Afrojack's remix of Sovereign Light Café

12 Dec 2012

On 24th December, Wall Recordings will release DJ Afrojack's pounding new remix of Sovereign Light Café. You can check out a preview of the remix above.

Comments (22)

It's cool. I love it. I want to dance, I feel like doing it while listening to this song. But still I prefer the original song.

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 6:16pm, 06 Jan 2013

I feel like dancing....

Posted by sam1 at 4:30pm, 21 Dec 2012

no no no, dejen de destruir su música

Posted by ana adrogué at 8:41pm, 19 Dec 2012

This great, but even better would be the voice of Tom, her beautiful voice, unedited, sounds gay, but just love keane! SOY DE PARAGUAY!! ESPERO QUE VUELVAN OTRA VEZ!! SERÍA UN HONOR TENERLOS DE NUEVO AQUÍ!!

Posted by SANIEGISS at 1:25am, 19 Dec 2012

Non, merci.

Posted by abacab at 5:38pm, 15 Dec 2012

Sounds cool, LOVE the ending!!!

Posted by Birdbreth at 2:53am, 15 Dec 2012

Great to see a Dutch DJ doing a remix of one of your great songs. Sounds quite good.

Posted by dogivy at 11:44pm, 14 Dec 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 9:51pm, 14 Dec 2012

No surprises in this remix, if it gets more people hearing Keane and Tom's voice that's a bonus...

Posted by JaneA at 8:38am, 13 Dec 2012

OH I LOVE IT ... i don't know this Dj but he did a very well job! I'ts very different but i really like it :) Greetings from Mexico.

Posted by jesika at 2:13am, 13 Dec 2012

yeah, please, no... not ever again...

Posted by broadwaybaby at 1:49am, 13 Dec 2012

Dear brothers, it sounds awful. Sorry.(

Posted by pushistik at 9:39pm, 12 Dec 2012

Oh, please, not another one of these remixes!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:47pm, 12 Dec 2012

It´s OK. But I prefer the original song...... Anyway... I LOVE KEANE::: PLEASE COME TO COLOMBIA!"

Posted by paliz at 8:04pm, 12 Dec 2012

I love it! :3 Its very different from the original, but in a good way :D

Posted by FreddyCrab at 7:41pm, 12 Dec 2012

HI MY FRIENDS**I do not like the remix as I have already told you on website this version will maybe the merit to be dance in the boxes for the holidays! ! TOMY** I prefer l original the melody is so much more beautiful and better suited to your voice ((to each of these tastes)) LOT OF LOVE

Posted by choupette94 at 6:42pm, 12 Dec 2012

What did he do to SLC? D:

Posted by ami_keaner at 5:37pm, 12 Dec 2012

It's ok, but a little bit strange. I prefer the original song.

Posted by jado72 at 4:51pm, 12 Dec 2012

hey, it's really cool! loved it!!

Posted by pskeane at 4:43pm, 12 Dec 2012

It's ok but prefer the original Keane are the best after all loved you guys in Manchester x

Posted by ruthie at 4:25pm, 12 Dec 2012

cool~~ love different version ~~

Posted by tracyyip at 12:35pm, 12 Dec 2012

It´s cool !!! But I still prefer the original song !!! Love u guys, waiting for shows in Brazil... Kisses

Posted by stephrosie at 11:48am, 12 Dec 2012

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