Tim's Book Club #4
21 Jan 2010

Bit Of A Blur by Alex James

I read this book when we were recording Perfect Symmetry in Berlin and I found it to be very, very funny and inspiring. Alex James is the bass player from Blur and I really liked the juxtaposition of his very throwaway gung-ho approach to being in Blur and living it up, against his more serious insight into the working process of a band. I actually found it very inspiring. He has some quite interesting ideas - one philosophy that he keeps mentioning is that being creative is so much about confidence and that the things you do quickly without really thinking about them are normally the best things. That was a really interesting creative inspiration for me.

Reading the book made me go back to Blur. I've always been a huge fan of theirs, but I guess I hadn't actually listened to them that much recently. It was really nice to hear the albums again in the context of being reminded about all the excitement around that time, be it related to Blur themselves, or the wider context of politics and art and everything. And they really have made some brilliant records.

It's great being able to get inside a musician's head in the way that a book like this lets you. Getting people to open up like that and talk seriously about their life and their music can be almost impossible, unless you get to know them really, really well. But that seems to change when someone writes a book. I wouldn't be surprised if Alex James has gone through his whole life without ever expressing half of the stuff that he wrote in that book. There seems to be something about writing a book that makes you write as if nobody's ever going to read it. I guess that's why confessional things often come out in books, rather than in interviews or any form.

I'm not sure whether I'd like to write a book myself. I don't feel like I've got quite enough wisdom to share just yet. But I'll keep hoping...


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Posted by blankets at 8:30am, 06 Mar 2010

what CAN I say...hah! >> I Looove Classics!

Posted by anya at 4:46am, 27 Feb 2010

Incredible to reread Catcher In The Rye, and to look at Salinger's Own comments about life in general!

Posted by anya at 4:43am, 27 Feb 2010

J.D. Salinger was a Fascinating personality! He had a fine work ethic, and was a great observer of human nature, as reflected in his writings! A True Classic!

Posted by anya at 4:41am, 27 Feb 2010

I thought JD Salinger´s passing, should have a special mention in this literary gathering, called Tim´s book club. Maybe The Catcher in the Rye should be a proposal, and a chance to comment one of the most important plays ever, considered revolutionary in its language and structure. A lovely, touching book about how to become an adult. Hope Tim takes this into consideration. Kisses from Madrid

Posted by Marta at 6:15pm, 31 Jan 2010

Excellent book! &, Great observations! blur truly are a modern classic!

Posted by anya at 5:39pm, 31 Jan 2010

@ indiegirl1980 : Re your Q : That's none of our business. ;)

Posted by Vic! at 3:42pm, 29 Jan 2010

I think that Alex James and Tom have a lot in common- both found fame young, both went down the living it up route, and have since found peace in living in the country, gardening etc. (Don't Tom & Nat have a place in the country growing potatoes?)

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 7:22pm, 28 Jan 2010

Hello Keane love,knowing Blur made music good,alternative rock i like,10 yeras,I'm a fan of British music, from The Beatles,Mick Jagger,so far new bands,what are you up Keane,the best,really,say that the letters,seems to be inspired by my,jeje...music and melodies are very beautiful,love to listen always, even on my cell phone I carry with me,I do have a lot of company though far. I realize I had a band with some very nice friends,but differences separated us,the mere fact of being female,is very difficult in a macho world,but my province closed somewhat with the thoughts...I am strongly inclined to the blues,to sing...that my friends were affected a little,therefore it is difficult to agree,but luckily I have some friends that we made in previous years blues,I see that comes out of it. With regard to writing a book, think it's the most satisfying thing that can exist,is a way of transcending,all that one can not say or do is reflected in a book,what lies behind the heart, mind and soul,is in a book,so people criticize what matters is that you did and thus you feel full. Well Tim I say goodbye for now...jeje, and no doubt they are the best band,for me they are a band in full the best,hopefully one day have the good fortune to meet in person. Fascinated me as a band, and they feel they are good people,I love you and wish you much success with: Tim,Richard,y Tom my baby,my love...jeje.Whit love...Romy fom Jujuy Argentina

Posted by judith juje at 12:01pm, 28 Jan 2010

Sorry to be posting something unrelated to this book (Blur rules!), but I thought it was important to mention this. Today is the last day to vote for Keane's Hopes and Fears album at the Brit Awards, everyone! So if you haven't done so already, please head over to http://www.brits.co.uk/voting and register to vote for the best Brit Album of 30 Years! GO KEANE!!!!! We're behind you all the way!

Posted by finshi at 5:24am, 28 Jan 2010

I realized that I don´t have any new ideas , only all corny ones. Maybe it causes very insane freezing cold / I have frostebite in my brain probably, - and it is my second or third favourite organ now" / and then I am extremely lazy, even when I wake up./ dear Tim, I am lazy also to read difficult books , except for cookery books , or phone books- maybe I will find inpiration for a new dessert or hot sauce ...../ I miss you too, Tom, Tim Rich and Jesse- so,I was looking at your wonderful pics in "Live" Show us your current , of course lovely faces, please I beg you ......" love causes alleviates:) I must keep myself warm, that´s why I ´m going to bed with my duvet on top of me with love

Posted by Denislavia at 9:55pm, 27 Jan 2010

He only one for me. Toooooommmmmie!

Posted by Francesca Ocha at 8:30pm, 27 Jan 2010

Tommy where you are? I miss you sooooooo much!

Posted by Francesca Ocha at 8:28pm, 27 Jan 2010

ohh blur! como olvidar su whoo jooooooooooo en song 2, en todo caso prefiero tender pero ante todo prefiero a Keane! una cosa que encanta de tim es que aparece muchas veces leyendo algo, eso me da la idea de que es un hombre culto además de apuesto o.o creo q sin problemas encontrarás las palabras justas(no necesitas buscarlas, ellas vendran, nacerán de tu experiencia) (que profundo o.o) luego solo hay que plasmarlas...cuenta con que lo leeriamos, o no? * oh Blur! How forget their whoo jooooooooooo in song 2, in any case prefer listen to Tender but mostly I prefer to Keane! one thing I love about Tim is that it appears many times reading something, that gives me the idea that he is a handsome, well educated man too o.o I think that you'll not have problems finding the right words (no need to browse, they will come, be born of your experience) (which deep o.o) then just have to translate them ... then we could reat it, or not?

Posted by ChivyToMonrroy at 8:26pm, 27 Jan 2010

i like blur i'm a fan since i was a teenager...reading your words tim i agree with you believe me... i feel so happy because i know that iwe have the same favourite band...blur and i would love to read a book from keane or from you tim...

Posted by MarijoKeane at 7:29pm, 27 Jan 2010

Tim, I'd like to read a book from you. That would be great, a book about the band, about how it's been from the beggining, about all the things you can't confess on an interview. I'm sure the band has been through so much things that a book about it would be very, very interesting. I think you should try that, you are a very creative person, it would be great to read you

Posted by Tim Richaplin at 5:45pm, 27 Jan 2010

Tim, I believe it has the wisdom to write the book. Go ahead. It's so good to enjoy the lyrics of songs composed by you and all Keane, certainly the book will also be a treat. kisses and miss Keane in Brazil

Posted by duda at 11:29am, 27 Jan 2010

Tim, you had written the most beautiful lyrics... now is time for a book please do it soon, i'll be in the first row for buying it

Posted by rodoprox at 7:09am, 27 Jan 2010

A book about you would be interesting Timmy :D if you wrote a book i would read it ;) i hope someday i have in my hands a book about you or about the band as well :D i miss you Tim and i miss the guys too :( see you :D kisses from Argentina :)

Posted by tatichaplin at 11:52pm, 26 Jan 2010

It will take a long time for the wounds to heal , Only you can sooth my pain and all at once doesn´t look so bad and I can heal you by my everlasting love ..../ it isn´t in rhyme, but it doesn´t matter, I think there is extreme cold here too / - 15 C at night/ but you are still warming me up and I am following my bliss.... I hope you feel the same, good night, kisses

Posted by Denislavia at 10:55pm, 26 Jan 2010

thinking about u: nite! nite! dearest!!! It's freakin' cold there. Stay warm where ever you are Sweetie. Love ya... now & always > : * -✿- Rachel -✿-

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 10:04pm, 26 Jan 2010

Hola cHcoS!!! me considero una fans reciente de ustedes, su musica es 100% inspiradora y aunque nunca llegue a presenciar uno de sus conciertos, que en definitivo en una lastima, me conformaré con escuchar sus canciones. Le deseo exito en todo!!!

Posted by jen/ffer at 6:08pm, 26 Jan 2010

I'm agree with walnut seed. When i grow up i want to be a doctor who helps people in danger and looks for them... i think it is dangerous but it's one of my dreams... i wanna do something good for someone goodbye and good luck, ami_keaner =D (from argentina)

Posted by ami_keaner at 4:19pm, 26 Jan 2010

it is reaction to Walnut seed

Posted by Denislavia at 3:57pm, 26 Jan 2010

You can try to compose of a heart-rending song and then to render it, it will suffice, I think, Good luck, .....:)

Posted by Denislavia at 3:50pm, 26 Jan 2010

Hi Timmy !!!! xx

Posted by Kari from Spain at 8:57am, 26 Jan 2010

Yes, walnut seed, I agree. - Seems to me km.com currently exists not only in a kind of blur, but in a kind of boredom, a kind of absence, a kind of ... void.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:27am, 26 Jan 2010

I have been here waiting for somemone who would like to answer, I'm not trying to reach you guys, and I know you may have lots of things to do, lots of things to check and lots of thing to be worry about, but I will ask again. Guys, are you gonna do something for Haiti? I thought you might appear in the Mtv Show but you didn't. And I'm not asking you to travel there or donate millions and millions, i just want to know if you're gonna do something. :( I wish, i really wish you could. I'm WALNUT SEED, and i'm from Mexico, and well... that's all. Greetings and kisses.

Posted by walnut seed at 6:18am, 26 Jan 2010


Posted by NATY_ARGENTINA at 10:17pm, 25 Jan 2010


Posted by NATY_ARGENTINA at 9:59pm, 25 Jan 2010

I just wanted to say I love you and maybe somone is reading at this moment.......

Posted by Denislavia at 9:44pm, 25 Jan 2010

Just droppin by to say Hey TC! Have a Blessed and Awesome week!! With love, Rachel :)* ... ☮ ?

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 11:25am, 25 Jan 2010

I must disagree with you, Tim. I do think you've got enough wisdom to share, indeed. You're really smart, and i'm not saying so as a compliment, i'm saying so because i really think you are. And if you've got the skills to write a song, i'm sure you've got skills to write a book aswell. So, think about it.. I (as a lot of others too, of course) would be LOVE to read a book written by you. It would be really interesting to know the way you feel, the way you think, about things. I don't know what kind of things.. be it music, your own life, o the band. Any of the possibilities would be interesting to read. I hope you finally write a book, i would defo buy it and read it in less than two days, i'm sure.

Posted by lalivaldez at 2:23am, 25 Jan 2010

ahi pero como autores a mi me gusta Garcia Marquez y Ari Paluch!!! marquez tiene mucha imaginacion y eso es lo que realmente me atrapa!! si si .Ah y tambien Paulo Coelho! ,con el alquimista! ,alto libro.. el que + me intereso de ese autor.. bueno mmm creo que esos son los unicos que he leido! thanks los quiero mucho!! besos .By: evelyn_tom09@holmail.com

Posted by eve-keane at 10:37pm, 24 Jan 2010

I watched a benefit concert Hope for Haiti on Saturday, on MTV , with morre than 100 film and music stars. I was very suprised that Keane didn´t come. Where they were? I liked song Hallelujah by Justin Timberlake ," I ˇll stand before the Lord of Song with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah"...., or Driven to tears by Sting, " Whatś to become of our world, who knows what to do?" , also A Message by Coldplay is amazing. Rachel,, we can play with life, laugh with life or smile and dance,/ but not all of this is good for health and I believe in after life/ and there is a time for a smile and it is a time for cry, it is a time for happiness and it is a time for sadness...W.Allen said with sarcasm," More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly"! So, don´t deny your spiritual side, and have happy new week, good night, agnes, thanks for link , I thought that RTL 2 is Deutch TV channel,.. l

Posted by Denislavia at 10:29pm, 24 Jan 2010

oh yes tim please write a book!!! i´d be the first to read it(: the book sounds great!!! i love books that give you an expression of the author. hugs and love from germany♥

Posted by Julia B. at 9:51pm, 24 Jan 2010

... I kept thinking about confidence and creativity, and I found another relation with Alex James’ mentioned philosophy, and my wise ex-art professor. The confidence comes from knowing your craft. Just like some people feel confident of speaking up their mind, if a situation requires it. And you don’t have to be the best orator, as long as you believe that you can get your point across you feel confidence, and you do it. You put your ideas together, and you tell them. And, it is the same in any craft… you fix the computer, sing, run, or paint. Nothing can be done without the confidence that you can accomplish it. It is the same for the artist. I believe this is the confidence that James talks about. Maybe, it is a little more subjective for artists. I guess it is not about how good my idea is, but about how well can I present it… Hey this is very useful for me… thank you!

Posted by marcelita at 9:07pm, 24 Jan 2010

i LOVE Blur!! maybe tim and Damon should consider a collaboration

Posted by stefan at 7:31pm, 24 Jan 2010


Posted by gabriela at 7:20pm, 24 Jan 2010

mmm la verdad que no tengo palabras para decir algo!! con respecto a esto ... ummm creo que me eh quedado sin cerebro!! (jaja!).. y es que realmente a mi no me gusta leer, solo escribir .. es + escribi ..una letra , pero noo.. ya no me gusta..( no se porque!) mm esta letra tiene que ver con la vida ,de luchar!!.. bueno salu2!!

Posted by eve-keane at 3:46pm, 24 Jan 2010

@ picklepine: You're very kind,thanks! Have a nice Sunday XXX

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 12:11pm, 24 Jan 2010

Love you Timmyh! @marcelita and Rachel-Rio-Brazil: beautiful words :)

Posted by picklepine at 6:27am, 24 Jan 2010

Does the book mention Blur's heroin use?

Posted by golf course at 4:28am, 24 Jan 2010

Blur....!! awww

Posted by xXKeane_adiictaXx at 4:52pm, 23 Jan 2010

ajjajaj what a surprise! thank you Tim for sharing us this book! :D

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 11:42am, 23 Jan 2010

GOOD TIMMY...YOU ARE MY IDOL ♥ I L O V E Y O U S O M U C H ♥................=Lily= from Argentina.

Posted by lily at 10:57am, 23 Jan 2010

tim,i'm sure we're all very interested to read a book that you write..haha.

Posted by pinocchiorain at 5:23am, 23 Jan 2010

thanks for the recommendation Tim...I really like Blur..so I guess I'm going to enjoy reading this book........ and I do believe you would be an excellent writer...=D

Posted by Katia at 1:08am, 23 Jan 2010

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance. Play with life, laugh with life, dance lightly, and smile. Knowing that life's only true lessons are writ small in the margin.Nite..Nite.Always,Rachel XXX

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 12:35am, 23 Jan 2010

Tweet Bisous !... http://bit.ly/7pjhgE

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:45pm, 22 Jan 2010

Three handsome men !!!... http://www.rtl2.fr/musique/news/5932214364/night-train.html?pageIndex= 1

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:44pm, 22 Jan 2010

I am not fond of reading but also as comentas should be a good book; D

Posted by agoss at 9:54pm, 22 Jan 2010


Posted by agoss at 9:51pm, 22 Jan 2010

Apparently, I must take a speed reading course.... Fortunately, Blur isn´t my cup of tea. So, anyway I believe it´s only a matter of time before you, Tim publish your own book, because of your great talent.!! And Agnes,yes, Tim is handsome with very nice soul... These thoughts has just struck me- with title My enlightenment- Caught by the Glimmer of an Idea: I hear quiet song / You Don´t See Me, or The Lovers are Losing, maybe Love is the End or another perfect song/ which is flying from the corner , through the darkness, The sound is excellent.... My Goodness! What Delight and Beauty!....That makes me feel blessed, when the devine song flies through the darkness and something unrepeatable is been created......./ sorry for mistakes/ I want to say , you mean so much for me.... , may joy and comfort and peace and love follows you like a shadow that never leaves... with love, dear Tim

Posted by Denislavia at 9:35pm, 22 Jan 2010

Tim's book would be amazing :)

Posted by Graceloveskeane at 8:38pm, 22 Jan 2010

I love Blur too. I've bought some old magazines to read more about them but it's not the same, isn't it? Thanks for share this with us Tim!

Posted by valeN at 6:56pm, 22 Jan 2010

My recommandation on that subject: Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand: "Sound Bites"!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 6:31pm, 22 Jan 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO ********** I am not sure this is the kind of reading I like, but thanks for the tip, coming from you is at least a curious stuff to think about... :.) THANK YOU, TIM! Love you and miss you, guys! LOTS OF LOVE TO MY FAVOURITE BAND! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 6:05pm, 22 Jan 2010

I think I heard about this book a while ago and meant to pick it up and then never did. Alex James always struck me as a very witty guy. It's cool that he wrote a book about his experience with Blur--what a great band they were! Tim, I agree with some of the other posters here, I think you would make a wonderful author! Thanks for the great suggestion!

Posted by Britstar at 5:42pm, 22 Jan 2010

Sorry but not interested in Blur or Alex James so it's unlikely I will read this, now if Tim wrote a biography I would certainly read it as I would find it fascinating, good book review though from Tim by the way

Posted by Minerva777 at 4:20pm, 22 Jan 2010

Mr. Oxley...really want to read your thoughts; your books...be waiting, already hear your thoughts...its quite wise though; beautiful, lovely and great wisdom...:)

Posted by irawati.subrata at 4:09pm, 22 Jan 2010

Tim, if you write a book, I´ll buy it, I really would like to get into your blur

Posted by mirror mirror at 2:07pm, 22 Jan 2010

ooo nice book. another one to add to my list. i have now read 3 books in just over 3 weeks. :-) you have given my excitement for reading back ...so that cant be bad!!! lol

Posted by cjswench at 12:12pm, 22 Jan 2010

I believe that you do have enough wisdom to share Tim! I think your book, if you wrote one, would be great. You've got a lot of genious thoughts :)

Posted by brokencrystal at 11:39am, 22 Jan 2010

Ciao Tim, che piacere sentirti ! Sono contenta di sapere che ami molto leggere i libri , sei una persona veramente di cultura ! Ti mando tantissimi saluti, a presto da Sabrina from Catania, Sicilia !!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:37am, 22 Jan 2010

Beutiful Beutiful thanks Tim :D

Posted by KaroLennon at 6:31am, 22 Jan 2010

good tim . ok .. you are my idol ñ_ñ

Posted by PIERO at 6:12am, 22 Jan 2010

thank you Tim!!! We will be waiting for your book ;-)

Posted by cepk1981 at 4:33am, 22 Jan 2010

Thanks Tim, I really appreciate reading your review. You always have interesting things to say. Take care.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 2:31am, 22 Jan 2010

Creativity comes to you in a quickly and sort of brainless manner. Interesting! I think inspiration does come to you like a flash, and you don’t have time to think about it. So you better feel it, and let it use you to express itself. No time to analyze it. One of my teachers at art school used to say that waiting for inspiration to come is for novices. The professional develops its crafts and lives life. The “ideas? comes from everyday life. I leaf falling in the park, a baby crying in church, an old lady kissing her husband in the bus. You hear, you feel, you reflect, you share pain and laughs with others. And you capture a thought… And suddenly you have something to say… and NEED to express it; and because you are skillful enough, you quickly put in a way that people can see it… Clearly… with the colors it needs to come out of the darkness of our monotonous days. The artist is the constant pursuer of expressing beauty. Nothing can capture people’s eyes more than beauty. And it is all around us. The only thing the artist does is to make it visible for those who can’t see it. To create is to put the beauty and perfection of nature into the range of human’s senses. I think ;)

Posted by marcelita at 1:54am, 22 Jan 2010

I think Tim is fully capable of doing a book. .. but not the same as ... maybe. You express so much in their songs! maybe you need a book to express ... because the time duration of a song, there is little to express themselves and talk about their life :D ^^,♥ XOXOXO I LOVE U TIMMY :D COME TO ARGENTINA !

Posted by agoss at 1:22am, 22 Jan 2010

tim are brillant!!!!!!!!!!!! I L O V E Y O U S O M U C H ♥

Posted by agoss at 1:02am, 22 Jan 2010

Tim you're a genius you can do it , come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by *NeNItA* at 11:58pm, 21 Jan 2010

COME ON TIM!!!!!!!!!! If you can write unbelievable and amazing song, you CAN write a book!!!!!. I think that it's a matter of time, to write a book takes a lot of it, trust me. Besides in your book, you can write about the tours in the different countries, to explain or tell us about the process of doing a record or album, there are lots of ideas and things that you can mention in your book . I'll be waiting for that, I know that you have many things that you would like to share with the World. Think about it, it's just an advice. Regards. Inés from MENDOZA ARGENTINA.

Posted by Iny at 11:34pm, 21 Jan 2010

You should try to write one, I mean. Your songs are very VERY interesting so why wouldn't you try? :) Blur... yeah, nice! :D. Changing topics... Guys, are you gonna do something for Haiti? I wish you could :) Greetings from Mexico! ...3 kisses. :3

Posted by walnut seed at 11:16pm, 21 Jan 2010

Tim, your lyric writing has proved itself !... So, WTF about wisdom ! Sounds like if you had doubts about your ability to fill blank pages and/or to be afraid by a possible lack of inspiration ?!... Good heavens ! I'm pretty sure you would be able to involve yourself into any business-writing, fiction or non-fiction... By the way, as we see on scarves, your handwriting is very nice too !... And f****** hell ! you're also a handsome man... Night-night☺!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:14pm, 21 Jan 2010

Thanks Tim! If you wrote a book I'm sure it would be great! :) I'd love to read it!

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 10:39pm, 21 Jan 2010

fantastic.!!!!************ l love youuuuuuuuuu Mr Tim Rice-Oxley************.kisses =Lily= from Argentina

Posted by lily at 10:35pm, 21 Jan 2010

Great Timmy !!!!!

Posted by debanhny at 10:25pm, 21 Jan 2010

Dear Tim, I promisse after finishing On the road, I'll get Bit of a Blur. You really keep me busy, since you've created the Club, I'm reading like I've never done before, thank you. Tim, Paul Mccartney wrote a book, maybe you should try...I'm sure you wouldn't disappoint us. First you're a very special person who worries about ordinary people, in my opinion, you're already born to be a writer we can see it in your lyrics and reviews. Beijos, Regina do Brasil.

Posted by Regina Brz at 9:53pm, 21 Jan 2010

Not for nothing Tim, but if you wrote a book, I'd read it regardless........

Posted by annie nyc at 9:39pm, 21 Jan 2010

Blur was my passion for years, pre-Keane! After Blur members went their own ways, I didn't have that kind of excitement again until Keane arrived, and then I got all that thrill and energy and swooning again!

Posted by writ81 at 8:55pm, 21 Jan 2010

Tim! You have GOT to slow down! I can't keep up... I've only just finished The Brooklyn Follies and now I'm at school so it looks like it'll be Plato and modern Spanish lit for me now. This book sounds great! Though, admittedly I am not very familiar with Blur. Though I'm thinking I should listen to them more...

Posted by travelfish at 8:45pm, 21 Jan 2010

What a interesting review Tim.Thank you very much.Cheers!!!!!!!greetings from Brazil XXXX

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 8:15pm, 21 Jan 2010

if you wrote a book like you write songs Tim it would be a wonderful read.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by daviniaalison at 8:11pm, 21 Jan 2010

I got The Brooklin Follies by Paul Auster from the libary today. I look forward to reading it and finding out if I share the same opinions of it as Tim. I think Tim Has enough wisdom, and imagination, to write a book. When reading about how he says reading other artists' books are inspiring, it's as if he forgets that he himself is an inspiration for many of us. He really is to shy and modest to notice! I look forward to seeing Keane in June.

Posted by doraf at 7:47pm, 21 Jan 2010

Tim, I'd love it if you'd write a book, you could write about your adventures with the band and you could use some of Richard's photos in it as well!! I think that it would be Great!!! Never doubt yourself!!! LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 7:41pm, 21 Jan 2010

Hi Tim, Don't doubt yourself. I think you have plenty of wisdom to share! Annette x

Posted by NET at 7:34pm, 21 Jan 2010

the wings i know all about that band a great british band.sir paul maccartney, well he and his wife set up a lovely company. i'm quite a fan of those vegetarian sausages. then theres the great frog song he once did. i remember watching this not long after i came out of hospital when i was a child. guys

Posted by hbrubout at 7:16pm, 21 Jan 2010


Posted by keane_8@hotmail.com at 7:12pm, 21 Jan 2010

Go on Tim, write a book, that would be amazing. You have masses of wisdom - you a genius and we love you!! XXXXXX

Posted by jo-anna at 7:08pm, 21 Jan 2010

Just now grabbing my Kerouac, after having read about five by Auster(he likes those really fractured characters, doesn't he?), have Emerick in the wings and will certainly queue up James as well. Perfect timing (the grey grips of Winter here) for reading! Thank, Tim!...Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 7:01pm, 21 Jan 2010

Meg's Car (Meg and Mog) and excellent book which they used to use in the education department in many schools and i believe that it's still available in lots of libararys. they even have it in hospital librarys. nice big writing easy to follow with your finger. why dosn't everyone use a cadbury finger to point out words they find hard to pronounce. like kraft work sometimes. i'm alittle dyslexic too.

Posted by hbrubout at 6:59pm, 21 Jan 2010

The first thought that comes to my mind when somebody mentiones Blur, is me in the middle of the dance floor jumping and crashing chests with friends, all sweating singing ooooohhhhhh, oooohhhhh from song 2. Of course Blur would like to be remember for something more than this pathetic moment.

Posted by Pablo0808 at 6:55pm, 21 Jan 2010

It is a brilliant book - well recommended. I've got a signed copy!

Posted by popwedge at 6:54pm, 21 Jan 2010

has tim eaten a book naily i hope he didn't think it was a cadbury chocolate bar before the deal went through

Posted by hbrubout at 6:40pm, 21 Jan 2010

Tim, I love to write a book much sidewalk of your life! if you got the chance please do it! would be very interesting, haha:) a kiss from Argentina

Posted by noee at 6:35pm, 21 Jan 2010

@Noelia: that's true :P lool!! well, definitely I think you should write a book, maybe you feel like you're not ready but amazing things happens while you're writing a book (I've tried to write one loads of times :P) lol... it doesn't mean that you'll release it and let we all read it 8-) but trying could change your mind ;)

Posted by Jazy at 6:33pm, 21 Jan 2010

I know alex james, he's got a farm ant he? now i think he's some wellies and he's once been in a car. i'm sure he's been in a shop near his farm. if memory serves me right he was part of a british band. Now he once stood on some land which believe it or not belonged to a person who was a fan of keane. now they once ate a cadbury chocolate bar. well that person only had a gorilla hoodie on did'nt they. i thought he must work for cadbury. then it turned out that they only being talking to someone who came from brimingham. right where the cadbury factory is. well i thought small world isn't it? is this book suitable for someone with autisim?

Posted by hbrubout at 6:29pm, 21 Jan 2010

WOW, I'm sure I'm the 759830302 to tell you: please, Tim, write a book!! Now I'm reading IT, by Stephen King - brrrr. Cheers from Brasil, lots of love from The Frog Prince Squad!!

Posted by Beth at 6:26pm, 21 Jan 2010

Oh I really love your recommandations Tim! And I'm looking forward to the day you'll release a book! :D

Posted by Spiralling at 5:58pm, 21 Jan 2010

now i wanna read it... thanks for the data kisses from argentina :)

Posted by jimenyta at 5:56pm, 21 Jan 2010

ami_keaner , you are defitnitely not the only one who feels like that. I just don't think people here will come right out and say it in this forum. But, you have to be honest with yourself. look at the amazon reviews of perfect symmetry. Even the people who recommend it, say you have to like 80's music. Not exactly ringing endorsements. Have to be true to yourself. That is what Time did with PS. It is what he wanted to write. That is fine. I just feel like we have lost our beloved Keane forever.

Posted by jhanna02 at 5:55pm, 21 Jan 2010

Hey Tim, didn't you get more than one copy of this one Christmas or Birthday? If so a copy signed by you could make a competition prize or even raise some money for a chosen cause! (Failing that, I'm happy to pay postage for a loan of a copy!) I'll definitely be reading this one, along with the Dharma Bums when I get chance. Not got enough wisdom to share - stop with the self censuring! Would love to hear your take on the world and life...good luck with Mt Desolation

Posted by JaneA at 5:48pm, 21 Jan 2010

How nice! I have one suggestion for you, Tim. Read D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover. It's pretty nice how he tells us the mind and behavior of the men between wars, and how he treats about sexuality and feminism. I really like this topic of yours. Cheers, Taina.

Posted by faeriegump at 5:46pm, 21 Jan 2010

I thought about it now....because tim does not write anything? I thik have interesting things to say. I love the life story of keane and was inspiring for me. Maybe in 10 years we have a book of yours. Iwant you TIM.

Posted by shesay at 5:45pm, 21 Jan 2010

I guess that when you wrote the last line Tim you imagined 100 comments from us saying "Tim, where are you going to write a book?" "please, write a book about Keane" lol.. :) The book club is a great idea. I love it. I enjoyed reading the brooklyn follies. Hope someday I have in my hands a book about keane. Love from Argentina

Posted by Noelia at 5:41pm, 21 Jan 2010

Brilliant, funny, sad, insightful book - its no holds barred. Great read. Restored my faith that Tim has some taste in books :p

Posted by naily at 5:32pm, 21 Jan 2010

jhanna02: i fell better when i knew that i'm not the only one who thinks that way :) ami_keaner =D (from argentina)

Posted by ami_keaner at 5:32pm, 21 Jan 2010

haha fantastic thanx for sharing love your book club Tim brilliant idea c u at Cannock xxx

Posted by ruthie at 5:27pm, 21 Jan 2010

Tim´s book, could be interesting...

Posted by simoninha (brazil) at 5:25pm, 21 Jan 2010


Posted by annacaramuru at 5:25pm, 21 Jan 2010

ok. a leer.

Posted by shesay at 5:25pm, 21 Jan 2010

great tim!!!

Posted by ds_keane at 5:24pm, 21 Jan 2010

hahah! genius x

Posted by emmakate3 at 5:23pm, 21 Jan 2010

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