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29 Nov 2008

What a strange week in the life of Keane. Exactly a week ago I was sitting on the Eurostar in a half-sleep, having just played the last gig of our European tour in Paris and then spent the entire night in the studio with Kanye West. He played us the whole of his new album, which sounded truly awesome - the bass was so fat that eventually the mixing desk blew up. I was especially pleased when he picked out a line from Spiralling ("When we fall in love, we're just falling in love with ourselves") as being a personal favourite, as it's my favourite line I've ever written. Hurrah. Then Kanye did some work on one of our tracks, and after that I sat in a corner and watched him do his thing on a song for Jamie Foxx. The whole thing was a real privilege and I learned a lot. I wish I had Kanye's energy...and his dress sense! Will work on it.

The Paris gig was a great way to end the tour - I think we were all slightly taken aback by the noisy enthusiasm of the French crowd, but in addition it was a particular highlight of the tour for me because we had Ladyhawke supporting us. Pip is a great songwriter and musician, and her album is one of the best of the year in my opinion. I hadn't ever seen her play live, so that was a real thrill.

Having barely recovered from that, we were off to Koko (yet again?!) for a TV show, and in between soundcheck and the show went to MTV for a bunch of interviews. This mainly seemed to consist of them trying to get us to be rude about other bands - "What do you think of Dido?", "What do you think of the Stereophonics?", etc etc. Great. The show itself was really fun actually, and a special occasion for me as I managed to play Perfect Symmetry all the way through without messing up the piano riff for the first time ever - it's incredibly difficult to play and a source of constant irritation/embarrassment to me, so that was a breakthrough! The next day we worked on our Pulp cover and some other bits, then I spent the evening working on the European tour live album.

On Wednesday we did a big Radio 2 show, which was really fun but very different to playing our own shows. It was one of those occasions when we all felt inexplicably nervous, but i spotted a gang of loyal boardies singing away in the front row, which was a nice boost. Then on Friday we went back to Paris (my French is improving) for another TV show. We found ourselves in the midst of a gargantuan production which seemed to be something along the lines of a French X Factor. It was pretty weird to say the least, but actually quite fun. Plus after seeing Britney Spears' performance I was left feeling that our live show simply doesn't feature enough circus acts. I think it would be fair to say we didn't fit in, but it was an education nonetheless. Will be good to get back to proper gigs!

Speaking of which, we're off to LA on Monday. Been far too long since we played a gig in the States, so we're very excited about having three in one week, and almost as excited about enjoying a bit of Californian sun, if we have a chance. I think we may fill our one free evening by going in to a studio and recording that Pulp cover, since we enjoyed it so much.

Anyway, that was the week that was. We've all got colds, but we're having a great time. I'm getting the musical equivalent of itchy feet and want to get working on some new songs, so am looking forward to a couple of weeks off over Christmas. That's about it I think. See you soon!


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I always enjoy reading your blogs and comments,Thanks a lot for this blog.I do love Spiralling so much too but I couldn't imagine that sentence was your favourite .It pretty sad.You are an extraordinary person, keep on doing your best.Thanks for sharing with us the gift of poetry and music that you create.Have fun in LA!!! Hope when you'll return ,can get some time to relax ,with your families !! Lots of love xxKari

Posted by KARI FROM SPAIN at 1:32am, 15 Apr 2009

Its great to be able to finally read you in first person, ir at least I feel like it. Thanks for your inspiration and for keep the dream alive... Aliz

Posted by Aliz at 4:08am, 31 Mar 2009


Posted by andreakeane at 3:26am, 11 Jan 2009

I LOVE YOU TIM (L) SO MUCH!!! YOU ARE SO CUTE , AND BEAUTIFUL , AND GENIUS , AND FUNNY JAJAJA AND LOVELY ! I LOVE YOU TIM - iI love you guys!!!!! have a very good 2009 for you keane and every keane's fans !!!

Posted by andreakeane at 3:23am, 11 Jan 2009

Guys When will you go to Peru??Please visit Peru , I want to enjoy your music. For christmas , I asked to Santa claus for a keane's concert in Peru. If you go to Peru, I would to invite a delicius dinner in my house XD that is a good oportunity.

Posted by chifle at 5:46pm, 29 Dec 2008

TIM....... I LOVE YOOOUUUU! =$ I love you so muchhhhhhhhh!

Posted by catarinasousa at 6:47pm, 07 Dec 2008

Tim, I know you must feel weired that night at Star Academy (the French X Factor), but that was actually the night I discovered your band! I never liked any kind of rock band before but the combination of your electronica approach of music and Tom's voice blew me away. I have since gone out to buy your DVDs and CDs. There must be plenty of people like me who know you after that night - If it helps you to make more sense about that TV appearance.

Posted by leayeungsl at 10:55am, 06 Dec 2008

Tim you're so CUTE !!!!!! Hope to see you soon in Brazil !!! You lyrics are beautiful, so touching... Kisses from Rio !

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 2:48am, 06 Dec 2008

TIM: you marry me? ♥

Posted by digging at 6:32pm, 05 Dec 2008

@ Vic!...sorry! Indeed, you are kind. x

Posted by sam (uk) at 8:54pm, 04 Dec 2008

hey i hope u all get better!

Posted by xxfilmfiendxx at 7:19pm, 04 Dec 2008

Point taken, Vic! Sorry for the extra work. Maybe you'll have to delete my responses to Zara's sister too.Thanks for your kindness.

Posted by Miss Teake at 5:07pm, 04 Dec 2008

@ Annie NYC ~ I just left you a PM on the forum. My account is soon to be deleted so I'm not sure if you will get it. I wanted to let you know that sharing stories on the September 11th thread was personally heartbreaking and theraputic for me. I couldn't tell you this before (because I was crying every time I started to write it) but my family and I visit the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park every September. Two of my relatives and a close family friend died on 9/11. I place flowers and cards above the "Imagine". Since I was abroad when my family went to the memorial in late September, I asked my mom to write a card that said "In memory of Annie's loved ones". My mom put the card on the mosaic with white roses beside my family's offerings. I'll be at the memorial next year and I'm going to continue to make a card for your loved ones. I hope you don't mind. love, z (nyc)

Posted by ZaraBelle at 4:54pm, 04 Dec 2008

Thanks Miss Teake, I couldn't have said it better. Concerning the sillyness, it would be better to keep that for the SG. ;o) @ ZB : I'm still waiting for the forum admin's response ;o) I'll take care of deleting those comments asap.

Posted by Vic! at 4:31pm, 04 Dec 2008

@ Vic! ~ You are doing such a great job and are so good to put up with all of this. Do you think that you/site techs can delete my account soon and lock my username? I didn't know that the account was still active and I just want to be sure that the prank messages are deleted. IMO the following prank posts are inappropriate/offensive and should be deleted: 2008-11-30 02:55:49 on this page; 2008-11-30 15:11:37 on this page; 2008-11-30 15:57:47 on this page; 2008-11-30 16:00:36 on this page; 2008-11-30 16:12:12 on this page. I also found another prank post on Richard’s Euroblog page that should be deleted 2008-10-30 14:51:21. I’m sorry to add this extra stuff to your workload. I would send you a gift basket if I could but instead I’ll just say THANKS A MILLION TO THE BEST MOD EVER!!! Cheers, z (nyc)

Posted by ZaraBelle at 3:41pm, 04 Dec 2008

Come on, fellow fans. Isn't the band Keane all about frienship, love, positive vibrations and tolerance? In all possible forms, shapes and rainbow colours? Take it with a pinch of silliness if you want to instead of acting as self-appointed comments police ,offering unsolicited advices and telling other fans what to do. After all attention seeking does not equal to sophistication. Fog in LA? Hope you'll find your way to the 4 suns lighting the venue tomorrow.

Posted by Miss Teake at 5:16pm, 03 Dec 2008

What's all this fog? FOG? Here? Unusual... Hummm... I was wrong, there won't be much sun this week, but there will be plenty of clouds and FOG? Looks like somebodys (who shall remain nameless) brought FOG with them! It's only going to be 68 F today, that's pretty cold for SoCal :( But all is not not lost for them who lbrought the fog will warm us with their own special sunshine

Posted by WTolucaLaker at 3:11pm, 03 Dec 2008

@ Kari from Spain : I'm well aware of that but some people don't feel comfortable on the forum and prefer to have a convo on here. ;o)

Posted by Vic! at 3:08pm, 03 Dec 2008

ps: Super excited about the musical itchy feet! More More! :D

Posted by songbird at 12:24pm, 03 Dec 2008

Thanks for that Timmy! hehe I really loved the Pulp cover - one of the most influential bands of my youth they were! Along with the Pet Shop Boys of course...wonder if you'll ever get around to doing one of theirs...I just know it would be amazing!! Keep it up boys, you're all simply great! Much love, Songbird xxxx

Posted by songbird at 12:23pm, 03 Dec 2008

Good morning to the Batcavers! Have a lovely Wednesday, I'm waiting for the snow to come....what's the weather like in LA cause Rich says he wants a tan....?

Posted by sam (uk) at 9:44am, 03 Dec 2008

@ZaraBelle,Franfie,Vic @@@and company...!!!!!!!!!!This is the web site of a band ,named KEANE,not a place to speak about silly things.Please ,respect this place....If you want this conversation ,there's a FORUM to do it.My and other people,are NOT interesting in that subject. LOVE KEANE

Posted by KARI FROM SPAIN at 8:22am, 03 Dec 2008

It's great to know about your schedule and all that stuff... I wish you an amazing tour and hope u come to Mexico soon, Ok?? Well, take care of those colds and b happy... c u soon!! XoxoXOxoOXXOXoxoXOxOx!!

Posted by Nay at 3:07am, 03 Dec 2008

I am not trying to imitate Anyone. I am merely here & gone to express my point-of-view on various Keane subjects. I am My Own Person, and I cannot see how I could ever become "a problem" to anyone. So, All of You-- Enjoy this Music and the Artistry while we all are able to! Love & the Very Best to Keane and the Keane Lovers, ~Anne~

Posted by anya at 12:09am, 03 Dec 2008

since this is my last comment on this site before vic! erases me i think it's imporatnt to remind everyone here to seek consciousness during the desperate times that we continue to struggle through. please support DEMOCRACYNOW! - www.democracynow.org - truthseekers unite to end the wars (and future wars that pres-elect Obama is preparing for), to provide necessary health insurance coverage to all ailing civilians/soldiers in need, to provide mental health care to soldiers who return from the war suffering from post traumatic stress (veteran suicide rates are rapidly increasing), to put a stop to corporate pollution, and to help the increasing numbers of homeless people that will have no shelter or warmth during this very cold winter...Love out loud!

Posted by ZaraBelle at 10:20pm, 02 Dec 2008

@ Frankie ~ no, no...Richard has gypsy eyes and Tim has sensuous fingertips (not "gypsy fingers"). i've confirmed that vic! can delete my km.com account because my boyfriend is going to register a new account next year when keane tour new york. i just bought a digital camera and i'm really excited to help my boyfriend post keane concert photos/videos on the live board and the forum. i'll make sure to post a shout out to you next year so you'll know it's really me. i hope you and your little girl are happy. you have been really nice to me and i appreciate it. cheers, z (nyc)

Posted by zarabelle at 9:06pm, 02 Dec 2008

This Frankie character is on an enormous ego trip. Saviour of Keane. Hah!

Posted by Taurus at 8:58pm, 02 Dec 2008

I can't tell Kanye West is my favourite artist (actually, I don't like him at all :P), but we just can't accuse him of having a bad musical taste :D

Posted by maiatoji at 8:50pm, 02 Dec 2008

PANDAEMONIUM here! - SAM! You didn´t!!! The picture will haunt me for the rest of my days whenever I ...!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 4:33pm, 02 Dec 2008

I know Frankie and Zarabelle are not the same person. ;o)

Posted by Vic! at 4:28pm, 02 Dec 2008

@ Gudrun ~ Your theory is wrong...I am a female from nyc and i became a boardie before Frankie ever posted (i think). I wanted to find out more about the band and try to help them with suggestions for album designs/videos. I did not even plan on chatting with other boardies to the extent that i have, but certain boardies started to address me so i responded (see the archives section if you really care to). Since i seemed to make an impression on the band, because Richard responded to some of my posts with related pics, i pretty much felt satisfied and got new hobbies (my boyfriend and college). Sometimes my younger sister and i share a computer and it was my fault that i wrote my username+password+boardie names on a piece of paper that anyone could plainly see. my sister admitted to me yesterday that she got bored and started posting comments using my site identity. i've just read some of her posts and they're obnoxious. she did it to embarrass/annoy me. I hope you didn't take her comments personally. I've requested that my registration be cancelled and my site identity be blocked. End of story. ps: our father is scots-irish and he speaks with an irish accent + uses irish phrases so he uses the word "cheers" often (so it's very commom that both my sister and i say "cheers" as well) enough said.

Posted by ZaraBelle at 12:53pm, 02 Dec 2008

@TIM eres el pianista mas admirado del mundo contandome a mi claro,no te das una idea de cuanto te admiro y sueño con conocerte,eres hermoso tus ojos son la luz del camino. y tu sonrisa alegra mi vida dia a dia, besos. y ojala te llegue este mensaje gracias!!!!!!!=Lily=from Argentina:)

Posted by lily at 12:30pm, 02 Dec 2008

Thank you Tim... A fantastic week!!! I enjoy reading what you write us about your activities, like you did before... In the old forum... It was funnier. Well, when does Keane come back to Argentina??? Please, we're waiting for you (I'm streesed for wait,jajaja)... Kisses from Bs. As.: Danni

Posted by Danni at 12:29pm, 02 Dec 2008

TIM eres el pianista mas admirado del mundo contandome a mi claro,no te das una idea de cuanto te admiro y sueño con conocerte,eres hermoso tu ojos son la luz del camino. y tu sonrisa alegra mi vida dia a dia besos y ojala te llegue este mensaje!!!!!!!=Lily=from Argentina:)

Posted by lily at 12:25pm, 02 Dec 2008

Welcome to the USA boys! I hope you had a good flight and are feeling better! I really, really wish I could make it to LA, but I am broke, to young to fly alone (well, that's what my parents are telling me). So just promise to come back to America, or I'll have to fly out there to Europe (what a pain that would be). Lots of Love! -- Missy

Posted by Missy at 12:19pm, 02 Dec 2008

@ Gudrun & Miss Teake...I omitted the part with the carrot, but it did feature....

Posted by sam (uk) at 11:53am, 02 Dec 2008

Tim, you wrote "I dreamed I was drowning in the river Thames", well last night I dreamed that Tom dressed up as a donkey with angels wings (??) for a Christmas photo shoot. ( Miss Teake and Gudrun are wholly to blame for this image). I think it best that I do not become a songwriter.

Posted by sam (uk) at 11:50am, 02 Dec 2008


Posted by lily at 10:14am, 02 Dec 2008


Posted by lily at 10:12am, 02 Dec 2008

It's late - but something compels me to get in on this madness.... Sabrina v. - keep posting in Italian - what an amazing language - so beautiful..... Frankie, give up the ghost, please..... Tim wrote that they were off to LA on Monday..... It is early on Tuesday morning on the West Coast (the Left Coast, the correct Coast.) Welcome to LA TTRJ.

Posted by Left Coast at 10:05am, 02 Dec 2008

We are off to see Coldplay tonight. I like Coldplay but Keane are the better band. Keane have the best songs & they are sung superbly by the charismatic Mr Tom Chaplin!

Posted by denise mcdonald at 9:58am, 02 Dec 2008

Hello Keane, ho voglia di scrivervi adesso perchè poi quando fate l' aggiornamento sicuramente non sarò a casa. Volevo raccontarvi che proprio stamattina mi ha chiamato il direttore d' orchestra per propormi il solito mini-tour nelle varie chiese e scuole dell' hinterland Catanese : io ho dovuto rifiutare con grande dispiacere perchè gli sono tanto affezionata , e gli ho detto che sono impegnata con la scuola, pensavo che si arrabbiasse perchè ogni volta lui ci tiene tanto che io suoni ai suoi concerti ma ha capito la situazione e anzi mi ha detto: "BRAVA SABRINA SONO CONTENTO PER TE, TI AUGURO CHE TU POSSA CONTINUARE SEMPRE COSì " . Sapete da oggi in poi nella scuola dove insegno, i miei colleghi ed io inizieremo le prove orchestrali con tutti gli alunni che sono tantissimi e molto entusiasti, all' inizio ci sarà un pò di caos, per inquadrarli tutti ci vorrà un bel pò , addirittura un mio collega si porterà un tamburo che lui batterà per richiamarli al silenzio e alla concentrazione! Sapete, ormai siamo considerati la band della scuola , tutti i bidelli e gli insegnanti appena ci vedono, dicono: "Che bello, sono arrivati i musicisti!!! ".Spesso e volentieri mentre faccio lezione all' improvviso mi vengono a trovare insegnanti di altre discipline , per chi è al di fuori è un momento di svago e di divertimento , credono che insegnare musica agli alunni sia un gioco ma non lo è, poi soprattutto sono" fissati" col violino e appena hanno un momento libero mi chiedono : " Signorina, ci fa ascoltare qualcosa? E io allora suono che so una musica da film o qualche canzone dei Beatles, loro non se ne andrebbero mai ma io sono costretta cortesemente ad allontanarli perchè i ragazzi vogliono fatta la lezione senza persone che ascoltano i loro eventuali errori. Ciao ciao KEANE da Sabrina! SCUSATE SE HO SCRITTO TROPPO!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:33am, 02 Dec 2008

@ZaraBelle/Frankie: How stupid do you think we are? You have been there from the start. Exactly. Both of you. With 2 mail adresses and 2 different computers with different IP not even Vic can tell you are one and the same person. But the "Cheers" gives you away, sometimes. You are a man of many personalities, like a rainbow, I told you. Are you a man? Who knows? Cheers!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 5:48am, 02 Dec 2008

PS - I'D JUST LIKE TO BE THE FIRST TO VOLUNTEER TO RUB 'VIC' ON TOMMY'S CHEST - HMM! OK maybe I'm not the first - that Vick's vapour rub by the way - don't get excited Vic!! - hope you're keeping well, J xxx

Posted by Jan (Yorkie) at 4:26am, 02 Dec 2008

Nice to see you on the Radio 2 concert - I keep watching it on the loop on beeb2. Lucky guys - off to LA - its bloody freezing here (Lincolnshire), I'll think of you in a few hours when I'm scraping the ice from my windscreen. Re: the French TV thingy - I think it is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of you and your music that hardly anyone can do a decent Keane cover - they're just so special to you. Hope the cold doesn't affect Tom's voice, get well soon guys, love to all the batcavers xxxHelia

Posted by Jan (Yorkie) at 4:23am, 02 Dec 2008

Thanks, Tim, for sharing another entertaining blog! :D I can't wait to see you over the next week! Enjoy the LA weather. It seems to be nice and sunny this week. Hopefully it'll stay that way over the next week. Keane will undoubtedly make the sun shine here. :) Lots of love!

Posted by lonely_angel at 3:47am, 02 Dec 2008

Just wanted to know, when you're planning on comming to Australia and make sure you come to Queensland...most bands always miss Queensland. Please come!!!

Posted by keanecil at 1:42am, 02 Dec 2008

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with your fans, Tim! It's always such a delight to read your messages... We're so happy to know you enjoyed the Paris gig, as we were there ourselves, which is still kind of surreal!!!!!! We had a ****wonderful***** time there... We were dying to listen to the new songs live, and they sound really amazing!!! Especially Perfect Symmetry and You Haven't Told Me Anything... We hope you guys had a pleasant flight to LA and we wish you the best of luck on the US gigs! Have a stunning week... and please come to Brazil soon... All best wishes from DENISE and WALTER, SÃO PAULO-BRAZIL.

Posted by dtrinity at 1:30am, 02 Dec 2008

Hi, Tim, thanks for this descriptive blog. I am very very happy for you guys. I wish you very nice and pleasement days in LA. Success ??? of course you will have it, as always. Take care all of you and enjoy California sun !! I hope to see you soon in my beautiful country, MEXICO. Hugs and kisses

Posted by beyondthesea at 10:22pm, 01 Dec 2008

@ Vic! ~ my teenage sister + her cohorts have taken my site identity (password + username) and have been prank posting on km.com/forum for several months. If you allow them to continue I’m pretty sure that their comments will become increasingly obnoxious. If possible, please permanently block my username + password from km.com/forum so we can put a stop to their nonsense. I really appreciate it. @ Keane ~ I just want to say that your music really inspires me. My boyfriend and I are looking forward to seeing you live at Radio City (?) next year. I hope you play YDSM! I apologize for any offense my sister has caused the band and the fans. Keane Rules! Cheers, z (nyc)

Posted by ZaraBelle at 9:31pm, 01 Dec 2008

credo di essere uno dei pochi fan che avete in italia e che vi scrive commenti sul blog. vi faccio i miei migliori auguri per un buonissimo latino e per un fruttifero e prosperoso anno nuovo! siete i migliori, non vi surclasserà mai nessuno! CIAO DALL'ITALIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :-)

Posted by andrew at 8:52pm, 01 Dec 2008

wow busy week guys! Thanks for the blog Tim :) made my evening

Posted by symetricalperfection at 8:26pm, 01 Dec 2008

Yeah Keane! I hope all of you stay healthy this week!!!!! Cant wait to see all you guys in LA!

Posted by bedshaped69 at 7:07pm, 01 Dec 2008

horray! Tim has writen! nice blog! CHEERS!

Posted by galletita at 6:57pm, 01 Dec 2008

OMG ZaraBelle if it is true about someone using your username then i am sorry. if it is not true then...

Posted by Lonelykeanefan at 6:39pm, 01 Dec 2008


Posted by mita at 6:35pm, 01 Dec 2008

All I can think is that I'm bloody jealous. I mean, Kanye West! I'd love to see you guys working with him. That would be awesome. Can't wait to listen that Pulp cover ^^

Posted by musgui at 6:35pm, 01 Dec 2008

hi great blog tim! and its great to hear you and kayne getting on well and i can'twait for your PULP cover i bet it will be great and is it going on the PS signle xxxx Leanne

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 4:16pm, 01 Dec 2008

thanks tim

Posted by tbl at 3:31pm, 01 Dec 2008

turned out*. Sorry, I've just woken up... xD

Posted by Little Wings at 2:12pm, 01 Dec 2008

Star Academy = Ouch!!! Kanye? Mmmhh... Let's wait to hear how this turned up!

Posted by Little Wings at 2:09pm, 01 Dec 2008

Having now had the time to read through the comments, it seems as though you had a bad time at Star Academy? So what, you are all only human! We all know how brilliantly you sing, what wonderful kind personalities you have, not to mention how good looking and modest you all are! I discovered Keane back in 2005 when I was watching Glastonbury on TV. To be honest I hadn't really heard of you before then and didn't know your songs, but when Tom had finished singing I went straight onto the internet to find out who Keane were and have loved you ever since! I have seen three live performances so far (another one booked in February!) and you are fantastic! Also, to answer Dawn's question, yes I have heard Keane playing in the background on Eastenders several times and also on Corrie, I suddenly become alive as soon as I hear the first note! Yeah!!! Love Keane xxxxx

Posted by keanemaiden at 12:38pm, 01 Dec 2008

Hi Tim. Thanks for your brilliant blog! I was at the Live 02 show watching you all, I was hiding at the very back and sang every word to all of your songs with no mistakes, even Perfect Symmetry, a first for me too!! Good job no-one could see prancing around like a loony, it's just what your music does to me - I love it!!! It was great to see you guys though and you didn't look nervous at all. Roll on Bournemouth in February! Enjoy your tour to LA. Love Keane xxxxxxx

Posted by keanemaiden at 12:10pm, 01 Dec 2008

Tim , thanks for your little diary. Good to know that you're enjoying the adventures of your life. It feels to me that you all are following your hearts. You inspire me! Love Ktink

Posted by Ktink at 11:59am, 01 Dec 2008

good things tim, the fans are happy for you, but we also see them in countries throughout Latin America, and also that they enjoy, they are going to see what will happen cute, kisses sabrina.c (arg)

Posted by keane_is_my_life at 4:13am, 01 Dec 2008

I have to say, and I think everyone on here would agree, that it's rare to find musicians that produce albums where every single song is perfect. I have every single by you guys and they are just that...PERFECT! I was fortunate to see you a couple years ago in Detroit and I've never been to a concert where I sang my heart out along with you to each and every song. Awesome! Not to mention, you are one of the many reasons why I decided to take up piano again. So, I'm searching for songbooks now, too. You just keep on amazing me and Perfect Symetry couldn't be more appropriate for where my life is right now. There's a song for every situation going on with me right now so I feel so personally attached to it that I cannot listen to anything else! I can't say I've ever felt this way about a band before...not any of my favorites have swept me off my feet like this! Amazing!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Posted by mmreeves77 at 3:40am, 01 Dec 2008

Mr. R-O, thanks for posting your blog, KEANE certainly has been busy!! ......don't particulariy gravitate to Mr West's music although I'm sure I've probably come across it at sometime or another.....as for Pulp...never even heard of them until now....somehow their song Disco 2000, reminds me of Laura Branigan's GLORIA,,,could be wrong....as for Britney Spears......based on all the bad publicity she's gotten....at one point her life WAS a circus act..... Hope you have a fab stay in LA and the weather cooperates.... good luck with your gigs......don't get TOO caught up in the LA scene and return home toasted (naturally or artifically) wasted, or unrecognizable.....you may end up being ( prophetic )casualties of your (BETTER THAN THIS ) demise.. Take Care and may "God hold you in the hollow of his hand"

Posted by nina at 10:55pm, 30 Nov 2008

Tim, your musical waves floating throught my ears are like oxygen molecules getting trought my heart. Antoine the Frenchy from Paris.

Posted by toinou at 10:38pm, 30 Nov 2008

SOMEONE has my password and is abusing the use of my username! I know my sister and her friends are denying that they are involved in this sabotage to my reputation on this site. I feel completely paranoid that the person (people?) who are making these ridiculous comments will continue. I apologize to Keane, Vic!, Frankie and any other fans that are offended. I LOVE KEANE! The kids in my family are pranksters and it's very likely that they're using my name as a pathetic joke. @ JULIA: If you (or your friends) are responsible for all these prank posts, PLEASE STOP! You are a very low person to behave this way! Try to redeem yourself.

Posted by ZaraBelle at 10:01pm, 30 Nov 2008

Hi Tim! I really would like to know your opinion about the concert in Lisbon! Love from Portugal xD

Posted by dianaac at 9:55pm, 30 Nov 2008

To Tim Richaplin: If Tim said it's the best line he's written ever I guess he thinks it is, unless he's fickle and changes his mind every now and then. No offence. By the way Richard, Tim and Tom, thank you for giving us the opportunity of expressing ourselves in km.com, even if sometimes you have to read criticisms. We're taking it for granted that it's a right to write when in fact it's because you let us write. Thank you!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 8:42pm, 30 Nov 2008

Tim - Thanks for sharing. It's great to hear how you are doing. Very busy! But things sound like they are going great! I really hope that I am able to see you on the east coast some time...a dream come true. You're amazing...and the rest of you aren't too shabby either ;) Take care of yourselves and get rid of those colds....getting over one myself. XOXOXOXO - Michelle (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Posted by Michelle316 at 8:27pm, 30 Nov 2008

@sam (uk), well till yesterday I know it´s possible to fall "up" and as I crashed to the stairrail, well my left shoulder still aches! And of course it´s not funny, but as I didn´t get too hurt! But that´s typical for me. I don´t know how I get in this situations? Sometimes ago I walked a street along and somebody through something of glass of a window and it crashed in front of me. I looked up, but couldn´t see anyone, but a couple did come along from the other side and saw this, so they started to shout out loud, what they are doing and that somebody could die. And this was first the moment I recognized, that if I haved one step faster, this glass thing would have hit my head. So, people enjoy every moment of your life as you never know, when it´s over! I know it´s easier said, than done, but try it, to enjoy it!

Posted by Johanna at 7:53pm, 30 Nov 2008

@Tim Richaplin: Long time no see! How are you?

Posted by Taurus at 7:50pm, 30 Nov 2008

Keane and Kanye...what a combination!!! I would be very interested to hear what sort of colaboration you two could do. I hope you all are feeling better soon, have a safe trip to LA! PS...I like Stereophonics! :o)

Posted by Aundrea at 7:42pm, 30 Nov 2008

I like diversion and discussion. But I dislike being fooled.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:11pm, 30 Nov 2008

wow!! tim you always learn something new about everything... you are a sabius!!! keane the best!! mexico loves you...

Posted by mich keane at 6:57pm, 30 Nov 2008

can you fall *up* ??

Posted by sam (uk) at 6:47pm, 30 Nov 2008

@ Johanna..I know it's not supposed to be funny, falling up the stairs, but you made me laugh. x

Posted by sam (uk) at 6:37pm, 30 Nov 2008

I don´t know, if I should say this here, but as you mentioned your favourite line, it infected me to tell. Well, one of my favourite lines are: who says a river can´t leave its waters? who says you walk in a line? (this is absolutly true as yesterday I went upstair and suddenly I fall it above and falling to stairrail and I was not drunken or anything else, just the way back to work from my break, maybe a ghost was passing through me?)................who says you´re mine? and another favourite is: cut the skin, let me in, ....,forgotten my way home, forgotten everything that I know. And You don´t see me, such a beautiful view, etc, etc, etc......Bye

Posted by Johanna at 6:19pm, 30 Nov 2008

Guys, you`re right. You didn`t fit in there....because you are great artists. Great performers. You sound amazing on the cd and live. That`s really important!. And please, who was that dog that was "singing" with Tom? I totally agree Heloisa (comment below). Keane is real, is a respectable band (the best one for me). And those that were playing at Star Academy.....were not so good. Anyway, I love you and I`m happy to know that you are having a nice time. And hoping that you come soon to Argentina!! love

Posted by Noelia at 6:13pm, 30 Nov 2008

Dear Tim, you know what? I really love this band. Love is a word that means so many things and I don't want to abuse of it but even if I don't complitely agree with some choises you may have taken in the past, I try to understand, and I really appreciate the way you relate to your fans. We care for you and you care for us, and this is a beautiful thing. Hope you have a great day...sorry I just had a rush of *love* today and I wanted to tell you. Ciao - Simona - Florence - Italy

Posted by sim163 at 5:58pm, 30 Nov 2008

Hell yes. Perfect Symmetry is really hard to play. And Stereophonics sucks :P

Posted by leito1003 at 5:55pm, 30 Nov 2008

It was a french week for Keane! The concert in Paris was excellent, LOVED IT. It was quite funny to see Keane at the Star Academy, I'm not a fan but I watched it just to see Keane! We appreciated the "I dreamed i was drowning in the river Seine" both at the concert and the Star'Ac. Hopefully see you soon in Paris!

Posted by matthieu at 5:53pm, 30 Nov 2008

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Posted by 573ff1 at 5:42pm, 30 Nov 2008

dont really have thetime for it, but I couldnt help to comment about this blog. "as it's my favourite line I've ever written" ?? Tim do you reALly think that selfish horrible lyrics was the best you ever written? ZaraBelle I share your opinion and I think mr Rice-Oxley should read it for his good. also, all that talk about dont-care-about-fashion and now you say "...and his dress sense! Will work on it." dear...

Posted by Tim Richaplin at 5:41pm, 30 Nov 2008

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I WANT MY ANGEL wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MY ANGELS wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MY ANGELS

Posted by alia at 5:38pm, 30 Nov 2008

ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh i can't wait to see you next wednesday and friday!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by gagova75 at 5:28pm, 30 Nov 2008

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Posted by 573ff1 at 5:11pm, 30 Nov 2008

OK ZaraBelle, all is forgiven. at least now you've learned never to dis Keane on this site ever again! My best friend is watching me write this and she only thinks keane is OK (sigh). she also says that i should say ZaraBelle is crazy. hello to anyone from Timbucktoo or Timbuckthree (hahaha)

Posted by Lonelykeanefan at 4:20pm, 30 Nov 2008

Never let it be said that Keane fans don't have fabulous spirit! I must immediately go to work on my bad grammar/spelling affliction so back to school for me tomorrow...this time I'll try to pay more attention to the professors! Ta for the ying yang chat, Keane peeps :-) peace out

Posted by ZaraBelle at 4:12pm, 30 Nov 2008

Hi Tim, thanks for the news - your gigs have all be great as usual. I've only just managed to find time to watch the DVD that came with my CD of Perfect Symmetry and it's great - was amazing to find that you sang on the tracks in the demo bit - I think you sing great. I was watching TV today after your KOKO show which was on chanel 4 there was an advert for Emerdale with Atlantic playing in the background - is it weird for you guys when you are just sitting watching TV and one of your songs is playing in the background ?? Have you ever been in the background music at the Queen Vic on Eastenders or anything ??? lol. Have a great time in LA - catch some sun rays for me :-) xx I'll keep you up to date with the weather in Sussex - not that you will care.............you'll be sunbathing !!!! Lucky you. Big kiss for Tom, cuddle for Tim and a hug for Rich. Love to you all - safe journey............Dawn K (Sussex) xxxxx

Posted by Dawn K at 4:11pm, 30 Nov 2008

TOUCHE, *MISS TEAKE*!!!! Quite right you are, as always...LOL

Posted by ZaraBelle at 4:00pm, 30 Nov 2008

@Zara Belle, the real one. They put a couple of feet wrong and that was enough for you to scratch them out. That's not what a die-hard fan would do. We all make mistakes sometimes. 30-something Bono did many of them too - for example when his "pride" let him being chased by the police after spraying graffitti somewhere in the US where it was forbidden by law to do it. I agree that there are many great acts nowadays and I truly hope you'll change your mind about the LA trip to see that nothing compares 2 Keane. In case you're leaving us again -bye, take care, Happy Holiday Season,be happy with your new gods in music whoever they are and feel free to come back any time to diversify the blogs with your comments and passion. I'll miss you as I miss Tim Richaplin these days.

Posted by Miss Teake at 3:58pm, 30 Nov 2008


Posted by ZaraBelle at 3:57pm, 30 Nov 2008

Or perhaps too we might say that it's such a shame as Bono and U2 sang The Sweetest Things with BOYZONE !!!...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 3:54pm, 30 Nov 2008

Tim, I don't want to give you any lesson and I really appreciated all you said above, excepted that I dislike what you said about the fact you didn't fit to this show, particularly, after seeing Britney's performance !... I don't think you would have said the same if KEANE and Britney SPEARS appeared on a list of guests in some others Shows like MTV EMA or something else... So, I found this a bit unfair !!!... Anyway, you gave your feeling and it's quite laudable... But I must say that there's nothing worse than beginning to give right to some people in angry about this or that, about your work. The bad comments are just good to point out as you were a kind of jumping jacks !!!... KEANE, you really don't have to be ashamed because you were pretty cool playing to this game (Tom, congrats for your big effort of complacency) and put away your ego with gallantry but giving a so great performance, as usual !... You might talk about an amazing experience and don't forget you've said we are just monkeys who fell out of trees and how it's sometimes fun to ignore rules of good taste... You have done it for this album... So, you're not without to know that power and freedom is to say yes, we can... Just do it and then we'll see... It's quite distressing how people are sometimes so intolerant as it's rather frightening !!!... And you know how a lots of people put themselves quickly on a pedestal in show business... LADYHAWKE is an amazing mix of 4 NON BLONDES, Micky GREEN, BLONDIE, Pat BENATAR, Chrissie HYNDE, even a bit of Sheryl CROW but this mix is so subtil as we forget the comparisons for her proper amazing style... I like the way her voice is suave and almost affable and when suddenly, she knows how to be respected when the music is hotting up !... Guys, your music is still hotting up, even in Star Ac !!!... Lots of love from la France.

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 3:40pm, 30 Nov 2008

Goodbye ZaraBelle, it was nice having you with us. About the line you refered to, it's such a complex issue it could be a subject for a philosphical essay I think. :)

Posted by Mihajasoa at 3:38pm, 30 Nov 2008

I enjoyed Paris too, Tim your looks this evening were amazing and every gig I'm overwhelmed again by the background singing, very good! Respect for Tom doing the French part of Black Burning Heart, next time (Belfast) I'll hold up a sign for you Tom, with the French lyrics, HAHA! Me, I skipped the French part in my cover of Black Burning Heart, check it out at You Tube: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=QvsSIVeurrY Hugs & Kisses from YoYo May from Holland XXX

Posted by Yolanda at 3:25pm, 30 Nov 2008

@ *Miss Teake*: well hello Becka! Ta for your simultaneous sweetness/dissaproval of MY comments. In defense of *Frankie*, that “psychobabble� was all ZB’s POV. *Frankie* never would have made as many grammatic/spelling errors as I have achieved :-) After the Star Academy incident and TR-O’s comments about his desire to attend Posh Spice’s parties (plus all the name-dropping BS) I don’t have much respect for Keane’s ideals anymore. I honestly believe that a 30-something Bono was on a higher level than TR-O…Bono’s pride kept him above the fray. so no more Keane mania for me (and definitely no live shows) as I’m spending all my $ on proper bands (U2, Coldplay, Beck, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Radiohead…the current music scene is wicked craic). the Keane machine will continue to gain momentum with hundreds of thousands of adoring fans (the best one being you, of course)…so all is well! It was nice e-chatting along with you this past year. Happy Holidays and I’m wishing you luck for the new year, Becka! Bye, z*nyc

Posted by ZaraBelle at 3:11pm, 30 Nov 2008

Hey Haselmaus, I just read your comment you sent to Tim. I was wondering if you would like to be friends with and you know, have a chat? Here's my email address: James.Davis@hereward.ac.uk and my MSN: superjamesjoseph@hotmail.com. Just a personal question Haselmaus. Are you male or female age 18 - 25? and do you have any of Keane's albums? Let me know ASAP OK mate?

Posted by jimmiju at 2:31pm, 30 Nov 2008

James.Davis@hereward.ac.uk. This is James Davis as you know from myspace. Unfortunatley I can't buy your tickets to see you at Nottingham on February 1st because the tickets are already sold out. E-mail me with my email address shown at the beginning of this comment. Can't wait til 'Perfect Symmetry' comes out on December 29th. That song is just like a new years day anthem sort of song isn't it?

Posted by jimmiju at 2:25pm, 30 Nov 2008

maybe we will get some pre christmas presents like last year????? please boys some privat pics or new songs????? get back to germany

Posted by Steff B Germany at 2:00pm, 30 Nov 2008

Tim , è stato troppo carino tutto questo insieme di notizie a letterina! State attenti, quando uscite dai concerti siete tutti molto sudati, quindi consiglierei di coprirvi bene per evitare sgradevoli malanni, non vi preoccupate per la serata strana di Parigi, anche qui in ITALIA i migliori artisti hanno cantato insieme ai dilettanti e aspiranti cantanti che li ammirano e li hanno pure incoraggiati! Ci può anche stare una serata diversa dal solito, possibilmente anche più scherzosa!!! Ne approfitto per fare i complimenti a Kanye West per la canzone stile africano "LOVE LOCKDOWN : io ne vado matta! Sicuramente lui è un grande come pure dei grandi siete voi! La vostra amicizia sicuramente darà dei buoni frutti. Voglio concludere con te Tom: hai una voce potente ed eccezionale e nello stesso tempo calda , dolce e particolare , come la tua non c'è n'è , tu mi incanti con le tue tonalità! Carissimi Keane, prendetevi un pò di sole della California, tanti saluti da Sabrina, Catania-Sicilia.

Posted by Sabrina v. at 1:51pm, 30 Nov 2008

Love your "never complain, never explain" attitude to Star Academy - just like the Queen - very cool! Do hope you find time to record that cover. :)

Posted by *PIxie* at 1:04pm, 30 Nov 2008

@ZaraBelle -I'm not sure if it's the real ZB or it's Frankie kidding with us again but I think that you could at least have given appreciation to Tim's efforts to "stay connected" with his fans by writing this blog. Bono during Zooropa and Zoo TV tour more evolved than Tim during PS? You must be kidding! But of course you're welcome to express anything you need to be told and be entitled to your opinion. I can only understand what you mean by "name dropping" but it has nothing to do with people's age, their egos or insecurity issues, I think. I saw the guys live this year and I've seen them live before and I can assure you - they've never looked as healthy, happy,self-assured and comfortable with themselves and their fans as they do now. I hope you'll be able to fly to LA and judge it for yourself. I wish a fantastic time and dreams fulfilled to everyone attending the gigs. C U in Utube.

Posted by Miss Teake at 1:01pm, 30 Nov 2008

Hi Tim, it´s always so nice to hear about what you guys are doing! And it´s so great that you want us to be a part of tha band by letting us now what you´re about. I´m always happy when I´m getting fresh information about Keane. I´m also glad to hear you´re having so much fun by working with Kanye West and I´m finding it quite exciting that Kanye likes your music, too. That is an interesting mix in my opinion, so keep going :-) Want to hear from you soon, Love and kisses

Posted by Haselmaus at 12:34pm, 30 Nov 2008

"this is a message for ZaraBelle - you don't appear to like Keane's music, or in fact its members so WHY VISIT THE THE WEBSITE????? i wan to inform you on behalf of Keane and all their fans - in the nicest way possible - your comment was a load of rubbish!!! Moving on swiftly... great blog from Tim, i think its always great to hear form the band and find out what they've been up to. we fans are so lucky that this site is updated so often" I second you !! The band and the guys from the site are so kind and sweet with the fans. :D Who is She to say that TIM is not ZEN or try to analize him !!! Get a grip Zara!!!

Posted by mariabella at 12:05pm, 30 Nov 2008

oohh who do you want to win?? i want eoghan to win

Posted by Sarah at 12:04pm, 30 Nov 2008

TIM HOLA, cuando uo tiene una semana muy vertiginosa es bueno analizar los efectos negativos y positivos de lo que ocurrió, como seres humanos nunca estamos conformes pero eso es lo GOOD! nos ayuda a mejorar, a superar nuestras expectativas, TIM, tienes un don, el de componer canciones, y como yo, gente de todos los continentes tienen el placer de escucharlas, sigue explotando ese don para nuestro deleite, de ARGENTINA con cariño CRISOL.

Posted by crisol at 11:38am, 30 Nov 2008

keane to me your truly the best in the world, no-one could ever tell me anything different, i wait so long for the 7th of Feb at the Liverpool echo arena. i love you all.x.Davinia.x.

Posted by daviniaalison at 11:31am, 30 Nov 2008

TIM HOLA, where uo has a very week vertiginous, is to analyze the negative and the positive of what happened, as human beings we never settle, but that is what GOOD! helps us improve, to overcome our expectations, TIM, you have a gift, that of composing songs, and like me, people from all continents have the pleasure to listen, continues to exploit this gift for writing from our deleite.te ARGENTINA. love.

Posted by crisol at 11:26am, 30 Nov 2008

Hi Tim ! I'm glad to hear about your impressions about this week ! Once again, I repeat that your show in the Zenith in Paris was fantastic !!! And I'm really looking forward to getting the European Tour Live Album ! Yeah, about Star Academy, there were many comments. Many disappointed fans. And some who "defended" you. And actually, I don't know in which category I fit. Because in my first comments, I mainly criticized the questions asked by our french anchorman Nikos Aliagas, said I loved Tom...then I defended you because I truly thought you couldn't have accepted yourselves to come to this kind of show...so I criticized the labels and so on...and finally, I criticized you 'cause I realised I was maybe blinded by the "perfect" image I had of you...because whatever we say, you came to perform on Star Academy...and that was not your best idea ever...But finally, I "forgave" you...because you are great artists and first of all, human beings, so you're allowed to make mistakes like everyone on this earth (and finally you're still the most perfect artists for me) ! And I'm really glad to hear your impressions about this performance on the Star Academy "show". "Education", yes, because now you can be pretty sure you are really great artists not like those young people who believe they'll become great stars and artists in 4 months and are pleased to show us everyday how they brush their teeth or what's their favourite shampoo brand..."Will be good to get back to proper gigs", yes, Star Ac was a really bad gig for you...I felt sorry for Tom mainly when he had to sing with the two girls...I'm not saying I would've sung better than them (if I had been in their shoes, I think I would've just fainted in front of you, I would've been too too happy)...but the way they sang was a shame next to Tom...so, briefly, I'm happy that you "regret" your appearance on that show...and I hope that all your fans will read this page and stop criticizing you, stop saying you lost your musical integrity...even if I thought that was too stupid and too bad for you to come there, you're still the best band for me. And I'm still listening for all your songs today. And I'll never stop ! Now I'm relieved to know you'll never come back on this kind of show. Now just stay as you are. Enjoy you little LA tour. I love you guys, thank you so much for your so fantastic music. Charlotte, from Paris.

Posted by littlemisscharlotte at 10:47am, 30 Nov 2008

Thank you so much dear Tim , for me you're the best , brilliant songwriter ever ! Love you all and have a great time in the US !!! Lots of love , hugs and kisses from Ellen , Holland .

Posted by Silverfox at 10:11am, 30 Nov 2008

THANK you so much for sharing your thoughts! Tim, you're the best song writer I've ever heard about, I love all your songs and can place myself in the feelings you explain, it's wonderful! Good luck with the new songs and I hope you all recover from the cold soon!

Posted by eme at 9:31am, 30 Nov 2008

great week guys! i hope you enjoy when you come to Brasil! keanekisses!

Posted by dinha_britrock at 9:11am, 30 Nov 2008

this is a message for ZaraBelle - you don't appear to like Keane's music, or in fact its members so WHY VISIT THE THE WEBSITE????? i wan to inform you on behalf of Keane and all their fans - in the nicest way possible - your comment was a load of rubbish!!! Moving on swiftly... great blog from Tim, i think its always great to hear form the band and find out what they've been up to. we fans are so lucky that this site is updated so often!

Posted by Lonelykeanefan at 8:54am, 30 Nov 2008

DISCO 2000 !!!!! :D LOVE IT :D

Posted by Hotfudge13 at 7:31am, 30 Nov 2008

its amazing how you think so lightly of yourself when all of us would give almost anything to just have your talent. :) you are great!

Posted by pinocchiorain at 7:22am, 30 Nov 2008

wHEn u wiLL cOMe tO iNDONesiA !!!!!!1

Posted by djalie at 6:21am, 30 Nov 2008

Perfectly!!!)))))))))))) Early winter starts tomorrow.................

Posted by FRL-KEANE-RUSSIA at 4:31am, 30 Nov 2008

Wow. Nice psychobabble, ZaraBelle. PS: http://forum.keanemusic.com/t/6160.aspx

Posted by hot burrito at 4:08am, 30 Nov 2008

Everything soubds insane and wondeful! XD Go ahead with the next week! We love you in Mexico, boys ;)

Posted by Srita. Black at 4:03am, 30 Nov 2008

To sound like the mother I am, get your rest, eat your greens, take some zinc and drink lots of tea with honey and lemon!! You guys gotta look after each other! I'm totally bewildered by the Kanye crush you seem to have.....just don't get him.....moot point, though, I know. Enjoy Cali, but remember us in Portland, please!

Posted by EarlyCaptainWinters at 3:32am, 30 Nov 2008

Recording PULP cover?? YES PLEEEEEASE!!!! It could be a PERFECT Christmas gift ;D We´re waiting for you in Spain!!!

Posted by Savanah at 3:13am, 30 Nov 2008

Frankie, let go of the BS too.

Posted by Left Coast at 3:02am, 30 Nov 2008

@ Mr. Rice-Oxley: I understand that a sort of disconnect between the heart and the ego normally exists in people of my age group (late teens to early 20s)…but you’re a grown-arse man (in your 30s) and it’s obvious that you’re still painfully insecure?!? Recently you’ve been name dropping like it’s going out of style and boasting about your lyrics...not very “ZEN� at all! I suspect that “we’re just falling in love with ourselves� and “I never saw the light� are really about your own issues with disconnection and you really don’t like yourself (or other people for that matter). I did say that excellence overcomes obstacles, but you completely twisted the intentions of self confidence with the intentions of self loathing…so now you’re a mess (and frankly you’re too old to be such a mess). I’ve been fairly polite with my praise of your efforts this year (because you’re talented and you’re my elder) but I’ve observed too many red flags in your recent statements and I believe that you can accept criticism. If you want to write new songs during your break please CHECK YOUR INTENTIONS! Do some soul searching and really pour your heart out in your writing. In my opinion you overthink your circumstances, sometimes resulting in the creation of spiteful lyrics that aren’t as profound as they are obtuse. You're a very smart man and you’re potential is promising, but when Bono was your age he was far more evolved than you. I hope you have an enlightened holiday season free of superficial/commercial influences…let go of all the BS and make a solid connection between your heart and your ego…it’s time! Peace *Z*NYC

Posted by ZaraBelle at 2:55am, 30 Nov 2008

Tim you're the best, the brain of the band. I want to be like you. Me too play piano, you're my teacher. Please come to Mexico. :)

Posted by JimmyKeane at 2:54am, 30 Nov 2008

TIM ~ I think you underestimate yourself, Dear! Every snippet I have heard of your Piano playing in "Perfect Symmetry" sounds just Fine to me!!! I have excellent hearing too; my most acute sense of all! I Love Pulp, and wish you continued success with the cover version of that song! I'd absolutely LOVE to hear you play Pink Floyd's "Us And Them" on the Piano!!!! Everything you do is impeccable and such a joy to listen to! Have a wonderful time in LA. Hope you feel much better! Enjoy the warmth of USA's West Coast! Love & All the Very Best to you, and to All of Keane!!! >>> Anne

Posted by anya at 2:21am, 30 Nov 2008


Posted by gabriela at 2:08am, 30 Nov 2008

TIM eres el mejorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr=Li ly=from Argentina...

Posted by lily at 1:59am, 30 Nov 2008

aaaah thanks TIMMY l Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!=Lily= from Argentina...

Posted by lily at 1:57am, 30 Nov 2008

Looks like you've had an eventful week! Hope your joy continues. Good luck with your cold--the worst part about having one, is sleeping with one..Ugghh. Hope to see ya soon! xoxo Demetria

Posted by Wishes4Keane at 1:32am, 30 Nov 2008

i just want to say thanks to the guys for a very fabulous few weeks. you guys must be knackered by now!!! lol nice to know that you recognise us boardies - yay!! :-) see you in February!! right,i am off to practise my "keane" dancing....

Posted by cjswench at 1:32am, 30 Nov 2008

Hi guys ! Thanks for your interesting blog. Just a quick line to wish keane all the best in the US and im sure ull be a blast as always :)))) Dont forget that latin america luvs u very much!!!!! Dont take it so long to come, Argentina awaits desperately !!!!!!!!xxx Naty

Posted by natalya_28 at 12:43am, 30 Nov 2008

good luck in LA.. and.. that's all and Tim..it's a very good blog...

Posted by pooly at 12:33am, 30 Nov 2008

You are incredible, guys! You must have a lot of energy! And what about the South American Tour? We are very excited about it! Lots of love from Brazil! Kisses! Bye!

Posted by Juliana (Brasil) at 12:22am, 30 Nov 2008

Hi Tim, I'm happy to hear some news from you after this long week, I always enjoy reading your blogs and comments. I love spiralling so much too but I couldn't imagine that sentence was your favourite one. Anyway I had no occasion to say how much I love your new record.(well I had in London at The Forum but I was a little panicked in the after-gig and I was not able to speak ahahah) You surprised me once again and those 11 songs are really a gift! I can not follow you around Europe, but for a couple of concerts, however I listened to the radio sessions, and saw many videos and also lots of pictures of the last week... thanks to the fans who were there! I look forward to listen to the official version of the new cover!amazing! As far as I know you (..well....I don't know you ...anyway...), you are an extraordinary person, keep on doing your best: it is much more than I could ask from a musician, thanks for sharing with us the gift of poetry and music you have inside of you (...ok...I would need an official translator...hope you understand) As I can read by your blog you are still in the mood for new songs and that's really great! I hope you can have some rest during these Christmas holidays with your families. Hope to see you soon in Italy or ....anywhere else I can go to.... Lots of love. Simona.

Posted by sim163 at 12:10am, 30 Nov 2008

Sounds like a busy week! Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights! Hope you'll all get better soon!

Posted by Ikchen at 12:02am, 30 Nov 2008

best wishes in your States tour mates, your'e the best honestly...!

Posted by elite619 at 11:57pm, 29 Nov 2008

Oh my TIMMY, what I can say??? that you´re MY POET.... TIM, you´re for me better than any other artist, superior in everything (EVERYTHING!!!), you´re humble, only the big persons are like that, Kanye West is not better than you and I love how you dress (no need to wear jewels and rare things)....mmmm Britney spears whats matters haha!!!*************************************************************** ********************************************************************** ********************I ADORE KEANE!!!! ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** *************** TIIIIIMMMMM YOU ADMIRE TOO ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** ****************** KISSES FROM CHILE!!!!!!!!!******************************************************** ******************************************************************

Posted by anitaloveskeane at 11:54pm, 29 Nov 2008

WOO HOO!!!!!! See you in less than a week!!!! I can't wait!!! And washingtonirvine... WTH? LMAO!!!!!

Posted by Jacqnic at 11:33pm, 29 Nov 2008

God I love you

Posted by brilliantim at 11:26pm, 29 Nov 2008

You guys are amazing! xxx

Posted by monirodri16 at 11:26pm, 29 Nov 2008

Hey Tim, it's quite nice to read something so fresh and hope this message could put an end to people disappointment about your Star Ac appearance... Each one loves you from a so different way... I understand some people were very very disappointed... Of course, I too was disappointed to see you performing in this kind of Show but so happy to see you as I've almost forgotten everything which was around you. You know, this kind of adoration that I can't hold back !... It's funny how some people love you so much that they can't bear you've done something like that, or then some others people, like me, who love you so much that they could forgive you everything in the name of love... As you know, the greatest artists like STING, Lenny KRAVITZ, Phil COLLINS and so on, are invited in Star Ac... And I bet their fans didn't make fuss about it... Some comments are extremely tough and, anyway, I never can be so radical... I think it's sometimes unuseful to hurt anymore, through some offensive remarks, just in case of you could have been a bit constrained to perform over there. Who are those who judge so harshly ?... I'm afraid now that you don't want to perform in France anymore... Anyway, Tom, thanks again for your performance and the friendly embrace with the French at end... Tim, is it really true as your french is improving ?... Je pense que tous les fans français de KEANE en seront honorés et heureux !!!... You're quite right, LADYHAWKE is a little jewel !... This girl is a bit dressed like a man with her hat and her checkered shirt and she makes rock and roll like a real guy but, indeed, she's really quite feminine !!!... And we enjoyed her music, too. So, we all caught a bad cold in Paris and hope you will spend some good time in LA...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:25pm, 29 Nov 2008

I can't wait for the European album =) Anywayn I'm glad to have some news Tim!

Posted by Car0le-20 at 11:18pm, 29 Nov 2008

Timmy, thanks for this lovely post!!! So happy to hear from youu!! :) What a week, huh? Sounds so tiring but also fun!! :) Hope oneday you'll write about a gig in TURKEY! :) Love you so much dear Mr. Rice-Oxley! :)

Posted by cmr at 11:04pm, 29 Nov 2008

Well yes, what a busy week! We French fans we are noisy? Ahaha..no...I would say...french fans are warm ( and noisy...ahahah! ) Thank you for giving us your impressions of your visit to the Star Academy show. And your last sentence is importante: " Will be good to get back to proper gigs! ". It's funny that you appreciate Kayne West so much. and this story with the bass and the mixing desk wich was eventually blew up is quite funny. I would be very curious to hear a song by Keane featering Kayne West. Come on! Why not? I like the group "Pulp". And the cover you made is pretty fun! I look forward to seeing your work on this DVD Live tour in Europe. I hope that Paris will be i. How it can't be??!!! The sun of California willl bite your cold. Try enjoy this trip in LA. And write us beautiful things as you know so well do. RICE-OXLEY is always on the run. This guy never stop. Ahahaha!!!...All that aside, I still find it hard to believe we are at the end of the year. À bientôt Lots of love from France.

Posted by octavie at 11:03pm, 29 Nov 2008

Indeed ,a crazy week.And please take care of yourselves,You must to eat well and have some rest too.You are wonderful,capital,,,,,TIM I LOVE YOU XXXXX.You have you personally style ,please do not change a thing,and you play perfectly "Perfect Symmetry",,you play well anything. Actually I've heard thee BBC show,and it was amazing ,like always....Please came back after your days off.We need you ,as we need air...LOVE YOU 4EVER XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by KARI FROM SPAIN at 10:52pm, 29 Nov 2008

Hi, thanks, back from work, but you aren´t the only one of having a strange week! Maybe you just had a week, that normal people don´t have! Why didn´t you make a cover version of: I want to live like common people? And now you escape to the sunny california, to see all the california girls like David Lee Roth! Poor boys! I mean you aren´t afraid of losing fans, oh why is there so much negative energy? But as you talked now to your fans, they sure will follow! Sorry, I´m maybe to cynical, but see you soon in february it´s not so soon! Anyway I wish you a safe trip!

Posted by johanna at 10:34pm, 29 Nov 2008

HELLO DEAR TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWWWWWW,NICE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU,TOM AND RICH MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEANE IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...IM HAPPY WITH THE KEANE MUSIC,BECAUSE KEANE IS THE ONLY ONE,THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...ALL MY KISSES,HLN_MTHRFCKR_WITH KEANE_THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!...

Posted by HLN_MTHRFCKR at 10:15pm, 29 Nov 2008

i love you Tom!!!!!

Posted by thomas_chaplin at 9:58pm, 29 Nov 2008

It sound like you've had fun! Have a great time in CA and FEEL BETTER!

Posted by Mimi at 9:53pm, 29 Nov 2008

I felt so bad for you guys when you were playing on star academy! (I watched on YouTube). Especially Tom! I would be so uncomfortable...those people were not very good singers...nobody will ever match Tom's voice, and they shouldn't even try!! Oh well, i still love keane! :)

Posted by Courtney at 9:53pm, 29 Nov 2008


Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 9:48pm, 29 Nov 2008

Thanks Tim. I bet it was "an education" and you are right, you don't belong there. You are all SO much better, but I've said all this before. We still love you... you know that for sure. xxxxx

Posted by sam (uk) at 9:44pm, 29 Nov 2008

GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys KEANE covering Disco 2000!!!!!!!!! I wanna cry! That song really represent an unforgettable stage of my life! I just saw it on u tube and was so amazing... Hope to get the chance of see THAT live sometime soon!!!.... And hope to see Jarvis Cocker again and play it to him ;) Great job guys! And good luck in everything thats coming...

Posted by divangel at 9:40pm, 29 Nov 2008

Oh, well, thank you, especially for sharing your thoughts about this Star Academy issue. Educational ... what a polite way to put it! Have a nice week in L.A. and get rid our your colds!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 9:35pm, 29 Nov 2008


Posted by isa at 9:32pm, 29 Nov 2008

I'm going to make my dream reality ... I want to meet keane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... please you tell me when they make a tour of the south america .. I am waiting that keane come back to argentina!!!!!!!!!!! FOR WHEN??????? I love KEANE with all my heart and.................TOMMY YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE !!! =) ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº ºººººººººº ... the most exciting feeling, impossible to explain ... ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº =) ......

Posted by caro_chaplina at 9:20pm, 29 Nov 2008

"See you soon" I hope so :D Btw, You shoudn't compare Keane/yourself to Britney !!! Loads of Love for u all. Cheers from São Paulo-Brasil !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by mariabella at 9:18pm, 29 Nov 2008

yay!!!! love you guys!!!

Posted by TeamKeane at 9:17pm, 29 Nov 2008

Hi!!!...It's great know that you're enyoing your work, even it's so hard!... I really like "When we fall in love we are just falling in love with ourselves"... I think about it when the thing with the guy I'm in love with doesn't go as I want...jajaja!...of the new album I love "Just because I said it, it doesn't mean I meant it"... and "Dipping my toe in the water and watching you drown"... I like very much Again and Again. I hope your colds go away soon and I got you around Argentina so soon as possible!!... Lots of Kisses... Take Care!. ..:::Jazy '08 - Bs. As. - Argentina:::..

Posted by Jazy at 9:16pm, 29 Nov 2008

********************************************************************** ****************************************.............................. ............................................................ THIS IS A BAND OF REAL TALENTS,UNIQUE IN THE WORLD FOR US !!! TOM,YOUR VOICE IS GENTLE AS A CARESS AND LIVELY AS A FLAME IN THE HEART !!!!YOUR FACE IS PURE AND ANGELIC,WE WANT GIVE YOU A KISS ON YOUR DELICATE CHEEK !!!A GREET TO GREAT KEANE AND HUGS TO SWEET TOMMY !!!!!! FROM YOUR DEAR FRIENDS *A.B* ********************************************************************** ***********************************************

Posted by A.B at 9:12pm, 29 Nov 2008

I love the line "when we fall in love......" too...but my favourite of all time is , I guess : "no one's ever happy or sad for very long" It's so true, specialy for me...I change my humor in every 1 hour sometimes xD...but with Keane, I'm always happy!! I'm glad you're working on the European tour live album, can't wait for it! Please, just PLEAAAASEEEE put at least ONE song recorded live at Lisbon, pleaseeee, so that I (and so many other portugues fans) can remember that wonderful, amazing concert at the Coliseu! Hope you all get better from your colds...and by the way, honestly, I like your dress sense better than Kanye's...=)

Posted by innez at 8:56pm, 29 Nov 2008

It really looks like after this whole promotion Tour (how many gigs since October?????) you guys are going to need SOME REST ;-) It´s nice to have something in common with you Tim!! I also love Paris!! Ohhh, and before I forget it.... Tim, please, don´t waiste your energy thinking about making Keane´s Shows on Britneys or Mama-donna´s Circus-way, hihihi!! They may need it. Your music is all you guys need to make the very best Gig!! You are great Musicians, the best for me. See you in London again!! Greetings from Germany =0) and Gute Besserung!! (get well soon)

Posted by LaKeane at 8:51pm, 29 Nov 2008

Sounds like you're living the life alright. Rock Star! :-) Safe journey to the US. love -Jo Anne

Posted by jo anne at 8:50pm, 29 Nov 2008

see u guys in few days!!! :)

Posted by sivan at 8:50pm, 29 Nov 2008

Hello Tim!!! Wow what a amazing week !! well, nice when you and the boys let us know about the Keane's road, yes I agree with you sometimes in the interviews I see the boring things that ask to you and the guys, then is a bit difficult to be calm and polite lol lol lol lol . Awwww you and the boys are cold?? I hope that you get well soon Im here supporting for this ok?????? Nice Blog Tim I love ;) well, take care all the best to you,Tom and Richard oh !! and have a nice back to Europe!!! kisses & hugs I love ya and the boys ;) Lots of love Monica

Posted by mklbrazil at 8:49pm, 29 Nov 2008

Great blog Tim thanks.I was one of those boardies at the front at the radio 2 do. it was great as usual to be there.Fantastic pulp cover ( not that I no much of their stuff *blush* ) but knew that song *smile*. All the very best with LA and your well deserved rest over the christmas period x

Posted by sal at 8:48pm, 29 Nov 2008

SoCal sun is returning just for you! We are just getting over a little rain and colder temps, but it will be in the mid-high 60's -70's(they say ) in Santa Monica with mostly clear skies, and in the 70's for the San Fernando Valley(OMG!) It would not surprise me at all if temps end up considerably higher ^_^ Hope our sunny skies banish all your ills instantly! Tim we love your style! What track did KW work on??? We can't wait to see you all again!!! (and Again, and Again, and Agaaaaain!! XD)

Posted by WTolucaLaker at 8:37pm, 29 Nov 2008

I absolutely love the Pulp cover and I think it's a great idea to record it. Enough time to make it as a Christmas present to us?? Hm, think about it! I love you guys!!

Posted by Cellita at 8:35pm, 29 Nov 2008

Big thanks Tim,you are sooo amazing ! making great music,can't stop listening to yours songs :) have a good time in LA,hugs from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil....Rachel xxx

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 8:19pm, 29 Nov 2008

Thank you very much for your blog Tim. I enjoyed reading it. You're very kind to write it on a Saturday evening. But I guess every day is the same for you. I really like the line "When we fall in love , we're just falling in love with ourselves". I'm glad to know that it's your favourite. And you're already thinking of new songs. Very good news! I hope you all recover from your colds. I wish you great gigs in LA. By the way I couldn't login with my other username. Thank goodnes I've got that one. Should this one doesn't work too it will be "pas de nouvelle, bonne nouvelle". Au revoir.

Posted by Ratatouille at 8:18pm, 29 Nov 2008

LOL totally sound like Tim is in love with Kanye West. XD

Posted by Kittichan at 8:12pm, 29 Nov 2008

Still something I don't understand...You said that the Portugal gig would be the last one of the tour...and that you knew it would be a great place to end it...(I'm from Portugal bu the way...AMAZING CONCERT!!) But then...you had a gig in Paris...and...once again...it was a great place to end it...I'm kinda confused...but OH WELL! Kanye and Keane? Weird...

Posted by innez at 8:12pm, 29 Nov 2008

Thanks a lot for those lines, i'm very happy to see that you appreciated your gig in France (since i was in the front lines of the crowd, one of the people singing along all of your songs) and i hope you will be back ! I'd like to see you at the O2 too... Concerning Star Academy, of course it was a little strange to see you in there but well, i was so happy to see you all, i waited with a friend during the whole show to see your 2 songs and it was cool to see Tom's happy face and hear him speaking a little French... Love you & your songs so much *_* Melissa from France

Posted by miki855 at 8:08pm, 29 Nov 2008

"Who's Tim? Posted by washingtonirving on 2008-11-29 19:37:17" You're kidding right?? Thanks for the blog!! It's great that you're having a good time...

Posted by innez at 8:07pm, 29 Nov 2008

What a great post! Keane and Kanye?! Wow that's awesome! You two need to do something together! Have fun in LA!

Posted by rodrigo at 8:04pm, 29 Nov 2008

sounds awesome. kanye and keane! wow. kisses!

Posted by chillout at 8:03pm, 29 Nov 2008

Hi Tim, thank you for the diary... it was the first one that really made me understand what you guys are going trough... good luke in LA and watch out with the colds!!!

Posted by Tomsdream at 8:01pm, 29 Nov 2008

that was such an amazing week for you =) I hope you will go back to France for another gig next year, it's maybe not so much fun for you as an UK gig but the French fan are truly sincere and we love you so much. I'm going to the O2 in London in February.... so happy ^^ I hope you'll have great "holidays" in California.. take some rest . Nath from florida.

Posted by pillika at 8:01pm, 29 Nov 2008

what I would give to be able to get to LA next week. Thank you so much for writing. All my love.

Posted by renxiaoyun at 7:58pm, 29 Nov 2008

washingtonirving, Tim is the band's personal assistant. You might want to take a look at the BAND section of the website.

Posted by pointgard022 at 7:56pm, 29 Nov 2008

Greeat blog. Sounds like you all are having a great time on tour. And YAY! Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing Disco 2000 as a B-Side someday soon!

Posted by Oceanrose at 7:53pm, 29 Nov 2008

bloody h*ll! i hate Kanye!! he's such a pretentious a**hole!! he's about as articulate a speaker as Sarah Palin. whenever he's on awards shows i happen to have on (like the American Music Awards last week), i always mute his bit b/c it's too painful to listen to/watch. LOL! perhaps he's a completely different man in person.... thanks for the update nonetheless. ;-)

Posted by April Jo at 7:47pm, 29 Nov 2008

lol @ washingtonirving

Posted by pi at 7:46pm, 29 Nov 2008

We all know you four are great musicians! so don't make the same mistakes again,plaese! Lots of love, Mariano from Argentina

Posted by mariano at 7:43pm, 29 Nov 2008

Who's Tim?

Posted by washingtonirving at 7:37pm, 29 Nov 2008

Dear Tim, thanks for the blog. To us, your passionate fans, are so important your personal messages (and from your partners too), because it's one way to view you how real people.

Posted by roosy at 7:37pm, 29 Nov 2008

Hi Tim You all got colds? No way :-) :-) ?? I am stuck in bed with bronchitis (little souvenir from queing for the Paris gig i suppose) so that's quite a bummer. Can I just b honest? Last night's gig on the Star Academy show i wos pretty shocked...It's a gig i dont want to remember...But hey!! Have fun in LA, wish we could catch sum lovely sun in ere...guess we'll have to wait for that untill spring arrives...that seems like a long way to go for me :-s Any festival premieres yet ;-) Rock Werchter maybe ;-) C ya soon!!!! Catherine (Belgium)

Posted by catherine84 at 7:35pm, 29 Nov 2008

thanks Tim for your week!!!! did you meet with kanye west??? he is amazing!!! I can't imagine kanye singing spiralling. Why don't you make a song with him???? that would be great!!!! keane, thanks for your music!!! KISSES FROM ARGENTINA (L)(L)(L)(K)(K)(K)

Posted by YaSsMI at 7:35pm, 29 Nov 2008

but that performance WAS a circus.......

Posted by pi at 7:34pm, 29 Nov 2008

Ohhh nooooo you ALL have COLDS?? I hope you all feeling better soon! I hope the California sun will help it go away!. . . . . . . . . we are arriving in LA on the same day! How exciting! (most likely NOT the same airport, I'm guessing you'll be flying into LAX while I'll be flying into Burbank) But you never know! *wink* God, I cannot wait to see you guys Tues Weds & Thurs!!!! Cheers! Annie xxxxx

Posted by annie nyc at 7:34pm, 29 Nov 2008

What a week for real!!! SEE YOU IN LA!!!!!!

Posted by annie nyc at 7:27pm, 29 Nov 2008

Thanks a lot for this blog Tim! Whoa, when you write it all down like that it does seem like an awful lot of work! How is it even possible to do that much in just a week? Try and relax under the Californian sun as much as you can! I was glad to read your opinion about the Star Academy show as so many fans have been so upset about it. I can only imagine how good it must feel to play some real gigs after that experience! Oh and that Pulp cover just rocks so it would be great if you recorded it. Looking forward to seeing you in London in February (and hopefully one day here in Finland, too)!

Posted by ava at 7:26pm, 29 Nov 2008

Good week!! I wish you guys COME TO COLOMBIA someday... pleaaseee??... anyways... I love Keane!! (Spacially Richard!)

Posted by mag1k at 7:22pm, 29 Nov 2008

Hello Tim - I hope you all feel better soon - we all have colds too but none of the exitement you've described ( 2 small children...) . I really appreciate your attitude towards that whole lovely world of bands being nasty to one another- it seems ridiculous and takes out all the fun- A real turn off-you guys all come across as great authentic people and I love your music. Have a great time in LA - here in Israel we are still enjoing a lot of sunny days which may lure you into considering a gig...

Posted by michali at 7:21pm, 29 Nov 2008

Thanks for finding some time to write a blog in the end of this hyper busy and crazy week. Have a speedy recovery, smooth flight and enjoy your stay in LA. Keep us updated whenever you can. Love and pozzie vibes your way.

Posted by Miss Teake at 7:19pm, 29 Nov 2008

God I hate Kayne. Lol California sun... well at least it has been coming out..it was gross and rainy and cold for a while.

Posted by b0red at 7:18pm, 29 Nov 2008

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