Re Tonight's Little Noise appearance

25 Nov 2012
Re Tonight's Little Noise appearance

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately we've got to pull out of performing a short set at tonight's Little Noise show… I'm afraid I've caught this bug that's going around and I can't hit the high notes! We're gutted to be missing out on such a great night but we hope you all have lots of fun - the lineup looks amazing! Obviously we'd love to come back and make up for it some time in the future, so we'll see you then.

Lots of love,

Tom x

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I missed this, I haven't seen it until now. I'm late, but I'm sorry for what happened Tom. I've heard of another band who played here, got it recorded (has it on record), however it was really bad that it never really happened if I understand this (right.) I feel a little confused, any way... A new year, changes and much more. 2013! I'm too late to say Congratulations, but who cares? No one. I hope to hear more from you guys. I love you Keane! Love you guys!

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 6:12pm, 06 Jan 2013


Posted by chaplan at 7:42am, 28 Nov 2012

It was logical that the tour anywhere and anytime Tom get sick. is unfortunate for the artists who sing them sick but they are also living beings! I love you take care of yourself! I send many kisses and hugs to you recover soon!

Posted by keanedith at 8:06pm, 27 Nov 2012

Tom, breathe in hot water/steam, take hot water and lemon for colds and throats- and I'm afraid you just have to wait it out for stomach bugs. Just get well for the start of the tour, and even take out all the songs with the higher notes. Remember what happened to Adele and Brandon, singing the high notes when your voice can't take the strain doesn't work!

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 7:20pm, 27 Nov 2012

ohhh! so sorry to hear that, luv! Please take care, Tom!!! Truth be told, you were in my thoughts when I've read about Brandon (The Killers) losing his voice in their recent gig. Get well soon!!!! *hugs & kisses from Belgium*

Posted by anouk23 at 2:58pm, 27 Nov 2012

That's sad news. I hope you feel better soon, Tom. Take all the time you need to build up your strength and spirits. Your job right now is to relax and recover.  Sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day.  Wishing you a speedy recovery! Lots of love from Jakarta  Xoxo, Livia.

Posted by avilgood at 11:38am, 27 Nov 2012

Get well soon, Tom! xx

Posted by carollmartine at 5:32am, 27 Nov 2012

coucou TOMY!! je suis sur que ce show a dut être comme tous les autres c'est a dire MERVEILLEUX** jai eu LA CHANCE de CONNAITRE CE BONHEUR trois fois cette année à chaque fois l'emotion que je ressentais etait plus forte plus MAGIQUE je voudrais vous remercier TOUS pour tous ces BEAUX moments que j'ai vecu en votre compagnie; cependant sais tu ce que j'aurais aimer pour completer ce bonheur!! faire une photo avec toi tu vois ce n'est pas grand chose mais pour moi je crois que ce serais comme être un peu au paradis **** ce week end je serais chez toi du côté de hyde park enfin qui sait!!!! En attendant je vous souhaite plein d AMOUR avec vos fans :* JE VOUS FAIS A TOUS DE GROS BISOUS

Posted by choupette94 at 9:05pm, 26 Nov 2012

We all have to call in sick to work sometimes! Take care of yourself Tom and get well soon!

Posted by macca6442 at 8:44pm, 26 Nov 2012

Dearest Tom, we need you and your partners very happy and healthy, because you guys became our inspiration. Please take care!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 8:36pm, 26 Nov 2012

Aww.... that's too bad Tom!! I hope you get well very soon !!!!!! Take care of that precious voice of yours!!!

Posted by crystaldoll at 8:25pm, 26 Nov 2012

Get well soon Tom!! ps: your gig was awesome in Brussels at the Cirque Royal :-) . Lots of love.

Posted by bluenightsky at 1:20pm, 26 Nov 2012

Aww... :( Get well soon, Tom. Please take care.

Posted by Laurelizabeth at 12:41pm, 26 Nov 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I´ve read a comment about sore throat below and have to say (not in case of a bug, of course) that the best medicine to sore throat is a home treatment with propolis, that is from bees. Some drops in a small portion of warm (not hot) water and you can feel better some minutes after, since it´s a kind of antibiothics. I hope this can help someone... Also another home treatment is: little portion of warm water, lemmon, salt and a small portion of honey. Also for gargling... All the best to our dearest Tommy! XXX

Posted by Isa at 10:28am, 26 Nov 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo **** Get well soon, lots of love! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 10:23am, 26 Nov 2012

Feel better! See you guys in January(la and san diego) SO EXCITED! Can't wait:)

Posted by kadunn at 8:42am, 26 Nov 2012

Awh! Don't worry, we'll see ya next year :-) hope you feel better soon! Hugs!

Posted by Piscilla_Holland at 6:10am, 26 Nov 2012

tom i hope you're getting better. all my best wishes for you xx

Posted by pskeane at 5:37am, 26 Nov 2012

tomas .... hope you are fine is very delicate look that I suffer from throat that one day I almost amindalitis operate mmm very seriously and decided why not take care of your voice esfuerzes much rest and visit your trusted physician ...... salute from Colombia

Posted by kmila lopz at 1:52am, 26 Nov 2012

I think the message you send is not well written, I speak very little English! but I like to learn with their amazing songs, I hope you understand me, thanks and greetings from Mexico, Rachelle: D

Posted by estrellademar00 at 1:40am, 26 Nov 2012

I too am sick! Tom takes a break, that's good, you have to take care that voice is just amazing and you do, please approach your fans here in Mexico I hear every day, gets a big hug. Rachelle: D

Posted by estrellademar00 at 1:36am, 26 Nov 2012

Oh that's too bad! You and your stomach bugs, Tom! That's unfortunate but hopefully you'll be able to do it some other time when you can sing how you usually do!

Posted by Hattie at 12:23am, 26 Nov 2012

Get well soon Tom, take care of yourself and your precious voice, love from Mexico :D

Posted by nayys09 at 9:47pm, 25 Nov 2012

Hola Keane. Con cierta desilusión Catalonia nunca será independiente y la consulta para que el pueblo decida es bastante improbable.

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:24pm, 25 Nov 2012

I hope you get better tom ... TTT^TTT

Posted by soun_keane at 8:09pm, 25 Nov 2012

Tom I hope you feel better soon, your beautiful voice will be missed, Lots of Love and hugs from México. xx

Posted by malurami at 7:11pm, 25 Nov 2012

Just keep on smiling, Tom! Hope you'll get well soon!

Posted by SylliBee at 7:06pm, 25 Nov 2012

I hope get well soon Tom ... take care of your beautiful voice. Hugs from Peru ;-)

Posted by M_Is@bel at 6:35pm, 25 Nov 2012

Prevention is better than cure! So you'd better take care, Tom! Please get well very soon so that you can enjoy the end of November and next month, as well! Lots of hugs and our best wishes to all the band and crew. :-) Cheers!

Posted by Honey at 6:31pm, 25 Nov 2012

What a sad news. Get well soon Tom! Take care. Many hugs from Colombia!

Posted by Alejita at 6:29pm, 25 Nov 2012

sorry to hear that, Tom. Hope you get better soon and hit the high notes again and you guys can go to your concert on the 28th!

Posted by dogivy at 6:20pm, 25 Nov 2012

Espero Tom que te mejores. Quizá Tim te pueda dar algun medicamento. En las notas altas estás excitante. Espero London AO Arenas. El diseño del escenario. En Barcelona, como dijiste Tom, estabas cansado de la Gira Europea. Richard estuvo excelente. Seguía el ritmo a toque de cronómetro. Para mí fue el mejor de los quatro. Marisa. Barcelona.Petons.

Posted by OXFORDD at 6:04pm, 25 Nov 2012

Hope you're better for Thursday!

Posted by suered at 5:31pm, 25 Nov 2012

Tom get well soon!

Posted by sim163 at 5:29pm, 25 Nov 2012

Little Noise have lost the best part of their lineup with your sparkling voice, but it doesn't matter - the only thing that matters is your health!! so get well dear Tom!!! lots of love from Russia)

Posted by pushistik at 5:18pm, 25 Nov 2012

Tom i meant to put next gig in Nottingham i forgot what order the Uk tour was in Get well soon plenty of honey and lemon and if iis flu beechams ultra/all in one.

Posted by Babs2009 at 5:14pm, 25 Nov 2012

Tom, Don't blame yourself too hard , and don't need to feel sorry. You just need to take a break and relax yourself. All of us believe that you will recover your angelic, romantic,pure, and abundant voice very soon, Endless love for KEANE from Taiwan.

Posted by urania.galaxy at 5:09pm, 25 Nov 2012

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to Tom, Tim, Richard, Jesse and Colin my hero, i got a hug from Colin at Edinburgh and i was shouting down the lane past the lorries and tourbuses i love you Colin the crew were laughing. Bye for now love Babs XXXXX.

Posted by Babs2009 at 5:08pm, 25 Nov 2012

Wish you better Tom, hope you are well for next gig at Manchester. Its the time of year for colds and flu. You were amazing at Edinburgh Monday night im so glad you did She has no time and Neon river the first time ive hear them live love from Babsx.

Posted by Babs2009 at 5:04pm, 25 Nov 2012

Bon rétablissement Tom ! Repose ta magnifique voix !

Posted by crEvEtte9578 at 4:52pm, 25 Nov 2012

Dearest Tom, these things to happen...take care, and get well very, very soon, you have such hard work still ahead of you for the upcoming terrific shows...! Your presence will be a lot missed, no doubt...But I'm sure your heart and your warmest thoughts (as well as Tim's and the whole "gang") will be there, with Litlle Noise & Mencap. Tk you so much for coming here and tell us what's going on, you're always lovely. Lots of love from Portugal***

Posted by hlimpo at 3:37pm, 25 Nov 2012

Aww Tom. That's a bit boring, I wanted to see them at Little Noise. But the important thing is you take care of your health. As said above by Pri: Sometimes this happens things Stay well... Love you. x Kisses from Brazil :33

Posted by my--shadow at 3:32pm, 25 Nov 2012

Surely Tim can sing Your Love on repeat! Lol. Get well soon, Tom!

Posted by WeatherTheLizard at 3:03pm, 25 Nov 2012

Mi dispiace caro Tom che tu abbia preso un virus influenzale! Mi raccomando stai al calduccio e riguardati! Certo è un pò triste apprendere che stasera non sarete presenti a questa piccola sessione acustica, ma in fondo quel che conta è che tu non ti affatichi e che pensi alla tua salute , ti auguro una pronta guarigione mister Chaplin! Un abbraccio da Sabrina da Catania, Sicilia!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:13pm, 25 Nov 2012

AAAAAAWWW!!! Poor Tom.Hope you get well soon. You were all fab at Edinburgh on monday night. Loved every minute of it. fab fab fab!! You all deserve a rest after your hectic touring schedule this year. Merry christmas to you all when it comes. Take care.xxxx

Posted by JenniferP at 1:52pm, 25 Nov 2012

Soigne toi bien Tom! & n'oublies pas! bois un thé au citron & tout ira bien ;) des bisous de la France le pays que tu aime beaucoup ;) ps : PASSEZ SUR LILLE SVPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! :D ca va faire 7ans que vous n'etes pas venu ;/

Posted by richwife#2 at 1:52pm, 25 Nov 2012

oh....Hope Tom will get well very very soon... take care dear Tom... much love from Taiwan-Chi

Posted by rainborn8228 at 1:45pm, 25 Nov 2012

Ok Tom, sometimes this things hapens. My lovely boy, it will pass . Hugs and kisses from Brazil ♥

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 1:42pm, 25 Nov 2012

Get well soon, Tom.

Posted by ingeborg at 1:35pm, 25 Nov 2012

That's a shame, get well soon Tom! Xxx

Posted by Joseylou at 1:35pm, 25 Nov 2012

Hope you feel better soon Tom xxx

Posted by Jules C at 1:23pm, 25 Nov 2012

Don't worry to much about this Tom! Looking at the touring scheduele i am not really surprised you caught this bug!! :-) Let your loved ones take care of you and you will be alright in no time!! Get well soon!!! Catherine (Belgium)

Posted by catherine84 at 1:15pm, 25 Nov 2012

It's so sweet of you to bother writing this and let people know what's going on... I wish I could be in London even if you both only played a song, even if you couldn't hit the high notes... I'm sure it'll be amazing anyway. You are wonderful musicians and amazing human beings. I wish you guys a great night nevertheless and Tom, please get well soon. We love you very much. Take care. x

Posted by p0rcelain at 1:14pm, 25 Nov 2012

The Starting Line, Neon River, Whatch How you go, In Your Own Time, Love is The End, Fly to me, Hamburg song, Sea Fog, She has not time, My Shadow, Emily, Allemande, Snowed Under, etc etc Precioses cançons, que transmiten sensaciones y que forman parte de tu musicals minds. Enamorada de Love is The End; She has not time con unas notas altas que parece que toques el cielo .... qué decir más ... Petons. Barcelona. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 6:10pm, 22 Nov 2012

Supongo que forma parte del programa de conciertos. Interpreto que acuden Tom and Tim. Mencap parece ser una asociación que ayuda a niños con dificultades de aprendizage.Qué suerte poder estar allí !! Tim, decirte, que colgaré fotos en el Instagram relacionadas solamente con la música. No imágenes privadas que vulneran el derecho de la intimidad personal. Mi apellido es vidal. Besos. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 2:07pm, 22 Nov 2012

Sono veramente felice di apprendere questa notizia , come sempre i Keane hanno un cuore grande e generoso, aderiscono con entusiasmo alle iniziative di beneficenza e questo è degno di lode! Poi mi piace tantissimo l'idea che si esibiranno in una chiesa dove si respira l'atmosfera giusta per il Natale! Auguro un in bocca al lupo a Tim e Tom e spero vivamente che questa piccola sessione acustica venga poi trasmessa anche qui su Keanemusic , per me sarebbe un dolcissimo e bellissimo regalo di Natale da parte della band! Un forte abbraccio ai Keane da Sabrina from Catania, ciao!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:16pm, 21 Nov 2012


Posted by Alekeane at 12:34am, 21 Nov 2012

Deseo con todo el espiritu de mi alma, que alla donde quiera que se encuentren, dese Austria, en Berlin, Praga, España o en cualquier otra parte del mundo, que de todos modos estaran en nuestros corazones, en la musica, y por su puesto en la inconmensurable experiencia de la vida de quien lucha constantemente, como su fiel admiradora estoy orgullosa de lo que hacen cada día no importando el lugar en donde han estado , la humildad los caracteriza y eso se merece un Aleluya!!!!!

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 11:34pm, 20 Nov 2012

It´s amazing !

Posted by crEvEtte9578 at 6:32pm, 20 Nov 2012

Tim & Tom, as well as Richard & Jesse,,,,you, boys, really have a heart of gold! MAGNANIMOUS, indeed! May God continue to bless you a hundredfold! I just hope I can see this on telly. Will BBC air this?

Posted by anouk23 at 11:54am, 20 Nov 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Great news, thanks for sharing, I wish I could be there with my dearest band! Lots of love! XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 11:06am, 20 Nov 2012

Amazing!! I'm so pleased to hear that---just wish I could go! Good luck!

Posted by Hattie at 9:00pm, 19 Nov 2012

I have been waiting for AGES for this kind of gig to come up. I hope Tim and Tom do a fair few songs, I can't wait to see them in an acoustic setting. I too have a 5 year old son who is disabled (he is severely autistic) and Mencap have been a great support for us. They deserve every penny they get. I'm so glad Keane support such an amazing charity. Thanks guys, you keep doing what you do best. Really looking forward to it! xxx

Posted by minxiemoo at 7:56pm, 19 Nov 2012

Tim and Tom your love for people is immesurable. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 7:53pm, 19 Nov 2012

I'm so happy for you! Hope you have a great time :D

Posted by pskeane at 7:48pm, 19 Nov 2012


Posted by choupette94 at 6:51pm, 19 Nov 2012

BRAVO LES GARCONS!!! je savais que vous etiez des mecs supers d'ailleurs c'est pour cela que mon AMOUR pour vous est aussi FORT** je vous trouve FORMIDABLE!! avoir autant Compasion et d' Amour pour les autres ; votre Bonte de coeur est aussi grande que votre talent °°°°°° je ne serais malheureusement pas avec vous le 25 novembre mais j'aurais une pensée tres forte pour vous**** en ESPERANT ME LIBERER pour le 30novembre je vous dis a tres bientot AVEC TOUT MON AMOUR

Posted by choupette94 at 6:49pm, 19 Nov 2012

You know, I am portuguese, live in Portugal, but admire a lot and follow Mencap UK, being myself a mother of a severe mentaly disabled young man; They always inspire me and give me relevant advices...♥ I have been following Keane's fantastic, generous and so touching presence in various Litlle Noise Sessions, therefore this has been such a wonderful joy! I am very, very proud of being your fan! Hope that we can somehow follow this beautiful and so emotional venue in ulterior videos,etc...Thank you Tom, Tim and of course Rich and Jesse - for the bottom of my heart - congratulations for being...such inspiring Human Beings***

Posted by hlimpo at 12:33pm, 19 Nov 2012

Congratulations to you guys Tom Chaplin and Tim Rice, you guys deserve, as recognized by both the talent and charisma alias for the simplicity of all members of KEANE love you guys too!

Posted by miriamkeane at 11:18am, 19 Nov 2012

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