Richard's Best of 2012

31 Dec 2012

1. Favourite album of 2012?
Tough question! Either The Maccabees - Given to the Wild, or Zulu Winter - Language.

2. Favourite single?
Madness by Muse or Closer by Tegan and Sara.

3. Best gig you saw?
Muse in Paris.

4. Best gig you played?
London O2 Arena, or Asuncion, Paraguay.

LINAKEANE's photo of the Asuncion show

5. Best film you saw?
I love Bond films, think Daniel Craig is brilliant, and loved Skyfall. I also loved Argo, and We need to talk about Kevin (as much as you can love something so dark!). I really enjoyed 21 Jump Street, The Bourne Legacy, The Dictator… but the best thing I saw was Werner Herzog's Into the Abyss, a really powerful documentary about the death penalty and the aftermath of a terrible triple homicide in Texas.

6. Best journey you made?
The train from Seattle to Vancouver was amazing, despite the 7.30am departure time (cheers Col!).

7. Best TV show you watched?
Breaking Bad

8. Best book you read?
Legacy of Ashes - the History of the CIA, by Timothy Weiner

9. Best meal you ate?
Dinner and a pint at Mulligans Stoneybatter with Tim, Jesse & John Roderick on a night off in Dublin.

10. Best thing you bought yourself?
A Brompton folding bike that I took on the European tour

11. Best thing someone else bought for you?
Tickets to the Paralympics Athletics in the Olympic Stadium.

12. Best website you visited or app/podcast you downloaded?
Website - http://www.100wildhuts.blogspot.co.uk/
App - London Coffee
Podcast - The Life Scientific / WTF with Marc Maron - check out the Bryan Cranston, Michael Cera and Jimmy Kimmel interviews.

13. Best thing that happened in 2012 for Keane?
Strangeland going to number 1 in the UK (thanks everyone!), and us still going to new countries.

14. Best thing that happened in 2012 for you?

15. Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2013?
I love being on a tourbus in the states, so January is going to be great, and then South America, but also some time at home - it's been a busy year!

Comments (47)

I´m from Paraguay and I thank you for that unforgettable concert; thank you for letting us know that you felt the positive feelings that we wanted to give to you! Me (and my wife since then) will never forget you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Posted by mirror mirror at 3:45pm, 17 Jan 2013

Richard thanks for those photos - I forgot to take some (at the 02 London) but have managed to find myself and friends in your photos. Thanks for the brilliant gigs - and I am now going t o purchase the book about the CIA and hope that it is more readable than some of the books that Tim recommends (am to thick to read the books that Tim recommends!) Can't wait for the next album! (Tim I would listen to any of your songs) and would go anywhere to hear Tom sing them!

Posted by AnnetteM at 5:41pm, 08 Jan 2013

Happy New Year! Thanks for all your photos. I hope you soon can get a none busy day and be with your family. I love you. Everything you have all done is amazing, I want to thank you. Thank you so much!! Happy 2013. Kisses and hugs from Sweden! I

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 5:28pm, 06 Jan 2013

Keane show was the best for Paraguayan people, we really want to see you again!!! ♥

Posted by Adrigamarra at 5:59pm, 04 Jan 2013

Gracias... Gracias Richard.. para nosotros fue también el mejor concierto del 2012 en Paraguay..Los queremos de vuelta en el 2013!! Thanks Keane!!

Posted by Pattyveh at 1:21am, 04 Jan 2013

2012 was quite a year! I love #Caturday. And my favourite gig in my country was yours. good to know that you enjoyed too! have a nice 2013!!

Posted by Jessicapepi at 7:56pm, 03 Jan 2013

Merci Richard. Yes, we like Breaking Bad ! And the #Caturday, ah the caturdays... Belle invention :) !

Posted by athallie at 5:40pm, 02 Jan 2013

thanks, Richard and i'm so with you on Daniel Craig's SKYFALL! One of the best!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Posted by anouk23 at 6:07pm, 01 Jan 2013

See you guys THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!! =) ~Lindsay in MIchigan

Posted by petersl1 at 12:48pm, 01 Jan 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR RICH :) You played an amzing show in Edinburgh. Madness is probably my favourite single too.

Posted by Delta at 12:27pm, 01 Jan 2013

Awww! We love you too in Paraguay :)

Posted by _UDN at 10:05am, 01 Jan 2013

Loved interview!Can't wait to see you guys in less than 2 weeks!!!

Posted by kadunn at 9:51am, 01 Jan 2013

HELLO RICHARD!!! I can‘t believe it!!! You...my lovely Richard...you say Asuncion,Paraguay!!! that makes me cry so bad...like a little baby!!! that is so kind from you Rich!!! I‘m so happy,you don‘t have idea!!! you make me happy Rich!!! I love you so much sweet heart!!! come sooner you can to paraguay!!! kisses...a loooooot for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by dianachaplin at 6:11am, 01 Jan 2013

Happy new yeaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we love youuuuu!!!!!keane in argentina!!!!!!!

Posted by Melisa at 4:57am, 01 Jan 2013

Felíz Año nuevo 2013. Reciban los mas sinceros deseos de felicidad y éxitos en este nuevo año que ya se inicia, saludos desde Tacna-Perú. Besitos de su fan Luz Mery. KEANE, son los mejores.

Posted by Luzmery at 4:53am, 01 Jan 2013

Happy New Year! Rich :) I love Keane

Posted by Iveth at 3:43am, 01 Jan 2013

we are waiting for youuu!! Chile loves you :D

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 11:48pm, 31 Dec 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I do love many Herzog´s movies! I did not understand what/who Caturday means... Muse as a band is a great choice, Rich, I agree with you! Lots of love and all the best in 2013. XXXX

Posted by Isa at 11:13pm, 31 Dec 2012

Happy new year guys! !!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! ♥

Posted by KeaneStar at 9:50pm, 31 Dec 2012

Hi Richard, hope you have managed to get some well deserved me!/family time over Christmas after your extremely busy and successful year...i saw Keane at the 02 Arena this summer and enjoyed every moment. Happy New year to you all, have a great time in the USA, lets hope you get the well deserved recognition that you deserve....Sarah x

Posted by jubilee63 at 9:49pm, 31 Dec 2012

Thank you Richard, for being sooo cool and such and amazing human being! Loved your answers, fully complete and also very 'informative' :D Pretty sweet you mentioning #Caturday, lol! Have a fantastic 2013, you, your loved ones and the whole "Magnificent Keane Gang" !!! Lots of love from Lisbon/Portugal**

Posted by hlimpo at 9:24pm, 31 Dec 2012

Richard's the best! I love you. please come back to mexico city please come back to mexico city please come back to mexico city please come back to mexico city please come back to mexico city please come back to mexico city

Posted by betita at 9:23pm, 31 Dec 2012

Gracias Richard por ser parte de lo mejor de mi vida, de KEANE

Posted by leosj29 at 9:23pm, 31 Dec 2012

HELLO RICHARD ° ° during this wonderful tour you gave us do share your trips through your beautiful pictures thank you again, I have loved you back on your blogs because i also learned to know you better! my impressions were good you are AWESOME! honestly I love your natuel and your contact to your fans ** LONDON in June without any excitation and easily you agree to take a picture with me, you can not know I was happy how I look dailleurs often it is in my BB I always keep her (it is a little treasure * whether in London or Paris it was a pure hAPPINESS "to share with you his feelings love my friend Richard I WISH yOU ALL tHE HAPPINESS yOU DESIRE AND TO STAND fOR 2013 ** BIG KISSES soon I hope

Posted by choupette94 at 8:29pm, 31 Dec 2012

Thanks Richard for your answers! I hope you will do another of your wonderful photoblog while in the US. Can't wait to see in LA on the 12th! Happy New Year to all of you!

Posted by cofirst at 6:47pm, 31 Dec 2012

Mr. Huuuughes....we've missed your photoblogs...although Mr. Quin's was a good and different alternative..... have a great 2013..see you in January!!

Posted by Nina at 6:07pm, 31 Dec 2012

Thanks, Richard, for being so kind to us fans. (Best moment in 2012: After the gig in Vienna, you with a thick woolen cap and a bottle of beer in your hand, going: "Awwww, it´s f...ing cold out here!" (LOL!) While Jesse´s answers were a bit monosyllabic, you are the great communicator in the band!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 5:49pm, 31 Dec 2012

Hello Rich!! Thank you so much for coming to know our country, we hope to see you soon again. I wish you a wonderful 2013 full of success and more beautiful musics. See you in Argentina!! PARAGUAY LOVES YOU :)

Posted by Belupy at 5:35pm, 31 Dec 2012

I must agree with Richard: one of the best gigs I saw this year was Muse (in Munich), too! Besides my favourite Keane gigs were Bexhill, London Brixton, Vienna & Berlin. Couldn´t attend to more Keane gigs. Happy New Year!

Posted by Johanna at 5:14pm, 31 Dec 2012

Hello Richard! Thanks for sharing your best of 2012 with us :D - #caturday??? really??? lol I won't follow you in the American tour this time, since I'm back to Europe, but I can't wait to read about your tour adventures and see your crowd shots. Happy new year to you and your family, Archie and Pitney included of course :). Lots of Love - Simona, Florence-IT

Posted by sim163 at 4:46pm, 31 Dec 2012

Thank you Richard! We love you so much! :D

Posted by letisays at 4:30pm, 31 Dec 2012

Gracias Richard, jejejeej Muse, es buena sugerencia, bueno si así se quiere, en realidad no podría comparar Keane!!!!!! saludos, Feliz inicio 2013.

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 4:08pm, 31 Dec 2012

Wonderful answers, Richard! Happy New Year to you and your family. =D Greetings from Paraguay ! (^_^)/

Posted by emilia dominguez at 3:35pm, 31 Dec 2012

Rich, I loved your answers, so full of hints. Thanks for mentioning Latin America. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:19pm, 31 Dec 2012

Hey, Rich!! Best thing that happened in 2012 for me? To know that KEANE is coming to CHILE, and that we're having 2 SHOWS!! Seriously the best of 2012 =D I loved your #CATURDAY mention =P Maybe you would want to help any stray animals' rescue and shelter Chilean group when you come here next year!! HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =)

Posted by Dra_House at 1:58pm, 31 Dec 2012

Happy new year!!!!!! We are so happy... We waiting for you in Paraguay again!!!! Comeback soon please!!! Thanks you very much!!!!

Posted by Rosado at 1:44pm, 31 Dec 2012

Thanks Richie, Happy New Year to you, your cats and your family.

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 1:14pm, 31 Dec 2012

Gracias Richard por las fotos de este año donde nos haces sentir partícipes de los conciertos aunque no estemos allí. The Best 2012 for me, fue el concierto en Razzmatazz en Barcelona que estuviste espléndido siguiendo el ritmo. Yo tenia un pañuelo en la mano i notaba que ibas como un reloj británico. Estuviste estupendo. The Best. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 12:36pm, 31 Dec 2012

Wonderful answers, Richard! Happy New Year to you and your family..... I hope you'll have a New Year that starts right and ends Happy! xoxo from Jakarta

Posted by avilgood at 12:15pm, 31 Dec 2012

Hi Richard. So happy you mentioned #Caturday! Happy New Year to you all!! XX

Posted by ahhceo at 11:38am, 31 Dec 2012

I couldn't stop the tears (tears of happiness) when I read that Asunción was the best gig you played. Thanks Richard and i wish that you can come back someday to Paraguay. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Posted by beafer at 11:38am, 31 Dec 2012

Ciao Richard, mi è piaciuta parecchio la tua risposta riguardo la miglior cena che hai fatto quest'anno! Hai fatto bene a trascorrere una serata tranquilla con i tuoi amici in un pub ( credo) di Dublino, le cose migliori della vita sono sempre quelle più semplici ! E poi Dublino mi ha sempre affascinata , è un luogo così particolare e suggestivo, mi piace molto!!! Un abbraccio forte da Sabrina DA CATANIA e tantissimi auguri di BUON ANNO A TUTTA LA BAND, A KEANEMUSIC , A BETH E A TUTTI I FANS !!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:54am, 31 Dec 2012

Loved Skyfall too! Thanks for an amazing Keane year and thanks for taking the time to spend with fans. We really do appreciate it. You're a lovely guy Richard! Happy 2013 to you all! x

Posted by NET at 10:53am, 31 Dec 2012

Thank you Richard, hope to see some of your photos while your in the USA. Have a great time there, you are the best band, truly. Love you guys. Happy New Year! Kathleen in Kent, xxxx

Posted by Kathleen at 10:22am, 31 Dec 2012

Thanks Richard, it`s great to know Asuncion gig was memorable for you too!!! Hope you come back next year!!!

Posted by Maripili at 10:02am, 31 Dec 2012

RICHARD. KEANE SHOULD COME TO PAKISTAN! - New country each year. right?! COME ON! hahahaahahahah Caturday!

Posted by wajeeha abbasi at 9:55am, 31 Dec 2012

Thanks Richard for a closer insight xxhappy new year to u n ur familyxx may all ur dreams come true in 2013 xx the o2 was the best night of my life, it beat everthing xx I love u guys n always have xx love always xx Leigh from Kent xx

Posted by printboy72 at 9:47am, 31 Dec 2012

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