Tim's Book Club #1
10 Dec 2009

We're very pleased to reveal a new regular feature here on keanemusic.com. Over the coming weeks and months, Tim will be telling us a little bit about some of his favourite books. If you folks then read them, feel free to let us know what you thought of them in the comments below. It'll be like a Keane online reading group. And so to Tim's first choice...

The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster

I read this book in the summer of 2009, when I was staying in Brooklyn for a few weeks. It was given to me by our manager as a birthday present.

Paul Auster is a brilliant writer, who's also written a couple of great films, but this was the first book of his that I'd read. I like stories that have a lot of different threads, which kind of intertwine as it goes on. And I also like ones that are quite psychological, in that they'll be written in the first person and you'll get a real insight into someone's mind. With books like that, you really feel like you learn something about the way people think. And probably even about the way you think yourself. The Brooklyn Follies is definitely like that, but it's also a really cracking story - it's almost a thriller, I suppose, written in a way that's very beautiful and powerful. I've always enjoyed books that are based on seemingly very ordinary people, like the retired insurance salesman at the centre of the Brooklyn Follies. The story explores dramas that could really happen to anyone, just through good luck or bad luck - and then looks at how those chance occurrences effect the way the characters act and think.

The book is set right in Park Slope which is where we were staying when we were over in Brooklyn. It was quite exciting knowing that I was walking along the same streets as I was reading about. The atmosphere of that particular community is a very important part of the book, and quite a lot of Auster's books, as far as I can gather. So it was nice being able to picture the actual buildings that he was writing about and to almost feel like part of it. I think being in Brooklyn while I read it probably did help me to appreciate the book more. And I suppose, in a way, it helped me to appreciate Brooklyn more too. The story helped give a sense of it being a real place, full of real people, rather than just a tourist destination.

I absolutely loved it. I read the whole thing in about two days, which is very quick for me, as I'm a very slow reader normally. And I've since acquired a huge pile of all his other books. I'm very much looking forward to working my through them.


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I know this is from 2009 (five years ago, omg) but I read this book last year, because of you, and I gotta say it's now my all time favourite! I immediately fell in love with the characters, specially with Tom, because I felt identified with him the most. And the story is just idk so cute, I loved it! I think the thing with this book is that I agree with a lot of things, like the Hotel Existence or those conversations they have at the Cosmic Diner. It's the same that happens with Keane songs, they just touch your heart because you can feel part of them. So, I'm looking forward to read more Auster books. I wish you'd continue with this book club (now that you're in a hiatus) because I think it's amazing. Thanks for writing this section, Tim!

Posted by Mariuss at 3:38am, 04 Jan 2014

Hello, i have just finished the book. I must admit I haven't adored it. I don't like the style very factual, i don't know, maybe it's the translation in french. Some good passings nevertheless. En tous cas merci pour le club de lecture, c'est vraiment une bonne idée.

Posted by athallie at 11:34pm, 16 Aug 2010

Me encantó el libro!!!!

Posted by CristinaBlanch at 12:44pm, 21 Jan 2010

This is my first time reading Paul Auster, and I highly enjoyed “The Brooklyn Follies?. When I began reading it, it reminded me somewhat of Nick Hornby’s “A Long Way Down? in that folks in despair go somewhere else, form a community, reflect on their lives, and find redemption (is that what happens at the end???). Auster's presentation of the various characters and the ironic experiences are very entertaining. The depiction of the locals in brownstone Brooklyn are spot-on. There are a few anecdotes in the book about the power of the written word, such as the Kafka doll story and the biography insurance idea that is disclosed at the end, which made me stop and think of Tim’s amazing and profound songwriting. I wonder if or how new/future songs are influenced by some of themes in the book or his time in Brooklyn.

Posted by karleu at 1:53am, 14 Jan 2010

Hay que culturizarse un poquito !!! A ver si cunde el ejemplo...... ojala todo el mundo se interesara un poco por la literatura, vista la oferta cultural de hoy en dia .

Posted by Pablo0808 at 11:16am, 13 Jan 2010

Tim, I've finished reading the book and it is really everything you told us in the review. I loved the happy end and the characters are for real, I saw myself in many of them, from little Lucy to old Nathan. Thank you again for the useful hint. Great 2010! With love, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:27pm, 04 Jan 2010

He does have a tale to tell, doesn't he? I like his rich characterization, too. I enjoyed this book and have also now read two others of his with several more on their way from my library. My hubby is getting ready to delve into Auster's books as well. Thanks to you, Tim!...Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by sherry W. at 8:04pm, 03 Jan 2010

tatichaplin! is a good choice! by my side I have must to read many books! after water melon, I'll start to read tim's recommendation! bacione from Argentina!

Posted by tomandflopy at 7:38am, 29 Dec 2009


Posted by PIERO at 9:28pm, 28 Dec 2009

Have just finished reading it - I like the ending. The last two chapters pretty much made up for whatever misgivings I had felt with the earlier parts. I like the idea of the unsung hero in commonplace people and that changing the world can be as simple as making life better for those immediately around us; the idea of Hotel Existence and that the Chowders want to escape from it once they actually attain it; that Tom and Nathan decide for reality over Hotel Existence. I was a little let down by all the romances - I would have rather seen a character that attains inner peace through discovering love other than romantic. Overall, I'm glad I read it.

Posted by picklepine at 7:53am, 28 Dec 2009

Hi Tim, Hope you had a lovely xmas. I have been reading the book a few days now and am getting into the characters of Nathan and Tom, the worst part of starting a book I think is reading the first few pages before you start to get into the story, I am now at the point where Nathan has given his favourite waitress Marina a necklace purchased from the lady of Toms desires, this apparently leads to trouble which I am looking forward to finding out about soon. I am so glad I have taken the time to start reading again in my busy life so thankyou!! Rita.

Posted by rita bischoff at 5:08pm, 27 Dec 2009

Hello Timmy :) i'm going to read it on summer :D A book club, it's a good idea :) it sounds perfect :D kisses from Argentina :)

Posted by tatichaplin at 11:24pm, 21 Dec 2009

correction: for the time being....

Posted by Denislavia at 10:54pm, 20 Dec 2009

I haven´t finished this book yet, but I think it is with this message " don´t be discouraged "- "ne jjeter pas le manche apres la cognée", or" you never know" , " nothing is the end of the world ", maybe, I don´t know.... by the time being wish you , dear Tim a love filled Christmas and every day.... Thanx

Posted by Denislavia at 7:17pm, 20 Dec 2009

Dear Tim, I have just started reading the book so will see if I enjoy it, I am looking forward to reading it as I sit on the train station waiting for ...... trains that are usually late or cancelled because there is two inches of snow on the tracks !!!! Will let you know what I think of it, thankyou. x

Posted by rita bischoff at 8:17pm, 19 Dec 2009

Let's hope I'm won't be the only one to post a comment on the book itself. On p80 of the book so far - good read to learn a few of life's harsh lessons - the vulgarity is a bit offputting. My favorite part so far is Auster's brilliant reply to the saying 'People cheer for underdog but follow topdog' - that once in power, topdog stays the same scoundrel and robs and murders at the expense of the masses and then all of the sudden the masses start complaining about the very same qualities in topdog that put topdog in power. Brilliant! Made me think of PS, Frog Prince and Untitled II.

Posted by picklepine at 3:27am, 18 Dec 2009

Hey, Tim.....In the spirit of the holidays, I just read Paul Auster's Auggie Wren's Christmas Story. It's a strange little ditty...a very, very quick read....you might want to pick it up. Cheers! ....Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 11:12pm, 17 Dec 2009

TO CONSTANTINE: I have the impression you like Rupaul style, am I right? TO FRANKIE : I didn´t know there was a new mod on line -- I like off topic convos --Thank you. -;)

Posted by Anonymfreddie at 1:28pm, 16 Dec 2009

I am devastated. My love called me a knucklehead, I had to look up in a dictionary what exactly the meaning is. Old speak from the 50ies and 60ies. Summer is July and August for us Dutch people. Would you prefer to do it in Vegas, Frankie, dear? - Oops, off topic again. I am currently re-reading "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann. Makes me cry every time.

Posted by Constantine at 5:53am, 16 Dec 2009

@Frankie: You're so funny, man!! Hahahaha!!!

Posted by Deb at 1:27am, 16 Dec 2009

What´s this --meeting your couple.com--? - ;)

Posted by Anonymfreddie at 7:56pm, 15 Dec 2009

Hey, Frankie, prepare the papers, I´m coming to see you in SF next summer!

Posted by Constantine at 5:36pm, 15 Dec 2009

However you all seem to be resentful of my presence here, I must write yet this thing..The book of anonymous author/ nobody knows her or his real name/ M.Matkin Midnight diary is a Satiric Portrait of the life of slov. intellectuals, bohemians - mainly it is about their intimate lives. The author uses a genuine phraseology including insults or slang. This can some people find too shocking. This novel isn´t a porno, it is maybe about the self- destroying slavery of alcohol, drugs or sex. I think, the purpose of this book is to draw the disgust....! thanks for read it! / Frankie , you must be a great man,I had borne yet three childdren , unfortunately!.:) Merry Christmas, Agnes

Posted by Denislavia at 1:24pm, 15 Dec 2009

@Frankie, you really know how to go hilariously off-topic!

Posted by sam (uk) at 10:29am, 15 Dec 2009

@Frankie: haha...but it's nice either, isn't it? @Deb: yeah, you're right of course ....... don't know ....

Posted by myearsforkeane at 9:31am, 15 Dec 2009

upload something neew ( i )

Posted by -beddshapedd- at 3:53am, 15 Dec 2009

@myearsforkeane & @Florkeane: I understand that you don't want to read things like that over and over again, I understand because I read them all the time but we are all free to express what we feel, and if you don't like to read what other people feel, just don't read it! We know that they know that we love them... but it's nice to say what we feel... and the most important, they give us the chance to do it.

Posted by Deb at 2:00am, 15 Dec 2009

Cool, this is good. I love reading, so I think I should buy this book and read it...

Posted by Deb at 1:39am, 15 Dec 2009

@myearsforkeane of course we understand that, we all feel the same that why we are here but I sometimes find it excessive.Don't think someone will do something whit these comments, Don't think if they can but just wanted to say that ! xD.Thanks for answering

Posted by florkeane at 1:18am, 15 Dec 2009

@Florkeane: Thanks, that's exactly what I think. Of course I can understand these girls feelings, but I find it annoying to read their comments on a thread like this. It's a serious-topic-thread isn't it? ;)

Posted by myearsforkeane at 10:34pm, 14 Dec 2009

Tim, you're so nice to confide us your favourite readings and thanks for taking time to write this review... It's still a pleasure to know a bit more about you three or your personal tastes etc... As you see, sometimes there are indisciplined pupils or dunces in the reading classroom but anyway you know what happens to dunces : they have to put a dunce's cap and they are sent in the corner !... Just wanted to say I'm blissfully happy right now because to I'm going to watch the KEANE gig in Rock-En-Seine on French TV (15/12/2009 on Virgin17 Channel at 00:10 and so if my TV mag is not a liar as it happens sometimes... Then that's very soon now !)... Finally ! This one missed me so much... It's so awesome that you gave permission to be filmed, in France !... I can't wait Midnight and see you on big screen !... ♥Thanks a lot les Z'amours♥!!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:29pm, 14 Dec 2009

That´s a wonderful idea Tim!!! The book sounds really good, so I think I´ll read it!! Thank you very much♥ I hope you´re fine!!

Posted by Julia B. at 8:13pm, 14 Dec 2009

What a good idea ! Merci Tim ! Last novel i adored was by Olivier Adam, 'Des vents contraires". Very sad but beautiful in the sadness. And quite psychological, you can feel very well the atmosphere of the St Malo's landscapes (in Brittany, France), the sea, the wind, the cold, in reflection with the character's emotions...i hope it exists in english but i'm not sure because it was published in 2009. @rita bischoff : Yes ! I agree ! ;))

Posted by athallie at 7:00pm, 14 Dec 2009

Just wanted 2 remind you Tim that I Love You for your creativity and hard work. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by babytom at 6:46pm, 14 Dec 2009

thanks tim!!!!!!! excellent......

Posted by jorgelina_23 at 5:55pm, 14 Dec 2009


Posted by Kathleen at 3:25pm, 14 Dec 2009

GOD i miss you guys post something ( : hahaha love ( :

Posted by regiskeane at 2:00am, 14 Dec 2009


Posted by gabriela at 11:24pm, 13 Dec 2009

Hi Tim, I have ordered the book on the net to read on the train so am looking forward to that, god I did,nt realise its so difficult to buy a book through amazon, e-mail addresses, passwords, figuring out what words are written in the box above!!!! I just want to buy a book not tap into the files of the secret service!!!! xx

Posted by rita bischoff at 9:13pm, 13 Dec 2009

@eve -You're right, I didn't know about this band, I went to youtube and watched the video.The song Everybody is Changing is there and we can hear it clearly XXX

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 8:06pm, 13 Dec 2009

turning a new page here with this Tim's Digest . not a bad idea. is it going to substitude the xmas broadcast or just the usual blogging ? anyhow, eagerly awaiting for the next book review. i don't think i'm going to read this particular one, though. sorry, not my kind of stuff, still i'm impressed by the way Tim feels about it. cheers.

Posted by Earl Lee Riser at 7:09pm, 13 Dec 2009

@eve- a friend from SF alerted US all some months ago in this blog (including Keane) about this PLAGGIO. Now I wonder, what has Keane legal stuff done? I guess not to much if the video is still on TV..... Any lawyer here?

Posted by Anonymfreddie at 6:56pm, 13 Dec 2009

Yesterday I was watching Fuse, they passed a Paparoach Video, " a new brand album" they said probably everybody knows this, but I diidn't. They are using a part of Everybody is Changing.in their song called LIfeline. Does KEANE know about it???.

Posted by -eve- at 6:38pm, 13 Dec 2009

ps2: Well said Gudrun!! thank you.

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 6:05pm, 13 Dec 2009

p.s. Well said Gudrun! couldn't agree more.

Posted by jo-anna at 4:29pm, 13 Dec 2009

OK Gudrun, Yes, I don´t belong to this site, nor to these people.... all the best no for you but only for all good people...

Posted by Denislavia at 4:08pm, 13 Dec 2009

Hurray, what a great idea - thanks Tim! I am an avid book reader and have always wondered what kind of books Tim reads as I'd like to read them myself. In fact that was one of my questions to him once, but it wasn't selected. I'm going to read every book he recommends. I LOVE YOU TIM XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by jo-anna at 3:59pm, 13 Dec 2009

@Denislavia/Mercedes etc: Time to get yourself together. This site´s admins have been more than patient with you and your ramblings.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 3:50pm, 13 Dec 2009

I must say I dont understand this "Holy"/ or hypocritic/ west world.... Thank you dear Agnes for very wit quote /M. Roy/ about "imbicilité" and you can by happy that you are der" Ubermensch! " I can send only some jokes: A young boy is crying and says to his mother: Mom, I had to confess .... that I am - Hetero!!! Or , a little boy with dark complexion asks his mother: Why I have a dark skin and you have one wite? So, , my son, you know , ... we were on the beach and suddenly began so sexual orgy that you can be happy that you aren´t a Dolphin! " best reagard, holy woman- agnes,/ or man?/

Posted by Denislavia at 2:30pm, 13 Dec 2009

Now I can tell my mom that Keane is educattional. Also, THANK YOU so much for watching my video. I LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by babytom at 2:11pm, 13 Dec 2009

"Si vous possédez une bibliothèque et un jardin, vous avez tout ce qu'il vous faut" CICERON... Je n'ai plus de bibliothèque mais heureusement j'ai encore un jardin et "Une bonne citation placée au bon endroit et au bon moment peut, pour un instant, faire paraître le pire des imbéciles beaucoup plus intelligent qui ne l'est en réalité" Martin ROY... Noon ! And I'm still thinking to KEANE but also to my frozen dessert... Y en pour qui le dimanche est le jour du Seigneur et pour moi, c'est le jour de la glace... Hihi ! Then Magnum/Parfum Double Caramel today, Miam !... Quite impossible to keep eternal youth but possible to keep the form and so, after ice-cream, I'll be doing that !... Oh, Fatche de ! (fyi, c'est une expression qu'on ne trouve que dans le dictionnaire marseillais et qui veut dire en gros "Oh, c*n !" ou bien "M*d, alors !" This girl has more than one string to her bow, apparently !... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jLPSlCNZCM

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:10am, 13 Dec 2009


Posted by i_keane at 5:59am, 13 Dec 2009

because the truth I have read Edgar Allan Poe's only hope to buy the book by Paul Auster ... well this is my page there's only like 6 pictures because it's new page .... http://www.fotolog.com / i_ddrreeaamm ...... I love

Posted by i_keane at 5:59am, 13 Dec 2009

Great idea ! When you guys asked us about some books we could recomend Tim I thought it was amazing, THE oportunity ! And now this ! Thank you ! I'm pretty sure that the books you like are kind of a way to get to know the you and we're getting to know Tim a bit better now ! His review was very well written, I'm looking forward to reading the book ! Thanks for the tip, Tim ! \o/

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 2:43am, 13 Dec 2009

very good! i'm want read it too

Posted by natalia_ribeiro at 1:18am, 13 Dec 2009

I just can't avoid getting upset about some messages .It's just everyday reading something like :I love TC,I love TRO, I love RH.WE ALL LOVE THEM AND THEY KNOW THAT ok?.Don't get me wrong, I'm not against expressing love to the band but it's excessive, and annoying read all that stuff ALL the time.:)

Posted by florkeane at 12:55am, 13 Dec 2009

I think story is very interesting. Keane girl , you won´t get bored certainly. I can advise you slovak bestseller "Midnight diary" by M. Matkin. It was published also in English . The title of 6 th chapter is The war of sperms :/ it is my translation because English version is ungetable here/ " Do you know what does mean an orgasm for woman? - 800 kilojouls, the slimness!" ... A Czech woman accosted me in the croatian beach: I am interested in sperm , it is good for my complexion. I have an allergy to a pharmacy ointment . And that amount of zinc in each charge! I think in a high-class sperm! You have got it, according to your hair and nails...." I don´t know why all foolies so love me. Maybe I am only of them.....This night ended with my singing - caraoke of George Michael "I want your sex" with a loudly supporting by present guests- Slovaks, Czechs, Croatians and Hungarians. I think, I didn´t make children , I only helped a woman with an allergy......" Or 7 th chapter is called " Oral, Anal, Caviar: " I read in my friend´s magazine an interview with a porno-star that said - I have any problems with oral nor anal or caviar..... In the evening I aked my girlfriend " Do you know what is oral, anal, caviar?" "Yes, it is done by a mouth into anal and with merts...." I realized I loved her....This book isnt bored just as this The Brooklyn Foolies. wish you much exciting experiences ....g.night

Posted by Denislavia at 12:38am, 13 Dec 2009

HELLO TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...WOW! YOU READ A BOOK IN 2 DAYS????????...IS REALLY??????????????...I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... THIS BOOK SEEMS REALLY GOOD...I WANT THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...THE HISTORY IS FANTASTIC,AND NOW I WANNA READ SOME BOOK...IM BORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...HAHA:)...KISSES,MANY KISSES FROM ARGENTINA...HLN_MTHRFCKR_LA KEANERA

Posted by HLN_MTHRFCKR at 12:32am, 13 Dec 2009

According to your story seems can be very interesting. I will keep the clue..

Posted by iveth at 11:41pm, 12 Dec 2009

That's boring. Sorry for the critique .... What happened to the Keane-Youtube-Covers-Thread by the way?

Posted by myearsforkeane at 11:39pm, 12 Dec 2009

i like reading but sometimes i get bored good job tim =]

Posted by keanez girl at 11:29pm, 12 Dec 2009

Tom my heart is yours forever!!!

Posted by alechaplin at 10:21pm, 12 Dec 2009

return to mexico; return to mexico; return to mexico; return to mexico please!!!

Posted by alechaplin at 10:20pm, 12 Dec 2009

Excellent idea! What a great way to find new and interesting novels/authors. I just reserved it at my library.

Posted by Jamaiquina at 9:16pm, 12 Dec 2009

Cannot wait to read this book! Should be an excellant read

Posted by keanefan36786 at 9:02pm, 12 Dec 2009

It seems to be one of those books you get engaged with the character more than with the story, that is just real life. I was thinking on some related books to recommend but I can't find any right now... If I were a bit smarter! Well, I love The Miserables and Crime and Punishment but I suppose that are too 'classic'.

Posted by josefina at 8:33pm, 12 Dec 2009

As soon as I finish Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, I'll read this book. Looks fantastic! I don't know if there is a portuguese version of the book, but I can deal with the english one. xx Brazil.

Posted by bia_alemany at 7:53pm, 12 Dec 2009


Posted by naty0598 at 6:56pm, 12 Dec 2009

I was watching a clip of the STRANGERS dvd and I could feel the tension during your 'group session"... I could'nt help but shed a tear. You could have lost it all and you almost did. .... I look in the mirror and what do i see?, the face of three men looking at me... One who speaks with his tongue but rarely with his heart... One who rarely speaks ...a voice unknown but with a heart and soul.... and one man who is half of both..balancing all three ... have a good weekend... and "May god hold you in the hollow of his hand"....

Posted by nina at 6:39pm, 12 Dec 2009

I went do the shopping and was carrying weighty shopping bags in my hands/ no a little animal/, - on fourth floor,and thanks goodness , a lift worked.!/ I am not body- builder, only a poor woman/ Then I switched on TV, on "Viva" a video from snowy mountains with love intrigue- Wham "Last Christmas"/ George Michael and others/ on ORF 2 Licht ins Dunkel and "Noch 13 Tage bis Wienachten" , as every year - very nice pre- Christmas atmosphere!!-. And I realize/tv news/ that tomorrow will shine "Betlehem Light" in Slovakia! I believe it ´ll help this country! Yeah, right! But I think, we can be okey also without so much of the materialistic things and just enjoy the simplest things- smile, kindness, goodness, ..... / "But weŕe still hacking each other to pieces, aren´t we? We still hate each other as much as we ever did...." The B.F./ And Love- I needn´t still repeat I love you, I love you, I love you, because I know it that I love you, I know the truth about myself that I am faithful to love and I am faithful friend , I am not unfaithful and I trust you that you are the same! Love isn´t a word- it is a Life! -" The more you know the less you need to say."/ Jim Rohn/ and I love you:), my dear Friend, Blessings to you and your friends, your family now , during the Christmas and for ever!!!

Posted by Denislavia at 4:58pm, 12 Dec 2009

Great idea. Now I know which book I'm reading next. Sounds pretty good.

Posted by Tatti at 4:09pm, 12 Dec 2009

Con esa explicación q dio del libro cualquier persona le dan ganas de leerlo jaja, q expresivo... me dieron muchas ganas de empezar YA jaja.

Posted by YESICA at 2:14pm, 12 Dec 2009


Posted by YESICA at 2:10pm, 12 Dec 2009

wow guys, realy rock'n roll-like! 8-| Not! :P Anyway, you're geniusses! A book club, a forgotten fenomenon... Good job!

Posted by anjelalkens at 12:34pm, 12 Dec 2009

Sorry... Actually, I meant "incredible to read in English" !...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:38am, 12 Dec 2009

Thanks to Liouba for the link... Given that it's free and legal, I've read something that begins this way "I was looking for a quiet place to die" Thanks Tim !... Is it thus...I mean so cheerful throughout the reading ?... Incredibly to read in English or the first words at least !.. Anyway, no matter if I really do not manage to improve my broken English as unfortunately I'm not enough smart for that but it could be fun to read it... I don't know if I'll do it but thanks to make for this site something simple and just to be close to us... I mean the Beggars !... It's well-know that in the world of showbusiness and fame, these are always celebs themselves who really are unpretentious actually... Thanks to heaven for what happened to me ! Particularly as it was fortuitous and unwitting !... It was so good to appreciate someone's kindness and simplicity without any disruptive element around... I mean those people who are the most smart, the most beautiful, the most interesting, the most educated, à croire qu'ils font même la pluie et le beau temps !!!... As you've judged, I'm a fool and I'm maybe a fool but then a happy fool with some tears in eyes right now because I didn't know then how much I could become attached to KEANE... Ne vous préoccupez pas d'en faire trop pour nous distraire au risque de vous discréditer auprès de l'élite intellectuelle... The main is to keep out noises and to be happy with your loved ones !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:27am, 12 Dec 2009

TC ♥2U

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 10:46am, 12 Dec 2009

I recommend The Cat in the Hat. Very simple concept, easy words, but just a little bit difficult translating it to Swahili

Posted by Hurtnbad at 5:44am, 12 Dec 2009

@Margarita : Maybe we should send him some lovely books about Ecuador. Then he would want come and tour there with Keane. :-)

Posted by lilahlamb at 3:59am, 12 Dec 2009

@Frankie: So He's waiting in the parking lot with some cat wearing a hat, is he now? Well, I'm gonna show up with a couple of buddies of mine from my childhood library. They live in a book titled "Where The Wild Things Are" So nyah to him!

Posted by lilahlamb at 3:55am, 12 Dec 2009

Please come back to Argentina! I love your music.

Posted by pablito24 at 2:39am, 12 Dec 2009

I ordered this interesting book on delivery in Slovak- "Brooklynské frašky"/ 10,43 Eur./,/ 264 pages/ it was published in 2007, I won´t improve my miserable English but first time I must read it in my natal language.I have read an excerpt from it in English on line Tom:...." The Golf Channel. The F...Channel. The Vomit Channel.".... Nathan:" ..... you have to be willing to reject society. The inner refuge,....the place a man goes to when life in the real world is no longer possible. Harry: " The Hotel Existence. The sole purpose of a hotel was to make you happy and comfortable....., all you had to do was ask for something and it was yours. A hotel represented the promise of a better world,.... an opportunity, a chance to live inside your dreams." Yes, I ´d love this world, sooo much!! I will read it simultaneously - on line in English/ thank Ljuba for link/ and in Slovak /book. /

Posted by Denislavia at 12:08am, 12 Dec 2009

By the way.... Tim, nice book.. :)

Posted by walnut seed at 12:03am, 12 Dec 2009

Well, this is really exciting, but there is a lot of people who might want to write about twilight (I'm not telling this just because I don't like it, it is because this kind of problem happened to me) ... and well... that would be boring. Hope this is not gonna happen. :D __**GREETINGS FROM MEXICO!!

Posted by walnut seed at 11:57pm, 11 Dec 2009

amazing!! great idea!!

Posted by dinha_britrock at 11:52pm, 11 Dec 2009

Hey Tim! I started reading this book last year and I stopped but I can´t even remember why because I know I was enjoying it! With this push I think I´m going to pick up where I left off or even start over again! Thank you Tim and I love you KEANE =) Love from Portugal***

Posted by Olga at 11:04pm, 11 Dec 2009

wohoo that sounds awesome! I just gotta find that book in swedish now.. :D

Posted by snorkelsara at 10:23pm, 11 Dec 2009

For some as me who have idealized the city of New York, it´s a must reading Paul Auster´s books. He´s a very good daily experiences narrator. Good idea.

Posted by Marta at 7:15pm, 11 Dec 2009

Ma chère Rachel, toujours pas!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 7:14pm, 11 Dec 2009

It's good to have news of you Tim! The book club is a great idea! And the review you wrote about The Brooklyn Follies is very interesting. Thanks for arousing our curiosity without spoiling the story. You could be a good critic, not like the kind described by Chistopher Hampton (never heard, just know the quote, I should maybe): 'Asking a writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp-post what it feels about dogs". I'll contribute to the online reading group if or when I can as I'm being a slow reader at the moment.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 7:11pm, 11 Dec 2009

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish......... and the poor boy ends in a mess. Mr Chaplin is a knowledge guide -;)

Posted by Marta at 7:01pm, 11 Dec 2009

Brilliant idea!!! :) I've never heard about Paul Auster and Tim you aroused my interest in his works. So today I started reading "The Brooklyn Follies". That is a very good book! I really enjoy it. I've read only 50 pages but I can see that it's worth giving it a try! :) Thanks for your review! It's always interesting to find out what you Tim are inspired by! To everyone who wants to read it on-line (or print) here's a link - http://www.scribd.com/doc/5521136/Paul-Auster-The-Brooklyn-Follies

Posted by Liouba at 7:00pm, 11 Dec 2009

Iloved the idea of book club Tim. Agreat way to interact with fans. ah! and better if someone has a different thought about a book or author.

Posted by shesay at 6:21pm, 11 Dec 2009

Wow, Tim, this is a wonderful idea! I used to have some sort of blog where I posted all the books I was reading, but I don'tt even remember what was it's name xD! I'm definitely reading this one as soon as I get it! I read Any Human Heart when you recommend it some time ago and I loved it. I think we do have quite a similar taste on books =) Looking forward to the next book! Lots of love from Buenos Aires, Laura.

Posted by Laurie L. at 4:59pm, 11 Dec 2009

Tim`s book club, I find it a very good idea. I`m gonna see if I can get the book , I don´t know if they have it in the book shops here. Wow, Keane is a very good influence in the fans lives :D lol. Love from Argentina, have a very nice day

Posted by Noelia at 4:58pm, 11 Dec 2009

Soooo cooolllll!!!!!!! =)

Posted by Guille =) at 4:44pm, 11 Dec 2009

Oh!!! I forgot to say : Please come to Ecuador !!! Don't forget about it... Please come !!!

Posted by Margarita at 4:33pm, 11 Dec 2009

Hola Tim !! Gran idea!!! Club de Lectura en linea!!! Me encanta leer y por la descripcion, parece ser un libro muy interesante... Hi Tim!!! Great idea!!! On line book club !!! I love reading and because of the description, seems to be an interesting book... Greets!!! From Ecuador

Posted by Margarita at 4:29pm, 11 Dec 2009

Hi Tim Thankfs for this nice review i love reading im an average reader i would say but i might read the book if i have time Thanks, im interested in which books are going to come up xxx Love You Keane xxxxx Leanne xxx

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 4:18pm, 11 Dec 2009

"One should never underestimate the power of books" as the character/storyteller Nathan Wood said. For me the book was a little "to much", colorful people, interesting stories, you can choose the high point of the book, the most intrigued moment... but something is missing, you get lost in details and you have to go back to remember, to understand better how you reached that point, to see the big pictures... I think that's why it has that power over you... it's a challenge... to want to understand and believe the story...

Posted by gina d at 4:16pm, 11 Dec 2009

I think this is a great idea... I also love reading, and writing as well... I want to study Literature and I love to know what Tim's reading... I think it's a great way of knowing him better... :) I think I got what you said about feeling into the story, I read a book that was sited in London, and I loved the descriptions of places and situations... I'd love to have been there to see all the things it was talking about...

Posted by Jazy at 4:09pm, 11 Dec 2009

This's a fantastic idea :D Thanks for the review Tim...sounds quite interesting....I'll read it inmediately:D

Posted by Katia at 3:48pm, 11 Dec 2009

I do agree with Tim when he says Auster´s a brilliant writer. The way he describes the characters (which have ordinary lives so that you can feel you have something in common with them), their feelings and places contribute to create such a great atmosphere and you just want to keep on reading in order to know what´s going on in the following chapter. I´ve read two of his novels, Glass City and Oracle Night. I really liked the former while with Oracle Night I felt something else was missing in the plot but I must admit his writing style in both books was amazing. As you continue reading you always discover more and more interesting details about the characters, or sometimes symbols which may have particular meanings. What is great of his work is that during the reading and once you´ve finished, your imagination really works! I´ll take Tim´s suggestion and get that book during this summer. Hugs from Argentina!

Posted by VickY at 3:10pm, 11 Dec 2009

hi hi hi Mihajasoa...Vous avez déjà terminé la lecture du livre de William Blake? Bisous,Bonne journée :)

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 2:25pm, 11 Dec 2009

@Deidremoon: Would you care to elaborate your thoughts about truth and hypocrisy a bit? Because I did not understand what you wanted to tell, and unlike others I do not want to ignore your statement.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 12:50pm, 11 Dec 2009

I read a book a decade ago entitled "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" written by Betty SMITH (Actually, I read it in french and its title was "Une Petite Fille de Broklyn"). It was very interesting and described a living of a poor family which used to focuse on non-material things to be happy. At that time, it taught me a lot about life and what's the most important in it. I advise everyone to read it ! Kenza-ALGIERS-ALGERIA.

Posted by TimTamTom at 12:43pm, 11 Dec 2009

Did anyone here read Tom's review of the last book he read, Dr.Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham? He says it was a thrilling read. A real page turner!

Posted by lilahlamb at 12:38pm, 11 Dec 2009

I am a book addict and love to know that Tim is too!! He describes the books in such a passionate way that It's impossible not want to read it. Right now I'm reading a book from a Brazilian writer, Carlos Heitor Cony, "Quase Memoria" (Almost Memory) in which he describes some places in Rio de Janeiro like Flamengo and Catete - I live in Sao Paulo but my boyfriend lives in Rio and now I am stepping around a lot in that neighbourhood, so I know the feeling. Thanks for the tip, Tim!! All my love, Beth from Brasil and The Frog Prince Squad

Posted by Beth at 11:46am, 11 Dec 2009

I really love Keane.Have a wonderful weekend guys. Keep up the excellent music and other projects your working on.Bunch of kisses dear Tom! Everytime I see you I want to reach out and hug ya. Lots of love !!

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 10:43am, 11 Dec 2009

Tim, good choice if this book is actually quite easy to read and if any reader can do it... By the way, seems like it's not easy to play to the gallery too !... Anyway, I must confess I still feel a twinge of sadness and guilty about the abandonment of these books but I made a very interesting donation on behalf of a Public Library and now these books are in a nice place where they can be appreciated by everyone... Personaly, I didn't want that my home looks like to a lugubrious cinema scenery like the big library in Harry POTTER films... Many times, I told dad that knowledge was the same in a cheap book with which/on which you can fall asleep without fear to deteriorate it !... Actually, I think I've even fallen asleep more often than I've read !... I'm sorry for basic mistakes and shitty grammatical construction that I'm still doing after two years spent on this site and I guess that reading this book in English could help to improve that !... Anyway here in France, we've got Jane BIRKIN, one of your fellow-countrywoman, and even after so many years spent in France, she is still doing some mistakes ... By the way, I currently love the song "Heaven Can Wait" Charlotte GAINSBOURG+BECK and talking about summer 2009 has reminded me "Summer of 69"/Bryan ADAMS actually☺!!!...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:34am, 11 Dec 2009

In love with this new feature! I can only suggest another great book, its writen by Mario Benedetti and its called: "Primavera con una esquina rota," in english "Spring with a broken corner" its the tipe of book that Tim would love (please km.com try to give him the suggestion!), and believe me its a great book if you can try to read it then do it so! Kisses from El Salvador!

Posted by Evecalderon at 10:01am, 11 Dec 2009

What a fantastic idea Tims book club think i'll find a quiet corner and settle down thanx Tim xxx

Posted by ruthie at 9:47am, 11 Dec 2009

@Maayani חח סת? ל? יודעת, היה נר?ה לי שה? חצו ?יזה גבול ע? הרעיונות שלה? הפע? חחחח

Posted by weary traveller at 9:38am, 11 Dec 2009

There are exceptions certainly. And surely ! will gain a few insults for telling the truth. Does not matter for me. The important thing is to be faithful to something or someone.xx

Posted by Deidremoon at 9:28am, 11 Dec 2009

Only to say that the whole world laughing of you in the social networks for what you're putting in the website. It is not said to you, clearly, but I as Englishwoman, fodder that better is to tell the truth that to please ahead and to joke behind. It delights me that Tim speaks about Literature, since I have just finished my career in Art and am in the States, to complete it with the English study, Classic Literature and History, But it is better than you know the truth ! The worst of all is the hypocrisy xx

Posted by Deidremoon at 9:25am, 11 Dec 2009

This is so clever! What is more personal than the experience of reading a book; no one's life experience is ever the same so you create a unique version of what the author describes inside your own head. Tim is therefore sharing a very personal part of himself, which must please all of his adoring fans, but without compromising his very precious privacy. Brilliant idea!!! xxxx

Posted by ginga at 8:54am, 11 Dec 2009

Good idea. :) I've been needing to get into reading again, because I do love it! Sadly, this last year of high school really killed my love of literature all year... now's definately the time to rekindle it. Thanks! :D

Posted by Doctor at 7:26am, 11 Dec 2009

@WTolucalaker: Maybe you should take care of those hiccups first before you try to post here. I'm just teasing you. :-) What is wrong with the site? How come it keeps cutting your comments off?

Posted by lilahlamb at 6:45am, 11 Dec 2009

@marenb: I think that Tim should take over her show after Oprah steps down in 2011. :-)

Posted by lilahlamb at 6:41am, 11 Dec 2009

Being into books almost more than into music I am very pleased with this idea ( though it helps a bit to distract from the dire times till May and the mini-album ...;-) ) My Auster favorite up to now was "Leviathan" , as belendda from Madrid mentioned before. - @Frankie, dear: are you trying to hide your ardent admiration for Tim behind some jokes? - BTW, Franz Ferdinand in Graz yesterday evening were great - they brought a packed house down. Wish it had been you, Keane...

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 5:34am, 11 Dec 2009

God Lord ! ! ! ! This are the two things that i love more, your beatiful music and the books

Posted by Little Diana at 4:26am, 11 Dec 2009

it's really an excellent idea. thank you Tim for introducing and reviewing the good books to us

Posted by enchinya at 3:49am, 11 Dec 2009

I feel really ungrateful for saying this... but could we get the rest of the results for the contest soon? Please?

Posted by SkyShowers at 2:47am, 11 Dec 2009

excellent!!!!!!!!!:) I like very muchhhhhh Im very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Posted by Melisa at 2:42am, 11 Dec 2009

Tim, what a lovely idea, suggestions for reading, fantastic! A new link with the fans, the more they read, the more they learn and enjoy themselves. I'll order it. Thank you very much, boa noite. Regina from Sampa, Brazil.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:36am, 11 Dec 2009

Wow! I'm part of a book club now! That is quite cool. I feel so cultured. :) @Frankie: A pie and a self-portrait? That sounds quite homey!

Posted by finshi at 2:05am, 11 Dec 2009

lol xD

Posted by naye at 2:01am, 11 Dec 2009

Sounds like a really good book. Looking forward to reading it :)

Posted by picklepine at 1:50am, 11 Dec 2009

What a LOVELY idea ! Thanks

Posted by nina at 1:30am, 11 Dec 2009

The whole of my comment will not post...

Posted by WTolucalaker at 1:23am, 11 Dec 2009

ok... i thought KEANE was already so cool it couldnt get any better but... you did it again! you become cooler by the second!!!! I LOVE READING AND I LOVE KEANE AND I LOVE YOU TIM thank you for this amazing space and for letting us in the books you like and we can share our books aswell! THANK YOU TIM

Posted by regiskeane at 1:22am, 11 Dec 2009

OMG!!!!!! This is a BRILLIANT IDEA! I haven't even read past the "this will be a regular feature" part but this is a grand, awesome, phenomenally cool idea!!!!! And then how awesome will it be when we recognize references in his songs!!!!! Aaaah, I love Tim!

Posted by picklepine at 1:18am, 11 Dec 2009

Great book, good choice! hugs from BA / Argentina ***Gaf***

Posted by gafdez at 1:18am, 11 Dec 2009


Posted by WTolucalaker at 1:12am, 11 Dec 2009

First, I am all anticipation and curiosity as I await the release of Night Train, for not only will there be 8 new Keane songs to love, but Tim will sing lead on one at last

Posted by WTolucalaker at 1:10am, 11 Dec 2009

BORING! xD!!! ,,,just a joke :)

Posted by florkeane at 12:39am, 11 Dec 2009

Guauu! The truth is very nice to know this Tim! I will try to read that book. The fact that these genres are very good at reading, they make you think and also get into the character and what the author is getting at, is very good. I love the writer Oscar Wilde and Marco Denevi (a well-known and very good is "secret ceremony" which is very good and exciting it makes you think and get into the novel, the character, and at the hearing itself the author towards her strongly recommended). Although I think a book I love is HARRY POTTER I remember that was 11 years old the 1st time I read it, and I read it in 3 days! jajaaja! It was incredible, I could not believe it! To fly and I imagine many things that book! very great! but, well, I am 17 years old and it is understandable that I read, not many great books you d like to read fantasy and magic, ajja! At least not in my family, haha! Anyway, I love to read and more, (which is my favorite place) in the garden of my house, no, it is more quiet and it's like that you can put you more in reading jaja! Well, maybe I'll finish with this! Thank you very much for everything, really, but you do not believe very many people happy and more with his songs and his music and even yourself with your charisma and sympathy! Seriously, many thanks! Never change! I love you! Here in Argentina we love you all much! Since girls and boys, children, adults and adolescents of all ages love them! Seriously! Good luck guys! Kisses! Bye! Leonela-Argentina-Buenos Aires- 10/12/09- 21:38 hs!

Posted by leonela at 12:38am, 11 Dec 2009

ohhh that sounds really great! ...I'll try to get the book ;-) thanks Tim! cheers.

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 11:55pm, 10 Dec 2009

I loooove Paul Auster, too. Of course, the Brooklyn Follies is the most favorite among his. If Tim loves it, I bet he will love "Oracle Night," too. Try it. You will love it, Tim!!!~~~~

Posted by tweetyun at 11:53pm, 10 Dec 2009

wooooooooo!!!! kisses from buenos aires!! I LOVE YOU!!♥♥♥

Posted by flor_perfectkeane at 11:41pm, 10 Dec 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO ********* P.S.: I also enjoyed much "Notes for an Scandal". Great book and also great movie, indeed! :.)

Posted by isa at 11:39pm, 10 Dec 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO ********** HI THERE! I read this book of Paul Auster and is one of my favourites of his. I would like to recommendo some books that I think are basic for people who enjoy literature: The Bell Jarr, from the North-american writer Sylvia Plath; Crime and Punishment, from Dostoievsky; Anna Karenina, from Tolstoy; Emma Bovary, from Flaubert; Angela´s Ashes is also a great book. Thanks a lot and congratulations Tim for your good taste for literature. LOTS OF LOVE TO MY FAVOURITE BAND! (I wonder what the lads are doing these days that are not playing anywhere...) :.) XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 11:38pm, 10 Dec 2009

It's kinda hard to find good books to read now days. Thanks for the suggestion Tim !!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 11:16pm, 10 Dec 2009

Thanks Tim !... I've just read some views about this book and they are all unanimous... Seems like it's a very lovely and captivating story !... I promised myself that I will never buy anymore books since I had to part with my father's personal library because of successive removals... He always suffered for not being an educated man and so as soon as he had enough money, he was buying books !... Actually, he was more obsessed to possess books than to read them and I guess it was a kind of therapy or like if he wanted to buy intellect itself... I'm the result which just shows that he failed !... Personaly, I didn't really liked these leather-bound books... They were too posh, indeed !... But I loved all these paperbacks that I had to buy for school... They were completely crumpled at end of the year but I loved them... Besides school, I remember I've been completely subjugated by "Eric" from Doris LUND (published in 1974)... The story of a teenage boy who died of leukemia and the book was written by his own mother to relate his battle with the disease... Oh dear, I couldn't stop to read and reread some extracts and crying !... So sad but so beautiful and I guess it was a kind of pleasure-pain at end... Then, my poor father was filling the bookcase of expensive bookbindings while a simple pocket book made me cry a river !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:10pm, 10 Dec 2009

I am so grateful to Tim for his Book Club. It is very stimulating! Unfortunately I don´t know Paul Auster nor his books. Tomorrow I must go to the library or bookshop and get or buy this The Brooklyn Follies. I can advise "Rivers of Babylon "by P.Pistanek- the title refers to Boney M´s hit of 1978. Pistanek, was a drummer in a rock band and attended te Academy of Performing Arts but did not finish. This novel is about the life in post- socialist world, about amorality, whores, former secret policemen , etc. There is also interesting a book Midnight Diary by M. Matkin about the purpose of the life, about depressions, love, and sex. I realize that there are mainly books and music, of course/ of Keane / and the inner sight that protect me against more and more dreadful reality... - "Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."/Carl Jung/ thank you very much Tim, good night, sending love

Posted by Denislavia at 11:09pm, 10 Dec 2009

You guys always give so much of yourselves...You are all true treasures. What lucky fans we are! ...You've hooked me, Tim. I'm ordering the book tonight. Thanks! Sherry, Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 10:51pm, 10 Dec 2009

That's such a cool idea, I loved it! Thanks Tim! Love. Cris xx.

Posted by Cris Try Again at 10:33pm, 10 Dec 2009

I love how you guys always find a way to stay connected to your fans and make us feel closer, like talking to a friend, the story is really interesting, I myself am a fan of thrillers, and its sounds like is a book I woul enjoy readin on my train trips to work everyday. Much love.

Posted by FLAVIA-SPAULO-BRAZIL at 10:28pm, 10 Dec 2009

Kudos, Tim, for finding yet another way to stay engaged with your fans. @Frankie @Left Coast @lilahlamb: Tim Rice-Oprah does have a nice ring to it, eh?

Posted by marenb at 10:21pm, 10 Dec 2009

lo tendre en cuanta Tim! aunque no creo poder conseguirlo aqui en Argentina :S saludos! from Buenos Aires!

Posted by belencitaLoVeR_KeAnE at 10:16pm, 10 Dec 2009


Posted by Kathleen at 9:59pm, 10 Dec 2009

this idea is SO good! loved it.

Posted by Laauura at 9:52pm, 10 Dec 2009

Tim's Book Club! What a cute idea! I'll have to make a trip to the library... perhaps I'll read it over my winter break! If Tim likes it... it must be good!

Posted by travelfish at 9:48pm, 10 Dec 2009

O.O i will definatly check this book out.

Posted by atlanic-keane at 9:47pm, 10 Dec 2009

ooo thanks for the recommendation. i am always on the look out for a good book to read. :-)

Posted by cjswench at 9:42pm, 10 Dec 2009

Ooh, great idea Tim. I'm on a 5 week break from my writing course so this will give me some inspiration for a few new reads. I haven't read any of Austers books. A very good review that makes me want to pick this story up. Thanks.

Posted by sam (uk) at 9:40pm, 10 Dec 2009

@weary traveller, למה שטויות, ?ני לגמרי בעד :) :) ?בל ל? נור?, ה?תר הרי מל? בכל טוב....

Posted by Maayani at 9:37pm, 10 Dec 2009

Thanks Tim for bringing so nice and interesting subject. I love reading Auster, but The Brooklyn Follies is not my fave, it is pretty good.But it lacks the overall intensity and purpose that characterizes Auster's novels, such as Book of Illusions and The Music of Chance. I think... Thank you very much is always a pleasant listening from you. XXXX

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 9:20pm, 10 Dec 2009

lilahlamb - Do you think it is possible that Tim might become the "new" Oprah? This is a step in that direction.

Posted by Left Coast at 9:19pm, 10 Dec 2009

I've read everything by Paul Auster. He truly is a brilliant writer! I started with The Brooklyn Follies and just finished reading his latest novel, Invisible. So stoked to know that I share a love of authors with Mr. Rice-Oxley! : )

Posted by SimpleHeartGirl at 8:48pm, 10 Dec 2009


Posted by lucianabrazil at 8:33pm, 10 Dec 2009

I read that book too!!! it´s great book tim and it´s a good idea to tell us your favorite books Take care of you okey i love you bye!

Posted by Jacquie_loves_keane at 8:25pm, 10 Dec 2009


Posted by Spiralling at 8:20pm, 10 Dec 2009

This is a brilliant idea! Glad to see that Tim's an avid reader. This book sounds interesting. Perhaps, once Christmas passes (and if I have money), I'll look for it.

Posted by Guitargirl496 at 8:16pm, 10 Dec 2009

Oh great,I'm always interested in new books. A bit weird, I have finished my first Paul Auster ( Oracle night) book a few days ago. And I loved it.

Posted by esli at 8:14pm, 10 Dec 2009

this is a nice idea, to keep tim in touch with the fans, we always love more more more! tim is so in tune and wise, i wonder if he's read any Carlos Castaneda....

Posted by littlecherryolive at 8:13pm, 10 Dec 2009

Tim's Book Club?! This is an awesome idea! Thanks for doing this, Tim! :) Love from Chicago

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 8:09pm, 10 Dec 2009


Posted by brendabass at 8:07pm, 10 Dec 2009


Posted by amada at 8:05pm, 10 Dec 2009

Wooow that good tiim! ... Brooklyn's beautiful!*

Posted by keane_8@hotmail.com at 8:05pm, 10 Dec 2009

i feel alone... please, tom, shine a light on me :( i love keane...

Posted by ami_keaner at 8:04pm, 10 Dec 2009

Hi Tim, Paul Auster is one of my favorite authors. Did you know that his sales are better in Europe than in the United States? I don't know why because his writing is great. You should read his "New York Trilogy". I believe that you might find a tune in there. Jill NYC P.S. Did you get a chance to see "Hair" the musical on Broadway yet?

Posted by Lillyswan at 8:03pm, 10 Dec 2009

Book club, eh?...Nice...I work at a library...but must admit I don't read that much...I know shame on me...I'll try to check if we have that book, if not I'll order it for our library and when we get it I'll put a sticker on it sayin' "Tim Rice-Oxley's PIck" or something like that...hehe.. =P.....HugsAndKissesToKeane...xxSam

Posted by samanta.g at 8:02pm, 10 Dec 2009

I forgot. Thank you, Tim, for coming up with this feature. Remember, Keane kiddies, Knowledge is power!

Posted by lilahlamb at 8:01pm, 10 Dec 2009

He has earned the Prince of Asturias prize to Letters 2 years ago. His work is really intense and emotive. One of the best contemporary authors x

Posted by Kari from Spain at 7:59pm, 10 Dec 2009

What an excellent idea! A book club! Why should Oprah have all the fun with her book club? This feature is going to be my favorite feature here because of my love of reading. I got piles of books all over my house. I take reading over watching TV anytime. Can we fans suggest recommendations, too?

Posted by lilahlamb at 7:59pm, 10 Dec 2009

what a good idea for a feature!

Posted by Lonelykeanefan at 7:57pm, 10 Dec 2009


Posted by diego at 7:56pm, 10 Dec 2009

hey Tim! I´m a reader too (as I¨m a Language and literature teacher) and I understand what you discribe about stories which give you a deep perspective of the character thoughts. I also know that feeling of liking sth so much that you want to get more, because that´s exactly what I felt when I found Keane music!!!I´ll read it.kisses from Argentina

Posted by vicichuela at 7:54pm, 10 Dec 2009

Excellent choice!! I love Paul Auster too. His first book I read was "Leviatan" maybe ten or twelve years ago. Best wishes and hugs from Madrid.

Posted by belendda at 7:52pm, 10 Dec 2009

מה זה השטויות ה?לה

Posted by weary traveller at 7:48pm, 10 Dec 2009

So cool!!! I feel an expensive year coming along, what with extra books to buy.... Can I please quit my day-job?? :-D

Posted by Sibke at 7:47pm, 10 Dec 2009

sounds good! I love reading, I just need to find the time for it

Posted by noname at 7:46pm, 10 Dec 2009

I should really read more. :P

Posted by Corina at 7:44pm, 10 Dec 2009

Excellent! Thanks guys.

Posted by rdakai at 7:44pm, 10 Dec 2009


Posted by emmakate3 at 7:40pm, 10 Dec 2009

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