US tour crowd shots

18 Jan 2013

Here are Richard's crowd shots from the US tour so far. Click them to see the hi-res version...









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Posted by shirleyhonda at 7:35pm, 19 Jan 2013

Slappyhead, I don´t think that´s insane, I think this is how it once was and how it should be with music. Never had a barrier necessary at a jazz concert, for example, and Keane fans, at least most of them, sure know how to behave.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 6:06pm, 19 Jan 2013

Ah, so good to see the 2 Batcavers plus "support act" in first row! I was with you in my thoughts!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 6:03pm, 19 Jan 2013

Complimenti caro Rich, sempre magnifiche le tue foto!!! E' bello che le scatti da questa prospettiva, sono al contrario, invece di inquadrare il palcoscenico riprendi tutta l'architettura dei teatri e il bel pubblico lì presente! A me è piaciuto soprattutto il teatro di Los Angeles perchè molto decorato e quello di Portland con i dipinti alle pareti, è elegante e raffinato così! Un abbraccio da Sabrina dalla Sicilia, a presto!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:39pm, 19 Jan 2013

No crowd barrier and stage security in LA? That's insane.

Posted by Slappyhead at 11:55am, 19 Jan 2013

A big thank you to you for RICHARD Wonderful trip! your pictures even talk about her all night Happiness is to go ** I hope very much that during the year you can go home in FRANCE??? you are the Best ** LOT OF LOVE!!!

Posted by choupette94 at 9:21am, 19 Jan 2013

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Thank you, Rich! :.) All the best to my favourite band! XXX

Posted by Isa at 7:02am, 19 Jan 2013

Richard - thanks for posting the great pics! My husband, daughter, and I drove from Montana to Portland to see your concert, and it was sooooooo worth it! I think we shall never see you live in this intimate of venue again, and we're grateful! The whole band is amazing, and Tom's voice must make the competition nervous! No one compares to him! I was proud to be one of the only people to know the lyrics to every song at this event! Good luck on your tour, and I know soon you will fill stadiums in the US!

Posted by dcombs at 5:32am, 19 Jan 2013

Rich, great shots! Keane audience has the same enthusiasm whenever they play. Nighty night. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 3:26am, 19 Jan 2013

Gracias Richard lindas fotos :D vuelvan pronto a mexico ♥ los queremos keane ♥ ♥ ♥

Posted by angelicattrj at 1:44am, 19 Jan 2013

re Portland: Bert from Sesame Street is cheering for you guys too. Hilarious.

Posted by Nico at 1:35am, 19 Jan 2013

Super photos as always Richard, thank you for sharing them! We had an absolutely great time at the 2 shows we were lucky enough to be able to go to - thanks for always putting on a great show!!

Posted by Nico at 12:48am, 19 Jan 2013

I can't wait to see you guys in Atlanta next week yayyyy!!! I have my tickets ready since 3 months ago, cause I love your music and my 5 years daughter love your music too!!! Kisses USA / MEX :))

Posted by Nelly Chaplin at 11:13pm, 18 Jan 2013

Richard thanks for the pictures!! I loved it!!! You are a great drummer and photographer too!! I love your music guys!! Take more, more & more pictures every day!!! ;)) kisses

Posted by Nelly Chaplin at 11:10pm, 18 Jan 2013

Tim es Love for the music desde pequeño. Dedicación, gusto esquisito por componer, habilidad con los dedos. Vive para i por la musica. Multinstrumentista. Ojalá fueras mi profesor. El piano Tim es un instrumento completo, elegante, gratificante, complejo. Espero poder tocar los acordes un poco bien. Para mí eres inaccesible tocando. Te suena esto : nota, sonido, frecuencia, intensidad, armónico, afinidad, tono, semitono, etc etc Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:53pm, 18 Jan 2013

Richard, a great Kiss por colgar las fotos de la gente. Los fans de all the world que os seguimos porque hacéis buena música. Gracias por tu gentileza i dar importancia the people. Tim, a través de tus composiciones puedo saber un poco bastante cómo eres. Y me gustas. Simplemente. Me encantaría estar en Sea Fog 's studios. Me pasaría toda una noche hablando de música contigo. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:48pm, 18 Jan 2013

Richard you are wonderful i hope one day be in one of you´re screen shoots kisses and hugs Richito te quero :)

Posted by rose chaplin at 10:30pm, 18 Jan 2013

Thank you, Richard, so much for posting these! I couldn't see myself in the one from the Philadelphia show in June, so I'm glad to see me in the front row in this one! Excellent show, and so nice to meet you all. I appreciated your friendliness and genuine nature. I hope that you'll swing back through Austin for the next tour! Safe travels!

Posted by littlepigletta at 10:24pm, 18 Jan 2013

KEAN KEANE ♥ Always the best band!!!! ♥

Posted by STEPHIE at 10:16pm, 18 Jan 2013

I LOVE that you take these pictures! They're so fun! xo Kari (splendid_blend)

Posted by kadunn at 10:15pm, 18 Jan 2013

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