their comments have been removed. If you read all the blogs, you would actually see a lot of comments with criticism against KM.com/Keane. Now if we really censored everything as you guys claim, would we really leave those critics ? Think about it ...

Posted by Vic! at 1:51pm, 08 Feb 2010

Richard, I like your photos Hello from Kazakhstan!!!

Posted by ai_di at 7:40am, 08 Feb 2010

So let´s have some fun anyway: There once was a joker so fair/ who had got a lot of breast hair/ he promised to wax it/ and send us a nice vid/ but seems now he longer care.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:34am, 08 Feb 2010

Even if Guggenheim said he(she) won´t check this website for quite a long time I feel the need to say he ( I somehow can´t help picturing him male) is not alone in this. I agree with many of the points he has made. Frankie the Joker does not seem to care, but many fans have been silenced by an over-zealous attitude, especially on the forum, but also here on the blog. Offers to talk about this seems to make no sense ( sorry, Vic), as the self appointed Keane thought police will not move as much as one inch and even think about that something might have gone in a pretty wrong direction.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:32am, 08 Feb 2010


Posted by keanez girl at 5:28am, 08 Feb 2010

Sorry, I meant: as I WON'T check the website.

Posted by Guggenheim at 8:30am, 07 Feb 2010

@ Frankie @ Vic : I was once a huge Keane fan. As you might guess, as I'm using past, it's over. I'm checking sporadically what's happening in the world of these guys. Why once? First of all I was annoyed, as some of my ironically meant comments were deleted. And yes, you feel quite "censored" and your freedom of speech. What's the matter - trivialised spoken - most Keane fans are overcautious about what they are saying? And why do the comments need to be "ideal world"-like? Just because Keane could read it? And if, they don't care anyway, as they live a life far from fans. You merely ensure their income. I realised that Muse fans for instance are far more easy going and funny. You can convince yourself by visiting their twitpic website and by checking the fanmade clips on YouTube. And the best about it, you aren't confronted with advertisment, advertisment and let's see, erm, advertisment. Apart from that I got to know Keane right in the beginning. They got so ridiculous poshy that my interest nearly faded. And: please don't answer me, as I want check the website for ages.

Posted by Guggenheim at 8:29am, 07 Feb 2010

Love the pic of Tom jumping in the air...a natural!!! x

Posted by KEANESPINKSTAR at 4:08pm, 06 Feb 2010

NICE PHOTOS!!!..me mato como lo llamo east coast, usa a rich..RICARDO...:):):):)...kisses from Argentina.

Posted by ladyofsorrows-9 at 11:39pm, 05 Feb 2010

Marta, But Rocinate was skinny, emaciated horse. And donkey is a very precious animal, there were the most beautiful women that rode them/ Gina Lollobridgida in the Bread, Love and Dreams e.g./In ancient Egypt donkey was venerated and in the ancient Rome it was a symbol of the fertility. The drawn hieroglyph of donkey in oneś arm protect them in the old Egypt against bad destiny..... Miss Teake I don´t think, Dulcinea is from km.

Posted by Denislavia at 5:15pm, 05 Feb 2010

Thanks for the pictures, Rich. @ Marta - Pienso que Dulcinea es el km. Funny but true.

Posted by Miss Teake at 3:01pm, 05 Feb 2010

@Gudrun, no doubt you´re a very refined person, BUT on my Don Quijote de la Mancha, the tall, thin, fancy-struck, and idealistic Quixote rides a horse called Rocinante, NOT a donkey, (ride by Sancho Panza). So I guess, we have Don Quixote, Rocinante, Sancho Panza to break this boredoom and ....where´s Dulcinea? What a quixotic world.

Posted by Marta at 8:31am, 05 Feb 2010


Posted by Deb at 3:56am, 05 Feb 2010

hi! keane are great I admire a lot K'naan I love me's World Cup song I love them all RICH ARE THE PICTURES Very nice, great, fabulous, I admire you! VIVA KEANE ARE FANTASTIC! LOS KIERO MUCHO mary_272_@hotmail.com viva KEANE From Argentina

Posted by mari_cris_1995 at 1:59am, 05 Feb 2010

Lo unico que digo es que ese EP va a ser lo mjr!! de eso estoy segura!!..

Posted by eve-keane at 1:27am, 05 Feb 2010

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhiii mi TOM q lindo como 100pre!!! Emm altas entradas /en la cabeza!/ .(pobrecito). Ahiii lo AMOOOO ..I LOVE YOUU!! (jajaa!). = 100pre es precioso.. Bue besooosss!!

Posted by eve-keane at 1:25am, 05 Feb 2010


Posted by REDBURNINGHEART at 10:16pm, 04 Feb 2010

que hermosas fotos! L)

Posted by topiita at 9:03pm, 04 Feb 2010

I read my Cervantes, dear Marta.Don Qixote is a tragic figure. He was riding on a donkey, fighting against windmills, and here is someone rinding on words through the internet and this blog, fighting against boredom.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:28pm, 04 Feb 2010

cooool!!! :)

Posted by Winter at 6:59pm, 04 Feb 2010

Hope to be there soon!!!!! Thanks for these marvellous pics!! I was missing those!! My regards to all of you! All my love from Saenz Peña, ARGENTINA!

Posted by gabita at 5:31pm, 04 Feb 2010

SORRY I meant YOUR HAIR ... JAJAJA!!! Everyone looks BEAUTIFUL

Posted by paula*arg at 3:08pm, 04 Feb 2010


Posted by paula*arg at 2:56pm, 04 Feb 2010

Hiya, Left Coast! Thanks for the feedback. Yes...it's the Wacky World 'o Keane Commentary........

Posted by anya at 1:59pm, 04 Feb 2010

LEFT Coast: fossilization, starchy, an unearthly light, not only cens. but also big brother !!!! STRANGELY ENOUGH Bye, bye,......

Posted by Denislavia at 1:48pm, 04 Feb 2010

@ Frankie : If you want to discuss this further please be kind not spam this blog and send me an email. That'd be nice. Thanks ! ;) Now lets be clear, KM.com does not censor. Constructive criticism is always left on the blogs, the only thing not permitted are offensive comments or inappropriate jokes. So yes those are removed ! If anyone has a question or wants to discuss this please send me an email through Keane's Messageboard.

Posted by Vic! at 1:27pm, 04 Feb 2010

@Marta: Haha, i totally agree :D !

Posted by emmia at 1:23pm, 04 Feb 2010

Sorry , finally I’ll say, regarding Tom’s look, that all his lost hair is now on Tim’s head, so better ask him how they exchanged this valued jewel … ;-)

Posted by Marta at 12:38pm, 04 Feb 2010

Reading astonished this circle, I feel obligated to say, some use the concept censorship in a very frivolous way. Probably this is because they don’t know the exact dimension of this term or simply because they want to win the award at the most notorious character in this blog. As I’m loyal to one friend of mine, I´ll say some jokes set out here are tasteless (chemo thing) and offensive. I cannot understand where the fun is. The mods have a role and they do it the best way they can. They take it seriously. Some may agitate the mass, and some parts of the mass hungry of attention will applause. FRANKIE, we all know you love genuinely many people, in the same way some boardies here love Tom Chaplin. GUDRUN Don Quixote was a mad man riding a horse along the fields of Castilla.

Posted by Marta at 12:34pm, 04 Feb 2010

Everyone looks good and hopefully will sound good. Thanks, Ricardo, for the photos.

Posted by East Coast, USA at 11:53am, 04 Feb 2010

Wow, so even our devoted A.B. are displeased by Tom´s new haircut? - Oh Frankie, what a sacrifice! Eagerly awaiting your photoblog. Long live (self-) irony, the sharpest weapon against self righteousness and boredom! Cheers!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:16am, 04 Feb 2010

Frankie - it's a deal! But we should discuss Felix Hernandez AND 2008 Cy Young winner Cliff Lee. The Mariners traded with the Phillies (& the A's & the Bluejays) for him in the off season. The Giants still have two time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum. His little legal problem shouldn't slow him down.

Posted by Left Coast at 6:52am, 04 Feb 2010

Frankie - so you will be "baby smooth" soon. Are you channeling Alex Rodriguez again? Ahh, just a few more weeks until the greatest words in the English language are spoken: "Pitchers and catchers report."

Posted by Left Coast at 5:37am, 04 Feb 2010

Frankie - I take it you are channeling Mel Gibson in "Braveheart" now. FREEDOM.....FREEDOM..... LOL. Anya, yes, this is a some comedy routine. Frankie is the comic and we are just his straight men (or women.)

Posted by Left Coast at 5:29am, 04 Feb 2010

I read the news of his new ED so I'm happy! needed to hear something new as congratulations! greetings! Yas ♥

Posted by yasmix at 3:48am, 04 Feb 2010

Are you sure this isn't some sort of comedy routine you're rehearsing here?! heeheehee.....Have some More Fun! Looks like you got a head start already!......

Posted by anya at 3:33am, 04 Feb 2010

Frankie - I hope you take pictures of tonight's event and post them as as a PhotoBlog (a' la R. Hughes.) BTW, just what "product" are you using? I'm really interested, to say the least.

Posted by Golf Course at 3:27am, 04 Feb 2010

thanks for the updated pics! makes me want to hang out with all of you right now!

Posted by littlecherryolive at 12:06am, 04 Feb 2010

Frankie, what you´d like talking of? I think I know what is definitely answer. Surely it isn´t a serious political theme- e.g. a poultry-raising inside or outside. Btw what is this "male enhancement product"? I like very much extremely shocking fragrance from Walt Disney ..... And don´t worry about selling of Keane rocords, I like W.Allen´s humour " If my films don´t show a profit, I know I´m doing something right." " If there is reincarnation, I´d like to come back as Tom because I want to be so stunningly adorable by almost whole World, and by A.B. too....... I send you sweet aroma of my rose toilet eau .....:) and " Love opens the door and Courage assists us to walk through" , have great dreams, .....

Posted by Denislavia at 11:46pm, 03 Feb 2010

Thank you Rich for this great photoblog! I missed your pics! Welcome back guys! Nice to see you all again! :))

Posted by Silke (Germany) at 10:36pm, 03 Feb 2010

Dear Rich, thank you very very much for posting these marvelous pics. I loved to see Tim and his curly black hair, Tom embraces Jesse warmly and K'naan, this talented musician working with you. I think that you missed one photo...yours. Take care, Regina do Brasil.

Posted by Regina Brz at 10:34pm, 03 Feb 2010

Simply amazing photos, as usual. I'm so glad to see everyone cheerful and smiling. Thanks very very much for the photos, Richard:)) Lots of love from Moshie xxx

Posted by Keaniemoshie at 9:56pm, 03 Feb 2010

@ Franki: How amusing. X)

Posted by miss at 9:51pm, 03 Feb 2010

Forgot to say have tickets for kent gig in June cant wait saw the boys in Bouremouth last year amazing

Posted by alaskacruise at 9:39pm, 03 Feb 2010

So glad you are back again missed you - tom - glad to see you are as random as ever love you keane 53 year old lol

Posted by alaskacruise at 9:38pm, 03 Feb 2010


Posted by A.B at 9:22pm, 03 Feb 2010

Hurray, welcome back Richard, we've really missed you!! great pics. Tim, your hair is so lovely - please keep it like that! Love you guys so very much XXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by jo-anna at 9:12pm, 03 Feb 2010

Bwahahaha!! Who knew a haircut could cause this much of a stir?

Posted by jennashaped at 9:01pm, 03 Feb 2010

God, Tim! Those curls! They're wonderful! Why was there a time when you didn't have those? That should be illegal, with this hair! Man, your hair is beautiful! I must say it reminds me of Bruce Springsteen in his younger years! In his "The River"-time!

Posted by anjelalkens at 8:31pm, 03 Feb 2010

And I have always had a soft spot for Don Qixote, aka Frankie...

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:29pm, 03 Feb 2010

Great pics. Getting more and more anxious about the EP!!! Never let us wait so long ever again!!!:P

Posted by Eline at 8:14pm, 03 Feb 2010

@ Frankie: You are absolutely right!!!

Posted by 22ivj04 at 8:13pm, 03 Feb 2010

Hey Richard!!! Thank you for the lovely pictures, it looks as if you had a great time!!! Stay the way you are♥ and have the time of your lives (:

Posted by Julia B. at 8:04pm, 03 Feb 2010

SWEET! Looks like good fun was had. Can't wait for the new EP!

Posted by bacchus02129 at 7:33pm, 03 Feb 2010

@ Frankie : Nope, but it will sure prevent people to be offended by it. ;)

Posted by Vic! at 6:57pm, 03 Feb 2010

Yay... happy band = good music! Tommy - where'd your lovely hair go?

Posted by EmilyMackett at 6:43pm, 03 Feb 2010

the photos are great, I ´m really looking bforward to the new CD... the last photo is great, I´d love to be in London now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jana, Germany =)

Posted by www at 6:38pm, 03 Feb 2010

Thanks, thanks, thanks, ............

Posted by roosy at 6:37pm, 03 Feb 2010

Hola Rich, Hola Tim, Hola Jesse, y Hola Tom. Im so glad you are back again. Waiting patiently and so in love with your new project. I love you Keane.

Posted by -eve- at 5:27pm, 03 Feb 2010

Tim's hair looks lovely on the first picture! Great pics, as always :) The Night Train is going to be very exciting! :D Good luck boys!

Posted by brokencrystal at 5:17pm, 03 Feb 2010

SO COOL! where did tom's hair go? haha

Posted by hollybaba22 at 4:42pm, 03 Feb 2010

Thanks Richard!! I'm so glad to see you all again :)

Posted by asak720 at 4:41pm, 03 Feb 2010

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I´m speechless!!!!!!!!! ; )

Posted by ff-happy at 4:33pm, 03 Feb 2010

Cool!!! Thank you so much, Richard!!! for the updates!!! We're so happy to see you boys back, and K'Naan. Can't wait for this session and other tv shows and interview about this EP! =D

Posted by Syrinx at 4:29pm, 03 Feb 2010

ya quiero escuchar esa cancion!! los chicos estan preciosos, como siempre! Los amooooo

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 4:10pm, 03 Feb 2010

Aww nice stuff richard missed you guys and K'naan looks so sweet can't wait to hear the songs!! xx Love You Keane xxx Leanne xx

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 4:03pm, 03 Feb 2010

Thank you so much for the lovely pictures, Richard! Can't wait to see/hear more!

Posted by jojoba at 4:02pm, 03 Feb 2010

Hello Richard, as has been friend, long time no see already missed you! As always thanks for the pictures, it's strange to think keane and kannan certainly hope something fabulous as ever! something even more strange is the haircut of Tom; strange even so his long hair looks great! thanks for the pictures. love keane xoxooxoxoxoox Rose xoxoxooxoxo

Posted by rose chaplin at 3:33pm, 03 Feb 2010

OK. I changed my mind. Somehow, I like your Haircut Tommy. Love ya ;)

Posted by miss at 2:56pm, 03 Feb 2010

HAPPY LOVEFEST MONTH, KEANE CLAN! Sooo great to see you guys again! I'm in rapture over Tim&Tom's new 'Dos, JQ's cap +K'naan's fedora..#1-style-Stunnas! Q: If I'm 5'9" and JQ is shorter than me and Tom is taller than me, how is it that JQ and Tom are exactly the same height in their embrace? A: Tom bent his knees to hug JQ = sweetest gesture ever! We're drowning in treacle..could we be more charmed than this?! Gorgeous chocolatey strawberry kisses to all! ~*Love*~Zara

Posted by NYC>Sydney at 2:56pm, 03 Feb 2010

Oooohhh!!! Amazing! I can't waait seriously!!

Posted by Spiralling at 2:51pm, 03 Feb 2010

Me gustan las fotos Richard, son muy chulas. Me encanta Tom con el pelo tan corto, está muy guapo, y a Tim le queda muy bien el pelo un poco más largo. Se les ve muy bien a los dos. Besazos desde España.

Posted by Penélope at 2:50pm, 03 Feb 2010

Pero falta una foto tuya Richard!!! LINDAS PERSONAS! :)

Posted by may87ale at 2:47pm, 03 Feb 2010

I love you thomas, I'm so happy to see you again, I needed new photos from you; ♥ *-* needed to see, you are beautiful, as always :) , you can not imagine how much I miss you .. :( every time I think of you, you are the most important thing in my life, really makes me happy just knowing that you breathe, no matter what you do or where you go, you are always in my heart and in my head, I need a lot Tommy only see your face or hear your name makes me extremely happy, help me forget all the problems or bad things, I love you I love you with all my heart ♥

Posted by andru at 2:41pm, 03 Feb 2010

Wonderful, thank you Richard xxxxx

Posted by Minerva777 at 2:40pm, 03 Feb 2010

WOW! Gracias por las fotos...

Posted by rubentvr at 2:15pm, 03 Feb 2010


Posted by Paula Williams at 2:09pm, 03 Feb 2010

Thanx for the pics Richard looking forward to the new EP can't wait to hear it c u at Cannock xxx

Posted by ruthie at 1:58pm, 03 Feb 2010

Oh, finally, thanks Rich so much for pics., they are so dainty, just like you, boys. Tim , you have a similar guitar, the same smile and haircut as my acquaintance, Tim, you look very smart in the hoodie at the D. Hoganś picture.!!!/ not only with this hoodie, of course!) I don´t dissimulate - I don´t like Tom´s haircut,..... actually I like it very much... I love you so much, .....:) Apparently he has good time in a corridor, it is so positive... thanks Tom! And Jesse is maybe fallen in love, he looks so earnest and sweet with the cap.... And K´naan is in any case honoured he can recording with you .... so I wish you amazing time during recording, and happy each day.... "To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering, one must not love. But then, one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer, to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be happy, one must love,... "/W.Allen/ So I love you and I am happy!!! Thank you very much .... ...:)

Posted by Denislavia at 1:55pm, 03 Feb 2010

@ Frankie : It's okay to joke now and then but please don't go too far. Thanks !

Posted by Vic! at 12:55pm, 03 Feb 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO ********* I do not know, I confess, K´Naan songs, but I am glad when my dearest band is glad, content, so, it´s alright and I hope you have had a very great time together! When Tom has a very short hair cut he looks like a German boy! :.) LOTS OF LOVE TO MY DEAREST BAND! XXXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 12:42pm, 03 Feb 2010

K'Naan looks to be a very good and nice musician :D It's good to see you all so happy (not that I was worried about you but I wondered where you'd gone ^^). By the way, Tom, your new haircut's exactly the same as my boyfriend's (so that's a compliment of course) ! I liked when you had long and curly hair (just read some comments of some fans missing your long hair) but I'm thinking you'll probably never have long hair again, maybe 'cause for you now long hair = bad time of your life you want to put behind you forever... Kisses from Charlotte in Paris

Posted by littlemisscharlotte at 12:39pm, 03 Feb 2010

thanks richard !! you are the best thanks for the photos .... tom i like your court of hair

Posted by klaudia at 12:26pm, 03 Feb 2010

thank you so much Richard! Knaan also knows how to play the accoustic music box?

Posted by mena at 12:08pm, 03 Feb 2010

I love these pics, you all look great. Hope we see Keane soon in Germany again, good luck for all your records. Kisses from Bavaria, Annelie

Posted by Anne at 12:03pm, 03 Feb 2010

How exciting!!! Thank you for the lovely photos and update! Can't wait to hear the new songs. Please come back to the U.S. soon!

Posted by lisamariec at 11:43am, 03 Feb 2010

@Frankie, this time you didn't make me smile, sorry.

Posted by sam (uk) at 11:37am, 03 Feb 2010

I'm looking forward to hearing this collaboration with K'Naan. And everyone looks very well and happy too, the shot of Tom corridor-leaping is great. Thanks Richard.x

Posted by sam (uk) at 11:14am, 03 Feb 2010

Thanks, Rich! But I wanna see you too!

Posted by simoninha (brazil) at 10:52am, 03 Feb 2010

It's so great to see you again!!! Thanks Richard for keeping us updated about what's going on.. :) Love from Belgium ;)

Posted by Mary0901 at 10:38am, 03 Feb 2010

Ah Tom your hair is so short! But I love to see something again from you guys. And I love to see that Jesse is still with you!

Posted by annloveskeane at 10:37am, 03 Feb 2010

Just happy to see you again. ENORMES BISOUS

Posted by nis410 at 10:28am, 03 Feb 2010

thanks for the lovely pics! u were missed! i'm very excited we'll be getting new tunes soon! can't wait! :-)

Posted by April Jo at 10:25am, 03 Feb 2010

Thanks Richard for your photoblog ¡¡¡¡ Nice to meet you MR.K'naan I'm looking forward to hearing your song and this new EP. Miss you so much. Love from Bilbao. Carmen x

Posted by stellita at 10:03am, 03 Feb 2010

OMG, Tom's hair is sooooooo short!!!!! but..looks just like a little boy!! so cute!! Thank you so much for your lovely pictures Richard...Love from Taiwan-Chi

Posted by rainborn8228 at 9:56am, 03 Feb 2010

Lovely pics again, thanks Rich, keep um coming, lots of love, love , love Kathleen in kent. xxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Kathleen at 9:52am, 03 Feb 2010

Thank you Richard. These are lovely pictures. I have missed your photoblogs x

Posted by NET at 9:51am, 03 Feb 2010

Thanks Richard, for sharing with us the photos of you guys! :D that's wonderful to see u'r happy and healthy! but next time PLEASE don't forget to include a photo of yours ok?? lol ahh.. And Tom, nice jump! ;) Lots of love and kisses, Joana :DD

Posted by joana_marques at 9:17am, 03 Feb 2010

Keep on Rich ! Thanx (L) !

Posted by Deidremoon at 8:57am, 03 Feb 2010

Great photos! you have the same hobby like me! I love to take photos and posting in my blog :) I would like if you can visit it ( my dream lol) kisses and love from Buenos Aires!

Posted by tomandflopy at 8:34am, 03 Feb 2010

I'm glad to hear some news of you! Hope you enjoyed the sessions! Thanks to Richard for the photos! @ Frankie: LOL, do you think Tim waxed his arms? Lots of love to you all from Munich!

Posted by 22ivj04 at 8:28am, 03 Feb 2010

THANKS RICHARD. for your photopblog. Good to see everybody is happy and looking great: Tim's curls and Tom's short hair!!! But please let someone else take some pictures of you, Richard, so we can see for ourselves you're ok too... Can't wait to hear the EP.

Posted by ingeborg at 8:19am, 03 Feb 2010

Hi - woah - thanks Richard !!!! Fantastic photos XXX

Posted by Sue at 7:44am, 03 Feb 2010

Richard, you're awesome for sharing those lovely pictures with us. Do you know that??? Well you should! All the photos are so great, I missed you guys! Thanks Richard! Please, next time you do a photoblog take a picture of yourself. Be prepared for thosands of fans flying to UK to photograpgh you in case you don't do it yourself, ha ha! We'd really love to see you, Richard! The picture of London is marvelous! How I wish I could have been there then! Thanks again for the update, Richard! You're great! Lots of love from Moscow, Russia.

Posted by Liouba at 6:57am, 03 Feb 2010

AAAAwwww I'm so proud of you little children! Greetings to K' naan !

Posted by valeN at 5:33am, 03 Feb 2010

So. These pics made me realize that not only did I miss the band (duh), but I MISSED YOU ALL!! EMMAKATE!! SKYSHOWERS!! THE FREAKISHLY-HUMOURED FRANKIE! WRIGHT! Indeed a lovely lot we are (if I may). Kisses all around from a snowy New York.

Posted by Maayani at 4:54am, 03 Feb 2010

beautiful pictures cant wait for the songs! i love you guys ( :

Posted by regiskeane at 4:49am, 03 Feb 2010

Thanks Richie For The Awesome Picks =)

Posted by ferniee at 4:44am, 03 Feb 2010


Posted by ferniee at 4:43am, 03 Feb 2010

Excellent pictures!!!!! thanks for that.... Come back to CHile please......Tom you are perfect, I like his short hair, it's sexy....

Posted by Yuri Yenia at 4:39am, 03 Feb 2010

love tom!! :)

Posted by pinocchiorain at 4:31am, 03 Feb 2010

Thank you Rich!!!!! PS: please, ask somebody to take a picture of you :-))

Posted by cepk1981 at 3:23am, 03 Feb 2010

Thank you Rich!!! The pics are great!!! The picture when Tom and Jesse hugging is great!! It´s good to see TTRJ back!!

Posted by Daniel (Peru) at 2:58am, 03 Feb 2010

jojo ,, AMAZING .. KEANE-¡¡¡

Posted by PIERO at 2:24am, 03 Feb 2010

Richard, you're a prince! I've really been missing you four boys(and your absolutely splendid photoblog,) so thanks so much for sharing with us fans again. This has made my day!...Carry on.....Sherry, Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 2:11am, 03 Feb 2010

[crazyfanmodeon] AAAAAAAAAH ! OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! [/crazefanmodeon]. can't wait to listen the new songs. :D liked tom's new hair yay :)

Posted by Laauura at 2:04am, 03 Feb 2010

AAAAAW. Just can't explain my happiness at the moment, THIS is what i needed, really. And i think i was not asking for too much. So, i REALLY thank you, Richard, for always keeping us abreast of all. These pictures are just amazingg!!! Tom... can't explain how much i missed Tom. I haven't seen him since.. when was it? October? i think that's a lot of time, so i really appreciate all these pictures of him. It's not that i wanted to, but i NEEDED to see him. AGAIN, THANKS RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please, keep posting pictures. You may think these pictures mean nothing, but if you think so, you're really wrong 'cause seeing them has just made my day. I'M HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Posted by lalivaldez at 2:00am, 03 Feb 2010

Rich!! How I missed your pics... Thank you, great pics as always... And now I'm missing YOU, my dear and cute veggie drummer!! Please, pics of you too ;) Tim looks great with long hair... But I guess Tom is losing his??... Mmm... HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE :)

Posted by Dra_House at 1:55am, 03 Feb 2010

I MISS YOU... U___U Love you guys, u rock!! Kisses from Buenos Aires.

Posted by luciana at 1:19am, 03 Feb 2010

aaaaaaaaaaay mi peladito(L) HAHAHAH, _ I love you, Tom, so much!♥ even if you cut your hair, :D

Posted by noee at 1:18am, 03 Feb 2010

I love you Richard! Thanks for the photos. You really made an excellent day today and Tom looks sooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy with that haircut, but I miss his curls :(. It drives me crazy =) Love you guys all of you =) Thanks again for the lovely photographs. I miss you a lot. Kisses and have a great Wednesday. Cecy (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Posted by tomasa at 1:08am, 03 Feb 2010

THIS MADE MY DAY! :D Thanks so much Richard!

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 12:55am, 03 Feb 2010

I, like others, have truly missed your photo-blog. Thanks so much for posting them. A special treat in the middle of a bleak winter. Keep 'em coming!

Posted by joraquatrone at 12:52am, 03 Feb 2010

omg!!! i can´t wait for the EP!! thom u look hot!! u are the best guys! i love u!!!

Posted by jacquie_loves_keane at 12:47am, 03 Feb 2010

Ohh mi god!!! Tommy!!! WOW!!! Your court ... It is very rare What happened? woow Tom New changes! But your hair is very short ... Please let it grow! Hahaha Long hair I want it back!! Bye...

Posted by k4mil4k34n3 at 12:44am, 03 Feb 2010

Richard!!!!!!!!!*screaming* I love you! thank you so so much for the pics! they're great! Keane+K'Naan=awesome!!!!! looks like everybody's got a new look: Tim's hair is longer, Tom's hair is shorter, Jessie is going for the hat look, how about you, Richard? I can't wait to hear your new songs!

Posted by Griet at 12:25am, 03 Feb 2010

Thank You so much Richard!! I've really missed your photoblogs! I can't wait to hear the new EP!! You all look great!! I'll be looking forward to seeing alot more of your photos in the future, I really love the candid shots! I wish KEANE all the Best for this year and many more to come you guys are Awesome!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO CLEVELAND SOON!!!!! LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 12:18am, 03 Feb 2010

your photos make me smile, every time. see-----> :-)

Posted by emmakate3 at 12:18am, 03 Feb 2010

I whole-heartedly second SkyShowers' comment: we want photos of you too, Richard! So happy to be seeing posts from you on km.com again! It should make great potential material for a new music video from me, ha ha. Everyone looks great, and K'naan sure has got style! By the way, a big "aaaaaaaaaaaawwwww" to the photo of Tom and Jesse hugging. How sweet!

Posted by finshi at 12:14am, 03 Feb 2010

Richard, we want pictures and news of you, too. How are you doing?

Posted by SkySHowers at 12:09am, 03 Feb 2010

Thanks for the great pics Richard - how we miss your photos! Looks like you all had a great time. Can't wait to see you in June.

Posted by josalt at 11:57pm, 02 Feb 2010

wow.....what a new great look, Tom!!!! MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! Can't wait to enjoy your music again. Love from HONG KONG

Posted by glorylam at 11:53pm, 02 Feb 2010

FRANKIE FRANKIE FRANKIE - Hate to admit it - but I did LOL at your comment, even though I know chemo is no laughing matter.

Posted by Left Coast at 11:52pm, 02 Feb 2010

Beautiful photos, as always! Adorable, sweet, funny... also I have a theory that everyone, including you, deep down, has a crush on Jesse Quin. ;)

Posted by travelfish at 11:48pm, 02 Feb 2010

GReAt pics!!.. it´s been a whilee.... :) love the pics as usual!!! thank you !!!! ♥ love from monterrey, mexico!!!!

Posted by smüller at 11:46pm, 02 Feb 2010

Love the pics. Tim looks so hot (I said it) =)

Posted by Noelia at 11:39pm, 02 Feb 2010

Hi Tom! sei in splendida forma!

Posted by rocknroll at 11:32pm, 02 Feb 2010

Hiya Dear Rich!!! Thank you very much,gorgeous pics :) Nite Nite guys!! A kiss* dearest Tom!! Love you!! Take care ~ Rachel

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 11:31pm, 02 Feb 2010


Posted by lily at 11:29pm, 02 Feb 2010

Tom: New album and new look? ... that well ... sometimes I make it itself I ... I like it.....by and tks. Reyna

Posted by reyna_ds at 11:27pm, 02 Feb 2010


Posted by lily at 11:25pm, 02 Feb 2010

Thank Richard for the photos across them you share with us a bit of day after day of keane... you know while someone study or work others test a new song of another side of the world, that well!! Thank you for sharing your photos and your moments, je je je beside the battery touches super well also good captures photos.... it wise?. Regards from mexico and good luck with the new album. PD.I like me the embrace between jesse and tom ... very sincere

Posted by reyna_ds at 11:21pm, 02 Feb 2010

aa I missed so much rich forget your comment here! jaaj thanks richard!

Posted by keane_8@hotmail.com at 11:14pm, 02 Feb 2010

I quite like Toms new look and im glad theres some news and pics 4 u all 2 see thanx Richy luv u all and miss u all bye 4 now XXXX.

Posted by Babs2009 at 11:13pm, 02 Feb 2010

Yes! This completely made my day. I'm so happy for the new EP. Love you all. xKrista

Posted by again and again at 11:13pm, 02 Feb 2010

Thank you, Richard !... So good to find back your photoblog after such a long time... Overjoyed... Night-night☺!!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:12pm, 02 Feb 2010


Posted by keane_8@hotmail.com at 11:12pm, 02 Feb 2010

Awesome pics, thanks a lot Richard :) it was about time the activity started again. We were missing you all guys. And I miss Tom's hair... love from Spain

Posted by amyzza at 11:09pm, 02 Feb 2010

Anyone up to take a pic of Richard?? the guy with the terrible hairtcut maybe??. Please Tom, leave your hair a bit longer next time. Kisses from Valencia (Spain).

Posted by revert at 11:06pm, 02 Feb 2010

Thank you Rich for the pics, I have to confess that I really missed your posts and pics!!!!!!!!!!!. Regards. Inés (MENDOZA ARGENTINA)

Posted by Iny at 11:06pm, 02 Feb 2010

Richard! We missed you and your pics! Thanks a lot, Rich!

Posted by Alejita at 11:05pm, 02 Feb 2010

Tim you're my dream..Thanks dear Rich! Love. Mary from Italy

Posted by chiattone at 10:54pm, 02 Feb 2010

The best photo: Tom flying. a good batch of photos and hope for a great work with K'Naan. love from México,

Posted by shesay at 10:45pm, 02 Feb 2010

yeah!!! the first fhotbolg of the year thanks mr. Richard, is having fun in the recording,well greetings and farewell...

Posted by tokm at 10:37pm, 02 Feb 2010


Posted by keanelol at 10:36pm, 02 Feb 2010


Posted by lucianabrazil at 10:35pm, 02 Feb 2010

I agree with Johanna above. The micro picture is the best in my opinion. But Richard Hughes, you should of been there! Best to keep track of you guys with pictures.

Posted by ingridmanyak at 10:26pm, 02 Feb 2010

too much awesomeness!!!!!!!!! ...thank you so much Rich, I missed you photoblogs a lot. As usual, great pics... it seems you all had a great time and Im really happy for that :D

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 10:25pm, 02 Feb 2010

lata fotos buenisimo Richard!!! Tom q lindo q estas!!!!

Posted by vero/emy19 at 10:24pm, 02 Feb 2010

Awesome hug of Jesse and Tom!! Thank you so much for your pics Richard. I really missed all of you

Posted by Savanah at 10:13pm, 02 Feb 2010

Waw! Photoblog is back! So glad to see you again guys!!!!!

Posted by Drfd at 10:12pm, 02 Feb 2010

Glad to see you guy again, thanks Richard! Can't wait until the EP!!!

Posted by able1149 at 10:10pm, 02 Feb 2010

WOAH! Great pics Richard THANK YOU for the updates! Feels like we're all there with you all! I MISS YOU!!

Posted by annie nyc at 10:08pm, 02 Feb 2010

Wahey! Glad to see the first Photoblog of the Night Train Era :D Thanks Richard, the Piks are truly WONDERFUL :P Everyone looks fairly happy :) Not Sure what to think of Tom's Haircut, but Tim is looking as great as ever ;) Loveyou Keane xxxx

Posted by Salt at 10:07pm, 02 Feb 2010

Timmy my darling :')

Posted by brilliantim at 10:07pm, 02 Feb 2010

the question is: babylense or not babylense? some quite good shots! Hard to decide the best pic, but I go for the micro pic with some 3 unclear guys in the background. I don´t know why, but this one catched me most of them. Well, thanks for the pics, it´s always nice to see them.

Posted by Johanna at 9:58pm, 02 Feb 2010

Thanks for the pics Richie.

Posted by k3k31974 at 9:56pm, 02 Feb 2010

Richard're a genius taking pictures !!!!!!!!!! within that great & wonderful drummer lies a spectacular photographer jiji ^ ^: D I see that Tom is short hair hehe Thanks for all tim photos! many greetings and infinite send him kisses from me: D lo amo muchisimo ♥ but also to you & to love you tom are great : D ♥♥KEANE THE BEST OF THE WORLD ♥♥ __________________________________________Agostina Argentina-Salta :D

Posted by agoss at 9:56pm, 02 Feb 2010

WOOOOOW! Thanks richard! I missed your photoblogs a lot! ( I loved tom's new haircut! hahaha) Cheers from Chile!

Posted by mrs_pevensie at 9:55pm, 02 Feb 2010

Handsome guys !! aren´t they ?? These pics mean a lot for us, THANKS RICHIE. Wonderful, as usual !!!.. Great to see you again.. And you, Richie, where´s yours ??? I want to se your face again too !!! Anyway, thanks again. GREETINGS FROM MEXICO. XOXO

Posted by beyondthesea at 9:53pm, 02 Feb 2010

I missed your pictures! And by the way, they'regreat as ever. The first one of Tim is awesome. Now I've seen this pics, I just can't wait anymore for the new EP! ♥♥ Lots of love from Brazil.

Posted by bia_alemany at 9:53pm, 02 Feb 2010

Thank you Rich for those lovely pics. Good to see all of you healthy and looking good! Can't wait to hear that new stuff.

Posted by SkyShowers at 9:51pm, 02 Feb 2010

Lovely set of candid photos.

Posted by naily at 9:50pm, 02 Feb 2010

WOO! i missed your photoblogs! :D

Posted by emanuelngm at 9:50pm, 02 Feb 2010

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