More of Richard's crowd shots

29 Nov 2012
More of Richard's crowd shots

Here are Richard's crowd shots from Keane's latest batch of shows. Click on any of them to see the hi-res version. And don't forget to add your photos from the shows to our live archive.







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I love the photographs, I love the picture. Well, I haven't been there, all these places you show here, however I loved the time in London, O2 Academy 2012. It was amazing. I remember when Tom said that it kinda smelled awful when he'd stepped on the stage and I seem to start giggle, it's fun but at the same time it's really disgusting. It was really warm inside the arena, but I loved being there. Any way, thanks for the pictures, they are really beautiful. The crowd, it looks to be crowded. Ooh! O.o I love you guys.

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 6:00pm, 06 Jan 2013

EDINBURGH :D I was there...Thanks Richard!! Aki from Tokyo

Posted by asak720 at 2:45pm, 06 Dec 2012

Protorich. Glad to hear it wasn't my imagination !! The same phenomenon occurred with the Wolfgang support set - so I can only assume that it was some kind of quirk with the sound-space at the MEN arena. But the hugely exaggerated kick drum was only partly to blame - something was happening to the bass, which made it sound as though the wrong notes were being played !! It was very off-putting - and for our little party, totally spoilt the concert. Strange really, when the last time we saw Keane was outdoors at Dolby Forest during the summer - and the sound was excellent !! We are from Newcastle Upon Tyne, and we tend to think our "Newcastle Arena" is an example of a comparatively poor sound stage - but it's nothing like we heard on Thursday night ! But if there is a problem it's always with the kick-drum/bass combination. I'd be interested to hear about the sound quality at any other recent MEN gigs.

Posted by higgins5000 at 3:10pm, 04 Dec 2012


Posted by paliz at 6:58pm, 02 Dec 2012

As usual, thanks a lot, Rich!!!!! WONDERFUL PHOTOS!!!!!

Posted by anouk23 at 4:25pm, 02 Dec 2012

Love the pictures from Nottingham on 28th November 2012, I can even see myself!!! well done Keane on a great night it was so great to finally get to see you, can you come to Birmingham next time???? xxxx

Posted by rump74 at 1:37pm, 02 Dec 2012

But dear sweet Keane, can we please have some Manchester photo's, we all said 'cheese' for Richard ;/

Posted by Minerva777 at 11:36pm, 01 Dec 2012

Oh my god you were totally and completely amazing in manchester....the best concert I`ve ever been to.The centre stage was fantstic and we had the best seats.Your voice is incredible and I`ve promised my 13 yr old daughter that I`ll take her next time so please come back to manchester soon xxx

Posted by EM1977 at 7:21pm, 01 Dec 2012

higgins5000 - when I saw Keane in Manchester Arena on the Perfect Symmetry tour the sound was excellent and they were sock-blowingly good. From where I was last Thursday 29 Nov (floor, block H row N) the sound was very distorted and confusing, and keyboards and voice even at times sounded out of tune. This is impossible as we know, because Tom is one of the great live vocalists and couldn't sing an out of tune note however hard he tried. I just think the engineers had a nightmare for some reason, and also, like you, I wondered if it was better elsewhere in the arena. Last time I was much further back and higher up. I'm sorry you had a bad one but grateful for your post because I have been panicking about whether my hearing is shot.

Posted by protorich at 7:18pm, 01 Dec 2012

thanks Rich for making the photo at Edinburgh. That was the best concert ever!!!

Posted by dogivy at 6:51pm, 01 Dec 2012

PS I was on the front row!

Posted by suered at 2:51pm, 01 Dec 2012

The boys absolutely smashed Manchester last night. Who cares if there were a few sound problems. Two rows from the front was the best view from any concert ever. The guys were amazing and played all the songs I could have wished for. 'In the round' was incredible and a benchmark for other bands. Well done boys. See you next time!

Posted by DEPUTYHAWK at 11:24pm, 30 Nov 2012


Posted by vallejos_tamara at 8:04pm, 30 Nov 2012

I only noticed that one of Tim's keyboards sounded quite distorted during one song. Otherwise it was an amazing gig!

Posted by suered at 4:05pm, 30 Nov 2012

Jesse always looks cute ♥

Posted by Adrigamarra at 4:01pm, 30 Nov 2012

wow! amazing!

Posted by pskeane at 1:27pm, 30 Nov 2012

Gracias Richard por hacer fotos de los fans en una situación privilegiada. Desde la bateria. Lo más importante es que os mantengáis unidos como banda. No hay nadie más importante. Y el éxito es volátil. Saber gestionar los tiempos muy buenos de los no tanto. En esto está el éxito. Barcelona. Marisa. Petons.

Posted by OXFORDD at 1:06pm, 30 Nov 2012

Taking & posting audience pictures at each show is such a brilliant idea, Richard, we made it onto two taken at Nottingham . Love Keane, great music and lovely guys, maybe I'll meet you all one day. Please do some more UK gigs-I'll be there! In the mean time I'll be looking at the blog today and just wishing I was there. Hope all goes well.

Posted by moira196 at 1:02pm, 30 Nov 2012

Great pictures of the different gigs!!! I was there at the Cirque Royal in Brussels :-D !! the gig was amazing and the atmosphere was great ! I hope to see you soon back in Belgium :-) !!

Posted by bluenightsky at 12:23pm, 30 Nov 2012

Grazie di cuore carissimo Richard per queste nuove foto dal palcoscenico dal tuor europeo, sono bellissime! Mi hanno colpita maggiormente quelle di Edimburgo e Dublino, vedo che sono dei teatri molto lavorati ed eleganti, davvero particolari! Molto allegre anche le foto dal teatro di Nottingham, si respira un'atmosfera gioiosa e festosa, che bello, sembra proprio di essere lì sul palcoscenico con voi!!! Sai Richard, io in questo periodo sto insegnando ai miei alunni di prima media a suonare il violino e devo dire che si stanno impegnando tantissimo, sono entusiasti di questo strumento! In più la settimana prossima e prima del Natale faranno un concertino a scuola e uno al teatro per Telethon insieme con l'orchestra scolastica e loro canteranno una canzoncina !!!! Un abbraccio a tutta la band, a presto!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:50am, 30 Nov 2012

Managed to be in 2 of the Nottingham photos. Fantastic evening. Can't wait for next time.

Posted by greenpen99 at 9:28am, 30 Nov 2012

Wow what a fantastic night in Manchester you guys were amazing as usual see you soon thanx x

Posted by ruthie at 7:46am, 30 Nov 2012

wooooooo incre el ecenario las pics !!!keane se vive y se siente

Posted by kmila lopz at 4:59am, 30 Nov 2012

Amazing pics.

Posted by Iveth at 4:54am, 30 Nov 2012

Mr Higgins provokes spat,apparently,...( dear Keane,cant wait your l. blog,Thanks for your help" to we(your fans) can see magical in ordinary,"X

Posted by Filomeneollia at 12:55am, 30 Nov 2012

Keane were amazing tonight in Manchester, great performance and sound, and what an atmosphere, the light show was amazing aswell, thank you Keane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Minerva777 at 12:47am, 30 Nov 2012

What was wrong with the sound system at Manchester Arena tonight ?? The overpowering kick drum seemed to suck the life out of any musicality in the sound. It was difficult to track any of the bass lines - and quite frankly the overall sound was appalling from where we were sitting on Row K, more or less level with sideways on to mid stage. Just as well the crowd new the songs well enough to sing along - even though it must have been difficult to tune in to any distinct key. Is it the "stage in the round" configuration that threw things - or just the poor quality of the MEN arena?. The same problem seem to be present with support band Wolfgang. Of course neither band would have noticed - because they are monitoring straight from the desk. Surely there must have been a "front of house" sound-check ?? What a great pity - the boys worked so hard. Maybe their closest fan didn't notice the problem !! Possible also that the extent of the problem varied with seat position. We are seeing Clapton there in 2013 - hope same thing doesn't occur !! Anyone else notice this ??

Posted by higgins5000 at 12:07am, 30 Nov 2012

I love travelling first class,-- with you, around the whole world, with your sparkling pics of your sparkling performances and sparkling music and sparkling personalities!!! Oh dear, ...

Posted by Filomeneollia at 11:32pm, 29 Nov 2012

Brilliant pictures from Nottingham last night. We actually made it onto this one as we just missed out on the Madrid one as we were too far over to the side. Can't wait to see the O2 ones from tomorrow.

Posted by Cojoe at 9:57pm, 29 Nov 2012

Hey, Richard, you're a peach! Thanks!!!...Looking forward to January in Michigan!....Sherry W., Michigan, USA. @sambawoman.

Posted by Sherry W. at 9:41pm, 29 Nov 2012

Wonderfull, thanks Rich, I love u all, Kisses from Brazil!!!

Posted by stephrosie at 9:30pm, 29 Nov 2012

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