Tracklisting announcement
17 Aug 2008

Hello folks. We've got an exclusive for you - here is the full tracklisting for Keane's terrific third album, Perfect Symmetry, which will be released on October 13th.

1. Spiralling
2. The Lovers Are Losing
3. Better Than This
4. You Haven't Told Me Anything
5. Perfect Symmetry
6. You Don't See Me
7. Again And Again
8. Playing Along
9. Pretend That You're Alone
10. Black Burning Heart
11. Love Is The End

We can also reveal that the first full single release from the album will be The Lovers Are Losing, which is out on October 20th.

Exciting times...

Keane HQ

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Posted by Nico at 1:39am, 26 Sep 2008

Hi Tom! Thanks for the interview - the video sounds really cool, can’t wait to see it. I've just returned from the BTIS party, so have heard Perfect Symmetry now twice!! Not nearly enough, but feel very lucky to be among those chosen. Everyone is asking for reviews, but I am still in the speechless phase - tried to fill out the review form during, but could do nothing but just listen. It's really incredible - we were asked to pick our favorite (a near impossible task), but I managed to narrow it down to three (Perfect Symmetry, You Don't See Me, and Pretend That You're Alone). I couldn't possibly wait until 10/13 to hear them again, so thank goodness I will be at the gig on Monday! It will be my first time to see you live, and I can't wait - see you then! And thank you, Andrew & Chris!! :) :) :)

Posted by Nico at 1:35am, 26 Sep 2008

oOh m nknta x fin el disco sta crquita!!! keane lo maximo...peru los ama! :p

Posted by kokomiguel at 11:32pm, 16 Sep 2008

i want the record too NOW

Posted by MIA-MIA at 8:01pm, 30 Aug 2008

I WANT THE RECORD ..........................NOW!

Posted by twin1 at 8:05pm, 28 Aug 2008

I am not sure if any of you like poetry. But I wanted to make a small point. Robert Frost once wrote, "If you come to a fork in a road take it" I wondered, did you guys split up and found what ever it was he could not?

Posted by Lauren at 4:29pm, 28 Aug 2008


Posted by Keanna at 7:14pm, 27 Aug 2008


Posted by Tomaspereira at 11:26pm, 25 Aug 2008

hola chicos estuvo Exelente su nuevo tema SPIRALLING¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Ojala se acuerden y pongan an sus planes nuevamente de venir a CHILE donde ustedes saben nos encanta su musica BYE BYE

Posted by andresinho_kun at 7:04pm, 25 Aug 2008

Keane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really love you!!!!! I really like your new song Spiralling Hope to see all you guys in Bangkok Thailand

Posted by itisme_num at 11:56am, 25 Aug 2008

absolutely loveing spiralling!

Posted by AllForTomTimAndRich at 3:32am, 25 Aug 2008

Love Keane so veryyyyy much!!! and this new album ,i know, is going to be simply AWSOME! Definately loving the sound of Black Burning Heart but all the tracks sound ACE! Well Done Guys :)

Posted by Imyy at 10:55pm, 24 Aug 2008

yO.. sinceramnt adoroH a Keane, es la mejor banda ke jamas haya existido, son re-grosoS.!!! sepanlo xq la verdad ke se re.kontra re-pasan!!* ^ .^ su nuevo tema *spiralling* ademas de ser fabuloso, realmnt su letra me dejo bastante shockeado, xq es lo ke me paso hace un par de semanas, realmnt La Vida y Keane, van de la mano.. Las kosas ke exponen los chikos, y especilamnt el enfoke ke le otroga Tom Chaplin al expresarse y kantar de la forma en ke lo hace, me deja sin palabras, es adorableh!* jehM* son una Maza! sepanloh* no veo la hora de ke salga el CD a la kalle.. Lamentablemnt el 13 de Oktubre no es un afecha muy linda, ya ke alla x el 2005, fallecio mi abuela, kien era mi mundo... paradojika o ironikamnt, uds sakan su 3er CD.. Esa fecha de ahora en mas tendra aun un signifikado mucho mas valioso, rekordare a mi kerida abuela, y a ustedes... KEANE* loS adorOh kompletamnt!! Sigan deslumbrandOme siempre, siempreh! kon todah sU magia* GraciaS* AH! xfavor, vuelvan a la Argentina kuanto antes, yo no los pude ver kuando vinieron, y desearia ir kon mi novia, la kual amo mas ke nada en el mundo, si?* ^ ^ xfavor, esta demas ke lo diga, pero.. AVISEN!! sip?* bye bye* besoS tO alLS* vamoS los fanS de Argentinaaaaaaa!!

Posted by abel_h_dermont at 6:20am, 24 Aug 2008

It's sounds very interesting

Posted by greatestkid at 9:36pm, 23 Aug 2008

I am liking all of this, the names are sounding great as the songs surely will be.

Posted by hamireths at 7:06pm, 23 Aug 2008

Cool. I can't wait for October.

Posted by Carla Machado at 1:17pm, 23 Aug 2008

hello guys!!!you made my day, thanks!!:-D

Posted by \"special friend\" at 8:27am, 23 Aug 2008

i can't wait!!!! i lOve u guys!

Posted by eUreKeane at 4:26am, 23 Aug 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaaamazing guys. Lots of kisses !

Posted by Cecilia at 4:05am, 23 Aug 2008

I am so excited about the new album, I am a HUGE fan, but I have to say...what the HELL are you wearing, Keane? You look like 'The Feeling' or some ridiculous pop band for 14year olds. I love you because you're different and you say how you have ignored "good" (therefore popular) taste for you r new album yet you jump on the apparant 80s/electro/ shit supposed fashion band waggon. I'm only 20 but it's a bit disappointing because it doesn't seem like the real you! Who are you trying to appeal to/ who made you dress like that? You're not "cool"..therefore you're amazing. Please don't be wearing those outfits when I come to see you live! Be yourselves! p.s. Spiralling is on loop xxxxxxxx

Posted by gracieellen at 1:28am, 23 Aug 2008

que bueno!!! ya era hora de que saquen el CD nuevo ya lo estabamos esperando, ojala que sea un exito y que este tam bueno como los antecesores, no veo la hora de escucharlo, pero falta mucho!!! un saludo para los argentinos que leen el foro, yo cero ingles,,,jajaja...saludos!...

Posted by javier_k at 11:54pm, 22 Aug 2008

OMG ! i cant wait... i cant wait!

Posted by nafoomay23 at 11:21pm, 22 Aug 2008


Posted by hopesfears114 at 9:59pm, 22 Aug 2008

i just new spiralling would be #1, but why not, it's a fantastic song! is it true that "Love Is The End" is about friendship? Ah well ill have you wait. im so exited about this new album i just know it's gonna be great!

Posted by DoraF at 7:35pm, 22 Aug 2008

Wooooow, wooooow, wow folks you are always surprising me, I love you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot of!!!!! fr the list It´s amazing, awesome, Terrific... Please you look back to come to Mexico city. I´m looking forward for the third album. I love you Tommy!!!!! I love you KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ALLEMANDEMG at 7:09pm, 22 Aug 2008

KEANE please returns to Mexico, and if they can come to Veracruz, we will be waiting for here them, jajajaja, simply best *** KEANE ***

Posted by keane_chema at 5:08pm, 22 Aug 2008

Good on ya boys, cant wait. October here we come!!!

Posted by guinny at 1:28pm, 22 Aug 2008

YAY i cant wait until this new album, i wish you would tour Australia hopefully you do before i move to England but then at least i get to see you in concert over there.

Posted by TOOSG at 10:55am, 22 Aug 2008

I can't wait too and yes in mexico we where the noisy people

Posted by luxneji at 11:49pm, 21 Aug 2008

Hi guy! it's very good ! I can't wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by sam:k at 11:28pm, 21 Aug 2008

why do I have to wait until october 13th? RELEASE THE ALBUM SOONER!!!! PLEASE, LOOK, I'M BEGGING YOU!!! HAHAHA! I really hope you to come back to Mexico, remember: we are the most noisy people!!!

Posted by brog_lp at 8:58pm, 21 Aug 2008

I'm so exciting with the new album =D!!!!!! I really love the band

Posted by paulkeane57 at 8:26pm, 21 Aug 2008


Posted by maria garcia at 6:08pm, 21 Aug 2008

I bet Spiralling and or any other song like YHTMA or Perfect Symmetry itself will win Grammy!

Posted by Sujash Islam at 5:53pm, 21 Aug 2008

nice tracklist jejejeje so bye

Posted by azul!!! at 3:20pm, 21 Aug 2008

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't belived how long I'm waiting for this third album and now there is!!! i'M SO excited!!!! I can't wait to much i love yo so much Please come soon to Mexico i'll gone at the concert though don't have money and my parents don't want to... because i live in other state, not in mexcio city LOS AMO!!!!

Posted by keyari at 2:35am, 21 Aug 2008

Me encanto el nuevo tema los quiero. Besos y les deseo lo mejor se lo merecen ♥♥♥♥ !!!!!!

Posted by la_scream at 8:49pm, 20 Aug 2008

ooohhh..fantastic!! I think this will be my new favourite album! I vow to play it non-stop till my friends and family love it too!! I also can't wait till the tour, i'll be there at the front this time..not at the very back! hurry up october!

Posted by emskimo-moo at 6:26pm, 20 Aug 2008

Fantastic, looking forward to the new album, it will be great to see you on tour again. I am also impressed with the re-launched website as I found teh earlier version difficult to navigate as I am am unable to see the screen so have to rely on speech technology. All the best and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Posted by paulclayton at 5:36pm, 20 Aug 2008


Posted by KEANELOVER1 at 3:14pm, 20 Aug 2008

Cool stuff, can't wait to actually to hear the new stuff. Love Spiralling. It really grows on you. October should be a good month. Birth of my Son and a new Keane Album. Please give my Wife a few months to recover before you go on tour though. January at the 02 would be nice.

Posted by Latex Zebra at 1:14pm, 20 Aug 2008

Can't wait for it! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh KEANE PLEASE TO MEXICO, to Guadalajara

Posted by Mary Keane at 6:09am, 20 Aug 2008

I'm soooo excited!!!!! Can't wait for it! Only a couple more months to go!!!!

Posted by twilightwillow at 4:19am, 20 Aug 2008

Wow....Can't Believe It! Im So Excited Thank You Guys!!! Awesome Can't Wait To Listen The Tracks...Thank You Hugs From Mexico WE LOVE YOU!!!! Karen

Posted by karenwinchester at 12:23am, 20 Aug 2008


Posted by andrea k at 10:03pm, 19 Aug 2008

Thanks for the amazing birthday present, guys. ;) I cannot wait!! :D ~Melanie xx

Posted by b0red at 9:24pm, 19 Aug 2008

October? So long to wait... :P Can't wait to here it though. Loved Spiralling!

Posted by mirror-mirror at 8:57pm, 19 Aug 2008

Only 11 songs???? Kha..but i bet those songs are spectacular. i can`t wait to hear "pretend that you`re alone". actually, i an`t wait to hear all songs..coz i bet they`re all spectacular.. supersize love to KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bandiera at 4:19pm, 19 Aug 2008

@ Steff B: as far as I know is the Theft of Octo an illegal album, so it's not possible to buy it or anything...

Posted by jojoba at 3:40pm, 19 Aug 2008

hey everyone can someone tell me if it is possible to get the "old" album called "The Theft Of The Octo" made by some keane fans from 11th july 2007???? its very important

Posted by steff b germany at 3:23pm, 19 Aug 2008

@Gudrun (Austria): thanks, you made my day! good to know that I don't laugh alone...

Posted by gina d at 2:19pm, 19 Aug 2008

you are great!!!! i can't wait until october

Posted by cindy at 2:12pm, 19 Aug 2008

Fantastic news ! All the song titles sound great ! Thanks for letting your loyal following be the first to know

Posted by Liz H at 1:49pm, 19 Aug 2008

Oh my gooodd!!! I have no words! Love you guyss!!!

Posted by Lul? (Argentina) at 1:18pm, 19 Aug 2008

To Pussysugar- Can't you come up with anything else to say?

Posted by Left Coast at 9:38am, 19 Aug 2008

Is Spiralling going to be on the first single? Otherwise I can't think why it would hit the radio before The Lovers Are Losing...

Posted by ultramania at 8:36am, 19 Aug 2008

@gina d: I like your comments. You always make me smile!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:11am, 19 Aug 2008

Hey there guys, I''m very excited about the new album and i can't wait till it's in the stores! I hope it's as good as the other albums but i don't doubt that! Go on and i keep on listening to you every day... Greetings, Danny. (A great fan and collector from The Netherlands)

Posted by dannywous at 8:11am, 19 Aug 2008

1. Spiraling - you may get dizzy... beware!! 2. The Lovers Are Losing - really? love is a lottery? a game? a contest? 3. Better Than This - I know you can! this is a "shity title for a song" 4. You Haven't Told Me Anything - who? me? c'mon! do you read my blog? 5. Perfect Symmetry - isn't that boring? imperfections is more fun! 6. You Don't See Me - yes, I see you! I have my glasses on! 7. Again And Again - ohhhh! yes baby! 8. Playing Along - good, because is no fun playing alone! 9. Pretend That You're Alone - not veryy nice. talk to me! 10. Black Burning Heart - this is me, you don't love anymore? 11. Love Is The End - true, but also true that love is The Beginning! So.. we spiralling again! Are you laugh into convulsions?

Posted by gina d at 7:13am, 19 Aug 2008

dobre ranko vospolok.myslim si ,ze je to totalne trapne,ked si davate mena,pod ktorymi pisete podla nazvu ich piesni.oni robia svoju vlastnu hudbu,su sami sebou,tak preco aj vy nie.

Posted by mita at 6:45am, 19 Aug 2008

I am deeply disappointed with the mod who erased Frankie´s funny comment on the tracklist. But somehow you missed mine, go and delete it too if you think you must! Do you really think Keane can´t stand a little bit of well meant criticism? ---Go on and bathe youself in this sea of praise and adoration about something nobody has even heard by now. I will judge when "PerfectySymmetry" has been released.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 5:20am, 19 Aug 2008

Nice titles, keep on with the good music :)

Posted by Pussysugar at 5:07am, 19 Aug 2008

si!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! por fin mi espera terminara el 13 de octubre KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by oscarin at 4:25am, 19 Aug 2008

siiiiiiiiiiiiiii al fin mi espera ha terminado este sinceramente es el mejor album de una banda magnifica yo amo a keane

Posted by oscarin at 4:23am, 19 Aug 2008

I'm so excited!!! I can't wait!!! love Spiralling, love Keane, I think... I'LL LOVE PERFECT SYMMETRY!!!!!!! some titles remind me a guy that i'm still loving :S but... that is past, PRESENT is more important than past, so... thanks guys! you light my day! kisses! Euge, from Argentina.

Posted by eeuggee at 4:18am, 19 Aug 2008

Cannot wait to get the new album....I am counting down to Oct 13th (yes you do have some OCD fans too)!!!

Posted by csastry at 2:50am, 19 Aug 2008

OOOOOOOOoooooooooooo YES!!!!!... jajjaa Now we just have to wait for october to come!!!..... :D

Posted by Allem@nde_Chile at 2:35am, 19 Aug 2008

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! OMG!!!! YES!!! I'm so happy...Oh,...THANKS, THANKS THANKS!!!! I love you guys! Grettings from Argentina

Posted by MiKa at 2:25am, 19 Aug 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!

Posted by akiome at 2:21am, 19 Aug 2008

YAY!! :D :D

Posted by diligentwolf at 2:15am, 19 Aug 2008

ooohhh! Love Is the End! Now you've got my attention. This track listing is very interesting. I'd like to see how the other songs "weave" around the sounds of Spiralling. This is going to be a major event with the release of the album! Just can't wait!!!! Hi to everyone! LOVE & THE BEST! ---Miss A.---

Posted by anya at 2:10am, 19 Aug 2008

The Kaleidoscope in background is cool !

Posted by Octavie at 1:18am, 19 Aug 2008

"Miss Teake"and "Agnès" l meant

Posted by Octavie at 1:12am, 19 Aug 2008

Hi everyone. What good news to begin this week. As hakim said, I'm waiting for listening to the songs before I give my opinion. And I look forward to seeing the cover of the CD as well. I hope I can go to the launch of Q AWARDS September 29 next, to see the reaction of people to listen to the new sound of Keane, and to see you guys of course! Hello Anne Hakim lena Miss Agnes Teake Jan Gundrun ... kisses to everyone and good week!

Posted by Octavie at 1:09am, 19 Aug 2008

God bless Keane. Kisses from Brazil/Rio de Janeiro.

Posted by DeKeane at 12:52am, 19 Aug 2008

Playing Along, this going to great! :D sorry, my english is not good... :S guys, this is fantastic! I'm happy and exciting for this 3° CD. I love you Tom! ♥ kisses!

Posted by Chuplina. at 12:49am, 19 Aug 2008

oohh my goodness this is great guys!! i can't wait for your new album!!!! xD saludos de MEXICOO!!!!!!

Posted by ana1308 at 12:44am, 19 Aug 2008

Esta genial la lista ya no puedo esperar mas KEANE es lo mejor LOS AMO

Posted by sonia at 12:31am, 19 Aug 2008

yes !!! beatifull songs !!!! i love you guys come back to argentina !!!!!!!! buenos aires !!!! tom te pasto en ocho !! hajaakjakjajka

Posted by virgii ! at 12:31am, 19 Aug 2008

no puedo esperar mas.... se escucha realemnte bueno esto... i pues a esperar el 13 de octubre y el 20 .... seguro les hira de maravilla.... venga chicos a seguir el mundo musical... el de ustedes me encanta.... besos los quiero.

Posted by ANA at 12:10am, 19 Aug 2008


Posted by pionia85 at 12:08am, 19 Aug 2008

the longwait for this disc has been very exciting and desesperating!!!!!! I wanna more keane!!!!

Posted by la.lo at 12:01am, 19 Aug 2008

the wait is horrible!! anxiety, exciting, desesperate, hopes, dreams, wishes, so many things it make me feel!! ok ok maybe i exaggerate; but.. 2 months? =D do it great! lucky for this new album =D XOXO By:AiLeMe (mx) sry for the bad bad bad bad english x3

Posted by Aileme at 11:45pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by susima23 at 11:15pm, 18 Aug 2008

yupiiiiii ya quiero que sea 20 de octubre yuhuuu nuevo disco perfect symmetry saludos

Posted by thinair at 11:11pm, 18 Aug 2008

wow espero con gran ansiedad la salida del nuevo disco , es emocionante ver como evolucionan y cambian con el tiempo

Posted by nayepau at 10:56pm, 18 Aug 2008

How exciting!!! I cannot wait!! Just know it will be full of amazing tracks! love from Solance xx

Posted by solance at 10:36pm, 18 Aug 2008

OMG voces devem tar a gozar...uma pessoa impaciente por ouvir as musicas do novo album e voces apenas dao os titulos...palhaçada xD kisses**

Posted by Sandra (Portugal) at 10:34pm, 18 Aug 2008

love it!!.. boys you're the best!!.. im so happy and excited that i can't wait!!! lot of love boys!! and kisses for all!! see yo soon!!!

Posted by **Lilito** at 10:14pm, 18 Aug 2008

So exciting to discover the tracklisting !... Thanks, again and again... Album's title is perfect and song's titles are very lovely, indeed !... SPIRALLING is rather pretty cool, sweet, slight, and really really entertaining for gigs... But afterwards is coming the big sound, now !!!... And everybody stands by you... P.S. : Octavie, j'ai lu ton message et c'est vrai que tout le monde communie en choeur ici... Mais on aime KEANE, alors Ainsi soit-il and let's talk about love !!!...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:05pm, 18 Aug 2008

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i see so the mysterios YHTMA is actually You Haven´t Told Me Anything With Every day i can feel the album even more mine sometimes i even feel like im gonna get home and listen to it but when i get there ther's nothing there... JUST " MOTHS can u belive it, it seems to me the yesterday they changed the page on January 6th i think

Posted by likasa9409 at 9:50pm, 18 Aug 2008

Wow I am so ready for this ! Woo hoo October I can't wait.

Posted by solacemoon at 9:49pm, 18 Aug 2008

This site is getting better and better!! every time I enter it`s better than the last time!! I love the colors and all, and you always give us news about the band!The tracklisting sounds interesting!!! I cannot wait to listen the new songs!! Love from Argentina

Posted by Noelia at 9:32pm, 18 Aug 2008

This album will can be my best gift in my birthday - 11 October. Keane's music provokes fantastic feelings. I hope you will go to Portugal again, thanksssssss

Posted by ruireis at 9:27pm, 18 Aug 2008

Really love Spirallin, can't stop listening to it. Looking forward to the album, and hope you'll be on tour again soon, x

Posted by princey at 9:26pm, 18 Aug 2008

@nightsome: yes, maybe! (It sounds very interessting because everything in the world we want and need is love, even it is a word for an emotion which is very hugh and varied.) but maybe i like also "better than this" or "you don t see me" or "again and again"etc.etc.etc.....So, we will see and listen!

Posted by johanna at 8:37pm, 18 Aug 2008

I like Spiralling =) these songs sound a bit..sad, but oh, well, ive learned not to doubt keane.they dont have a bad song! cant wait for the album! -Kisses!-

Posted by AllForTomTimAndRich at 8:36pm, 18 Aug 2008

Great news!!! can't wait to hear more of you album! can't wait for your comeback!!!

Posted by perrine* at 8:32pm, 18 Aug 2008

Juste en lisant les titres, je sens que les chansons vont etre interessantes. Sincerement, j'ai hate de decouvrir votre 3eme Album et d'en juger vraiment apres les avoir ecoutees, sans doute, avec grand interet. Bye!

Posted by Hakim at 8:27pm, 18 Aug 2008

it´ll be the best cd of october!

Posted by joaco at 8:24pm, 18 Aug 2008

Finally got my sister to hear "Sprillaling" and she says it sounds like Pet Shop Boys. Congrats!

Posted by Gabrielle at 8:17pm, 18 Aug 2008

Cool! But I am a bit surprised that the album will be first released then the single? Was it like this at the 80ies? I can not remember it?????

Posted by johanna at 8:05pm, 18 Aug 2008

Hello guys, I'm Gaby of Peru ... 'll do more yoga to October nose makes me eternal. XD Thank you for such good times ... its unconditional fan. PLEASE, PLEASE ... COMING TO PERU IN NEXT TOUR .... T T

Posted by ))) Gaby_ byrjun ((( at 8:04pm, 18 Aug 2008

hi¡¡¡ .... wow¡¡ great¡¡¡... ejjejejejejejej... salto de alegria¡ genial¡ thank keane¡¡¡

Posted by geraldinechile at 7:58pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by Killer Queen at 7:43pm, 18 Aug 2008

Thank you gus can't wait to hear the new album!!! October the best mont, it's my birthday too!!! I'm so happy!!!! KIssKeane from Brazil Luciana (THE FROG PRINCE SQUAD)

Posted by lucianabrazil at 7:41pm, 18 Aug 2008

My enthusiasm is big, the wait of the third album of Keane!

Posted by CLEAME at 7:41pm, 18 Aug 2008

Hello Keane !!!! Great, great news !! I stop here, only to wishing a lovely week, to Tim, Tom and Rich ! Many hugs. ;-)

Posted by CLEAME at 7:35pm, 18 Aug 2008

My b-day is 10/21 so I can't wait to get this! Come back to Atlanta anytime!

Posted by jmccarty82 at 7:09pm, 18 Aug 2008

PERFECT!!!! ^_^

Posted by tom-kal at 7:04pm, 18 Aug 2008

I've passed out...

Posted by josefina at 6:48pm, 18 Aug 2008

Hello guys, what an honour for the fans to give them the tracklisting before for the new Keane album, thank you! But: I would really like to listen to the new tracks right nooooowww!!! Oh, I guess I 'm impatient. ;-))

Posted by Nelly at 6:40pm, 18 Aug 2008

Great news!!! If I were any more excited I would feel sick to my stomach!!! We finally know what YHTMA is! Loads of Love from California!!!

Posted by Mary Ann at 6:36pm, 18 Aug 2008

Yeah=)))exciting times...I'm sure that all the songs are fantastic as well as their names(or titles,don't know how it's better to say) Good luck on this week for everyone and...from Russia with LOVE=))

Posted by Nastya (Russia) at 5:56pm, 18 Aug 2008

oh my f*ckin god i'm so excited

Posted by mariano at 5:53pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by atlantic crystal at 5:48pm, 18 Aug 2008

I can hardly wait for the new album. I'm hoping Keane comes tot Belgium soon.

Posted by chanty at 5:44pm, 18 Aug 2008

I love Spiralling and can't wait for the album but was disapointed when watching TMF UK top 40 today. Spiralling was passed over as no video had been made. Are there plans to make a video and will it be in time for next weeks TMF top 40? Your music means so much to me! hate to see it missing out.

Posted by squibs at 5:37pm, 18 Aug 2008

jeeeeej,ake je to vsetko pekne farebne.SUPER,jaj uz sa tesim.a mam novinku.pojdem na vas koncert do londyna.jaj,to bude parada.

Posted by mita at 5:35pm, 18 Aug 2008

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! q bien siiiiii!!! ya sta la lista y ahora a contar los dias para tener Perfect Symmetry eh? q tal? bueno ps ya falta poco si!!!! oki chikos los amo!!! cuidense y adiu!!!

Posted by Aline Chaplin at 5:24pm, 18 Aug 2008

I love you guys, you are amazing..... expecting for october!!!!!....

Posted by Cris at 5:23pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by lily at 5:15pm, 18 Aug 2008

October 13th needs to get here faster!

Posted by ultramania at 5:06pm, 18 Aug 2008

Great news, guys! I'm very happy, because I'll finally listen the new songs soon (well, at least I know the names of the songs rsrsrsrsrsrs!)! Lots of love from Brasil! Kisses! Bye!

Posted by Juliana (Brasil) at 5:05pm, 18 Aug 2008

OMG!!! Thanks for the info! I'm so exited about the new album! Thanks keane, Mexico loves you!!!!

Posted by sariux at 5:03pm, 18 Aug 2008

Thats great news! I am very excited and look forward to buying the new CD. Any updates on the book? fR

Posted by oscillate at 5:00pm, 18 Aug 2008

great news thx.

Posted by daviniaalison at 4:55pm, 18 Aug 2008

it's a great news! can't wai to hear the new album. I'm also really looking forward to the album artwork!!!

Posted by enchinya at 4:49pm, 18 Aug 2008

Thank you, guys!! I'm counting the days! xx Petra

Posted by Petra at 4:41pm, 18 Aug 2008

OOOOOHH!!! I love this color! It's so ...HAPPY!!

Posted by caroline davis at 4:32pm, 18 Aug 2008

Wow...!! Awsome...! Great guys...! Good work... im happy for you, I"ll going to buy tha album... Thank you" for such a great melodys, i love the new song spirraling" is very "me" and is realy good... A lot of love...!! Sophie

Posted by sophie at 4:20pm, 18 Aug 2008

LOVE IS THE END!!!!! LOVE IS A GAME!!!!! xDD Muero por escuchar , QUIERO EL DISCO YA!!!!! = )

Posted by enikas at 4:13pm, 18 Aug 2008

So cool, thanks so much guys. I hear Spiralling in the radio today, I dont believe it., it's amazing! I found this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia3um62Up6E&feature=related love you guys ; )

Posted by Luiza at 4:04pm, 18 Aug 2008

Wow, I am so excited, carn't wait to hear the fabulous new music!!!

Posted by corkie at 4:04pm, 18 Aug 2008

WOOHOOO!!! So excited!! Its so gonna rock!!! LOVING KEANE:)))))

Posted by keanegirlnj77 at 4:02pm, 18 Aug 2008

THIS IS EXITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........Keane is a feeling very nice...AHHHHHHHAAAHHH...........that this day arrive already!!!!!!!!....TOMMI YOU DON'T FORGET, THAT EVERYDAY I AWAKE THINKING OF YOU!!!!!!!!....I LOVE YOU! AND COME BACK TO ARGENTINA PLEASE !!!

Posted by caroytommi at 3:57pm, 18 Aug 2008

oh!!! O_o i can not wait...i think i´m going to have a heart attack, please give us some more info...i love you guys. niza from the end of the world.

Posted by niza at 3:57pm, 18 Aug 2008

Excellent news.We will wait the output of album.Tim,Tom and Richard, will forgive to notice that in Russia also not little your admirers, in particular in my city, in Saint Petersburg.We wait your concert for us.

Posted by willson at 3:53pm, 18 Aug 2008

keane keane keane :) very nice :)

Posted by chicko at 3:40pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by Cuukupupa at 3:39pm, 18 Aug 2008

The first sound of Spiralling is already great!Hope to hear more good stuff in October> Dont forget Belgium in your tour guy's greats Johan

Posted by darko at 3:36pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by thelastprincess at 3:33pm, 18 Aug 2008

I and millions of people here in BRASIL are looking forward fot it !!!! You are the best guys !!! Loads of Love , Mariabella

Posted by mariabella at 3:32pm, 18 Aug 2008

Yay! I'm so excited! The Lovers Are Losing...Hmmmmm...Sounds like it's going to be an abso-freakin-lutely BEAUTIFUL album.

Posted by abwcaldwell at 3:31pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by AdRyKeAne at 3:23pm, 18 Aug 2008

hi guys thanks for that this is so incredible

Posted by tbl at 3:20pm, 18 Aug 2008

W00T thanks from portugal... and whole world xD

Posted by Tomaspereira at 3:18pm, 18 Aug 2008

so so excited !! KEANEEEEEEEEEE you are wonderful ! Times like these of expectation & excitement will finally have a concrete realization: Perfect Symmetry!! GO ARGENTINA! Want you to be here. Chaucitos!! :)

Posted by .: Jime :. at 3:18pm, 18 Aug 2008

oh my god yaouuuuhhhhhh that's amazing I WAN'T HEAR THE LOVER ARE LOSING ! ( L) anyway RICH TOM AND TIM YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks guys ! tiphaine ( FRANCE)

Posted by RICHWIFE at 3:13pm, 18 Aug 2008

*screech* Whee! *begins bouncing up and down* When I start school next week, I'm going to usemy dry erase board to make an album countdown (like I did for 'Under The Iron Sea' and the gig I went to last year)! I bet the teachers are going to wonder for my sanity... again... :)

Posted by Angel_Of_Music12893 at 3:11pm, 18 Aug 2008

Great names for the songs guys!! I can't wait for October. One question Tim, will all the songs have b-sides? And please !!!! please come to Portugal !!! From Jose Windle from Portugal

Posted by Jos? Windle at 3:01pm, 18 Aug 2008

That's so cool guys!! Thanks for giving us the update!!

Posted by keane101 at 3:00pm, 18 Aug 2008

OMG!! sounds exciting!

Posted by Lucy at 2:58pm, 18 Aug 2008

oh my GOOOOOOD!!! I'm so anxious about the new CD, seriously guys you are killling me! LOL love you ALL. The third album will be my birthday gift from you.

Posted by bequitam at 2:56pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by kari from Spain at 2:46pm, 18 Aug 2008

Ohhhh!!! Yes!!!! I'm so excited! I'm desperate to hear it.

Posted by Juan Martin at 2:44pm, 18 Aug 2008

Hi KEANE I'm so happy to see the tracklisting =] The song titles are great but i bet the songs are even better=] And Finally i no what YHTMA means=] thanks for the update xxxx L

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 2:42pm, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by lily at 2:42pm, 18 Aug 2008

That's great!!!!! Can't believe that this is the third album from Keane. I'm Keane's fan from Thailand, really want to know when will they have the gig here????

Posted by kmptng at 2:35pm, 18 Aug 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i can´t wait guys! i just can´t it´s sooo exciting!!! love u keane

Posted by Fel(Argentina) at 2:28pm, 18 Aug 2008

Thanks for update....that's so E X C I T I N G ! ! ! I so want to hear Black Burning Heart and You Don't See Me and all of it really!!! Is October 13th Global release date or just Europe or only UK??? Does anyone know.

Posted by amerie1 at 2:15pm, 18 Aug 2008

Its seems like the time flew by. Can't believe its almost here. Thanks for the hard work and the track listing. Can't freaking wait!!!

Posted by adriennej83 at 2:09pm, 18 Aug 2008

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks. thanks thanks thanks............woooooooooooooooooooooow =lily= ARGENTINA...

Posted by lily at 2:01pm, 18 Aug 2008

Superb!!! Thank you so very much! Sherry, Michigan, USA

Posted by Sherry W. at 1:25pm, 18 Aug 2008

Hi TTR - really looking forward to the new album now. TOMMY - a splash of colour suits you - still beautiful. I've just heard Spiralling played as background music to a report on ITV. Keep rocking guys. Love to you and all the fans everywhere, Jan xxxxxxxx

Posted by Jan (Yorkie) at 1:02pm, 18 Aug 2008

hi guys, i cant wait 4 this album, the tracklist looks really good and im still spiralling from spiralling! roll on october i need to hear this album its gonna be amazing! all the best fellas! and hurry up coming to manchester cause im gettin anxious wating to see u perform! from your BIGGEST FAN!!!! love michelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by michellekeane at 12:32pm, 18 Aug 2008

I have an announcment to make too, October is going to be the best month of the year ;) I'm shaking with excitment, and I think everyone here agrees with me.. (I hope :P) lotsa love from Sarah xxx

Posted by Sarah at 12:14pm, 18 Aug 2008

It's great for us, to se the new tracklisting.. I'm very excited with that.. I like he title of the songs, I'm so anxious to listen the songs.. :D Thank you so much, Keane. Love from Portugal. Paty (www.keanefas.blogspot.com)

Posted by paty at 12:13pm, 18 Aug 2008

THANKS THANKS !!!! BEAUTIFUL. i can't wait for new album kisses xxx

Posted by Ana Catarina at 12:01pm, 18 Aug 2008

I can't wait for this !!!! Thanks a lot !

Posted by Ad? at 11:31am, 18 Aug 2008

Thank you so much!!! Love from Portugal

Posted by DianaAC at 11:24am, 18 Aug 2008

Thanks guys. All the names sound intriguing to me. We start by spiralling, getting some symmetry half way through it and round it off with love. Perfect! We can only guess what's in between by the titles. Have a great start of the week everyone.

Posted by Miss Teake at 11:23am, 18 Aug 2008

Oh, thanks!, it's alright, but it's too much time from the 4th of August with "Spiralling" until the 13th of October with "Perfect Symmetry"!!! Give us some surprise between theese dates, please!!! From Galicia with love!!!!!

Posted by gritz at 11:22am, 18 Aug 2008

Wow I can't wait!!! :)

Posted by cl?MENCE at 10:58am, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by fer at 10:53am, 18 Aug 2008

You are the best band in the world! A greet to Tom,Tim and Richard.

Posted by A.B at 10:50am, 18 Aug 2008

You like to tease us! The tracklist sounds fantastic and if Spiralling is anything to go by this album will rock our socks.Thank you so much for letting us in on it! Roll on October for all our sakes! Extra love coming your way today.....xx

Posted by sam (uk) at 10:45am, 18 Aug 2008

U gotta love that final track: Love is the end. U can explain it in more ways than 1.

Posted by nightsome at 10:39am, 18 Aug 2008

Gosh, I remember when Black Burning Heart was up on a whiteboard in the studio. And now it's all grown-up and on the album.

Posted by East Coast, USA at 10:37am, 18 Aug 2008

We listen Spiralling all days,it is a wonderful song!

Posted by A.B at 10:33am, 18 Aug 2008

Grazie Keane per la lista delle canzoni, e' stata una bella sorpresa! I titoli mi sembrano molto interessanti , penso che lo saranno ancora di piu' i contenuti! Ho appreso anche che il prossimo singolo uscira' il 20 Ottobre , non vedo l' ora di sentirlo! Non rimane altro che aspettare l' uscita dell' album per ascoltare la musica! Ora vi lascio perche' dovrei andare un po' a studiare , voi mi fate sempre piacevolmente distrarre, poi di pomeriggio daro' ancora un' altra occhiata al sito e al forum italiano! P.S. Saluto tutti gli amici stranieri che nutrono simpatia per me! Gudrun, poco fa ti ho mandato una mail nel tuo solito indirizzo privato, quando hai tempo leggila! Ciao Tom, Richard e Tim, veramente per voi e' un periodo molto eccitante! A presto, by Sabrina da Catania!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 10:20am, 18 Aug 2008

Oh sweeeeeeeet!! This is a precious gift, giving us the track listing so far before the album is released - thanks guys!! :) Can't wait to hear every single song! But Spiralling kicks so much ass, that it will tide me over until I can hear the others...many, many thanks!

Posted by Nico at 10:17am, 18 Aug 2008

We are waiting for the album...

Posted by A.B at 10:03am, 18 Aug 2008

ok ,spiralling is not the first single?I can't wait for the month of octuber to come.i love how everything sound is just amazing you guys are amazing i'm very glad that keane exist you realy make me happy.Please make me now when you'l came to madrid.Good luck boys i'm waiting more news from you.Kisses!

Posted by cryss at 9:54am, 18 Aug 2008

October 20 for the first single??? are you sure??? the album before the 1st single??? it's quite strange... Anyway, thx for the tracklisting ;) SPAIN LOVES YOU!!!

Posted by vanee at 9:19am, 18 Aug 2008

It sounds wondeful, I live you Keane, I love you Tom!!

Posted by Anne at 8:54am, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by Rachel (Rio-Brazil) at 8:51am, 18 Aug 2008

Hey, Frankie, tell you what, I miss the remake of "China Girl" by David Bowie on this tracklist. Was hoping soooo hard for it! Disappointed again... poor me! :)

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:12am, 18 Aug 2008

The countdown as well and truly begun...You get the feeling this album is going to be quite different to past glories ...Bring it on

Posted by elysiumxv at 8:01am, 18 Aug 2008

I wasn't expecting something like this!! I'm starting to count the days to hear this songs!! surely they will be all amazing!! =) Wish you the best! ARGENTINA HOPES TO SEE YOU VERY SOON!!

Posted by InRainbows at 8:00am, 18 Aug 2008

I LOVE the new song very much! Spiralling is fantastic... I am excited to see what you've got up your sleeve.

Posted by espressoconpanna at 7:48am, 18 Aug 2008

Hey, first single release AFTER the record is out?? Is that right?? Bit weard, isn't it..?

Posted by anjelalkens at 7:46am, 18 Aug 2008

Wow, more curious now about that single... I allready love Spiralling so much!! Well, can't wait... ;)

Posted by anjelalkens at 7:44am, 18 Aug 2008

well done guys, i heard yesterday you went in at No 28 with Spiralling!! can't wait to see you all on tour xxx

Posted by elise.marchant at 7:30am, 18 Aug 2008

Awsome!!! looking forward to the first proper single release!

Posted by stussygirl at 7:09am, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by Spiralling at 7:07am, 18 Aug 2008


Posted by joaco at 6:41am, 18 Aug 2008

Um...You Don't See Me? As in...Beatles cover? I really hope so, because I don't like it when bands re-use song titles. It's not that hard to think of a new one.

Posted by achutchison at 6:33am, 18 Aug 2008

Tim's favourite track (according to Q) out first then a follow up single - sounds comfortingly familiar. Atlantic made me it up with surprise as did Spiralling. I just know that you boys are going to amaze me once again. Im ready to go wherever these songs take me and I'm sure it will be a magical journey. I wish you every success with this new album I'm 100% behind you all the way!

Posted by EdenRose at 6:17am, 18 Aug 2008

I'm very happy for this good news, because I'm a little bit ill and I felt bad all day, so this definitely change my mood, thanks!!! bye guys kisses from Argentina :-p

Posted by noelia_arg at 6:08am, 18 Aug 2008

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