Richard's Manchester crowd shots

02 Dec 2012
Richard's Manchester crowd shots

Here are Richard's crowd shots from Thursday night's storming show at Manchester Arena. Click on the photos to see the hi-res versions. And don't forget to add your photos from the show to our live archive.

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Finally found myself and my hubby on the 3rd pic down...Still sant believe how close we were to the stage.Amazing night.You must come back to Manchester again this yr please!!!! xxx

Posted by EM1977 at 11:58am, 21 Jan 2013

I took my son and we had a fabulous evening .We can see ourselves with his makeshift sign.What inspiring musicianship..Cant wait to see you all again.Thank you for all that you do.Pure perfection.

Posted by ebwilli at 12:33am, 10 Jan 2013

that's cool but... #ArgentinaNeedsKeane!

Posted by Agostinabeth at 9:01pm, 05 Dec 2012

Oh yes and there I am... you can just spot me on the 2nd picture down, front row just below Tom's mic (apologies for that Tom it doesn't sound quite right) and above the spotlight... in the darkness where I belong!!! Thanks again for a fab night lads!!! See you next year!!!

Posted by woody81 at 1:06pm, 05 Dec 2012

It is so very good of you to take & post these pics, Richard, thank you! Sometimes I fell very isolated in my skin & bones,and I feel a bit less lonely when I see all those Keane fans at a Keane concert having a blast just as I love to do! Love you!

Posted by WTolucaLaker at 7:27am, 05 Dec 2012

..."I hear you singing in the wire...I can hear you through the wine."....

Posted by Nina at 4:25am, 05 Dec 2012

Mr. R-O...your foot stomping action has been working overtime...save some for January...I'll see you in Houston and Austin....

Posted by Nina at 4:20am, 05 Dec 2012

Saludos, sabemos que son los ultimos concierto de este año!!, esperamos mi familia y yo que puedan estar al lado de sus familias tambien, y puedan sentirse acogidos y puedan pasar un feliz fin de año, gracias por las fotos estan maravillosas, y espero ver algun día un concierto de ustedes...=)

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 2:22am, 05 Dec 2012


Posted by vallejos_tamara at 1:51am, 05 Dec 2012

I can see me and Jenny, front row on the third one!

Posted by suered at 8:43pm, 04 Dec 2012

BRAVO LES GARCONS!!! DES CHANSONS DE LA MUSIQUE ET EN PLUS DE L' AMOUR mission reussie en regardant cette photo (((mercii RICHARD )))) on voit que tous ont vecue le meme moment MAGIQUE un moment unique JE VOUS AIME

Posted by choupette94 at 8:55pm, 03 Dec 2012

thank you, moira196!!!!! THAT was indeed BEAUTIFUL with Tom singing one of my favourites! Yes, DVD, please BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE IT WORKS ON ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES as my Strangers DVD doesn't work which I purchased from amazon. Bummer! :(

Posted by anouk23 at 6:29pm, 03 Dec 2012

love this youtube video posted from O2 show-it gives me goosebumps!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3c_gwoUF2Q What more can I say DVD!! DVD!! DVD !! & (many more UK shows!)

Posted by moira196 at 4:52pm, 03 Dec 2012

that's what I call "to have luck"

Posted by pskeane at 3:42pm, 03 Dec 2012

Oh my god I am so lucky to have been there..you were amazing and Toms voice is just gorgeous..Cant quite see if Im on any of the pics or not..Love you guys so so much and cannot wait to see you again so please come back to manchester soon xxxxx :-)

Posted by EM1977 at 1:09pm, 03 Dec 2012

Ciao Richard, grazie di cuore per queste nuove foto : sono spettacolari, mi piacciono!!! Adesso devo scappare, devo prendere il pullman per andare a scuola dove mi aspettano gli alunni di prima media per le lezioni di violino! Un abbraccio , a presto! Sabrina from Catania.

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:14am, 03 Dec 2012

woooo great pics !!!!! richard is amizing i loved :) come back colombia the best coffre!!! mm

Posted by kmila lopz at 5:10am, 03 Dec 2012

Rich, your shots sounds great just like the beats of your drums, in the same way that Tim uses the words with multiple layers of meaning full of life. The O2 is the best Keane place ever. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 4:46am, 03 Dec 2012

Lovin the pics guys xx keep them comin please xx n I agree,xx the more UK tours the better, 02 perfect, I could go every night n not get bored xx I'm hooked xx :0) xx

Posted by printboy72 at 11:52pm, 02 Dec 2012

Acabo de escuchar el Acoustic Perfomances entero. Es una delicia. Es una regalo para los oídos. Me tengo que disculpar con Tim, porqué en The Starting Line no és un xilofon que se oye és un piano pequeño, un mini pianin. Y el piano de Tim marca Bentley, suena muy y muy dulce. Después Jesse toca como una bandurria. Creo que necesitaríamos que los quatro comentaran este acústico que va con el libro. Ya no escribo más porqué no es muy aceptable para el resto. Marisa. Bcn.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:22pm, 02 Dec 2012

love your work. it´s great. thank you for cher this with us

Posted by tati135 at 9:14pm, 02 Dec 2012

This is ace, I can see me with my sister in the middle of the aisle with grey dress and black top. Best gig I've been to - saw you at V festival in the Summer too, hope you do some more UK dates soon! :D

Posted by hpycroft at 9:01pm, 02 Dec 2012

Gracias Richard por tu dedicación fotogràfica. No podemos estar presentes pero a través de tus fotos nos podemos imaginar lo espectacular que puede ser ver la gente de pie y siguiendo el ritmo. En Barcelona te he de decir que estuviste magnífico, Richard. Para mi el mejor de los quatro. Ibas como un cronómetro. Llevas el ritmo dentro del alma. Gracias de nuevo, y las fotos son preciosas con unos luces azules muy bien tomadas sin destellos. Barcelona. Marisa. Moltes gràcies.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:39pm, 02 Dec 2012

great pics Richard :D

Posted by leny at 8:35pm, 02 Dec 2012

Rich's Rules! Amazing guy! Luv u so much!

Posted by debora_brandao at 8:19pm, 02 Dec 2012

WOW! AMAZING! Rich, you is a lord, sir... Love you *-*

Posted by my--shadow at 8:15pm, 02 Dec 2012

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