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28 Dec 2009

Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles

I read a lot of music books. I've got a pile of them called things like Tips From Great Record Engineers, which will be endless stories of what microphone they used on the snare drum and stuff. They're specialist to say the least. I've been trying to get back into just reading for pleasure and I suppose also for inspiration, and not trying to get quite so hung up on the technical side of things.

But this book offers the best of both worlds. It's the autobiography of Geoff Emerick, the guy who engineered a lot of the Beatles' most important albums. Being a lifelong Beatles fan, I've read pretty much every book on them that there is. I don't think this one is massively well-known, but I've found it, as a musician, much more insightful, exciting and atmospheric than pretty much any of the others. It's got so much about the creative process of the Beatles. It was interesting to read about the way they spent their time in the studio. You always have this sort of image of the Beatles turning up in a chaotic mess, recording a masterpiece in about three hours, and then speeding off in an E-type Jag to some trendy club. But it really gives you an impression of how hard they worked and how much time they put into their writing and pre-production before they started recording stuff, working out harmonies and polishing up songs. For instance, he talks about sitting there with Paul McCartney all night working on a bassline note by note. I found it quite encouraging, because you always imagine that these guys had an almost supernatural talent to put down these amazing songs and productions without even thinking about it. It's kind of reassuring to know that they had to work really hard for it too.

It's a very, very interesting book if you're into learning about the actual creative process of a band. And this kind of book really does help you as a musician. I was actually reading it while I was writing songs for Perfect Symmetry, and I remember finding it very exciting and having that feeling of being in a room while great music is being made, which is definitely inspiring. It makes you think, "Oh, I could sit at a piano now and try and write a song like that." You get this surge of excitement and a feeling that you can do it too. And that's always a really, really great feeling.


(This book is not currently in print, but you should be able to find it on eBay or through Amazon sellers)

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Have just got it from the library. It's a page turner :)

Posted by picklepine at 3:11am, 13 Jan 2010


Posted by Kathleen at 3:57pm, 05 Jan 2010

thanks Tim i love the beatles too i hope can keep this book -!! thanks !!!!

Posted by rose chaplin at 7:33pm, 03 Jan 2010

The Beatles are always a pleasurable theme to reading or discussion. Already from the start I feel how good is this book with the title "Here, There and Everywhere", one of the best Beatles' songs. Thanks again for the tip =D I can imagine how much time they spent to finish those amazing albums. This is not simple, this is a hard work and the outcome is when the artist sees the way like the crowd is feeling and singing the songs from your own hands. But there's something that goes beyond we can't see, and this is called "inspiration" and "talent". I believe that this is something that the people out this universe can't understand...this is something into the universe "Paul, Tim, and all the amazing composers and musicans". =) About you, I can say that the inspiration is in your bloody, in your heart, in your mind and in your soul. Sorry for my poor english and I hope you can understand me.

Posted by Jessica_Chaplin at 5:43pm, 02 Jan 2010

Though I like this lovely song Can´t Buy me Love and I truly think that I don´t need no diamond ring" and that " those who have found themselves, of them the world is not worthy" and " damn the soul that depends on the flesh"/ but also " damn the flesh that depends on the soul"/ - so in spite of that I must ad- mit , we must be grateful for the blessings of wealth and money is a means to do good- : when you have a pile of bills and you have no idea how to pay .... and You can bet your bottom dollar that e.g. Jesse won´t get married to a Cinderella.... :) So I am going to listen to Let it be.... :)

Posted by Denislavia at 11:07pm, 01 Jan 2010

y tampoco se mucho ingles!!! (ups..) Ouch! t.k.m

Posted by eve-keane at 3:44pm, 31 Dec 2009

buak..hola a todos.. la verdad a mi no me gusta leer!!! (con solo decir que no termine!) pero sii me gusta escribir y muuuucho!!..Wiii.. FELIZ AÑO NUEVO A TODOS!! LOS FELICITO!! ..I EVE...saludos desde Argentina

Posted by eve-keane at 3:42pm, 31 Dec 2009

And here we go ! There's already a smell of burning... I guess we have to expect a real mess ! It's always pretty much the same every night of New Year's Eve : usually, there are some damage owing to hoodlums who make burning cars + the drunkards are wandering on the highway and so there are a lot of wrecked cars at end... Charming ! But these are time-honoured practices, now... Anyway, one more reason to stay quietly at home and in view of the fact that home sweet home !... Mais avant l'heure, c'est pas l'heure ! So I keep my wishes for tomorrow on the next page because I'm superstitious and I don't like to celebrate some things in advance !... By the way, as someone here said something about God's account bank, it made me think that this account was probably exploding the bank, while he was writing money "Can't Buy Me Love" in Paris...And actually not really in an attic room but at the five star GeorgeV Hotel, please ! So, I guess he had reached to this idiotic conclusion that, with or without love, better to be rich than to be a flat broke, we're at it !... Just a good occasion for ending with a BEATLE's song... Tim, the solo guitar, Aww !!! Lots of love... Have a beautiful day and a lovely New Year's evening !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7yd4-aHJSA&feature=related

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:54am, 31 Dec 2009

This blog is an example of why we love this band so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR THE BAND, THE CREW, KM.COM, and of course, THE FANS!!!

Posted by cepk1981 at 5:22am, 31 Dec 2009

I hope one day keane's fans will have the pleasure to read a book like that too . I think It'll be a good idea , you can share studios' stories and how hard It was for you to do three different albums (or not, who knows?, Ask Colin or Beth) and I can assure you that I'll buy it because I really enjoyed reading The Beatles' book too. That will be nice, won't it?. Regards. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Inés from Mendoza, ARGENTINA.

Posted by Iny at 11:06pm, 30 Dec 2009

I've seen this book loads of times all over & I regret not buying it now. I have so many other Beatles books but not this one :/

Posted by annie nyc at 8:42pm, 30 Dec 2009

me parece facinante que seas una persona que ame tanto su trabajo,es que escribas asi nos demuestra y nos acerca mas a ti ,a como eres en realidad ....en verdad es asombroso saber que amas tanto tu musica y lo demuestras al componer! espero que el 2010 sea muy prospero para el grupo y que su musica llegue a nosotras como siempre lo saben hacer happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by vero/emy19 at 8:24pm, 30 Dec 2009

awwww si s tn nerd....uno de esos kiero! gracias Tim!

Posted by niza at 5:21pm, 30 Dec 2009

TIM TE AMO (LL :) ami_keaner =D (from argentina)

Posted by ami_keaner at 1:51pm, 30 Dec 2009

May New Year bring you all health, and prosperity. Happy New Year 2010. Felicidades a todos los que trabajan en esta web. Besos desde Madrid

Posted by Marta at 1:13pm, 30 Dec 2009

HI!!! tim!!! :) thank you!!I value much what you do!! I LOVE YOU!! luck!! :) KEANE Always in my hear !!! :) ZURY!!!

Posted by Melisa at 11:05am, 30 Dec 2009

Again, my entire comment did not post!

Posted by WTolucalaker at 5:59am, 30 Dec 2009

TIM!!!- Hi :D I was watching "All Together Now", a documentary on the making of the show "The Beatles-Love" with George Martin as producer, and Cirque De Soleil performing, and at one point Paul McCartney said that they "were told to produce 4 songs a day, so we did" and meant fully done, recorded & ready to go! That is inspiring! I know it is possible to get at all the music inside me, so I will have to trust that my poor wee brain,which has sustained one too many blows, and my feeble, disobedient hands will get the job done regardless. I can not wait to hear the song you sing when Night Train comes out!

Posted by WTolucalaker at 5:58am, 30 Dec 2009

Hello Tim: Thanks for the advise and thanks again for doing the book club! :)

Posted by tatichaplin at 10:43pm, 29 Dec 2009

i love you Tim Rice Oxley.. away of the rest... =) mua

Posted by PAULA*ARG at 10:14pm, 29 Dec 2009

Thanks for your advice. I have read in ecstasy some excerpts/ with a few precious pictures/from the book by Huntier Davies which issued in magazines in 70 s. Yes, Beatles were initators of a new era of music and also e.g. a new style of haircuts. In spite of they couldn´t read notes they were and they are still perfect.. And regarding perfection I found a nice quote-"They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they´d make up their minds."/ W. Churchill/

Posted by Denislavia at 9:15pm, 29 Dec 2009

Dear Tim, I am still reading The Brooklyn Follies but have to write something totally unrelated to your book club, what is wrong with these music editors in newspapers and magazines when compiling these lists for album of 2009 and never mentioning perfect symmetery??? do they really know what they are doing? It should be right up there at the top, my god the likes of JLS are there and no Keane!! I am so let down for you when you write such amazing music. You are the best and anyone with an ear for music will know. Happy 2010. Rita. x

Posted by rita bischoff at 9:09pm, 29 Dec 2009

Will this book be sold in to regular bookstores also later on? I might like this book...

Posted by Roytjuh at 8:17pm, 29 Dec 2009

Why don't you sell at auction your great "Perfect Symmetry" sculptures? (to charity naturally !) See you !

Posted by roosy at 7:51pm, 29 Dec 2009

As somebody here talked about perfection.... ask Sir Paul MacCartney about his perfect bank account....What would Liverpool guys think about The Reds season? Cheers !

Posted by Anonymfreddie at 6:35pm, 29 Dec 2009

*****HELLO FROM KAZAKHSTAN******, i'm writing from capital our big country! We are listening YOUR FANTASTIC MUSIC here too! It could be wonderfull if you'll write such book about your band. I think it was a good presnt for all us-KEANEfans!!! YOU R THE BEST KEANE!!! Kiss, kiss, kiss!!!*****

Posted by aizhan at 5:29pm, 29 Dec 2009

just to let you guys know,this is the cheapest i found this book ont he net,in case anyone wants to buy it :-) http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9781592402694/Here-There-and-Ever ywhere

Posted by cjswench at 2:01pm, 29 Dec 2009

Miss Teake-- Ya sabes que aunque parece igual, no es lo mismo . Ahora me pregunto, ¿quien te esta dando clases de español? Manolo el del bombo? ha ha ha.., so nice dear !!!. Kisses

Posted by Marta at 1:32pm, 29 Dec 2009

Eso es lo que pensé, El Cohete. My fave lines, especially in this season, are: .....I get by with a little help from my friends; Yes, going to try with a little help from my friends....Have a great Holiday Season everyone. Have fun with your friends and relatives.

Posted by Miss Teake at 12:52pm, 29 Dec 2009

To Miss Teake, el cohete recupera su famosa retorica si habla en español.....Yesterday All my troubles seemed so far away- Now it looks as though they're here to stay-Oh, I believe in yesterday.... (what a wonderful song.....)

Posted by Marta at 12:37pm, 29 Dec 2009

thanks a lot tim for your book review! I am introducing myself into the marvelous world of art! currently I am making literature.lol but in my 30 years old I want to learn piano! I really love the piano! I'll try to get the book! i like the beatles! happy new year!

Posted by tomandflopy at 7:31am, 29 Dec 2009


Posted by JULIE-ARGENTINA at 3:58am, 29 Dec 2009

@roosy, you are a genius.

Posted by Maayani at 3:26am, 29 Dec 2009

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Awesome!

Posted by LitwithwhiteLight at 1:39am, 29 Dec 2009

A new one! This is fun :) Thanks Tim and km.com! I like the expression "chaotic mess." On the website of my local library the Subject keywords to describe in the book are "sound engineers - Great Britain" LOL

Posted by picklepine at 12:34am, 29 Dec 2009

This is one of the greatest Beatles books out there, since it comes straight from the man who engineered so many of their albums. Tim, great call on this one!

Posted by juniorthomas at 12:13am, 29 Dec 2009

mmm I want oOne but I don't have money..!! xO :( :(

Posted by xXKeane_adiictaXx at 12:12am, 29 Dec 2009

Great choice Tim! I've always loved the Beatles too, and I've read just about every book about them. Guess we both have good taste when it comes to music! Hope that you and Tom, Richard& Jesse have a wonderful and a very successful New Year!! I'm so looking forward to your next CD!! I also hope that you'll come back to Cleveland again soon!! LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 10:37pm, 28 Dec 2009

It's amazingg !!!!! I love the beatles !! So let's read this book !!!!

Posted by ingfioll at 10:36pm, 28 Dec 2009


Posted by REDBURNINGHEART at 10:18pm, 28 Dec 2009

I have a ridiculous amount of Beatles books in my bookcase, but I've never managed to read this one! And I've always wanted to! Another really good Beatles book is called "Summer of Love: The Making of Sgt. Pepper". It's written by George Martin (their producer), and it's probably one of the best Beatles books I've ever read. It gives a really in depth look to the techniques and ideas that went into Pepper (like cutting up the tape and putting it back together to make the fairground sounds on "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite"). I believe it's out of print too...I bought mine on eBay and I actually found a signed copy! Anyway, thanks again for doing the book club, Tim! :) Love Jenny

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 9:52pm, 28 Dec 2009

I constantly get the urge to make music...and specially after listening to Keane....it comes and goes...I know that some day....probably when I have the time......(and by meaning someday I know that it will probably be when I'm over my forties..), still I know that being inspired to make music and there are many ways to do it...I'm sure it's a great book...will read it when I have the chance

Posted by Anitalita at 9:11pm, 28 Dec 2009

I like this one better, Tim. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Reading about The Beatles is never enough. ¿Por qué no en inglés, el Cohete? Cheers.

Posted by Miss Teake at 8:45pm, 28 Dec 2009

May I suggest a great read which currently is in print: RADIOHEAD AND PHILOSOPHY edited by Brandon W. Forbes and George A. Reisch. (ISBN 978 -0-8126-9664-6) I am currently enjoying a lot of insights into questions regarding music and psychology, music and money and music and integrity.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:34pm, 28 Dec 2009

Spiffy...I love a good Beatles book; my book shelf at home is chock full of them. I just recently read "The Beatles" by Bob Spitz, which was okay, and have just started reading "All You Need Is Ears" by George Martin which I hope will be really interesting. But I love music books....I completely absorb that kind of information and the recording process fascinates me so I will definitely have to try and find the Geoff Emerick book!

Posted by cowpie21 at 8:29pm, 28 Dec 2009

Je great Tim!

Posted by mich keane at 7:32pm, 28 Dec 2009

Nice hint Tim. "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF": if you wrote a similar book about your band? (Your criativity process, songs arrangements, your partners collaboration, etc, etc, etc, ...)

Posted by roosy at 7:19pm, 28 Dec 2009

Oh that's brilliant Tim, thanks for this tip! I'm crazy about Beatles and I'm so curious to read this book, it's really great to see our idols as they truly are, as human beings, isn't it? Love and kisses. Cris xxx.

Posted by Cris Try Again at 6:30pm, 28 Dec 2009

That sounds fascinating! It's true, The Beatles, while incredible musicians, were just people after all, and they didn't reach success by lazing around! My favorite music book is Conversations with Tom Petty. It's really cool because he was good friends with great musicians like George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Del Shannon, so you get to hear lots about them. He also explains his albums song by song... very cool, if you're into his music. I listened to each song as I was reading about it! *** By the way, I've checked out The Brooklyn Follies from the library and will probably be starting it today! I'll try to read this one too... gotta keep up with the book club!

Posted by travelfish at 5:59pm, 28 Dec 2009

Thanks for the interesting review Tim. What you wrote about the way The Beatles worked is very interesting. I'm glad you find it reassuring that they had to work hard instead of having some kind of supernatural talent. On the other hand they were perfectionist too. Looks like you're a perfectionist yourself so the hard work aspect doesn't bother you too much. Thanks to drop by by the way. Enjoy the rest of the year! Hope you're fine and everyone else.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 5:38pm, 28 Dec 2009

It's an extremely amazing timing of you, Tim; these days, I've been listening to a lot of the Beatles, and slowly turning into a fan of them. I'd really love to read this book as a "freshman" Beatles fan, thanks very much for your advice *goes and searches through her uni's library's website* :)) Lots of love from Moshie xxx

Posted by Keaniemoshie at 5:26pm, 28 Dec 2009

I love the Beatles (they are after all the greatest band ever!) and I have read a lot of books about them too, but haven't heard about this one until now. Thanks for the tip! I will look after it at my local library and probably also listen to Revolver one extra time ;D

Posted by Bangsborg at 5:13pm, 28 Dec 2009

Thank you Tim. I love the Beatles (I see many of us love them:) and I`ll try to read the book. The way you talked about it made me want to read it

Posted by Noelia at 5:04pm, 28 Dec 2009

Thanks for the book review, Tim. Love. love, love the Beatles....... A Beatles film documentary that might go hand-in-hand with this book is The Beatles on Record. It features fragments of conversation, along with interviews and footage of The Beatles in the studio. I think this was shown on the BBC September of 2009....... Also, a book that might augment the Tips from Great Record Engineers is This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel Levitin who was a studio producer for the likes of Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder. He delves into the psychology of why we love the music we do and also explains why a particular combination of rhythms, timbres and pitches can lodge in your memory, making your pulse race and your heart swell every time you hear it. (We all know how Keane's music can do his to us.) The book is an interesting twist on music producing and engineering.

Posted by jo anne at 4:20pm, 28 Dec 2009

Oh, I have this book, too! I've read several books related to the Beatles. They're in my top five! : )

Posted by SimpleHeartGirl at 4:02pm, 28 Dec 2009

Hi Tim! think this is a good book, and more, is The Beatles! they are so cool like you. a kiss! I love all three!

Posted by noee at 3:31pm, 28 Dec 2009

I got The Beatles Monopoly for Christmas this year. It rules.

Posted by stpaulygirl at 3:19pm, 28 Dec 2009

The musical highlights of my life have been Elvis, the Beatles, and now Keane....you boys are in great company! Keep rockin'! ....Sherry, Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 3:16pm, 28 Dec 2009

Actually, I was not born at their very beginnings :-) and I was still so young at their breakup !... Of course, I would have like to live the BEATLEMANIA but it means I would be older now... Then I'm just happy for not being a wreck and being able to live the KEANEMANIA... Thanks Tim ! I understand how much this reading is very instructive and highly enlightening for you as evidence as nothing is never idyllic even for greatest !... And for us, it's always a pleasure to read your beautiful words... Then, even if I do not read this book, I'm just happy to get a weakness for KEANE and what happens daily on this site even between Christmas and The New Year !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 2:47pm, 28 Dec 2009

Tim, you can't imagine how you make me happy with this suggestion. In 2008 I went to Vegas just to see the Cirque du Soleil performance Love. During the show when I heard John & Paul voices It seemed that they were there close to me, it was a wonderful lifetime dream come true. After finishing the brooklyn follies I'll read Mr. Emerick's book. With love, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:39pm, 28 Dec 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *********** PROBABLY I am the oldest Keane fan in terms of age, ´cause I was once a huge Beatles fan, what ,means they were part of my childhood and teeange; they were my first British band that I loved much and because of them I do love British culture, whatever it does mean now, since all cultures are a bit mixed now in this global world. But loving Bealtes music made me also know more British directors (Kubrick, Hitchcock, among others) , British style of life, going to London twice, etc. I recognize much in Keane songs, Beatles songs. I think that´s why one of the reasons I felt something new and old and marvelous when I first heard Keane on tv, with SOWK. I was glad another day listening Tom playing and singing Here and there and everywhere, from them. And there are many others "covers". Anyway, Tim, thanks for the tip! Coming from you, is always a good tip and, yes, most of the genious comes from 10 per cent inspiration and 90 per cent labour/work. There is a Brazilian writer who says that and I do believe it. LOTS OF LOVE TO MY FAVOURITE BAND! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 1:43pm, 28 Dec 2009

Aunque no he leido el libro , si he podido acceder a alguna critica. Es muy curioso que Emerick pensara en su primer dia de trabajo con los Beatles, que John Lennon cantaba sin mucho entusiasmo, y que Harrison era un torpe. Muy gracioso otro comentario de George Harrison sobre Yoko, nada amable, que un dia, en el estudio , se comio una galleta suya. Al parecer los chicos de Liverpool no compartían nada de comida durante las maratonianas sesiones de grabación......

Posted by Marta at 1:38pm, 28 Dec 2009

I'd love to get that book printed... I haven't read much on through the pc... but you made that book sound really exciting and now I want to read it too :) *I love the Beatles too :)

Posted by Jazy at 1:00pm, 28 Dec 2009

super off topic (y no tanto en realidad) pero no sé porque pero me imagino comentarios como, ohh timmeh me hago músico por vos! awe.

Posted by Uma_ at 12:58pm, 28 Dec 2009

I read the book "The love you make: an insider´s story of the Beatles" by Peter Brown and Steven Gaines. I liked it very, very much but it doesn´t say much about how they were in the studio. I think this book could be a great complement. Thank you for letting me know!

Posted by mirror mirror at 12:54pm, 28 Dec 2009

This book sounds very good. I love reading autobiographies about musicians, the ones with insight were you get all excited and inspiered when you read. I just started to read "Last of the Rock Romantics" by Alex Hannaford and I love it! And Beatles, well, I just have to read this! Such a great band so I'm not to miss this book!

Posted by casanova at 11:39am, 28 Dec 2009

you don't even need to read this book to write great songs, you do it by your own, but if it helped, then it must be cool :-) keep making your fabulous music, so that we can enjoy those beautiful songs you write. Have a great year, Tim! you and Tom, and Rich, and Jess. And the crew, of course. Lots of love from Argentina.

Posted by lalivaldez at 11:13am, 28 Dec 2009

Ah, that´s a great book. As a child I was a huge Beatles fan (not commom for my generation ;)) and I think that´s one of the reasons why the first time I heard KEANE´s music it went straight into my heart. I´d love to read a book that makes me understand how music is being made, so thank you for sharing titles of books that have inspired you. Do you also like classical music, Tim?

Posted by ingeborg at 11:05am, 28 Dec 2009

thank you tim :) I love you so much, you're always very nice...ami_keaner =D (from argentina)

Posted by ami_keaner at 11:05am, 28 Dec 2009

My dearest Thomas,side by side or miles apart good friends are always close at heart.Enjoy the last week of 2009.Happy New 2010! Much success in your way & peace, health, joy and wisdom....Sending you a New Year's Kiss! With love..Rachel

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 10:55am, 28 Dec 2009

Hi Tim ! I'll try to get it.Looks really very interesting and I'm passionate about Beatles.Last month I was reading the biography of John Lennon. Happy New Year to you and family. Hugs from Brazil :)

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 10:53am, 28 Dec 2009

Ciao Tim , sono molto felice di sentirti! Trovo molto entusiasmante ed interessante quello che dici sui Beatles e sinceramente anch' io amo molto quella band , infatti spesso mi piace suonare al violino le loro canzoni, pensa che il giorno del saggio dei miei alunni nella scuola , la preside ha voluto un ' esibizione anche di noi 4 insegnanti di musica e noi senza esitare abbiamo eseguito in quartetto ( violino-flauto-pianoforte - chitarra ) Yesterday ed Imagine insieme ad una professoressa di canto ! E' stato davvero emozionante suonare le loro musiche e ti confesso che appena sprigiono le loro melodie dal mio violino mi vengono i brividi ! E' una sensazione bellissima ! Il libro che ci hai consigliato sempre avvincente da leggere , grazie per i tuoi suggerimenti , un bacione caro Tim da Sabrina from Catania !!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:29am, 28 Dec 2009

Even if perfection is not of this world, I guess we can't help thinking that The Fab 4 have reached perfection and forty years later, we're still waiting if someone can do better !!!...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:29am, 28 Dec 2009

sounds exciting! i got The Brooklyn Follies for xmas, it's very different from all the other books i've ever read, which is probably a good thing!

Posted by emmakate3 at 10:21am, 28 Dec 2009

ow! How lucky (or not?) must be that man recording all those great beatles songs!! I'll try to find that book in spanish ;). Thanks for let me know of this book.

Posted by mena at 10:20am, 28 Dec 2009

Or get it from the library....?

Posted by weary traveller at 10:06am, 28 Dec 2009

I love the Beatles too, I'm reading the biography by Hunter Davies at the moment, its very good!

Posted by graceBL at 10:05am, 28 Dec 2009

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