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18 Jan 2013

Last night's show at Austin City Limits Live show in Austin, Texas streamed live worldwide as a Stageside Live webcast event. If you missed it, you can watch it all again above, wherever you are. 

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Since I am not able to see you live this month, thank you so much for the full broadcast of this awesome show. Thank you Keane for another great performance!

Posted by JoeDancer at 9:31pm, 27 Jan 2013

If your SIDESHOW in CHILE next April is exactly the same to this one, I'll be extremely happy... =P HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =)

Posted by Dra_House at 7:01pm, 27 Jan 2013

What an amazing show! My boyfriend took me down to Austin from Dallas to see the concert for my birthday. I can't imagine a more magical way to celebrate. Keane...Austin City Limits...what could be better???!!! Thanks so much for loading the video online so we can relive it anytime we want. Thanks for the memories, and come back to Texas soon!!!! WE LOVE YOU, KEANE!!!!! :)

Posted by jessjane79 at 5:44pm, 26 Jan 2013

My wife and I were at both the Austin and the Dallas concerts, right up near the front on both occasions, and we were able to briefly meet Richard and Tim after the Dallas show (freezing outside!). I absolutely LOVE this recording of the Austin show, especially since I can see us in a few crowd shots. Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase a DVD or copy of this concert? I'm worried that it will be taken down from the site soon and we'll never be able to see it again. We are expecting twin daughters this May, and it would be nice to one day show them one of our favorite concerts we attended before they were born!

Posted by Razorjeff at 4:50am, 24 Jan 2013

lovely! lovely! lovely What An Amazing Evening, indeed!!!!! Sea Fog, Sovereign Light Cafe and of course CRYSTAL BALL after the encore. Thank you so much, boys, for warming us this very cold, snowy Sunday evening here in BElgium!!!!!

Posted by anouk23 at 10:41pm, 20 Jan 2013

uh oh! the audio starts to deteriorates here.....My Shadow! for a nanosecond there i thought tom was lipsynching! :(

Posted by anouk23 at 10:04pm, 20 Jan 2013

WOW! I'm on the 13th song now, MY SHADOW. And by the rate this gig is going....it seems amazing indeed!!!! Lucky Austin denizens for having heard an amazing setlist!!!! I cannot wait to see the end of the concert. =)

Posted by anouk23 at 10:02pm, 20 Jan 2013

Thank you! thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!!! it's nice to see the boys wearing identical tops for a change! =)

Posted by anouk23 at 9:05pm, 20 Jan 2013

How do I watch the Austin show? The video panel is blank and nothing seems to work :-)

Posted by olived01 at 7:01pm, 20 Jan 2013

Mr.Km.com and about our questions?

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 6:56pm, 19 Jan 2013

WOW WOW WOW.Incredibe show.Never got chance to watch i live,but so glad I finally got to see this.Thankyou so much guys.You truly are super talented xx

Posted by EM1977 at 2:49pm, 19 Jan 2013

i was right behind this camera last night!!!! this was my 2nd time seeing Keane in Dallas and i didnt think this show could be better than the last. hope you guys come back soon!!

Posted by staceyanne81 at 2:36pm, 19 Jan 2013

Wow, che bella sorpresa carissima band!!! Ho guardato con entusiasmo tutto il video di questo vostro stupendo live; è stato un concerto lungo e molto emozionante , carico di energia, sprint, romanticismo , dolcezza e magia , tutti i brani mi hanno trasportata con la fantasia nella vostra atmosfera inglese , è stato veramente un live incredibile ed immagino che dal vivo sarà stato ancora più suggestivo!!! Poi mi è piaciuto all'inizio anche vedere come i tecnici sistemano il palcoscenico e le luci, tutto è curato con la massima attenzione , complimenti allora anche a tutto lo staff della band, si vede che ci mettono anche loro impegno e passione nel loro mestiere!!! Ed il risultato con tutte quelle luci che cambiano colore è fantastico!!! E complimentoni a voi Keane, dal vivo siete ancora più bravi!!! Un abbraccio da Sabrina da Catania, Sicilia!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:16pm, 19 Jan 2013

Having met Tom, as a fan, I can say that he is very sweet, well mannered and very handsome! But, I love it when Tim tells of Toms childhood misdemeanors! Which he is always in denial about! Although he did admit (on French radio) to nearly getting sent home on a school trip, for throwing fireworks around! Please Tim can we have tales (and more music!) Thanks for all the brill concerts last year.

Posted by AnnetteM at 11:30am, 19 Jan 2013

amazing performance!!! :D I love you sooo much guys! you are incredible! :D I can't wait to see you here in Chile!

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 3:10am, 19 Jan 2013

Thanks for performing Hamburg Song and She Has No Time, great to hear them! Nice that you are changing up the setlists a bit, giving us a bit of a surprise! :)

Posted by Nico at 1:08am, 19 Jan 2013

Was a great live show! Enjoyed being right in front of Tom for the whole thing! For those asking about the sync problem, KeaneMusic didn't produce the show. It was shown by SideStage, who does this in conjunction with Austin City Limits, the TV show (which is the venue the show was at). You'd have to ask them. Not sure what the problem was, but I know those cameramen ran their buns off, keeping up with Tom last night! They kept getting in my camera shots! LOL! Guys, you were brilliant, and it was such a pleasure meeting you after the show. Safe travels, and Richard, I especially enjoyed your genuineness and warmth. :-) Please come back to Texas soon! We can't wait!

Posted by littlepigletta at 10:14pm, 18 Jan 2013

WOW!! The show was G-R-E-A-T!!! What a setlist!! I really hope you play A BAD DREAM when you perform in LollaPalooza 2013 and its SIDESHOW in CHILE... I really died with that song!! HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =)

Posted by Dra_House at 10:11pm, 18 Jan 2013

Thank you for letting us relive the fabness! Watching from a snowy night in the Centre of the Universe aka Polegate!

Posted by nicknacknoo at 10:05pm, 18 Jan 2013

Hi Friends! Bouquets What wonderful feelings i had the happiness to know that sharing with you ** You feel exiter they cry and then when you go on stage, it is the explosion of joy finally the show starts and Love that is for you to grow into the auditorium I believe every word of dicco not sufficient to describe this emotion aYou THANK aLL of us live again this HAPPINESS, especially when singing Everybody's changing TOMY)) ** you are in LOVE ** I wish you many happy moments for the rest of your tour U.S. with all my love I ****** Do all of Very Very BIG kISSES FROM FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 9:26pm, 18 Jan 2013

genial, además en el luna park no se olviden de perfect simmetry, black burning heart y clear skies, por favor y gracias

Posted by ana adrogué at 9:25pm, 18 Jan 2013

Thank you Mr.Km.com, you are very considerate with us.

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 8:31pm, 18 Jan 2013


Posted by paliz at 8:28pm, 18 Jan 2013

21 SONGS. Un placer para los fans. Spiralling, excellent, con una frase músical nueva. Is it any wonder ? alargando el sonido del final al máximo, con un palmada rítmica encima del Yamaha. Silenced by the night, otro himno. Sonido country, On the Road, Sovereign light Cafe. Sea Fog, wonderful. She has no time, to fly by the sky. Tim, dedícame Love is The End. Estás muy interesante con la barba de 2 ó 3 días. Te escucha y te aprecia. Marisa. Barcelona. Ojalá fuera tus dedos, seria un placer.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:31pm, 18 Jan 2013

thanks for share it Mr. km.com and km people i love this show

Posted by rose chaplin at 3:12pm, 18 Jan 2013

I must say I have been surprised by you talent as you always do but somehow different. I have not gone more than a show of you the only was three years ago in 2009 in Mexico, I was quite special because it was the first of you and because you sang songs that meant a lot to me many times in my life, still do, but now they do it with a touch of distant nostalgia. Watching this show today was like going back to 2009 with crystal ball when Tom came to the public and could touch him that memory still makes my heart beat so fast even now after three years, I'll tell you then I do not know if Jesse would remain in keane or not but I was pleased that he will also be part of my life at that time, I remember that year my mom and my sister they gave me my perfect symmetry for Christmas one of the memories that mean so much to me. Watching you now singing She Has No Time with the logo of strangeland and Jesse is a perfect blend of everything all the time there in one spirit the past, the present and the future shining among white lights. When Tom had his difficult period in 2006 a bad dream to represent to me as return of keane, although it is a sad song in many ways for me was as if he told me “look I’m good now ...” look in 2009 singing that song after worrying about his life so long time was like a hug in those moments when you feel you can do no more. Look at you guys now sing that song with white lights and the Sovereign Light Café is a combination of indescribable feelings, Richard's face looking like if he knows to everyone in the place, Tim magical fingers and always beautiful piano, tom voice rising to the skies and Jesse my dear bassist it seems to that it has always been like this: always perfect. as you know I'm not you´re biggest fan, I don´t have days and hours commenting, there are many things that I look but I cannot comment and I'm never the first to be here because I can´t but you must know that over all the things I love you, to I thank you for your time and I hope that when you return to Mexico to we meet again in a concert magic as this concert of tonight. Just now I like to know I like to feel that which we coincide on a few hours here, me at home, you in Austin but somehow we were all in the same place. I love you much and I wish you always the best.

Posted by rose chaplin at 3:11pm, 18 Jan 2013

It was an amazing night for me, thank you so much once again for always thinking and caring for all Keane fans worldwide! I really felt so close, sang along in the middle of the night...fully deep emotions which only Keane make me feel. And it's also fantastic being able to watch the show over and over again...it's never "enough"...♥ Many congratulations and huge thanks to my beloved Band!Always much love and all the very best in this fab. US Tour!

Posted by hlimpo at 2:33pm, 18 Jan 2013

it's really amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!! I saw this Live webcast in the office this morning!! (it was at 11am in Taiwan at that time ..Friday) sooo crazy, hahaha... but I really love that!!! Thank you so much for making this wonderful Live, especially we could see it on the website around the world!! amazing. Love from Taiwan-Chi xx

Posted by rainborn8228 at 2:04pm, 18 Jan 2013

I was there last night and you guys BROUGHT it! You are so amazing live! thanks for a wonderful night!

Posted by macca6442 at 1:59pm, 18 Jan 2013

I saw it last night and it was AWESOME. Thanks for giving us this gift, thank you very much thanks from Paraguay

Posted by beafer at 12:05pm, 18 Jan 2013

Thank you! Can't wait to get home to watch it! And thanks for answering my question! :-D

Posted by jojoba at 11:52am, 18 Jan 2013

Mr. Km.com, this is the best new of my day. I watched last dawn but see it over and over again is superb. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 11:43am, 18 Jan 2013

ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER but the audio goes out of sync indeed from NIMW PLEASE fix it.

Posted by KKOPPI at 11:33am, 18 Jan 2013

Great, only problem is, no matter what I do, the audio becomes out of sync leaving the video behind by about 3 seconds somewhere only engineers would know within the intro of Nothing in My Way. x

Posted by Slappyhead at 10:54am, 18 Jan 2013

Super! So excited :-) Wish i was there...

Posted by ilke at 10:40am, 18 Jan 2013

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