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22 Aug 2009

11.59am: A new day deserves a new page...

11.52am: Good morning! We're back, the band are up and it's time for some more live blogging...

12.26am: "You're wrong! Fruits in salad work very well," says Silvia in Switzerland, before going into quite some detail about how good they can be. Flávia in Sao Paulo, Brazil agrees. And so does Megan. And so does Mary Ann. Hmm. Maybe we'll give it another try...

On another note. "Aren't you sleepy?" writes Aline. "Ohhh, I'm not saying you should stop, 'cause the liveblog is brightening up my night!I mean...you must be tired, when will you guys get some rest?"

Yep, we are feeling a bit sleepy now. Time to hit the bunk. Thanks for keeping us company with your emails. We'll see you for more of the same in the morning. Until then, here's a picture of a burger stall we took earlier...

Does fruit work in burgers too?

11.57pm: Hey folks. We're back on the bus, where Adam, Tom and Jesse are talking about food, particularly the question of whether fruit works in salad (no, it does not - with the obvious exception of tomato). Anyway, Lali from Argentina has asked for a setlist. Here it is...

11.26pm: This is how it looked from where the folks with spotlights were based (thanks to Keane's manager Adam for the cracking shot)

11.10pm: And we're back in our cosy little wi-fi spot by the dressing rooms (Oasis behind us, Snow Patrol to our right). Here are the long overdue pics from the show:

Did we mention that it was ace?

(By the way, big thanks to the missus for her stirling work updating the site during the gig while we bellowed down the phone to her)

10.46pm: We're in the minibus for the surprisingly lengthy journey back to the dressing rooms. The band all thought it was a belting gig. We'd tend to agree.

10.34pm: And so after a mighty sounding (and rapturously received) Under Pressure it's time for Bedshaped. The band look like they've had a memorable night. Chelmsford will have to work very hard indeed to keep up with tonight's crowd.

10.22pm: Somewhere Only We Know and the crowd sound as loud as the band from the side of the stage. Amazing.

10.08pm: "What an incredible bunch of people you are," says Tom after a raucous Is It Any Wonder. "We're very flattered." There's an amazing atmosphere here tonight.

9.53pm: Right, the band are on stage and the crowd are loving it. We've taken lots of pictures, but having walked back to the dressing room where the wi-fi is, we found that the dressing room door was locked. Oh dear. We've also tried updating with a mobile but it seems like tens of thousands of people are also after the signal, so we've rung the missus and she's kindly doing it for us. The band are currently playing Leaving So Soon. Sounds great. And they're really throwing themselves into it. We'll report back with more before too long. Hopefully.

8.57pm: Three minutes until the band head to the stage, so we'd better be quick posting these...

We'll pop back during the show to post some pics of that...

8.31pm: Not long until performance time now (and apparently it takes 15-20 minutes to get from the dressing rooms to the stage itself), so the band are in the dressing room, warming up on their instruments. Or, at least, on each other's instruments - with Tim currently on bass and Jesse on drums, together conjuring a mighty groove.

Before that, Jesse was doing a spot of ironing...

While Richard had a blast on the drums...

And Tim's T-shirt just hung out...

Hung out!! Hahahaha! (Sorry.)

8.03pm: The wi-fi out here by the dressing rooms is getting progressively worse, which is a bit worrying. But here are some pictures from the Keane cabin just now. They are both quite arty.

Arty because it was taken in a mirror and is blurred:

Arty because because it's in black and white and crops off the top of Tim's head:

Look out for our exhibition coming to a gallery near you.

7.35pm: Here's Richard and Tom with Keane's erstwhile lighting guru Rob.

We've just been reading through all your latest emails - thanks to everyone who's sent one today. We've had several hundred already and it's very nice to hear from you all, whether you're in Manchester or Mongolia.

7.20pm: Sorry, it's a pretty BIG site - that wander took longer than expected...

Here's Tom doing an interview with BBC 6 Music

The wonferful Elbow on the Virgin stage...

Funny how you have to queue for ages to get into somewhere you *really* don't want to be...

A little piece of Brazil and Peru...

Why not pay to make yourself feel a bit ill...

In case you meet someone special...

A little piece of Mexico...

The stage which Keane will be gracing in just under two hours...

6.39pm: We didn't go for a wander in the end, we went to catering with the band to get some grub. It was, as these things always seem to be, very nice. We had lamb shank, as did Tim, while Richard had veggie salad and Tom had steak and ale pie. Pudding was either sticky toffee pudding or an excedingly lovely redcurrant tart. Yum. Here's a pic of Tim having a game of table football on the way back to the dressing room afterwards...

A calm, assured performance from Mr Rice-Oxley. Now we really are going to take some pics of the site...

6.06pm: The band are in the dressing room deciding tonight's setlist. Richard arrived just after we took the picture - looking very cheery.

We're going to leave them to their discussions and go and take some pictures of the site. See you in a bit...

5.41pm: OK, here are some pictures, taken on the way in and in the dressing room / sauna (happily, Tim just got the air-con working - as Tom said, he's "found his cooling in life". Huzzah!)

Crikey, Natalie Imbruglia just walked past...

5.26pm: Right, we're on site and after something of a panic, we've managed to find somewhere where the wi-fi works (sitting on the grass, against a fence, a little way away from the band's dressing room). We're in the backstage compound where all the band's dressing rooms are - they essentially get a portable cabin each. From here, we can see the Human League's which has Katy Perry's on one side and Lady Gaga's on the other. The weather is glorious and James are currently banging out the hits on the main stage, which is about 40 metres away from here. There are lots of people bustling about, looking important. And we're off to take some pictures...

4.49pm: A few of you have been asking for pics of Colin and Beth. Here they are - downstairs on the bus. Apparently we're only ten minutes from the site...

4.28pm: "My huge question is "WHERE IS RICHARD?" you haven't talked about him yet" Paty

The band have had a few days off since Seoul and Richard has been staying quite near to the V site in Staffordshire, So he's going directly there. But he'll be on the bus tonight when we head back down south.

Tom, meanwhile, is in the bus, but asleep.

4.10pm: Hi guys!! How many miles is it from London to the festivall? Cheers Wouter

It's about 150 miles. We're not too far away now. And the cricket is still going very well for England (but not so good for Keane fan Jenny in Perth, Australia, who's trying to take her mind off the game with the liveblog).

4.00pm: I'd like to know what did you have for lunch...That snack Jesse was preparing looked pretty good!
Kisses from Aline Shinzato, Brazil

Jesse was making toast with marmite. It did look pretty tasty (if you're a marmite sort of person).

3.54pm: Hey guys!  Just wondering who your bus driver is today?  -- Lana, Canada

His name is Jim. And he drives nicely.

3.41pm: Right, we've just read out a list of literally dozens of your book suggestions to Tim - he says a big thanks to you all for sending them in. These are the two he's chosen to explore further:

'The monk who sold his ferrari' by Robin S.Sharma (suggested by Alica and Jo)
Tim: With a title like that, it's got to be good!

Kafka On The Shore' By Haruki Murakami.
Excellent writer. Unforgetable book. A book made for Tim. For sure. (suggested by Paula)
Tim: Ah, Colin suggested this one too. I'll have to give it a go.

We've just left the service station. We're about an hour from the festival site, apparently.

3.32pm: Here are some pictures from the service station (nobody else got off apart from us):

3.19pm: (Um, this should be working now). Here's that video we promised. We kept it very short, because this wi-fi is pretty darn slow (not that we're complaining - it's on a moving vehicle!)

3.16pm: The fan-drawn pictures are flooding in. This one, by Kamylee, got a big thumbs up from Tim and Adam.

3.08pm: Right, here's a role reversal: Tim has a question for you folks. He's just finished his book (The Alchemist - "8/10") and he'd like to know what you'd suggest he reads his next. Get those suggestion in to ontour@keanemusic.com (thanks for all of your weather reports, by the way - it does seem the planet is mostly sunny today)

2.49pm: NEWSFLASH! We're stopping at a service station!

2.48pm: Luke's sent us a drawing of Tim, drawn by Annette Hutchins. Pretty good, eh?

2.47pm: Sorry, we lost wi-fi signal for a while there. Trying to upload a little video now.

2.13pm: "Just wondering if you guys have sky sports on the tour bus? Are you able to keep up to date with the 5th test?" asks Carly to ontour@keanemusic.com.

Sadly, no, Carly. For those of you unaware, It's the third day (of five) of the final (also of five) cricket Test match between England and Australia. Tom was actually at the Oval yesterday watching an astonishing performance from England, where they gave themselves a very good chance of winning the match (and the series). No doubt he would've loved to be there again today. As it is, we're following the scores online. C'mon England!

1.33pm: So, we're cruising along the motorway on our way up to Staffordshire. Tom is having a lie down, Tim is chilling in the little booth on the top deck at the front of the bus, Colin is working and Jesse and Beth are settling down into the main lounge to watch Mirrors (it looks a bit scary). Here are some pics...

1.24pm: OK, we're on the bus and we're on the move. Amazingly, it has wi-fi, so you're just moments away from some pictures...

12.42pm: We're at the coach pick up point, waiting with Beth, Colin, Jesse and Keane's manager Adam for the tourbus to arrive. Tim's on the bus already, Tom should be here any sec - in fact, here he is! - and we're meeting Rich at the site.

11.16am: Ah, the wonders of technology mean we can give you a world waether update on our way to meet the tourbus. Lali and Uma in Argentina both point out it's still dark there, but apparently a cold day is predicted. Tina in Germany says it's "sunny" while Ana Catarina is enjoying a "brilliant sunny day" in Porto. Rachel in Rio tells us it's "cold and the sun is hidden in the clouds" and it's "very cool but humid 79f" with Tasha in Miami. Chi tells us it's "sunny and very hot" in Taiwan and it's "5.45am and foggy" where Em is in West Virginia. On the train into London, meanwhile, it's cool and wobbly.

10.21am: Right, here's some quick weather updates, then we're off to meet the tourbus...

- It's a sunny and quiet afternoon (17:08), but very hot in Guangzhou, China. About 32 degree C.
Syrinx from China

- In Berlin it´s sunny and already quite warm! :-D
Greetings from Ani

- Weather good in Basingstoke - what a day a live Keane blog and cricket on the tv, Jean

- I live in hanover, Germany and it's like almost too hot! Ha! Can you believe that?! Too hot in Germany?! Yeah, well I'm going to an open air festival today...so let's hope the weather stays like that-here and at the v festival! Have a good day everyone!

- The weather is Holland is sunny, partly clouded with a nice breeze!

- In Poland there's cloudy and it rains. Not a good time. There's a concert in my town and all these people are gonna get wet!
Love, Kasia xoxo (writing from Szczytno, W-M, Poland.)

Thanks for those folks. So it's pretty good everywhere accept Poland then. Poor Poland.

See you in about two hours...

10.03am: Good morning! Welcome to the V Festival liveblog, which will be giving you all the behind-the-scenes info from Keane's weekend at one of the UK's biggest festivals, where they're headlining the 4Music stage. We're about to set off to west London to meet the tourbus at 12.45pm. From there we'll whizz up to Staffordshire with the band for the first leg of the show.

The weather here in England is lovely and sunny today. How is it where you are? Do drop us a line at ontour@keanemusic.com to let us know...

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incredible kids is really beautiful and fun to be aware of the trips, recitals, and all see! thanks i love you guys

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Dearest Richard, Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like you've got a pair in two various shades of this cute little checkered shirt !... I'm doing the same, I tend to buy a clothing in several colours when I can't choose... I guess it's not necessarily yours but shame to expose a pair of socks that way !!!... Was just to say hello because I feel down these days :'(

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 9:08am, 27 Aug 2009

was at stafford park saturday and went to watch keane whilst my mates went to watch oasis!!! whats that all about hahaha thought you were absolutly amazing and tom you looked well fit!!!!! carnt wait to see you again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Oh yes!! thank for that you remember my country (Mexico) It was a very pretty detail that of the "nachos" hahaha! It is a great photo, because This they are very delicious, and the seller ... I don´t know, I liked your hat of "mariachi" hahaha is pretty!

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woooooooooooooooowww!!!!!!! I am very impressed for your pictures guys!! it's cool!! and Tommy you are bronze-coloured!! it's cute!, you are cute! I loved your color of skin! is sexy, yeah!! and woow the tennis shoes of you are incredible!! you have a very big foot! Imagine, my footwear is of 3 1/2 hahaha!! very litte no? hahaha... Jesse is an almost a housewife! Plate, cuisine, what more faeces Jessi? hahaha!! not is true! and woow! I think that 80 % of the persons of the fastival is fans of keane, other one 20 remaining I do not know, probably only they were going to see hahaha!!! Oh yes! I forgot to say to them that the paintings are fantastic, that of Tim is an exact reply of his face!! And finally, my requests for that you visit Guatemala Please! in the next tour!! I love you my little Tomatote (Tommy) hahaha!! I wait to be able to know some day

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You were on topform at Weston - Best ever live version of Is it any wonder. Great comment from Tom "Lets try and drown out that din" referring to Oasis. Nice adidas Jacket.......Not sure about nike trainers though.

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Hello everybody! I love all the pics. Thanks keanemusic team!!! Greetings to all, from Chile. Daniela :)

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Ual, great pictures. It´s really amazing, thanks guys !!!!!!!! I love you, Tom !!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

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Wow, I am impressed Jesse to see you ironing. Your mom taught you well !!

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Ual, I loved this pictures !!!!!!!!! Really amazing, thanks guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

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thank you soooo much for nice pictures and stories!~ :)

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ese bus es su casa estan bien equipado tiene de todo que interesante !!! saludos chicos los quiero!!! desde Chile Silvia Sanchez G

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@A.B. You really couldn´t have discribed it better!!!!

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@A.B: i think you should,nt have described better what we all feel for the guys. have a nice day!

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@Vic!: I just saw who posted and I'm being very, very good at not posting back! :-) Isn't Keane wonderful?

Posted by lilahlamb at 2:16pm, 23 Aug 2009

I looooove Tim's socks!!! LOL See you guys soon in Canada, counting out time!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/ Cheers from Brasil, all the best from The Frog Prince Squad!!!

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Posted by A.B at 1:34pm, 23 Aug 2009

It was an amazing gig, and the atmosphere was brilliant, thanks guys! It was worth putting up with some of the acts on beforehand! Felt like I'd lost the will to live at some point!

Posted by suered at 12:43pm, 23 Aug 2009

great♥ great blog day 1!!! now we're having blog day two!!! :D

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Morning km.com and keane - nice to have you back!

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MORNING EVERYBODY!!!! 7.58am in ARGENTINA! :) Wake up lovely Keane Fans! Uma x Lau and Vicky from ARGENTINA!

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YEEEEY! I was beggining to get worried!! haha i'm glad you finally woke up! :D did you sleep well?? xx

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Hey! What's up? It seems they're sleeping a lot, well deserved. I'd go bonkers if I had to wake up early in Sunday... Hang on, I did! I'm awake since 3:30. Life is cruel... Cheers from Colombia! :-D Have a fantastic Sunday, Keane Friends!

Posted by Honey at 11:56am, 23 Aug 2009

@lalivaldez - haha I must admit, it was the best gig of Keane I have ever seen, I usually sit down if it's in an arena but being on front row on V festival was fantastic and seeing them just on the other table being interviewed just made my day! My first festival too!

Posted by mpattinson at 11:28am, 23 Aug 2009

@jennifer ; yes, It must be a problem with the wi-fi conection!! :( oh please make it work!!! i need to know about them :(

Posted by lalivaldez at 11:23am, 23 Aug 2009

Morning Keane. Please wake soon! x

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It's sad that I had to work yesterday, so I couldn't keep up with the blogging, only just read it. But it's great, and thanks for the pictures, too! Today I have to work, again (yes, I know it's Sunday but, hey, I get double-paid on a day like this, don't blame me ;-)), so I won't be able to watch this rightaway, but I will read and watch tomorrow morning!

Posted by jojoba at 11:10am, 23 Aug 2009

Good morning everyone here in the comments!! I guess the lack of updates has to do with a problem in the wi-fi connection. It's that, or all of them got very very tired yesterday lol.

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Good morning guys! Where are you ? In bed? Under the shower? Having a brunch? For me it's lunch time, see you soon!

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am I the only one who can't wait for their updates?? haha i bet i'm not, but I'm really anxious!! it's strange they haven't updated anything yet, I mean it's 10:38 in the morning in UK, they must be awake already!! Why don't they update anything? :(

Posted by lalivaldez at 10:39am, 23 Aug 2009

Fantastic gig you did last night (from the front row!) Can't quite believe Tom was being interviewed just meters away from me on those wooden benches whilst I was having my sausage and mash!!

Posted by mpattinson at 10:38am, 23 Aug 2009

Good Morning guys, any updates for today's show ?

Posted by jellyfish at 10:13am, 23 Aug 2009

time to wake up guys! we're looking forward to see an update! :D

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I want to listen to A Bad Dream & The Frog Prince Live tooooooooooo!!!! >_< When will I have this opportunity??? Syrinx from Guangzhou, China!

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Todays the day! I've been waiting for nearly 3 months! I've been awake since 5! Xxx

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Jajaja 3 nomás? debe haber unas cuantas más escurridas por el mundo jaja pero bueno, quizás le están picando las orejas y se le ponen coloradas aaw♥ pero eso no lo va a privar de seguir torrando de lo lindo jajaj aaaawe, mataría por verlo dormir ahora ya mismo *___* like an angel!!

Posted by lalivaldez at 8:54am, 23 Aug 2009

Jajaja Me sumo a lo de tirarle pétalos. Mmm Lali, no sé para mi que se despierta con un mal humor terrile x q no pudo dormir. lol ´"anoche dormí terrile, sentía como que había 3 chicas pensando en mí"(?) awe Tom es lo más.

Posted by Jennifer at 8:41am, 23 Aug 2009

jajaja sí! pero no lo vamos a poder encaramelar porque se va a quemar! jajaj bueno no importa para dulce está él eeeeeeeee ;) jajaja malisimo, perdonen chicas, es la hora, hace 24 horas qe no duermo :D y quedense tranqila que aunqe lo pensemos él va a poder dormir igual, nada le quita el sueño al oso dormilon jaja♥

Posted by lalivaldez at 8:35am, 23 Aug 2009

si, para colmo seguimos poniendole nombre de comidas como por ejemplo tomatito chaplin ajajjajajajja pobre Tom, no lo vamos a dejar dormir de tanto pensarlo. nos vemos chicas, pasenla bien, cuando vengan a Argentina nos contactamos y vamos juntas a tirarle a Tom petalos de rosa jajajaj

Posted by vicichuela at 8:26am, 23 Aug 2009

No sé los petalos acaramelados, pero los toms acaramelados estoy mas que segura que deben tener muy rico sabor ñaaam! jajaj que canibal u.u menos mal los chicos no saben español jaja bueno tom, pero muy poquito, todo esto no lo entenderá, muajaja(?) te amo cachetes♥

Posted by lalivaldez at 8:22am, 23 Aug 2009

Yo también me moriría si vuelven pronto. Y si no hay plata se trepan los muros del estadio, como diría mi amiga. jajaja Toms acaramelados, una nueva receta!! (la hora nos hace mal LOL) Posta que no sabía que se podían cocinar flores.

Posted by Jennifer at 8:11am, 23 Aug 2009

bueno, me voy a dormir un rato, mi compu me lo pide a gritos ya no me quiere abrir nada. nos vemos buenas noches!que iremos a soñar las que podamos dormir???jajj besos!!!!from ARGENTINA!

Posted by vicichuela at 8:07am, 23 Aug 2009

(mi compu se volvio loca!!)si!!!!!!!Tom acaramelado!!!!y bue pasa q a esta hora ya pensamos cualquier cosa. me muero si vienen necesito verlos en vivo!!!nunca tuve la chance porque soy una fan muy nueva pero por ejemplo pagaria lo que sea asi q soy muy fan, ;-)

Posted by vicichuela at 8:00am, 23 Aug 2009

Just read all of Live blog...it's so lovely...oh!!!!...Keane have played " A bad dream"...I love this song!!!!!....Thank you so much for this Live blog!!!....Love from Taiwan--Chi

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Quiero petalos acaramelados!!! quiero un Tom acaramelado en realidad JAJA perdon no puedo evitarlo!!! sii, la verdad, ojala que los chicos se den cuenta cuanto los amamos en argentina *__* que cierren la gira acá!! aaah te imaginas? MORIRIA

Posted by lalivaldez at 7:51am, 23 Aug 2009

y ademas de dulces son crocantes...a mi tambien ya me dieron ganas de comer eso :-D

Posted by vicichuela at 7:42am, 23 Aug 2009

sisi tenes que secarlos al horno con azucar...algo asi pero quedan bien dulces. han notado que somos muchos argentinos en este blog???ojala eso haga que los chicos quieran venir pronto!!

Posted by vicichuela at 7:40am, 23 Aug 2009

I think the three of us (Jenni, Vicichuela and me) are Argentinian, and we're still speaking in english! haha it must be because of this keane enviroment, it incite us to speak in english!! :D nunca probé los petalos de rosa acaramelados, pero me dieron ganas de comer eso ahora jaja aunque es raro, PETALOS??? jajaj nunca escuche que eso se comia!

Posted by lalivaldez at 7:34am, 23 Aug 2009

hi Jenny, i have never try flowers in salad but yes alone. my mum did once petalos de rosas acarameladas, i don´t know how to say that jajaja sorry

Posted by vicichuela at 7:24am, 23 Aug 2009

Hey! Cheers Lalii !haha (Chu_nice here xD) Nothing better than waiting awake all nite just to see a new update lol And this is old, but... i don't know if fruits work in salad, but flowers certainly do. lol

Posted by Jennifer at 7:20am, 23 Aug 2009

hey lalivaldez, I´m Argentinian too, from cordoba and im also awake!!just gonna sleep a few ours have a nice rest

Posted by vicichuela at 7:18am, 23 Aug 2009

It's 3am on sunday here in Argentina! I'm still awake!!!!!!! haha i think i'm gonna go to sleep at least 2 hours (no more than that!!!!) and at 5 am I'll be back to keep checking this liveblog out :D

Posted by lalivaldez at 7:02am, 23 Aug 2009

morning! What about a new background-pic? ok, I hope in not too many hours (maybe 5 hours), I´ll be back to check it out. But don´t know it! (depends if the others and me can count right, welll blah, blah, blah)A nice sunday morning for all who have to go to work! and for those who can sleep right now, because it´s Sunday!

Posted by Johanna at 6:34am, 23 Aug 2009

hello guys! i miss them a lot this week ahah the live blog is best, many photos, many news, super track was what I needed to go to sleep happy ahah, I love you guys, are the best!! I hope you are enjoying! I love kisses from Argentina :) ♥

Posted by andru at 6:24am, 23 Aug 2009

Re: Fruit in burgers, YES, a friend of mine swears by Avocados in her burgers - don't knock it till you've tried it!! Thank you for this lovely blog and the Herculean efforts in getting it to us, around the world! Good night from New York City (yes, our burgers are good, but the pizza/bagels/milkshakes/brown cows are definitely better)

Posted by Maayani at 5:45am, 23 Aug 2009

Very funny blog! :) Tim's got awesome socks and an awesome seat in the bus!

Posted by picklepine at 5:40am, 23 Aug 2009

that was awesome haha i want nachosss :D buuu Tigres lost the game here in monterrey and it was the clasic WTF!haha well see you :D

Posted by karlav at 5:22am, 23 Aug 2009

haha , and I got mentioned, awesome ! hope you try my salad recipe ^^ Kisses, looking forward for tomorrow´s updates! Much love from Sao Paulo - Brazil ♥

Posted by FlaviaLima at 5:01am, 23 Aug 2009

@niza yes, I need it too, but it's 12:36 am here in Argentina now, and I think that around 6am (my timezone) the guys are gonna update something, and well, just 5 hours left.. i think I'll wait haha or maybe I'll sleep for 2 or 3 hours.. I don't know!! where are you from niza?

Posted by lalivaldez at 4:38am, 23 Aug 2009

@lalivaldez, i don´t know what´s wrong but i tried to post 2 times before and i couldn´t!! .. anyway!! im here but i think i ´ll go to bed, now, i need more energy for tomorrow!!!

Posted by niza at 4:29am, 23 Aug 2009

hey i can´t post!!!! XD

Posted by niza at 4:24am, 23 Aug 2009

Any keaner awake?? I'm really getting bored!! just waiting for them to wake up and update something, but it's really early for them yet, they must be sleeping peacefully at this very moment (I hope so :) )

Posted by lalivaldez at 3:46am, 23 Aug 2009

Those lucky people! That list includes my favorite Keane song, Nothing In My Way, which I would love to hear live. The set-list is excellent. And New York Burger? Hmm... I guess New York isn't only famous for its pizza and bagels, eh?

Posted by Guitargirl496 at 3:19am, 23 Aug 2009

Please come back soon to MEXICO

Posted by marlo at 3:13am, 23 Aug 2009

Are the BEST, come back soon to MEXICO, the misses. Tom you are more than PERFECT, I LOVE you!

Posted by alechaplin at 2:54am, 23 Aug 2009

Lovely pics! I love you so much boys, Keane ♥

Posted by pauu at 2:39am, 23 Aug 2009

@niza I've just watched that video!! hahaha I've laughed a lot!!! it's funny!! We have to find some ways in order to pass the time, because I don't know what i'm gonna do till the next update!! I don't wanna sleep because I'm afraid of missing some update or something!! and I would not forgive myself if that happens!

Posted by lalivaldez at 2:23am, 23 Aug 2009


Posted by shesay at 2:12am, 23 Aug 2009


Posted by shesay at 2:09am, 23 Aug 2009

wowww A little piece of Peru... !!! I hope you can be here soon ...Greetings from PERU

Posted by NellyEdith at 2:02am, 23 Aug 2009

=D ok, pueden dormir chicos!!! los amoo! tratare de entretenerme en otra cosa, ya que en Mexico apenas son las 7:53 PM =S

Posted by sonylang at 1:55am, 23 Aug 2009

@lalivaldez @Mrs_Pevensie, all because of keane !!! and they are sleeping ... well , meanwhile check this out !!! ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnYbPDaaNQE XD

Posted by niza at 1:24am, 23 Aug 2009

Hey Tim....those socks....they just don't look good...xD

Posted by daniel_san_18 at 1:23am, 23 Aug 2009

@niza i think you're just like me then!! i've just slept five hours, and I'm at the computer since 15 hours ago, and I'm not planning going to sleep! haha I think Keane is like a drug for us, isn't it? hahaha keeps us awake O_O

Posted by lalivaldez at 1:14am, 23 Aug 2009

good night Keane!!!

Posted by Yuri Yenia at 1:05am, 23 Aug 2009

Thank you,guys!!! It's really nice to know that you have a great time there!!! Kisses!!!

Posted by Viir at 1:04am, 23 Aug 2009

LALI you rocks!!!! xD I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND!

Posted by puskaradio at 1:04am, 23 Aug 2009

Thanks for sharing one day in your life with us!!!

Posted by maritaci at 12:56am, 23 Aug 2009

Thank you for the today bolg, si es mejor que descanse, y pues mañana aca estaremos para continuar con el blog, asta mañana...

Posted by tokm at 12:50am, 23 Aug 2009

NIGHT NIGHT GUYS!! sweet dreams!! ♥

Posted by lalivaldez at 12:49am, 23 Aug 2009

@Mrs_Pevensie , sshhhh no one knows that´s my secret power !!!

Posted by niza at 12:48am, 23 Aug 2009

@niza I think they dont know we are able to stay up hours and hours jajajaj they should learn of you! XD :)

Posted by Mrs_Pevensie at 12:38am, 23 Aug 2009

Hey km, thank you so much for a great blog, we've had a great day :D:D looks like it was a pretty rocking show, see you tomorow! xx

Posted by Salt at 12:38am, 23 Aug 2009

you're sleepy, guys.... hmmmm, i'd be if i were you... anyway, i hope we'll meet again in the morning ;) good night and thanks for everything !!!! :') kisses from Rio-Brazil :')

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 12:38am, 23 Aug 2009

si es mejor que tenga un buen descanzo!!!! antes de eso las fotos!!!! pleace!!!!!!!

Posted by mamuela86 at 12:37am, 23 Aug 2009

THANK YOU FOR ALL! I'll try see you in the morning! A BIG HUG FROM COLOMBIA!

Posted by Alejita at 12:36am, 23 Aug 2009

@ Mrs_Pevensie : "Not fair....I just sent an email to you and now you're off to bed .." DITTO, :(

Posted by niza at 12:35am, 23 Aug 2009

See you tomorrow guys!! Cheers.

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 12:33am, 23 Aug 2009

Not fair....I just sent an email to you and now you're off to bed =( Anyway, sweet dreams winners

Posted by Mrs_Pevensie at 12:33am, 23 Aug 2009

OMG I want to eat Hamburgers now!! Thank you for a WONDERFUL day gyus! It was great ♥

Posted by mari_atf at 12:31am, 23 Aug 2009

Waldorf salad with celery, apple and mayonnaise is really tasty!!!

Posted by eugenia at 12:26am, 23 Aug 2009

thanks for sharing these moments with us, your fans. GREAT KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Yuri Yenia at 12:24am, 23 Aug 2009

Re: Fruit in Salad: Yes, it does work. Pear and Walnut Salad with Gruyere Cheese... *drools* It's pretty yummy. Had a fantastic one at Leopold's Cafe in Georgetown, MD not too long ago. It's very good. Mandarin oranges do well in salads too: combined with chicken, almonds, crispy noodles and oriental sauce. :P :D It's all dependent on the ingredients you combine and the chemistry they have together. lol....

Posted by Emmybear at 12:23am, 23 Aug 2009

Ooooh nice list!

Posted by FlaviaLima at 12:18am, 23 Aug 2009

me gustaria que colocara mas fotos de tim , tom y richard !!!!

Posted by mamuela86 at 12:17am, 23 Aug 2009

what a great blog!! Thanks !!! Love KEANE for ever.

Posted by Marianela at 12:15am, 23 Aug 2009

salad with strawberry and mango is DELICIOUS! ! :) LOL

Posted by Laauura at 12:13am, 23 Aug 2009

wow!!!!! fotos and selits.mexico

Posted by shesay at 12:12am, 23 Aug 2009

it's cool that they're playing leaving so soon again!! -- fruit works in salads!! what about lettuce+apples+walnuts+goat cheese? it's delicious!!!!!!

Posted by ana_lore at 12:11am, 23 Aug 2009

Adam, thanks for the GREAT shot!!

Posted by nina at 12:07am, 23 Aug 2009

@niza Yes, friend! But what would I do without you??? So keep doing it! * We want a Thom Pierce pic =(!

Posted by Mrs_Pevensie at 12:06am, 23 Aug 2009

of course fruit works in salads!...you should come by mediterranean areas more often, then you would not need to discuss that. haha

Posted by carme at 12:05am, 23 Aug 2009

Doesn't waldorf salad have apples in it?

Posted by symphonie at 12:05am, 23 Aug 2009

I have to admit I don't know the setlist from Rio gig, but it looks like that one... :o I migh be wrong, I don't know... Anyway... I think fruits fit on salad... Just my opinion ;) cheers, People !

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 12:05am, 23 Aug 2009

GREAAAAAAAAT!! THANKS FOR THE SETLIST GUYS!! I'M SO GLAD YOU UPLOADED IT!!! :D and because you have mentioned me!!

Posted by lalivaldez at 12:04am, 23 Aug 2009

Thanks a lot guys the show was amazing! Kisses from Argentina! Talii x

Posted by thaliahuvi at 12:03am, 23 Aug 2009

i love under pressure! too bad you didnt play it in LA or anaheim! oh well i still

Posted by hollybaba22 at 12:02am, 23 Aug 2009


Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 12:02am, 23 Aug 2009

@Mrs_Pevensie: (cuando no!) are you telling me that im 24/7 around km.com ??? I LOVE YOU ---- WAITING FOR A THOM P OR ANT PIC btw!!!! ------- PLEASE!!!

Posted by niza at 11:57pm, 22 Aug 2009

@niza awwww my dear friend, I love youuuuuuu! Good to see you around here! (cuando nooo!)

Posted by Mrs_Pevensie at 11:54pm, 22 Aug 2009

somany time without came here guys , i been miss you a lot i been see that you have a new lot of pics thank you i loved, jesse works to muchs !!!! i love you guys and i hope have more time to see you in a future xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Rose xoxoxo P.S.MEXICO RULES IN ALL THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rose chaplin at 11:52pm, 22 Aug 2009

>Amazing Pics!!! Thank you so much for doing this to us, chasing wi fi signals, just to post pics! you are amazing! ! and LOL @ the brazilian flip flops banner! you guys should get a pair of Havaianas, they are the most comfortable flip flops ever! haha :D Much love from Sao Paulo . Brazil

Posted by FlaviaLima at 11:48pm, 22 Aug 2009

I was questioning my self if theirs some video for us to see, maybe?

Posted by DubleD_12 at 11:47pm, 22 Aug 2009

it was great................................super Show

Posted by MargaritaT at 11:45pm, 22 Aug 2009

@Mrs_Pevensie, you´re so sweet !! that´s way i love you my friend!!!....XD

Posted by niza at 11:41pm, 22 Aug 2009

ohh! espero que sigan subiendo fotos y comentarios, en México apenas son como las 5:40 PM =D yo no tengo sueño, quiero mas de Keane!!! jajaja

Posted by sonylang at 11:39pm, 22 Aug 2009

thanks for these photos, and make us part of the festival :) I live in Chile so, this is so important for me, is like I was there :D!

Posted by Mrs_Pevensie at 11:38pm, 22 Aug 2009

love the pic of shelley and debbie at the barrier...what a great shot. Soo wish I was there. To all my boardie chums, have fun on sunday xx

Posted by sal at 11:38pm, 22 Aug 2009

I second Salt's comment!!!!!! :D

Posted by finshi at 11:37pm, 22 Aug 2009

I love you guys....Tom is so cute!!!!!!!!

Posted by wacky at 11:36pm, 22 Aug 2009

The stage shots look really cool :D well done km.com & adam xx (: hope you'll be putting some more of the dressing room on ;) x

Posted by Salt at 11:35pm, 22 Aug 2009

@carme: Wow, you have good eyes! I couldn't see Tim (aside from the closeup shots on the side) until you pointed it out, he's so tiny.

Posted by finshi at 11:35pm, 22 Aug 2009

So you performed Bedshaped. That is my FAVORITE song from Keane. Wish I were there.

Posted by keanelover38 at 11:34pm, 22 Aug 2009

se ve que se la pasaron super bien, son geniales!! =D

Posted by sonylang at 11:34pm, 22 Aug 2009

I'm really diggin' the Richard Hughes plaid shirts. :) xxplymouthrock.

Posted by again and again at 11:33pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 11:31pm, 22 Aug 2009

awesome view of tim playing!

Posted by carme at 11:29pm, 22 Aug 2009

everything looks so tiny!!! thanks adam !!!

Posted by niza at 11:29pm, 22 Aug 2009

I have forgot: love you so much xxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Denislavia at 11:29pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by samanta.g at 11:27pm, 22 Aug 2009

We LOVE you Keane!!!

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 11:25pm, 22 Aug 2009

That stage is cool! I love the purple with Keane's logo on it.

Posted by Guitargirl496 at 11:21pm, 22 Aug 2009

It's really fun looking at the expressions of the fans in the audience. So interesting, those lucky ducks! Thank you Mr./Mrs. Blogger!

Posted by finshi at 11:20pm, 22 Aug 2009

GREAT PICTURES!! I LOVED IT!! AND I ALMOST DIE ON LAUGHING WHEN I SAW THE NAME OF THE LAST PICTURE 'THEEND' HAHA I DON'T KNOW IT MADE ME LAUGH :P maybe because i've slept just 5 hours and it's been 14 hours in front of the computer and drinking coffee!!!

Posted by lalivaldez at 11:19pm, 22 Aug 2009

Thanks, good night, ... sweet dreams, btw Fromm and Freud believed in dream symbols, Freud believed most dreams involved childhood sexual impulses and From regarded many symbols as asexual.... I am really drowsy! good night

Posted by Denislavia at 11:19pm, 22 Aug 2009

hey, guys !!! i had to get out and now that i came back you update the pictures !! god, it's so damn meant to be !!! great to know the band had a great gig, c'mon they deserve it ;) and for you, people from the crew, a big big thanks (one more time) for updating the whole day and providing us a different view from Keane ! That's very nice of you... :') The pictures are great, thank you thank you thank you :')

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 11:19pm, 22 Aug 2009

Oh live blogs are soooo cool! thanks guys :D

Posted by Laauura at 11:19pm, 22 Aug 2009

Thank so much Keane for this lovely blog. Have a good night and a deserved rest.Safe and nice travel to Chelmsford. A big kiss* to you my dearest Tom :) Take care! See you tomorrow! Bye:D Rachel

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 11:18pm, 22 Aug 2009

OOhhh it looks great!! Congrats boys!

Posted by samanta.g at 11:17pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by isa at 11:17pm, 22 Aug 2009

SOOO JEALOUS! the picture are fantastic! i miss keane, they should come to humboldt state university sometime!!!

Posted by hollybaba22 at 11:16pm, 22 Aug 2009

In Chile it is very cold, at this moment I am working on my thesis proyect for the university and I see your beautiful photos. I would like to be with you, Keane you brighten my life. Sorry for my English. I love you Tom Chaplin.

Posted by Yuri Yenia at 11:16pm, 22 Aug 2009

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THE NICE PICS FROM THE GIG! Now I can go to bed and have sweet dreams.

Posted by Dr. House at 11:16pm, 22 Aug 2009

I want more pics........................................................

Posted by MargaritaT at 11:15pm, 22 Aug 2009

Brilliant THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good night's sleep and have fun tomorrow!!

Posted by Maayani at 11:14pm, 22 Aug 2009

Thank you, that good photos.

Posted by tokm at 11:14pm, 22 Aug 2009

Great pics, great liveblog ! Thanks!

Posted by Drfd at 11:13pm, 22 Aug 2009

whoooop amazing pics from the show!!! thanks again guys :D

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 11:11pm, 22 Aug 2009

I'm SAD................................................................... ........FucKeane amazing

Posted by MargaritaT at 11:10pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by lalivaldez at 11:09pm, 22 Aug 2009

I'm glad the gig went well!

Posted by Guitargirl496 at 11:09pm, 22 Aug 2009

OOH !!! =)

Posted by piluky at 11:05pm, 22 Aug 2009

looking forward to watching 4 music tomorrow with you guys on- tonight was great. Loving the blog- have a great gig x

Posted by bomba at 11:04pm, 22 Aug 2009

What a cracking day its been - sunshine, cricket and a Keane live blog to catch up on... good luck for tomorrow & sweet tour bus dreams! X

Posted by JaneA at 11:03pm, 22 Aug 2009

seems like it was an amazing gig !!!!!

Posted by ana_lore at 11:02pm, 22 Aug 2009

Congratulation Keane!, ¡KEANE, KEANE KEANE!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Yuri Yenia at 11:01pm, 22 Aug 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL ************ Tim, I read "The Bell Jarr" from Sylvia Plath and it´s an excelent book; also Crime and Punishmment, Dostoievski, a classical and great one! :.)

Posted by isa at 11:00pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by lalivaldez at 10:59pm, 22 Aug 2009

KEANE,KEANE KEANE,KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh I' from CHile, I miss you, come back CHile. I'm singing from a distance : Your are living so soon, never had a chance to bloom................ I love you Tom

Posted by Yuri Yenia at 10:58pm, 22 Aug 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *********** " The band look like they've had a memorable night". HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I AM VERY HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS AND ALSO THE AUDIENCE THAT HAD A GREAT NIGHT WITH KEANE MUSIC. Thanks for this live blog, I enjoyed it much! LOTS OF LOVE! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Posted by isa at 10:56pm, 22 Aug 2009

i love you timmmm||||||||| want the pics pleaseeeeeee i hope to seee the vids soon on youtube im sick now sadly ::(

Posted by brendabass at 10:56pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by lalivaldez at 10:48pm, 22 Aug 2009

deezaremynuts is back!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 10:43pm, 22 Aug 2009

Apparently it was an exelent presentation,Keane always it gives the best.

Posted by tokm at 10:43pm, 22 Aug 2009

This is the end!!! oh pictures please. Sounded fantastic!

Posted by LitwithwhiteLight at 10:42pm, 22 Aug 2009

UP !!! one of my fav !!

Posted by niza at 10:41pm, 22 Aug 2009

oh no, it's the end! nooooo! ...please post pictures of the show :)

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 10:40pm, 22 Aug 2009

quien pudiera estar allí. ''is it any wonder'' ahora. mexico

Posted by shesay at 10:39pm, 22 Aug 2009

just so jealous of the crowd there...haha

Posted by carme at 10:38pm, 22 Aug 2009

sowk, now !! post a vid please !!!

Posted by niza at 10:36pm, 22 Aug 2009

From Colombia: we send a lot of greetings to you, and we thank you for giving us joy and happiness!!! I Love u,I Love u,I Love u,I Love u,I Love u,I Love u,I Love u,I Love u........................................ Keanera 100% Colombia! el riesgo es que te quieras quedar!

Posted by MargaritaT at 10:36pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by lalivaldez at 10:36pm, 22 Aug 2009

I'm back! ... awww SOWK!! love that song :)

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 10:36pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by ksolalinde at 10:32pm, 22 Aug 2009

Is It Any Wonder? is a fab track always rocks and make me incredibly happy.

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 10:30pm, 22 Aug 2009

i hate men who wear sunglasses inside...

Posted by deezaremynuts at 10:27pm, 22 Aug 2009

I love the picture of Jesse ironing! So Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 10:23pm, 22 Aug 2009

its time for luch ...I'll be back in a bit ;)

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 10:23pm, 22 Aug 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *********** OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********************* LOTS OF LOVE TO MY FAVOURITE BAND!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 10:20pm, 22 Aug 2009

BEAUTIFUL SMILE TIM!! who took the background picture (buildings and amazing gray sky)? where is that place?

Posted by MARITACI at 10:19pm, 22 Aug 2009

Dear Charlie (a man now, then), worry not, the wait just makes us expect it more! :) Great job. Thank you.

Posted by Maayani at 10:16pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 10:13pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by lalivaldez at 10:13pm, 22 Aug 2009

Thank you Mrs. Keanemusic.com!!! You are our hero!!! xx

Posted by MAry Ann at 10:09pm, 22 Aug 2009

hahhaha arty pictures...I loved them

Posted by Drii at 10:09pm, 22 Aug 2009

Leaving so soon it's my favorite song!! Go Keane!

Posted by DubleD_12 at 10:07pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 10:05pm, 22 Aug 2009

Oh really they're playing Leaving so soon?? I'm listening that song right now!! beautiful coincidence!

Posted by thaliahuvi at 10:05pm, 22 Aug 2009


Posted by lalivaldez at 10:02pm, 22 Aug 2009

que chido, I cannot wait to see the pics

Posted by tokm at 10:01pm, 22 Aug 2009

Thanks for the update km.com. I thought we were going to have to send a search and rescue team after you! lol

Posted by pointgard022 at 10:01pm, 22 Aug 2009

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