Watch a live acoustic session today

20 Jan 2013

6.15pm UK time: The band are just about to start an acoustic session for US radio station Alice 102. You can watch it on the player above...

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Thanx Mr KM for the live stream from Austin, Texas+live stream from Alice Lounge im so grateful im seeing more of the guys whilst they out of the U.K hope they are all well has Tom got the flu if he has wish you better Tom. Love to Tom, Tim, Richard, Jesse and my hero Colin XXXXX and love to you Mr KM your a star X.

Posted by Babs2009 at 4:52pm, 24 Jan 2013

The place where I use to love, Tim, is listenning in the live acoustic. Las clases de piano estoy estudiando, corcheas, semicorcheas y treset ( en catalá ). Este último ojala me lo pudieras explicar tu. Tengo una profesora excelente.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:02pm, 22 Jan 2013

Wonderful lyrics: "Save us all, tell me life is beautiful"; "... meet me in the morning when you wake up ..."; " ...is this the place we used to love ? ...; And I don't feel the same ...."; "I am going where the people know my name ..."; "What do I Know? I Know ...". Marisa. Barcelona. Good lyrics.

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:55pm, 22 Jan 2013

SOWK is my absolute favourite, get the goosebumps everytime and the acoustic version is just brilliant. Tom's voice always flawless. No fancy backing track, just PROPER music and a magic voice. Just fantastic guys, thanks.

Posted by kgrist at 1:40pm, 22 Jan 2013

Thanks for an absolutely incredible show in Kansas City last night!

Posted by tralfamadore at 7:04pm, 21 Jan 2013

Tom: Valery, my 5 years daughter loves sovereign light cafe and she said: "mami, I want Tom come to my home!!! ;) and I said her: me too!!! See u on Thursday !! I can't wait!!!

Posted by Nelly Chaplin at 6:17pm, 21 Jan 2013

Great live concert V Festival Chelmsford 2012. Everybody's Changing, con los auriculares, se oye el ritmo de fondo que va de una oreja a otra; Crystall Ball, con el recital último de la bateria de Richard; un estribillo pegadizo pero precioso, "... meet me in the morning when you wake up ..." y un is it any wonder ? excelente, y Tim bailando casi con el piano. La voz de Tom Brillante. What more is it say ? Marisa. Bcn.

Posted by OXFORDD at 6:14pm, 21 Jan 2013

Thanks for sharing guys!!! :D amazing as always!! See u on Thursday !! Kisses from Atlanta !!

Posted by Nelly Chaplin at 6:13pm, 21 Jan 2013

"You will never walk alone", Tom. Estás en un momento deliciosa sónicamente. Podríais volver a grabar en Sea Fog Studios, Under the Iron Sea, con la voz excelente que tienes ahora. Te faltaría quizá, no lo sé, la energía y el sentimiento que transmitías. Y por supuesto los pelos largos que llevabas. Llevas un corte de pelo que te está muy bien. La cara infantil siento decirtelo, pero no la pierdes. Esta voz no es nada sin el acompañamiento que llevas. Porqué, Sir. Tom, llevas un equipo muy bueno. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 5:18pm, 21 Jan 2013

I don't know how it's possible, but Tom is singing SOWK better and better. I had to try several times because of Obama's inauguration. In the end it was worth the effort! Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 3:46pm, 21 Jan 2013

Thank you so much ! Kisses from France. Florence

Posted by crEvEtte9578 at 1:18pm, 21 Jan 2013

Clean, clear, crisp and beautiful as always!!!!! i love you, boys!!!!! *hugs and kisses from Belgium*

Posted by anouk23 at 10:47am, 21 Jan 2013

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** marvelous, indeed!!!! Thank you for sharing! :.) Lots of love! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 2:56am, 21 Jan 2013

It was a fantastic surprise, thank you so much! Acoustic Live sessions are always so lovely, you were flawless and amazing. Wish you a great Gig later on, take care! lots of love xxxx

Posted by hlimpo at 10:40pm, 20 Jan 2013

As wonderful as ever, such a lovely, pure voice. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Posted by Cojoe at 10:30pm, 20 Jan 2013

Wonderful Live Acoustics. It's a pleasure to listen you. I hope someday to listen live acoustics in Barcelona. Tim, por favor, si puedes, lleva la barba de dos ó tres días. Estás componiendo canciones nuevas en este tour por EE.UU ?

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:01pm, 20 Jan 2013

KEANE... I Love you guys... TIM, TOM, RICHARD AND JESSE... COLOMBIA wait for KEAne..

Posted by paliz at 9:30pm, 20 Jan 2013

Beautiful, as always!!

Posted by BrielleGL at 7:39pm, 20 Jan 2013

Thank you for sharing hundred percent Happiness!! full of beautiful moments with your fans during the U.S. tour BIG KISSES TO ALL

Posted by choupette94 at 7:11pm, 20 Jan 2013

Love these sessions, beautiful and perfect as always, thank you xxx

Posted by FABKEANE at 7:03pm, 20 Jan 2013

Grazie di cuore cari Keane, ho guardato adesso la vostra sessione acustica e sentire somewhere only we know mi ha fatto sognare...Magica davvero!!! Sono veramente contenta di questo bel regalo che ci avete fatto, siete unici! Un grande abbraccio dalla vostra fan Sabrina da Catania, ciao!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 6:49pm, 20 Jan 2013

#IndonesiaWantsKeaneAgain :D

Posted by razorical at 6:47pm, 20 Jan 2013

Cancel that last comment, managed to see the last two tracks, awesome as usual.

Posted by olived01 at 6:46pm, 20 Jan 2013

Oh, i love you guys. I saw that from Venezuela. Thanks for your Music. I hope see you someday of my life.

Posted by IMVENEZOLANKEANER at 6:45pm, 20 Jan 2013

So good to see you guys again !!!

Posted by mazzyc at 6:40pm, 20 Jan 2013

What happened? The streaming didn't work

Posted by olived01 at 6:37pm, 20 Jan 2013

Thank you dear Tom, you've made me smile happily with your voice again)

Posted by pushistik at 6:33pm, 20 Jan 2013

Streaming went off!

Posted by suered at 6:33pm, 20 Jan 2013

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