Keane's new Instagram page

14 Nov 2012
Keane's new Instagram page

You might remember that the band launched their own profile on photo-sharing site Instagram back in September (and have posted dozens of great photos since then). At that point, Instagram accounts were only viewable via the mobile app, but the service has now launched web-based profiles, which can be viewed online, whether you're an Instagram user or not. Click here to check our Keane's page.

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Posted by Melisa at 10:29am, 21 Nov 2012

HII MY FRIENDS I love all your photos on INSTAGRAM but i I love most is to put small words thank you all BIG KISSES FROM FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 9:09pm, 16 Nov 2012

I think it's awesome !! nice pics guys!

Posted by ValeN at 4:39pm, 16 Nov 2012

Great! I must get myself an Android phone as soon as possible though, so that I can follow you too.

Posted by Faxi-chan at 3:34pm, 15 Nov 2012

This is nice. Thanks!!

Posted by jado72 at 7:56am, 15 Nov 2012

Is this my birthday gift?? oohhh...thanks!! :-)

Posted by LifeParadox at 10:13pm, 14 Nov 2012

Nuevas fotos de nuestra banda favorita para compartir con los fans. Es un gran detalle. Es poder ver los momentos más emblemáticos de nuestros 4 músicos. He dado de alta hoy. Es la primera vez que activo este programa Instagram. Las fotos se ven de cualidad. Pero no sé ampliarlas en el Mac. La foto de Tim en Beirut en moto es muy graciosa. Long Live for Keane. Des de Barcelona un peto i valoreu el que teniu. Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:04pm, 14 Nov 2012


Posted by pskeane at 6:44pm, 14 Nov 2012

Your life...in pictures...love it!!

Posted by Nina at 6:23pm, 14 Nov 2012

wow...it´s good...more photos please :D

Posted by leny at 4:25pm, 14 Nov 2012

That's great , I like it :) I hope, that there will be more and more photos :)) !

Posted by Nikola at 3:27pm, 14 Nov 2012

Thanks RH =)

Posted by -eve- at 2:59pm, 14 Nov 2012

Mi sono piaciute tantissimo queste vostre foto su Instagram , tutte molto interessanti e alcune anche divertenti! E' bello che ci tenete aggiornati anche in questo sito, è una maniera simpatica per rimanere in contatto con i vostri numerosissimi ed affezionati fans, siete veramente gentili cari Keane! Un grande saluto dalla vostra fan Sabrina da Catania!!! Vi voglio bene!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:29pm, 14 Nov 2012

It's utterly fantastic! Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:20pm, 14 Nov 2012

Yess!! I have already downloaded the Instagram app and perhaps now I will finish my UCAS application, I will really get into the wonderful idea that is Instagram through the amazing and inspiring photos on Keane's profile :) see you soon in London and Brighton! :D xxxx

Posted by wazza at 10:28am, 14 Nov 2012

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