Q&A: Tom's European tour update

01 Nov 2012

Q. Hi Tom, how are you?
A. I'm finally recovered from some mid-tour horribleness (hope I didn't pass it on to the front row in Barcelona). I decided to run a half-marathon on the running machine the other day after a particularly greedy pizza binge, so I'm surprised I'm still standing. With that in mind, I'm feeling remarkably good.

Q. How have the European shows been going?
A. I particularly enjoyed our two shows in Portugal. The venue in Oporto is one of the very best we've ever played in - it felt like the whole crowd were getting an intimate performance and I thought it sounded great. Better still, the Porto branch of Keane fans gave it their all on a Sunday night - you can't ask for more than that!

Q. Have you managed to spend any time looking around any of the cities? You've been visiting some new ones.

A. Ljubljana was one of those special little tour highlights that comes along once in a blue moon. What a beautiful place! So romantic - the snowfall, log fires and quaint little streets made for a brilliant evening off. I sat by the river and ate roast chestnuts the morning of the show…I felt very in love with the place. Thanks for having us Slovenia!

Q. What have you been watching / listening to on this tour?
A. The Thick Of It, which is a political satire. It's truly hilarious, although not for the faint-hearted. If you ever need a set of killer put-downs, there are enough in one episode to last a lifetime.

Q. You must have been pleased to win the Q Award last week? How was the day / ceremony?
A. We were tired but it's was good fun. It was great to be part of something where a few of our heroes turned up. Particularly nice to see Blur given something for all their great music - I think, of all the bands of my generation, they've consistently made the greatest music.

It was great that Disconnected won - although it was very much deserved - I suppose we can take credit for providing some creative inspiration via the track itself but really the plaudits have to go to JA and Sergio for their labour of love. Well done and thanks again guys!

Q. The UK tour is nearly upon us. Are you looking forward to the "in the round" shows?
A. We did a full scale sketch out of the stage out in Zurich the other day and I'm certainly pretty excited about how it's going to turn out. There'll be a few logistical issues to iron out when it comes to rehearsals and thinking up a setlist but they promise to be great events.

We also asked Keane fans on Twitter to give us some questions for you...

Q. What do you miss most of England while being on tour?

A. My home life is in stasis when I'm on the road…I try not to think about it too much or I feel pretty sad. I really do look forward to seeing everyone again and being in one place. Still, this is the life I chose so I've got used to it and I'm not going to complain.

Q. What's the biggest compliment you've received from a celebrity fan and how did you react to it?

A. Lily Allen has been unswervingly positive about what we do, which is very sweet of her. It's quite rare for musicians to be so open about what they love, as it's quite a cynical world.

Q. What is your favourite song from #Strangeland album and why?

A. In Your Own Time makes me cry - it's a very empathic song that gives me a boost when the chips are down.

Q. How do you keep your voice sound so good despite all your numerous gigs?

A. I'm lucky. I've been trying to sing a bit more quietly in recent shows because I'm aware that I could burn out before too long. I actually really prefer the way I sound like that anyway, so necessity has been the mother of invention once again!

Q. What's been the best moment of this tour for you so far?

A. The other night I was singing Bedshaped (in Ljubljana) and I sang a few bars that were absolutely bang in tune - when that happens, the vocals seem to resonate in a really peculiar way - it's almost otherworldly, I can't explain it! Not to say that I don't sing in tune most of the time but there's good and then there's a holy place somewhere above that, which, every now and then, I seem to find!

Q. Tom, which is your favourite pizza flavour?

A. Caprese.

Comments (56)

very impressed on the half marathon, I wonder how much time did it take. anyway, I have been running since july and my goal for december 2th is to run 20km, my "run lola run" playlist is plagued with keane music, some might say is not upbeat enough but Tom singing "drag your heart up to the starting line" is not something I take lightly

Posted by sonygarza at 7:16pm, 20 Nov 2012

Looking forward to Edinburgh....first time, but have heard such positive things about your live performances x

Posted by sandraw at 7:49am, 16 Nov 2012

Tom, I want to thank you for this great interview, not only because I am a huge fan of Keane’s music and all members, but because I am Portuguese. I am so happy that you all were welcome in my country and that the show in Porto was one of your favorites so far. It’s a huge complement to us. Thank you for following your dreams and for being such an outstanding singer. The world without Keane wouldn’t be the same. Please continue performing for many, many years to come. Your message is very profound and means so much to us. Never give up.

Posted by egoncalves at 1:29am, 15 Nov 2012

@babs2009: Pizza Caprese comprises tomatoes, basil leaves and mozzarella cheese. :D Hi, Tom! I love this shot of yours! As everybody has already written, you guys, deserve to take a break and take it slow...you're not getting any younger and more often than not life gets the best of us without us realizing it. As the adage goes, Take time to smell the roses. Breathe.... I'm excited for you when you've said you want kids. My daughter is the best thing that ever happend to me and my husband. Take care & hugs & kisses to the four of you! XXX

Posted by anouk23 at 9:56am, 12 Nov 2012

hi, its ths best group of world !!! i love it , tom , the best singer !!!

Posted by natironsea at 9:44pm, 11 Nov 2012

Ive never had a capresse pizza whats on them and are they nice?

Posted by Babs2009 at 8:33pm, 10 Nov 2012

♥♥♥♥ I LOVE TOM OLIVER ♥♥♥♥ vuelvan pronto a mexico keane son los mejores del mundo :)

Posted by angelicattrj at 12:50am, 10 Nov 2012

Me da un poco de respeto ó miedo tal vez pensar que Tom está cantando por su parte para poder cantar solo. Es loable que lo desea hacer. Pero Tom, que se necesita para tener éxito, una buena composición, una buena voz, las dos cosas ó con una puedes también tener éxito ? Tim en cambio tiene la genialidad pero no la voz. Por esos en Mt. Desolation ha escogido un estilo country. No puede ni sabe él que pueda competir contigo. Que buscas Tom ? Un compositor genial ?

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:55pm, 09 Nov 2012

And this picture is very cute....

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 8:01pm, 09 Nov 2012

Dear Tom, i would like to thank you for the great performance in Prague last week, I enjoyed it so much! I will take the opportunity to see you next time! Good luck on the tour!

Posted by martina at 9:35pm, 08 Nov 2012

hola, Keane es una banda que ha trabajado mucho, y se merece todo el Exito del mundo! En la vida algunas veces las cosas no son como las hemos planeado, lo unico que se hace es Vivir un Día a la Vez, recuerden que solo por un "hoy" hemos vivdo, que "mañana" es imprecindible. Animo!!! se les quire mucho. Tom! un día por Vez.

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 10:52pm, 07 Nov 2012

Tom take some time out and have some kids - mine have made me so happy - but you and the guys need to do less touring as you will stress yourselves out too much and you deserve personal time to!! But don't stop altogether. Tim's songs and Tom's singing = heaven! Tim's songs are all classics! And its nice to know that Richard and Jessee are so cool too!

Posted by AnnetteM at 9:08am, 06 Nov 2012

Dear Mr. KM : I only wanted to let you know that I've been listening to this guys' music for the last five years. When Strangeland came out, I was listening to a lot of jazz music. I mean, as time goes by, my musical tastes might have changed a little bit, but for some reason I wouldn't fall out with Keane. I've bought all their albums (all of them) and that kinda got me thinking...that they work for me!!! I'm their boss, right???? What do you think?? So I felt like I wanted to use my newly acquired powers to ask you IF you'd be so kind as to ask them to do something for me. Though I do love Keane, my favourite band has always been Pink Floyd. So, I was wondering if maybe the guys would consider making a cover of a Floyd song... would that be possible?? I really really hope you read this message... and I really really hope you are in a good mood when you do!!!! Anyway, thanks for all the lovely work you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by wright at 11:50pm, 05 Nov 2012

I think he sounds a bit love-lorn at one point, sometimes you just miss having your other half there to talk to, I guess. He seemed to perk up a bit during the rest of it. I always loved little Lily and I'm glad that they had at least one friend to talk to at these do's.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 9:31pm, 05 Nov 2012

Thank you for coming to Slovenia! Your concert was a really amazing experience...gave us so much energy and inspiration... Unforgettable!

Posted by Success at 3:17pm, 05 Nov 2012

Lily Allen abrió un club de cricket. Supongo que debes ir a jugar allí. Y tu amistad viene a raíz del cricket ? Reconocer vuestro trabajo musical no és muy difícil. Se nota que cuidáis el diseño. Para mí el concierto privado que Keane realizó en una casona de Glasgow con las fotos de Paul Saunders era un de estilo J.A. Bayona pero con una pincelada inglesa. Es un fotògrafo para contratarlo para la banda. Las fotos son de época y son una pasada chicos. Barcelona. Marisa. petons.

Posted by OXFORDD at 12:13pm, 05 Nov 2012

Tom, I can imagine that it must be hard sometimes on tour and you may feel tired and homesick but on the other hand I'm so grateful for Keane's music and your singing which brings much joy into my life. Thanks a lot!!! xxx

Posted by utisgirl at 9:54am, 05 Nov 2012

I love In Your Own Time too! Is a great song! Nice answers, Tom. Many hugs from Colombia :)

Posted by Alejita at 7:42pm, 04 Nov 2012

Spanish, living in France, my last birthday I decided to take two tickets for your Porto show. It was a great oportunity to see you for the first time and visit this nice country. I can confirm, this show in Porto is the best I have never been to. This is what we all are looking for : a middle size hall, with good acoustics and devoted fans :-) Thanks a lot for this fantastic show that will remain for ever in my memories. Next time, come to Provence, we will run a half marathon outside with a beautiful landscape!!!

Posted by Tempurina at 11:44am, 04 Nov 2012

I was glad to know you enjoyed playing in OPORTO, my town... Unfortunately, as I was badly sick, didn't have the oportunity to go...And so, I got my ticket and the flight reservation to see the show at THE O2 ARENA the 30th of this month!!!!!! Can't wait for the day :)

Posted by zita at 10:18am, 04 Nov 2012

Tom, just leave obstacles behind. Please keep walking on your evolutional journey. All of you are meant to lead us to unique,adventurous,and marvelous music wonderland of the future.

Posted by urania.galaxy at 7:41pm, 03 Nov 2012

Ciao Tom, molto interessanti e simpatiche le tue risposte, mi sono piaciute, bravo! Spero che anche tu, Tim e Jesse abbiate apprezzato il fansbook italiano , sai, è stato realizzato con tanto amore, ho visto le foto dove Richard lo sfoglia e sono davvero contenta ed emozionata che gli sia piaciuto, si vedeva che era entusiasta!!! Un abbraccio a tutta la band, un grosso saluto dalla vostra fan Sabrina da Catania, Sicilia!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:37pm, 03 Nov 2012

Tom, don't be sad, you bring so much happiness and love to people around the world and I'm sure you are in heart and mind of the ones you love all the time so as they are in yours... I wish all the best to you, love, happiness and health, take good care because we all do need you! Many greetings from Bavaria!

Posted by SylliBee at 12:19pm, 03 Nov 2012

Hi keane!!! tom sweet!!!! I love you so much!!!! I´m glad you´re better!!! thanks so much!!good luck!! viva keane forever!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥ abrazos desde Buenos Aires Argentina! We miss you!!

Posted by Melisa at 1:13am, 03 Nov 2012

I'm glad you liked the concert in Porto. I was there and it was absolutely amazing! I sang until my throat was sore, but it was worthwhile. Please come back soon.

Posted by susanab73 at 11:17pm, 02 Nov 2012

¨CAPRESE¨ ♥ ...................................................................... ...............................(:

Posted by krmen at 8:12pm, 02 Nov 2012

Awwwww "In Your Own Time" Great Song! COLOMBIA WAIT FOR KEANE

Posted by paliz at 7:50pm, 02 Nov 2012

I understand perfectly that the tour you've been doing must be very tired, but thought that you're lucky of choosing that kind of life and making happy people with your music. Everything has their pros and cons, but we have to take a balance of the things and follow the way we choose. You're the best!!!! For your voice, Tom, is beautiful, strong and better with the time, Tim is a genious doing songs, with so beautiful and deepest letters, moreover of the great drums and guitar playing of Richard and Jesse. You all together make a perfect and special mix, for this reason since I listened to you for the firt time with Somwhere only we know I knew that you would become my favourite band =). Don't let never of doing music, guys!! I can't forget your last stay in Razzmatazz, Barcelona, that although you, Tom, don't feel so good, you all give to us the best you can do it, a nice performance. I love all songs of this last album, specially songs as Day will Come and The Starting Line. It's a shame that I can't go to UK to see you again, anyway I hope you come back someday to Barcelona!!! Take care Tom!! Kisses from Bcn.

Posted by evabcn at 5:52pm, 02 Nov 2012

"Thought I could help to find your way... But I'm as lost as you are lost ...". ... =)... Looking forward to see you again in L.A.

Posted by -eve- at 4:29pm, 02 Nov 2012

Tom I am so glad you liked Ljubljana so much, thanks for coming, even 4 days after seing you guys I am still singing your songs and playing them on my guitar :) I´m in love with your music! Please come back to Slovenia soon :)

Posted by lenkyloo at 1:30pm, 02 Nov 2012

thanks for answered my question Tom. :)

Posted by francescadani at 12:24pm, 02 Nov 2012

TOMY ** I'm happy for you to see that your life is full of joy, due to your job you have to visit places very very nice ** ** as Slavonia in the description that you do is actually very romantic ** I hope from the bottom of my heart that your visit in France was pleasant, it is true that there is not as beautiful weather as in portugal but I hope that all the fans' love of the Olympia made you forget the bad weather that there was *** in the meantime I wish you a lot of happiness for the future of your magnificent tour ** ** with all my love ** I kiss you tenderly

Posted by choupette94 at 10:32am, 02 Nov 2012

Tom, cuidate mucho. Tómatelo con calma. Las giras por lo que dices son agotadoras. Ahora tienes el soporte de tu familia, de tu mujer que debe de ser una Santa. Has escogido esta profesión que pasas muchos días fuera de casa. Para mí, Keane, no sería lo que és sin Tí. El cantante da personalidad a un grupo. Ahora bien, Tom tienes a Tim que és un genio creativo, a Richard que toca la bateria excelentemente i Jesse que es un trabajador como la copa de un pino. Tienes un equipo buenísimo. Y en Barcelona, noté un poco que estábais cansados pero nunca había asistido a un concierto. Era el primero que pagaba 26 euros. Y los pagué con ganas de venir. Y mi marido y mis amigos disfrutaron. Seguí el ritmo con un pañuelo y al día siguiente tenía agujetas en el brazo. No entiendo mucho del tema. Pero sois una banda que hacéis música. Y esto no es fácil encontrar hoy en día una banda de música con seriedad, y con ganas de mejorar y entregarse en el escenario como te entregas Tom. Porqué te comunicas con el público. Te acercas a ellos. Esto es único. Quiero ir al concierto en Londres pero me parece que están las entradas agotadas. Seguro que será una pasada. El diseño del escenario y la lista de canciones. Con cariño, un fort petó para Tom. Tim, sigo tocando el piano. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:03am, 02 Nov 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Many thanks for the interview! I also like Blur much! Lots of love to my favourite band! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 7:01am, 02 Nov 2012

Tom , Thanks for the interview~~

Posted by tracyyip at 6:39am, 02 Nov 2012

Saludos desde México TOM

Posted by marthis at 6:19am, 02 Nov 2012

Tom, you are just the sweetest, loveliest man! It touched my heart when you said "In Your Own Time' makes you cry, it does me too! Thank you for sharing some insight into your world. And thank you for all you do for your fans, you give so much of yourself. Please take care of yourself and your beautiful voice! I hope to see you when you come back to the US! Love you bunches! Hugs and kisses from Wisconsin!

Posted by Miklyssary at 5:59am, 02 Nov 2012

I love little questionnaire's like this! I wish there were a bit more questions but I'll take what I've been given!! Glad you seem to be enjoying yourself on this tour (as always) and where your life is at! Thank you for being so amazing!

Posted by Hattie at 3:05am, 02 Nov 2012

Reading this interview I felt like I was in front of Tom just when he was answering the questions. What I liked most were his words about Portugal gigs and Ljubljana, btw, I think that Bedshaped is full of images & colours. Thanks km.com. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:37am, 02 Nov 2012

The portuguese fans, especially, the ones from OPORTO thank you guys for coming back here after 3 looong years!! :) We hope to see you guys very soon!!! And we hope to have the opportunity to talk with you, to get autographs & photos :D Thank you****

Posted by Andi at 2:07am, 02 Nov 2012

I really enjoyed it this interview. thank you Tom! Greetings from Chile

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 1:18am, 02 Nov 2012

Hoooo, thank you so much for remember the portuguese shows(it´s SO important to me and to all the portuguese fans that love you), I was in Lisbon, in the front row! The show couldnt be more perfect than it was. YOU guys were completely perfects! A HUGE thank you for the amazing moments that you gave me! I already miss you guys! And Tom it´s good to know that you are feeling better, take care of yourself. LOVE for all

Posted by Teresa R at 12:50am, 02 Nov 2012

Thank you so much Tom, loved the whole interview, but of course that the words about the portuguese shows touched my heart fully deep...I was in the Lisbon gig and it was indeed magical, full of complicity and love - will never forget it, a special tk you for making my life so much happier! I'm very glad to know you are now recovered, you all work so hard, pls do take care of yourselves! Wish you the best of the very best, always! Lots of love from Portugal, miss you already! ***

Posted by hlimpo at 10:35pm, 01 Nov 2012

Thanks a lot for this interview! Take good care of yourself and see you very soon at the O2 Arena :-))

Posted by lili87 at 10:20pm, 01 Nov 2012

Great Interview!!

Posted by keanera_20 at 10:10pm, 01 Nov 2012

My fave pizza is Cheese, tomato, ham, pineapple, mushrooms, sweetcorn. A hawiiaan with extras.

Posted by Babs2009 at 10:06pm, 01 Nov 2012

Thanks Tom, now I know why I’m sick since 1 week ago... I was on the front row in Barcelona!!! O.o Anyway, glad to read you're feeling better!

Posted by vanee at 9:46pm, 01 Nov 2012

Hi Tom I´m so glad you are feeling better! I send you a lots of kisses and hugs! please return to twitter I miss you so much, xoxo

Posted by malurami at 9:44pm, 01 Nov 2012

Thank you " keane music" and tom for the news. and tom, for pizza, this is not dramatic, energetically forward-thinking during the concert, you don't need to do the half marathon ! :-). "In your own time " is a beautiful song. Your voice is incredible. Thank you. Florence (Paris)

Posted by crEvEtte9578 at 9:40pm, 01 Nov 2012

I was really hoping he'd say something about his wife... they're so cute!!

Posted by broadwaybaby at 9:38pm, 01 Nov 2012

This were some good questions! :-) Thanks for answering them, Tom! And hope you'll feel better soon! Take care! X

Posted by Piscilla_Holland at 9:33pm, 01 Nov 2012

Great interview, thank you for sharing a little bit of you with us. Can't wait for the in the round gig in Nottingham - it's going to be awesome. Take care of yourselves. You all work incredibly hard and are wonderful at what you do. You have thousands of fans all over the world who love you and love what you do but you do deserve a rest - please don't overdo it. See you on the 28th xxx

Posted by Cojoe at 9:32pm, 01 Nov 2012

We, portuguese who have gone to Porto (Oporto) ,thank you for the amazing experience we had going to your complete concert: from Zulu Winter to the poster "Take me to Strangeland" (wich I saw how You reacted), to the joy and the memories that time won't erase. I will always remind Coliseu do Porto like that, and nothing can overcome it: unless you do another show there :) Thank you all for making thee greatest show of my life :)

Posted by mariajoao at 9:24pm, 01 Nov 2012

Hi tom! greetings from mexico i love KEANE!

Posted by estrellademar00 at 9:22pm, 01 Nov 2012

Thanx Tom hope you are now feeling better, you work so hard, ive got a cold but i dont work full time. Looking forward to seeing you all on the uk tour love to you, Tim, Richard, Jesse and tell Colin my hero i miss him so much havent seen you all since t in the park which was awesome myself, Tracy and Wilma were at the front were the Keane/Scottish flag was were was singing, shouting and screaming we were near Jesse bye for now see you all soon from your Aunty Babsxxxxxx.

Posted by Babs2009 at 9:11pm, 01 Nov 2012

Thanks for that insight in your world! And also thanks to mr Km.com for taking all of that time to do all you do. Very much appreciated!

Posted by jojoba at 9:06pm, 01 Nov 2012

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