Explore Strangeland - win a new song

13 Apr 2012
Explore Strangeland - win a new song

Head over to Keane's Facebook Page now to play our brand new Explore Strangeland game. The first 20,000 people to finish the game win a free download of the song Strangeland, which appears on the Deluxe Edition of the album. Good luck!

NB: as the game is Flash-based, it won't play on devices which are not Flash enabled (including iPhones and iPads).

Comments (75)

Download of Strangeland title track still available! And what a fantastic track it is! I definitely think this should be released as a single at some point! Love it!

Posted by 1FOXYLADY at 1:53am, 30 Apr 2012

Aww what a beautiful gift. Absolutely beautiful, great game too! It's not too late to play! I feel so lucky, I never win anything!! Keane, see you at the Beacon in NYC June 15th!

Posted by mel100390 at 5:36pm, 17 Apr 2012

To anyone who might wonder if It is too late to win the game and receive the song. It is not too late! I really enjoyed this game and listening to Strangeland song today. Thank you!

Posted by vlasti at 1:37pm, 17 Apr 2012

I won!!! I can't wait to receive the new album in the mail! I'll be seeing you guys in Nashville on June 21st!!! I'm so excited!

Posted by bnjmnwst at 6:07am, 17 Apr 2012

:) i see this too late ! its sucks D:

Posted by loreiin at 10:40pm, 16 Apr 2012

OMG! The most beautiful gift ever! Thank you so much!

Posted by dreamergirl at 7:20pm, 16 Apr 2012

It appears that I am the only person on the planet who is not on Facebook & has no desire to be either! SOOO UNFAIR!!!

Posted by 1FOXYLADY at 11:55pm, 15 Apr 2012

@Delta: Please no links to sharing, free download was limited and subject to certain conditions. Thanks! ;)

Posted by Vic! at 8:12pm, 15 Apr 2012

It has turned out to be an early birthday present for me! What could have been better than the classic Keane sound all over again!

Posted by sss86 at 7:53pm, 15 Apr 2012

@Delta Thank you so much for posting that link! :)

Posted by sss86 at 7:24pm, 15 Apr 2012

Gosh that's awesome. Thank you so much for Strangeland, sounds really beautiful :'(

Posted by David_ at 12:25pm, 15 Apr 2012

Thanks for the gift !! It's always a pleasure listening to your songs. This one is beautiful. Can't wait to hear the album !!!

Posted by clarisse at 6:07am, 15 Apr 2012

Thank you guys! For the game, for the song, for everything! It was funny to play the game and now I'm listening to my gift - "Strangeland". Such a abeautiful song! You're awesome! Always giving us great surprises! ^^

Posted by Ainara at 5:47am, 15 Apr 2012

thank youuuuuuuuuu!

Posted by Florencia* at 1:09am, 15 Apr 2012

best birthday gift everrr :)

Posted by seafog23 at 11:37pm, 14 Apr 2012

Had to persuade a better game player to complete this for me but we got there in the end. Beautiful song, bodes well for the album!

Posted by CAILY at 10:14pm, 14 Apr 2012

Strangeland is such a beautiful song...

Posted by sim163 at 6:49pm, 14 Apr 2012

@kittykat123: After completing the game and entering your details, you should receive an email with the link to download the song. ;)

Posted by Vic! at 6:29pm, 14 Apr 2012

Oh by the way what a great idea.xxxx

Posted by daviniaalison at 3:56pm, 14 Apr 2012

love it thx Keane.xxx

Posted by daviniaalison at 3:56pm, 14 Apr 2012

Fun game, and great song. They should port the game to iPhone.

Posted by davidb5 at 3:45pm, 14 Apr 2012

i won too :) i love promotion like that ;) thankyou a lot!

Posted by picaccino at 2:00pm, 14 Apr 2012

I won the song and I love it! It's so soft and beuatiful. I don't know I can wait 23 days...

Posted by LadyDelusion at 9:21am, 14 Apr 2012

I was spiralling under the iron sea with the hope to get my song and i did this night !!!! thanks guys you´re so amaizing and funny all my love from Mexico

Posted by endyhill at 5:56am, 14 Apr 2012

Beautiful song! Kind of reminds me of Annie Ford, don't know why. I had to get my teenage son to play the game, though.

Posted by MelanieD at 5:20am, 14 Apr 2012

oh my god i cant play the game im so fucking sad cuz i want the son but anyways guys cleaver fun fantastic marvelos we really care about yu the way you care about us thank you i love you guys

Posted by karlav at 5:17am, 14 Apr 2012

(:es muy divertido el juego me gusto mucho muchas gracias por darnos una nuevo track los aprecio y los quiero mucho cuidense saludos desde mexico :)

Posted by yanin-DP09 at 4:55am, 14 Apr 2012

Oh my God!! Thanks so much for this beautiful song and also for the amazing game!! I really love them! :D I´m waiting for May 7th :D Woow Strangeland is one of my favourite Keane´s songs EVER!! You´re so brilliant guys! I love you so much..Greetings from Mexico City! I´m waiting for you to come back :D

Posted by Janet at 3:48am, 14 Apr 2012

does anyone know how to download the song after u play the game and get the song... help me.

Posted by kittykat123 at 3:32am, 14 Apr 2012

Thank you very much for the song as a gift, to play, you are the maximum, very fun :D

Posted by Marilú at 2:24am, 14 Apr 2012

I really liked the design, the piano sound when jumping and falling from the battery, but I liked very much the part where you get to collect the light at the piano, microphone and guitar with the sun behind, I loved it.

Posted by Marilú at 2:21am, 14 Apr 2012

Oh my lord, Strangeland is SO BEAUTIFUL. Seriously close to tearing up! It's amazing, I'm so excited to hear the rest of the album! P.S. The game was fun too :)

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 2:17am, 14 Apr 2012

I'm downloading the track. Thank you Keane!!!! The game was really fun!!!! Greetings from Peru to Tim, Tom, Richard and Jesse!!!

Posted by Daniel (Peru) at 1:20am, 14 Apr 2012

Loved the game and I'm still not believing that I have the track!! :)

Posted by Danika-09 at 11:38pm, 13 Apr 2012

Playing the game was absolute fun but difficult to begin with trying to explore all of Strangeland. In the end I won and i'm currently listening to Strangeland now which is incredibly beautiful following your brilliant performance on the Graham Norton show. Thanks Mr. KM for posting this fun but wonderful notification on the site.

Posted by natashalouise at 10:38pm, 13 Apr 2012

:( It crashed my computer...

Posted by WeatherTheLizard at 10:37pm, 13 Apr 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 9:40pm, 13 Apr 2012

I played and it was so much fun!! However, I don't know if I've won, will it notify you? I don't think I did, but it will probs be available soon enough too everybody.

Posted by ~Keanie~ at 8:48pm, 13 Apr 2012

I loved the music!!!!!! And the game is great, looks like LittleBigPlanet! =)

Posted by kinhalchemist at 8:35pm, 13 Apr 2012


Posted by wajeeha abbasi at 7:47pm, 13 Apr 2012

@RDT87 Hola, Rodrigo! En el email viene un link. Cuando le haces clic, se abre una página de tu navegador con un reproductor de música pequeñito donde puedes escuchar el tema, ¿cierto? Pues bien, lo único que tienes que hacer es colocar el cursor arriba de ese reproductor, hacer clic en el botón derecho de tu mouse y elegir "Guardar como" (o la opción para guardar de tu navegador) y listo! Espero que funcione! Saludos desde Chile!! =)

Posted by Dra_House at 7:30pm, 13 Apr 2012

hey KM.com that was a nice way to get a song!! I had so much fun and the song it's beatiful!!! thank you so much for this game and the song and I have to say that I'm really proud to be your fan!! love u !!! :D please Strangeland come to me!!

Posted by niceve at 6:55pm, 13 Apr 2012

Excelente tema! es como escuchar sus primeros discos! =) love Keane

Posted by Magalí at 6:24pm, 13 Apr 2012

Also requires Facebook!

Posted by ChrisFlynn at 5:45pm, 13 Apr 2012

Buenas! alguien me puede ayudar a bajar el tema que regalaron?? gane el juego me mandron un mail a mi casilla y nose como hacer..Gracias

Posted by RDT87 at 5:41pm, 13 Apr 2012

At first did not understand the game haha But.. I won after all! Strangeland is a beautiful song ♥

Posted by CChaplin at 5:20pm, 13 Apr 2012

Thanks!! Beautiful song!!!!

Posted by olivet at 4:57pm, 13 Apr 2012

Super funny game ! . The song ... uff ... thousand times better ! Thanks Keane for make me happy :D

Posted by nad_88 at 4:46pm, 13 Apr 2012

@Anitalita I believe the wallpapers will be sent once the 20,000 download has been made, there's no "losing" in the game :P

Posted by Silentchords at 4:31pm, 13 Apr 2012

OMG...That's amazing... i want to play and i'll win.. hehehe..thanks keane are the best band around the world... i love you.. and I can't wait for Strangeland... kisses from Mexico.. and Please.. COME MEXICO..we miss you!!!

Posted by Keane-Liz at 4:29pm, 13 Apr 2012

I love the song a lot! And the game was so much fun! That was a really neat idea

Posted by Hattie at 4:22pm, 13 Apr 2012

Really nice game :) I also won the song!!! It's really nice too... OJH when you finish the game you have to register and they send you the link to download it to your email.

Posted by helix at 3:33pm, 13 Apr 2012

I've won it, and got it on the webpage, but how do you download it to iTunes? Please help!

Posted by OJH at 3:04pm, 13 Apr 2012

i watched both new videos last night and loved them. [ 'silenced' and 'cafe']. don't you feel very very proud to be a keane fan .

Posted by TheWiseGeordie at 3:03pm, 13 Apr 2012

I don't know how to play it.... cos my page would lag all the time......... God... please help me....... :(((((

Posted by rainborn8228 at 2:57pm, 13 Apr 2012

Omg I never won a game, Thank you Keane and Mr. KM for making possible for us to hear a little early such a beautiful song,Now I;m trying to loose so I can win the wallpapers , Anyone know how to??? LOL

Posted by Anitalita at 2:53pm, 13 Apr 2012

Woop! I won the track! It's absolutely beautiful :) Cannot wait for the album now! Thanks so much :) Georgina.x

Posted by georginamay at 2:40pm, 13 Apr 2012

Hahaha I love this innovative shit♥

Posted by pskeane at 2:17pm, 13 Apr 2012

SALUT LES AMIIS°°° Sympa ce jeu !! sauf que je ne suis pas inscrite sur facebook !!!!! mais comme je vous adore je crois que je vais me laissé tenter ((( qu'estce qu'on ne fait pas par amour ))) STANGELAND °°°je ne me lasse pas de regarder toutes vidéos qui circulent sur youtube j'aime beaucoup °°SEA FOG et the STARTING LINE °° mais ma préférée reste quand meme SILENCED BY THE NIGTH°° votre album est magnifique on ne peux pas rester insenssible a tous ces sentiments qui sortent de vos chansons )) avec tout mon amour °°° GROS BISOUS A TOUS *** (à bientot sur facebook ))

Posted by choupette94 at 2:05pm, 13 Apr 2012

I won! OMG Amazing song guys. Its so beautiful. You have never failed me to have every single song of yours to be amazing!

Posted by Birdbreth at 2:04pm, 13 Apr 2012

I did it! - Awesome track guys, love it!

Posted by josalt at 1:59pm, 13 Apr 2012

The game is real fun. And the song. Oh my .....The song is more than AMAZING. I can't.... I've been looping it over and over and over.

Posted by Iris_Carter at 1:51pm, 13 Apr 2012

Gané!! :) Muy linda canción.

Posted by silvinaponce at 1:39pm, 13 Apr 2012

I won the sooong!! hehehe :)

Posted by ALVARO 7 at 1:34pm, 13 Apr 2012

I woooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn!!!! lol Thanks guys!!! I love this song very much!!!

Posted by stephrosie at 1:32pm, 13 Apr 2012

Great surprise! Thank you! I loved the song! One of the best of this album! =D HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE!! =)

Posted by Dra_House at 1:21pm, 13 Apr 2012

Wow, so that's Strangeland? When can I move in?

Posted by iamtheoriginalstig at 1:18pm, 13 Apr 2012

Loved the graphics on the game, and of course the song! :3

Posted by FreddyCrab at 1:07pm, 13 Apr 2012

Thank you so much! It's wonderful, love the song, very Keane! :D Can't wait, less than a month to go now! And loved the fact that the background was all UTIS! :D

Posted by Spiralling at 1:01pm, 13 Apr 2012

This is such a beautiful song! :') Thankyou!

Posted by KingPazza at 12:57pm, 13 Apr 2012

Thank you so much for this beautiful song, I won it !!!! Hurry to hear all the album. Have a nice day everybody !

Posted by sculler at 12:23pm, 13 Apr 2012

Wow, it's lovely isn't it? Thank's so much for this, 7th May can't come soon enough.

Posted by wrightk15 at 12:16pm, 13 Apr 2012

i won this track!! :D I'm so happy!! thank you guys!

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 12:04pm, 13 Apr 2012

I just cant believe what I've heard. One of the best Keane songs EVER. I've really missed the old-style Keane. THANKS GOD YOU ARE BACK!

Posted by emanuelngm at 11:45am, 13 Apr 2012

That was fun. :P Thanks for the track! ^^

Posted by Vic! at 11:39am, 13 Apr 2012

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