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25 Jul 2010

Dressing room / Houston / 1515

got a few more pics from Las Vegas, where we celebrated Fran Healy's birthday. the House of Blues show was fantastic, though one guy was enjoying it so much he wanted to be in the band, and decided to make that happen by somehow climbing up onto the stage... strange how things like that seem to happen in Vegas!

The dressing room was full of strange artwork, like this:


House of Blues / Las Vegas / 1057

we've had a great first few days of the tour. i'm gonna post the photos from the stage in Oakland and LA (and they'll soon become clickable, hopefully), and various other bits from the last few days. I woke up at 5AM, just as we parked up in Las Vegas, so i went out for a wander with my camera - it was already ridiculously hot (i guess we are in a desert), but the light was amazing as the sun came up. forecast is 42 degrees C / 107 F today.

more from Oakland:

friends reunited

Colin gave me a mug. Thanks Col.

This next one is now clickable to see it bigger...

my view, soundcheck, The Greek

spot Tim, waving!

The two Matts, sheltering from the early afternoon sun

Fran Healy being amazing

Ingrid and her band, also being amazing!

it looks even better when it's full of people (this one is clickable too)

Dear Santa...

at Jimmy Kimmel Live... they've had a few guests on:

This is Parker. he was filming me, and is probably the coolest guy on the stage - he used to do roadtrips round Europe on a BSA motorbike, and was basically the nicest fella you could possibly meet. We had fun.

Vegas! 5.30AM



The Greek Theatre, LA / Wednesday / 1845

if you look really closely you can see a blur on the hillside that says "HOLLYWOOD". is this the worst photo to ever appear on the internet? possibly.

interview for Young Hollywood with Michell Marie

interview 2, for Babelgum



Oakland / Tuesday / 1745

Some pics from last night, and some from today when Jesse and I went for a wander, met some lovely keane fans, and totally failed to find a camera shop (two that we were looking for were no longer there - a sign of the tough economic times, maybe). Still, it's got some lovely old buildings, and some great street art - including a huge mural that i struggled to fit into a single shot. it was really fun playing a few songs in soundcheck, on a drum kit i haven't used since the UTIS tour, strangely - it's just been sitting in cases waiting for the call. i'm really up for tonight's show - it's over a year since we were here last, and if the crowd is half as good as last time then we're gonna have some fun...


Jesse snapped this shot of Colin at dinner last night - what a handsome man he is.


this is awesome! i love it when you guys make keane stuff.

questionable choice of words...

we popped into a music shop opposite the theatre, where the owner had tons of birds flying around. yep, just flying around!

there are lots (and i mean lots) of posters remembering Oscar Grant, an unarmed man shot in Oakland on new year's day 2009. if you have five minutes then google his name to find out more - it's a shocking case. here's a mural in his memory.

this mural is amazing - my photo doesn't begin to do it justice.

this is an amazing building - look how thin the base is. nutso!



San Francisco / Tuesday / 1056

a few more photos from yesterday

San Francisco / Monday / 2000

got to be quick as i'm heading out to find some dinner...

surely this is cheating? "custom made fortune cookie"

is this as depressing as it sounds?


San Francisco / Monday / 0610

the jetlag has kicked in, i've been up since 4am. just found some cookies in my hotel room, and i've sent the "who's up for breakfast?" email. it's always the way when you travel 8 hours west - i just cannot stay asleep beyond about 4 on the first morning. it's still dark outside, and it was quite chilly last night, so i'm happy to stay inside and post a few pics from last night. nothing amazing, i'm afraid, and probably a few repeats from the last time i was here! i simply love the neon signs and shopfronts you get in america. they aren't unique to america, of course, but there's something about them that you don't quite get elsewhere... or maybe it's just the context. anyway, expect to see a few on the blog over the coming weeks. Beth and I flew in yesterday, the rest of the crew having come straight from Lisbon. we met Colin for some dinner at Lori's Diner. I ordered the onion rings - just look at them... they were stunning. Milkshake was pretty special, too.

let's kick things off with a really bad caption: <drum roll> "My Shadow" <cymbal>

yes, that sign does ask "is your dog bulimic?"

those onion rings...

I'm almost certain i've blogged this sign before, but i love it.


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OMG!!! What a wonderful pics!! Rich you made me to remember good memories from last year!!! I've been in San Francisco, and I love it!!! it's one of my favourites cities.. thanks for the pics!!! Lots of love from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Posted by **Maggie**gdl** at 3:02pm, 02 Aug 2010

i need Keane in Colombia again please!!!

Posted by lucato70 at 1:09am, 02 Aug 2010

sii, cuando vuelven a México !!!!!! u.U

Posted by LiiZzKeane at 4:23pm, 31 Jul 2010

oh !! happy birth day Fran !!

Posted by rose chaplin at 12:59am, 31 Jul 2010

WoW!! I really like those pics!!! When are u comming to Mexico again???? =D

Posted by BFJP992 at 12:57am, 31 Jul 2010

yeahhh picsss !!! thank as always for this Richy !!! you coffe look so lovely as you !!! and i will see you re shadow on every wall and i see you re footprint on every floor...live this shadow pic !!! surely this is cheating? "custom made fortune cookie" this is a very weird affirmation in fact if they relate to fortune cookies are a North American invention as far as there is no fortune cookies in China I hope that they concern ...you said is this as depressing as it sounds? yes it that seems to me ...yes, That sign does ask "is your dog bulimic?" I do not know never noticed anything unusual never ask for ha! ok not funny .Those onion rings ... look delicious well the sunset is wonderful all the pics are so good thanks again you look so good Tim and Jesse too but i really miss the sun blond Tom hair was part of his magic thanks i wis could satay and made a comment for every single pic all are great !!!! kisses and hugs from Mexico !!!! we miss you here whenn you come back ? xoxoxoxoxoxo

Posted by rose chaplin at 12:49am, 31 Jul 2010

Rich, your pics are always amazing! Another thing that you rock too, congratulations! I want to have a little talent in anything like you do!! haha... Tom is so fashion day by day... Very sweet as always! ;) A lot of kisses and hugs from BRAZILIANS fans!! We LOVE you a LOT for ever! :*

Posted by Nanda-Keane at 7:58pm, 28 Jul 2010


Posted by sourplum at 12:13pm, 28 Jul 2010

Thanks again Richard...i feel like I'm touring with you boys.. enjoy the mug, LOL!! I would have tried to find one that said RICH.....Happy late Birthday Fran..mine is today, but not getting a cake like that!! see you all in Milwaukee!! Hugs Deb

Posted by hisgaldeb at 8:52pm, 27 Jul 2010


Posted by alekeane at 6:38pm, 27 Jul 2010

Great and amazing pics...!!!

Posted by irawati.subrata at 8:21am, 27 Jul 2010

I would love to have a link to a non-scaled down version of the Las Vegas crowd if at all possible. Thanks for the great show guys.

Posted by mrobsession at 5:32am, 27 Jul 2010

OMG!!! Tom wearing a short sleeve shirt!!! Lovely as usual...

Posted by claramiraglia at 5:19am, 27 Jul 2010

That doesn't surprise me at the LV HOB, the security there sucks. It was insane at the Arctic Monkeys show there a few months ago, drinks being thrown (and they're not cheap) and loads of moshing (scary for all us girls in the crowd). The show at the Greek in L.A. was stellar, 2nd row pit right in front of Tim :)

Posted by lesannette at 1:04am, 27 Jul 2010

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures Richard! Travelling by bus from Oakland to Las Vegas must have been very fascinating. It is the trip I have always dreamed of. I regret not having done that yet! You guys are a myth! Besos from Honduras

Posted by gisellita at 7:54pm, 26 Jul 2010

Hi Richard great pictures i bet keane and fran had an amazing time maybe you could do a song together ;) xxx Love You Keane xxx Leanne

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 7:44pm, 26 Jul 2010

Happy belated birthday Fran Healy!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 1:19pm, 26 Jul 2010

Sono veramente tanto felice dolcissimo Rich, ma quante foto deliziose! Che bel primo piano ti hanno scattato, finalmente ti posso vedere da vicino e bene bene, che occhi hai... sei un uomo molto affascinante Rich, trovo bellissimi anche Tom e Tim, complimenti ragazzi più passa il tempo e più migliorate!!! Ho apprezzato moltissimo anche le foto di Las Vegas, specialmente quella in cui si vede la sfinge con lo sfondo della piramide, suggestiva davvero! Rich, non sei solo un eccellente batterista ma anche un bravo fotografo, insomma tu fai due mestieri !Oggi , dopo aver aiutato mia mamma, ho trascorso tutta la mattinata a guardare le tue foto, ce ne sono davvero un' infinità , grazie, è stato un passatempo piacevolissimo !!!Sabrina da Catania, SICILY!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 11:16am, 26 Jul 2010

Happy Birthday Fran!!!

Posted by mathuss at 12:44am, 26 Jul 2010

Happy Birthday Frannn! :) Beautiful and delicious cake! (Yummy) :) Hugs From Argentina! :) Excellents pics, thanks! Hugs!

Posted by Leonela at 12:38am, 26 Jul 2010


Posted by keanez girl at 12:18am, 26 Jul 2010

And why was guy jumping on stage not caught on tape? ;)

Posted by picklepine at 12:10am, 26 Jul 2010

OMG Tom you look hotter than ever! nice mohawk! ps: really cool pics Richard... as always :)

Posted by MagaNardi at 12:01am, 26 Jul 2010

Happy Birthday Fran! :P Thanks Rich for the pictures! Greetings from the DR!, Ann-Marie...

Posted by MyRanita97 at 11:46pm, 25 Jul 2010

KEANE: You guys are not "imbéciles" that's why we do not have H&F 1, H&F2, H&F 3, and H&F4( In fact we have a lovely Hopes and Fears 2 with 2 CD).

Posted by Mihajasoa at 11:00pm, 25 Jul 2010

He was not phony, he had just grown up I guess. After all "il n'y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas".

Posted by Mihajasoa at 10:55pm, 25 Jul 2010

The same French singer had long hair in the seventies........................

Posted by Mihajasoa at 10:48pm, 25 Jul 2010

Thanks Dick! Hope you had a nice travel from Las Vegas to Houston. Good luck for the concert! I'm sure it will be fine, with or without intruder. Good luck too with the song you're working on -very exciting news. Hope Russ have managed to silence the gremlins. Given that hair has become a favourite topic over the past few days, here's an anecdote: A French singer who still had success after middle life crisis ( fifty something, or so I heard) said about The Beatles: "cheveux long, idées courtes" , meaning "long haired, smalll minded", oh, oh, oh.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 10:24pm, 25 Jul 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *******Thank you for the new pictures; I entered the website you posted the address, Richard and could understand well the problems some photographers have to face when the matter is "not allow to". Wow... Thank you for these new pics, Rich and sorry the ignorance, but who is Fran? Lots of love! XXXXX

Posted by isa at 10:22pm, 25 Jul 2010

Happy birthday Fran!!! :)

Posted by ana_lore at 10:02pm, 25 Jul 2010

The cake looks delicious! Tom and the crowd .. Just brilliant and perfect!!. Great pic. Please come to Brazil soon! BIG kiss Tom :)

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 9:52pm, 25 Jul 2010

Did anyone get a pic of the crazy guy that climbed on stage!? Lol. Tom...I love your hair cut...sexy.

Posted by Michelle316 at 9:49pm, 25 Jul 2010

Hey, Richard, noticed you guys didn't miss a beat when that zealous fan rushed the stage....hope it didn't shake Tom up too much. Nice of him to shake the guy's hand, in spite of it all.....soooo funny when you threw the drumsticks up in the air.....quite the night, eh? .....Anyway, thanks once again for the photos as well as the Tweets...following along for both!....See you in Chicago...and I promise not to rush the stage!....Hope you're enjoying America!...Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 9:39pm, 25 Jul 2010

Interesting art work! And happy B-day to Fran! Thanks a lot for uploading, Rich! Many hugs from Colombia :)

Posted by Alejita at 9:34pm, 25 Jul 2010


Posted by jennys at 9:28pm, 25 Jul 2010

I like the pattern & colours of the 2nd pic, under the boxer-guy! Yes, there´s already a video of the guy, who jumped to the stage on youtube - during Crystal Ball. I guess odd moment! You never know, what people are about. The pic of Ingrid Michaelson, you didn´t focused her. And no babylense-pic? Ok, yes, the Keane-bag is great. Thanks, for all the pics.

Posted by Johanna at 9:24pm, 25 Jul 2010

Richard has really good photos... I wonder which camera he uses??? ... LOVE TO KEANE FROM NEPAL!!!!

Posted by guitar_keane at 6:56am, 25 Jul 2010

it's been awhile since i've stiopped by,,so much has transpired since,,,, my life..my world has changed.... my husbands heart...my love..he didn't guard and keep...,,a new love blooms for him...while ours begins its end... seems u come by when i need you most...Tell me MR R-O....what is the sound of a heart breaking?.. of a life,,the only life .. love.. i've ever known .. i feel hollow inside...broken... .. i've made my way to Houston...made my way to you....

Posted by nina at 6:18am, 25 Jul 2010

Vegas was great you guys. It was our 13th wedding anniversary and we loved spending it with you. We were of the minority there that were sober and we loved every minute of the show. You guys did an awesome job, we can't wait to see you next time around. I heard that Night Train was somewhat inspired by your experiences on the overnight train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. My wife is from Moscow and we lived there for a couple of years after we got married. I have spent a few nights on that train. In case you have to take it again, just hold it until you get off the train the next morning, the bathroom train car experience can lead to future psychological disorders. You guys are great and we love you in Southern Utah. PS what was up with that grandma in the front? I was surprised that she did not jump on the stage as opposed to that other guy. Take it easy, Craig.

Posted by ktotam at 4:40am, 25 Jul 2010

I love this Pics thanks dear Rich!!! thanks so much...Liz ♥

Posted by keane-liz at 3:10am, 25 Jul 2010

Ohhhhh Fran! Happy belated birthday, Fran! His new song "Buttercups" is so beautiful! Love it!

Posted by 22ivj04 at 8:06am, 24 Jul 2010

Thanks for the amazing pictures! It was an amazing night at the Greek Wed. Your music gets under my skin for weeks after I see you live.

Posted by lmallen68 at 5:32am, 24 Jul 2010

Richard you still look dashing even after rolling out of bed at 5 am. Can't wait to see you in Milwaukee. Maybe we can finally solve our murder mystery of the Ambassador hotel. Lots of love, Mara

Posted by hamsandwich6724 at 5:17am, 24 Jul 2010


Posted by XuliKeane at 5:16am, 24 Jul 2010

Richard, a Mgr at the Fox Theater told us some Fox Theater trivia -- Keane are the only headline act to headline TWICE at the Fox Theater!!!! Yay!! Hopefully you will make it a triple!!! (The Fox Thr was closed for decades and only opened after an extensive remodel a year and a half ago!!)

Posted by a keane fan at 5:10am, 24 Jul 2010

so nice! :) is incredible but you finaly let us see your lovely face!! :DD kisses richy!

Posted by Elfa at 4:12am, 24 Jul 2010

Hi keane pop in to see what you,re up to since i last saw you.wow you have covered a lot loved everything ive seen so far the interviews photos the presenter reminds me of myleen klass from hear say and presents on tv too.like the photo of the bridge and that building that looks very narrow.its like looking at the drama streets of san fran saisco cannot spell and its late brain not in gear.But i expect thats were some of it was filmed maybe.Hope troy is well and is still in our thoughts.Love to you all.

Posted by dianeparkhurst at 1:53am, 24 Jul 2010

Hello Richard! Great photos...IT WAS AWESOME to see you at the Greek Theater in LA and get to meet and talk to you afterwards. I was the young brunette student that told you about how your music has inspired me and my mom, the world cup, and told you that my mom told TIm last year that you guys are better than Coldplay. and you said how my mom is a wise woman. haha You really made my night...and since that night, I have been thinking positvely with everything around me. My mom told me that You are sweet and thanks for wishing her the best of health and recovery. She loves you guys! I can never thank you and the rest of Keane enough...I wish you guys the VERY best and hope to see you again for the 5th time next year! :) Enjoy the rest of US!

Posted by Keanesoccer2012 at 1:41am, 24 Jul 2010

Gracias como siempre Richard por todo,por mantenernos al tanto de los lugares que visitan y tocan,si no fuera por ti.....eres grandioso,ahhh y por fin te sacaste una foto......Graciiiiias.....

Posted by chile at 1:30am, 24 Jul 2010

Thanks Richard, amazing blog as usual but um..at 5 am = lovely eyes of English cocker spaniel !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 12:48am, 24 Jul 2010

Hi Richard very well the magnificent Vegas and excellent presentations Keane pictures I hope you all had a great time in the casinos of Las Vegas....^_^ come soon to mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico- mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-mexico-

Posted by ñañaranga at 12:10am, 24 Jul 2010

Dear Rich!Nice pics!Thank you! :)

Posted by silviana86 at 11:35pm, 23 Jul 2010

Thank you very much Richard for your reviews and huge collection of brilliant pictures.Have fun!! ps: U look so good dearest Tom wink..wink :)

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 11:13pm, 23 Jul 2010

Thanks Richard these are seriously good photos! Its not always about how great the pics look, but what mood they capture! You obviously have a passion for photography and thanks to you, those of us not lucky enough to visit these places can at least see them through your eyes! Thanks again and hope the tour is still going great guns! Cant wait till you all come home tho! Lots of Love Tracy and Charlotte in Romford. :o) x

Posted by honeypotloveskeane at 10:40pm, 23 Jul 2010

Norms is where you go to eat and discus the concert you have just enjoyed cause they are open 24/7. Norms or Denny's. Don't order the waffles at Norms at midnight though, It seems that the waffle maker is always broken around that time. :) Just a heads up.

Posted by redrosespeedway at 10:37pm, 23 Jul 2010

Was there at Jimmy Kimmel and the Greek. Made everyone on my facebook watch the show last night, and I do believe you have new fans. Everyone was like, " oh I know that song" ( my shadow, cause it plays on my works radio along with clear skies) Thanks for the wonderful experience and pictures. So sad its over for me now though. Back to reality. I will follow you through your photos. Bye for now.

Posted by redrosespeedway at 10:24pm, 23 Jul 2010

Richy very very beautifulllllllllllll picturessssssssssssssss! Thanksssssssssssssssss! Hugs from Argentina! We love you! ♥

Posted by Leonela at 10:19pm, 23 Jul 2010

XD LMAO!!! lol the Dick cup ^.^.nd yea i wana go 2 the luxor :(

Posted by GuitarGirl at 10:19pm, 23 Jul 2010

amazing pictures, mr Hughes.When do you come to southamerica, with the master Fran?

Posted by alexarg at 10:11pm, 23 Jul 2010

Rich, your photos are better and better. And Vegas is gorgeous, I love this city. Heloisa, em Las Vegas você recebe o calor não só do sol mas, também das pessoas. Abraços, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 10:06pm, 23 Jul 2010

HI EVERYBODY!!!!!! :D THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!:D this pictures are so fantastic!!! Pardon for my English :( is so bad!!! haha good luck keane!!!!!!!!! :D zury!! from argentina

Posted by Melisa at 10:02pm, 23 Jul 2010

Thank you Richard. You're such a wonderful and kind man keep posting us your photos. After a bad day at work today, it was great to come home and look at your photo blog and feel immediately cheered up :) It almost feels like we're there touring with you. You're a star Richard!! Keep 'em coming XXXX

Posted by jo-anna at 9:52pm, 23 Jul 2010

Today's batch is my FAVORITE yet! So many of you guys - yay!!!!!!!! :) ~Lindsay

Posted by petersl1 at 9:48pm, 23 Jul 2010


Posted by Fernanda Góes at 9:23pm, 23 Jul 2010

Hi Richard! :D thank you for the pictures, they are great :) i hope you have an amazing time in Las Vegas :) kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina! :D

Posted by tatichaplin at 9:22pm, 23 Jul 2010

Awesome photos as always! plus unlike normal, i think tom is wearing a short sleeved shirt! haha

Posted by Higginson at 9:19pm, 23 Jul 2010

ISA, from Brasil ********** I also want a mug like that, Colin! Great! :.)

Posted by isa at 9:08pm, 23 Jul 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO **** MANY GREAT PICS, indeed, but my favourite is not yours, Rich, but the one with YOU, who looks particularly handsome in a beautiful t-shirt and we can see well your beautiful eyes (probably the most beautiful eyes I´ve seen so near me in 2006). Well, Tim also has marvelous blue eyes, different ones, I guess. Anyway, I do not mean to be rude, but Las Vegas, well, it´s a place I never would go in my intire life, I think is to tacky, or am I wrong? The archtecture I alway see in the movies and photos, OMG, so horrible... so fake, ha ha. Well, at least we can laugh a bit! Sorry people who lives in LV, but these are my feelings about it, although I admit I can be wrong. Bye fellows and lots of love! XXXX

Posted by isa at 9:05pm, 23 Jul 2010

Hi Richard!! Hope that you're enjoying the U.S. We've been having a heat wave here in Ohio too! I saw your performance on Jimmy Kimmel show , it was GREAT!! Thanks Again for the update. Stay Cool!!! LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 9:02pm, 23 Jul 2010

Thank you for the new pictures Richard, it's good to know what you're all up to :) Not only that, it's always a pleasure to look at your photos, they're all very inspiring! Have fun with the rest of your tour x

Posted by thatsophiegirl at 8:50pm, 23 Jul 2010

Guess what, Keane where mentioned on The Weakest Link tonight, question "what group had hits with the albums Under the Iron Sea and Perfect Symmetry?" - the contestant " Girls Aloud? " Ann Robinson- "No Keane" DOH !!! Some people! Guys you really have arrived ha ha!! Have a great time out there. Rita.x

Posted by rita bischoff at 8:16pm, 23 Jul 2010

Hello everybody) Thankfully haven't yet switched the computer off and saw the new photos Richard added. Richard, thank you very much for taking the time and sharing with all of us your experiences - the moments of your lives captured on photos. This is really great to be able to see all of you being happy, safe and sound, and enjoying this US tour together. Very beautiful places you attended, and it's very pleasant we also can see them thanks to you. I like absolutely all the photos (funny with the crabs, and the ones with the sky, and with the white ball or lamp... mm, just amazing), and it's nice to see you at last, Richard. Good looking man. :) It was hard to spot Tim, though, waving... too far away. ;) You've been to Egypt Museum in Las Vegas today? Great, must be very interesting. Oh, and those high temperatures... You know, here where I live we also got used to such summer temperatures (42 C degrees in the sun). It's really very hard to stand this heat, especially for animals (my dog hardly bears such weather, gasping for breath). Alright, sorry for venting of my thoughts. Sincerely glad for all of you, and thank you very much for the music, dear Tom, Tim, Richard and Jesse. Best wishes.

Posted by olenenok at 8:06pm, 23 Jul 2010

Great pictures Rich its allways fun to see your interesting pictures :D I hope you're having a great time in USA! PS: If you liked that KEANE bag of her's you would love mine :P

Posted by MyRanita97 at 8:06pm, 23 Jul 2010

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Thank you SO much for the picture of youself, Richard! :D I absolutely looove it! Let´s take some more soon. :D Take care and keep having lots of fun touring!

Posted by MyEyesOpen at 8:02pm, 23 Jul 2010


Posted by formerdominator at 8:02pm, 23 Jul 2010

Hey Rich!! Great photos today!! I see a dog over there... And you post a SELF-PORTRAIT xD Thank you!! Though you look sad... or just tired?? I hope you're fine :) HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE :)

Posted by Dra_House at 7:58pm, 23 Jul 2010

Cool, new pics! (that´s my sense of life, waiting for Richard´s pics) hmm, well, yes somewhere I´ve heard that Las Vegas is build up in the desert. And usually the nights at the deserts are fresh, but the days are hot. But, 42 degrees, you can survive this! That´s what I´m used, if I go to the south of Spain. Maybe, that´s why they had invented the Siesta, between 3PM & 5PM? Looks like the architect of the Sphinx messed it up a bit, eh? And of course another pic taken in the middle of the road! But, I´m happy to see, that the USA-tour is going so well. Have fun (of course you do) & keep blogging pics, thanks! I hope to see at least a babylense-photo, again.

Posted by Johanna at 7:55pm, 23 Jul 2010

Vegas tonight! Go, Prima, go!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:53pm, 23 Jul 2010

*le sigh* I missed it all :( I hope Toronto will be phenomenal!! Thanks for the pics & updates (and tweets Richard) Your always awesome! :)

Posted by annie nyc at 7:51pm, 23 Jul 2010


Posted by juliana campos at 7:47pm, 23 Jul 2010

Great photos, but do you think Collin was trying to tell you something with that mug XD Have a nice day

Posted by Atlanic-keane at 7:34pm, 23 Jul 2010

Lovely as always Richard :) And I can't believe I'm saying it but Tom I really like your hair!!! Not at first...but it's grown on me! Seeing you in Chicago next week is gonna be AMAZING! Good luck guys & lots of love from Patricia in Ohio

Posted by pfox023 at 7:33pm, 23 Jul 2010

I don´t know if you ever noticed but in every picture you take during the shows there´s a brazilian flag, which I totally love!!! Isn´t that a sign that you should come back, like, as soon as possible??? Love ya! And, oh... Tom you look hotter than ever!!!!

Posted by claramiraglia at 7:21pm, 23 Jul 2010

Thank you so much Richard! You're a lovely man! All these pics are amazing!

Posted by utisgirl at 7:19pm, 23 Jul 2010

OMG you took a pic of a Lutino Cockatiel!!! I have 2 of them!! One is called Rosy Cheeks & the other is Keano hahahahaha

Posted by annie nyc at 9:03pm, 22 Jul 2010

Richard, all your photos are the best to ever appear on the internet!!! Wow -charmer Michell Marie , and two charmer musicins.....Very lovely pic- A driver with a faithful and inquisitive front-seat passengeer.... By what or whom is Mr. Colin so fascinated?........ again- very well done , Rich! , thanks, good afternoon, .....

Posted by Denislavia at 8:25pm, 22 Jul 2010

thanks again Rich!! I'd love to wander with you.....love the HOLLYWOOD sign.. I've only seen it from an airplane...!! 19 days til Milwaukee...hugs Deb

Posted by hisgaldeb at 8:19pm, 22 Jul 2010

it could be, that some days ago, I stared too much the crab-pic as on the other night I´ve dreamed that Tim was doing an interview, while he was making music with a machine like a radiator & pushing some buttons. Tom was sitting on a roof, with his guitar and observing people from a festival or something. Sorry, no Richard in the dream & my part I had to go via a boat to the ground of the sea to have dinner. It must have been the crab. Anyway, no I guess there are more rubbish photos on the worldwibe-web, than your lovely in the kind going dangerous middle in the street Hollywood-pic! So, a magazine called Young Hollywood ( I thought in Hollywood everybody is young? Cliché, again). Ok, I see still no babylense-pic or night-shot-pic. The paper lamp is nice, I like those lamps! But, the shadow inside looks like somebody got hanged? I could write more, but that´s enough, already. Thanks, for sharing the pics, Richard!

Posted by Johanna at 8:02pm, 22 Jul 2010

well it sure was an F'N rock out show last night guys. You blew me away again. Whats wrong with my hand though Tom? You touched everyone near me but mine. :( That would have made the night stupendous. But I must say that that night was the best concert ever!!!! SEE YOU AT JIMMY KIMMEL TONIGHT! :) You better be there :)

Posted by redrosespeedway at 4:42pm, 22 Jul 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *** OMG Rich, these photos are incredibly good, marvelous indeed! Jesse appears twice, pretengind (was he?) make a phone call from a phone cabin and nearby a great building, both of the cases he looks great with his legs/feet in a nice way... Loved it! The birds in the music shop, great, ha ha! My favourite one is the white building, very thin... we have here in São Paulo (you would like to take a walk by the centre of this capital!) some like it, from the 20´s, I guess... I think they were inspired in some French archtecture, but I am not sure. European, surely. MANY THANKS, RICH! All of them are great, as always! :.) LOTS OF LOVE! XXXX

Posted by isa at 2:15pm, 22 Jul 2010

Grazie Rich per l' aggiornamento del tuo photoblog americano! Sono tornata proprio adesso dal mare e ho trovato questa fantastica sorpresa ! Siete bellissimi tu e Tom, complimenti ragazzi! Un abbraccio a voi tutti da Sabrina from Catania, Sicilia! VI AMO TANTISSIMO!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:03pm, 22 Jul 2010

Hehe... the pic of Jesse is really cool!! ;)

Posted by MyEyesOpen at 12:50pm, 22 Jul 2010

Love the pics as always. Making a closer world, more personal. Pic number 5 is my bedroom lamp … Jesse Q talking by phone reminds me to Bonnie and Clyde esthetics . SF looks a very interesting place to visit, especially now that Oackland is the first city in the US licensing wholesale pot cultivation of some well known herb (only for med uses). Nico , tell us about it! Kisses from Madrid

Posted by Marta at 12:28pm, 22 Jul 2010

ooppss! I forget about it..have a great time on Jimmy Kimmel :)))

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 11:26am, 22 Jul 2010

... Wishing you nice travel to Las Vegas..I'm waiting pics from this exciting city.Good Luck!!! ...

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 11:15am, 22 Jul 2010

Sorry, I mean freedom of expression. Good luck for the show tonight!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 11:12am, 22 Jul 2010

Thanks for the update Richard! I hope the interviews went well. Nice pics and comments. It's interesting to see that art is at the heart of city life thanks to murals -not to mention architecture. Moreover the painters seem to use their talent not just for esthetic reasons but to convey some kind of messages as well. Nice illustration of freedom of (artisitc) speech, unless they were commissioned to do the job, but I don't see some propaganda there (sound, soul, soul, soul, soul, heart...).

Posted by Mihajasoa at 11:02am, 22 Jul 2010

It's cool to see you guys enjoying America, and I love your pictures! I can't wait to get out of America or at least Illinois.

Posted by eleena6991 at 9:20am, 22 Jul 2010

I Just came back from The Greek Theater, The concert was Great as always however I missed Night Train's EP songs. .

Posted by -eve- at 8:02am, 22 Jul 2010

That is such a cute pic of Rich :) Sth abt the beard style and retro sunglasses remind me of Ringo.

Posted by picklepine at 5:28am, 22 Jul 2010

Woooow! Richard it's incredible :DD i love your work really! Amazing

Posted by KeaneMoon at 5:19am, 22 Jul 2010

I absolutely love Tom's pic.He is extremely gorgeous, the hair cut looks fine.Love, Love, Love U TOM!!!

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 4:29am, 22 Jul 2010

Hi guys! I hope you are having a great time in North America. I loved your picks, Richard, specially the one of the birds. So nice. Tom, you looked great on the photograph, I would love to see you with your long hair again, though. Lots of kisses to all of you. I love you!!! Cecilia (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Posted by tomasa at 4:19am, 22 Jul 2010

this is greatttttt fantastic :D i like very much!!!!!!!!:D thanks :D

Posted by Melisa at 12:59am, 22 Jul 2010

hiiiiiiii colin hahaha he is funny jhahaha :D

Posted by Melisa at 12:51am, 22 Jul 2010

Love your blogs and photos. x

Posted by littleblondie82 at 10:51pm, 21 Jul 2010

my mom had that cadillac in black. we had to junk it though :/ but we did indeed keep the grill ^___^

Posted by bluelightnyc at 7:57pm, 21 Jul 2010

Great photos!! I want that bag!! xx

Posted by Iamtheoriginalstig at 7:37pm, 21 Jul 2010

Richard es un verdadero profesional me encatan estas fotos

Posted by valekeane at 7:28pm, 21 Jul 2010

Still loving the blog Richard :) I'm currently ill at home in Hastings UK so this really did make my day :p

Posted by keanemjfan01 at 7:11pm, 21 Jul 2010

Hi again! I was blown away yesterday with your pictures, and today too! New photos are great! I love all the murals, but my favorite is "Always ......."all together with old "W" . Also, I love the photo from the music shop with birds( I adore animals!!!) and the great looking espresso ( I could have one right now ). Thanks again, you really made my day very pleasant with your fantastic work! Love from, hot like hell, Belgrade, Nadja!!!!

Posted by najdina at 4:02pm, 21 Jul 2010

Isn't the Bay Area gorgeous! It looks like America to me! =D

Posted by LitwithwhiteLight at 2:12pm, 21 Jul 2010

Hi Richard!! Thanks so much for the updates! one word for these photos "AWESOME" I've never been to San Francisco and I really enjoyed your photos, it makes one feel as if I were there!! Thanks Again!!! LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 1:43pm, 21 Jul 2010

Hey Rich!! Lovely birds photo and those bird footprints... I knew you'd include some animals (or birds, in this case) in your blog... :) You are an "animal-lover", congratulations for that!! Could you remember your usually forgotten selfportrait, please?? HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE :)

Posted by Dra_House at 1:28pm, 21 Jul 2010

Thanks Rich! Best of luck in Greek Theatre......A BIG kiss dearest Tom♥

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 11:07am, 21 Jul 2010

Thank you Richard, and good luck for the show in L.A.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 10:06am, 21 Jul 2010

Sono contentissima Richard! Non mi aspettavo proprio stamattina di trovare nuove immagini, che bello, sei gentilissimo Rich! Ho apprezzato tantissimo questo tuo nuovo photoblog americano , sei sempre più bravo a scattare le foto, sono rimasta a bocca aperta, sei sorprendente! Penso che queste foto le guarderò ancora tante volte! Mi piace tutto quello che ci racconti Rich! Oggi qui nella mia città si muore dal caldo, domani spero di poter andare al mare a fare un bagno ristoratore! Un salutone a te Richard, e ai tuoi compagni Tom e Tim, VI VOGLIO BENE RAGAZZI!!! SABRINA FROM CATANIA, SICILIA!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:18am, 21 Jul 2010

hope to see you in LA tomorro!

Posted by hollybaba22 at 6:36am, 21 Jul 2010

Hi Richard. Those are awesome pics!! Coincidentally, we're actually taking a family trip up the coast to San Francisco this coming Friday. These pics made me even more excited about our trip. BTW, my hubby and I be at your concert tomorrow night at the Greek Theatre. Can hardly wait !!! =D

Posted by lrsayoc at 6:22am, 21 Jul 2010

Hello Richard !!!! I love your pictures are so intriguing and fun you can believe that you can still enjoy good photograph of a great friend thanks for taking the time to share with your fans...^_^

Posted by ñañaranga at 6:07am, 21 Jul 2010

love them!! :)

Posted by smüller at 5:32am, 21 Jul 2010

i love it!!!!!!! amaizing pictures!!!!!!! just love it

Posted by talinamedina at 5:27am, 21 Jul 2010

Rich, Beautiful pics ! Thankss! :D FELIZ D?A DEL AMIGO PARA TODOS! :D ♥ Grettings from Argentina! :) ♥

Posted by Leonela at 3:11am, 21 Jul 2010

Fantastic photos, Richard! Thanks to Jesse, too. A friend of mine will be at the Oakland show tonight having fun with you all....I know you won't disappoint...you never do!...See you all in Chicago...Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 2:07am, 21 Jul 2010

Blow out sale - bahahahahaha!

Posted by petersl1 at 2:05am, 21 Jul 2010

What a place! I've been at Lory's 3 month ago! Its on Powell street, a blook away from union square, half blook away from sir francis drake hotel (i was staing there). San francisco is one of my favorite citys on the world, with the gratest record store on earth (Amoeba Records)

Posted by brigantel at 1:45am, 21 Jul 2010

I wonder if the lady in the cupcake shop has any idea that a member of one of the best bands out there has taken her picture. I'd love to be the subject of a photo moment for you Richard. You might catch me folding panties at Victoria's Secret. Or stocking shelves at Stater Bros. Grocery. :)

Posted by Redrosespeedway at 1:37am, 21 Jul 2010

I am getting very nervous about the concert tomorrow. I am going to be alone in the pit. I want to be close but I feel a bit alone too. Tom you will have to comfort me with your sweet voice. My tummy is all a flutter. How's yours? :)

Posted by Redrosespeedway at 1:30am, 21 Jul 2010

HI GUYS:I con´t wait for you to RETURN!!! Congrants, for the blog, Thanks for the pisc.... I hope u check out the messages... Kisses from Argentina

Posted by natalia1234 at 12:21am, 21 Jul 2010

So many cupcakes!

Posted by RadioActivePickles! at 11:32pm, 20 Jul 2010

I like very much, Rich that your pics want to say something, they are a real story! 1 st pic is maybe a little abstract, 3 rd as well, 2nd shows an typical American architecture i know it from photos of my grandfather´s sister Susan Moser who lived in a such like this house , in NJ. 4 th pic is very realistic- No smoking area with an empty bench! 5 th - A wage or a loot? And I love very much 6 th pic- typical American care - Trespassers will be prosecuted - but and it is very important on behalf of your security !! 7 th Unsafe area - of 8 th Monsters?, do not enter in Alcatraz- also unsafe area for sombody.... 10 th Yellow cable care F - like fabulous, 11 th pic is No 1? 15 th- you were on a chemical field trip? and yes, 16 th thank you very much Rich, you are very kind, 20 th where is furniture? it slid down , probably, 23 th pic is veery artistic- a show of shadows and your ? feet, 24 th Lego building, 25 th Electromobiles- this awful BP oil spoil !!! , etc. etc. God Bless you, America, Rich and Keane... g. nite

Posted by Denislavia at 11:07pm, 20 Jul 2010

siiii vengan a MEXICO!!!, ya veo mi pais yea...saludos.

Posted by gabriela at 11:00pm, 20 Jul 2010

Great pics! Thanks Rich! Have a nice time there! ~~~ Love... Silke ♥ :)

Posted by Silke (Germany) at 10:49pm, 20 Jul 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *** As I said before, I am a dinossaure, so, I did like to see the pic of the streetcar in San Francisco, lovely! It reminds me my childhood in a small town nearby Sao Paulo where I live now, the capital. Old good times (I guess). We had Beatles and now we have KEANE! :.) A crab? I wonder where you have found a crab!!!! Marvelous pic, indeed! Alcatraz? It sounds to me a prison! Haaaa! The famous movie! Thank you dear Rich, your photos are really great; I am posting your photos at my page on orkut, but of course your name as the author is there... of course! I want more people know well your work, besides being the great drummer you are. LOTS OF LOVE! XXXXXX

Posted by isa at 10:33pm, 20 Jul 2010

Great pics Richard. I was in San Francisco earlier this year and took a couple of pictures that are eerily similar to yours. Particularly the one of the cupcake store front. I had stayed at the Hilton up the street from there and had made it a ritual to go there and try a different cupcake during my stay. They were awesome.

Posted by moondogie1 at 10:27pm, 20 Jul 2010

Rich, your pics are beautiful, you should publish a book with them, it will be a blockbuster. Thank you for your kindness, Regina

Posted by Regina Brz at 10:22pm, 20 Jul 2010

Of course, you can show us the same sings, because each time we have a different view. And you are our guide, so we feel what you feel. Thanks guy, have a great tour.

Posted by roosy at 10:02pm, 20 Jul 2010

Lovely pics Riichard :D Thanks. The cupcakes window shop is the best, for me . Loads of Love & Beijinhos from Brazil! Come back son! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by mariabella at 10:02pm, 20 Jul 2010

Ah,dear Richard,what would we do without you!Your pictures made my day!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us your expressions and interesting sites from the different places in the world! I am unfortunately tied up for indoor space, due to my leg injury, and your photos really made me to forgot all the bad things about my present situation!! Thank you so, so much! Love from, too hot to bare, Belgrade,Nadja

Posted by najdina at 9:53pm, 20 Jul 2010

tomato xD ♥ Your Shadow is beautiful ♥.♥ O.O

Posted by chaplincita at 9:33pm, 20 Jul 2010

YEAH, finally a yellow cable-car! They are all yellow, right? Ok, worst caption ever from me: where are the people who sat on the bench before? Dude, just look what the signs say "NON Smoking area" Sorry, as I said bad caption. And it looks like the crab is happy to see you looks like she or he is smiling.

Posted by Johanna at 9:23pm, 20 Jul 2010

Loving the new pics Richard! Glad you got a day to recover from jetlag. I know the feeling. Have a great gig tonight in Oakland!

Posted by annie nyc at 9:14pm, 20 Jul 2010

Thanx so much Richard pictures are great as usual thanx for taking the time to put them on here for us hugs from Staffordshire xxx

Posted by ruthie at 8:52pm, 20 Jul 2010

Richard, as always thank you for your wonderful photos ot the nooks-and-crannies of the cities you visit. I enjoy being an armchair traveler, thanks to you creative eye.

Posted by East Coast, USA at 8:46pm, 20 Jul 2010

..Thanks again for the lovely San Francisco Sightseeing ...I'm Lovin' It

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 8:45pm, 20 Jul 2010

I haven't been able to visit San Fran yet. But I will one day. That coffee thingy looks beautiful.

Posted by NeonDeon at 8:43pm, 20 Jul 2010

You were in my hometown and I missed it =( SO looking forward to seeing you tonight in Oakland!!!

Posted by buzzlightgirl at 8:17pm, 20 Jul 2010

I took the very same arch picture by Fisherman's Wharf yesterday. Probably before Richard was there. Too funny.

Posted by musicalmeg at 7:50pm, 20 Jul 2010

wow richard! your photos are amazing! hope you guys are having fun out in america! the weather looks much better than how it is here in the uk! x

Posted by georginamay at 7:46pm, 20 Jul 2010

Crabs? No, they don't classify... Hahaha... xD

Posted by Dra_House at 7:31pm, 20 Jul 2010

Hey Rich! Great pics, as always :) That "safe surrender site" shocked me... Seriously. Yummy onion rings. Your shadows are very interesting, though I prefer to see you :) I'm just missing your animals photos... No cats? No dogs? No owls? HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE :)

Posted by Dra_House at 7:30pm, 20 Jul 2010

Hey Rich! I love your pics because you give me lots of ideas! i'm a graphic designer and i get inspirations with your pics, is greatm besides you have provide me with lots and lots of textures thanks to the wall pics you always take :D Thank you! Lots of love from México!!!!!

Posted by sariux at 7:11pm, 20 Jul 2010

I never was over the big pond, but I always thought that in SF has much more traffic. I know I shouldn´t have watched as a child the TV-Series The Streets from San Francisco, looks like I´ve got a bad cliché! So, the sweet, little muffin-cakes are from Starbucks? At least it´s written in mirror-inverted letters. Best pic is the hat-shop. How did you do this? No shadow of yourself in the shop-window. The sience-lab-pic is, hmm, strange, nice, funny. Any comments about the meat-pic?

Posted by Johanna at 6:30pm, 20 Jul 2010

very cool! what are you going to play at the boston show, whats the setlist?

Posted by formerdominator at 6:12pm, 20 Jul 2010

Great photo blog Richard, as always. We past you walking to Pier 39, but we diidn't want to bother you!!! Where is that cupcake store in your pic? It looks yummy! Can't wait for the show tonight!!!

Posted by a keane fan at 5:35pm, 20 Jul 2010

Not able to see my most favorite band in the whole world this year and it's killing me to know that you're in the US. But honestly, nothing can beat seeing you last year for the first time and actually getting to meet all of you. It was unreal...a dream come true. Have a wonderful time here in the US! And keep sending the awesome pics...love it....love you guys! :) XOXOXOXO

Posted by Michelle316 at 4:54pm, 20 Jul 2010

Nice pictures Richard America loks really nice can't wait til i go to NY xx Love You Keane xxx Leanne xx

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 4:09pm, 20 Jul 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *** WOW, the best pics ever, in my point of vew. Wonderful, superb ones! The one with the red/orange chairs is marvelous, without tables around, and just the chairs talking to themselves (ha ha!). No, seriously, this pic is so poetic! I love that much! :.) The old man walking (very slowly, I supose) nearby the graffiths, very colourful, on the wall, great one, indeed! I liked the contrasting the photo proposes. The yellow cars in a kind of parade and the pidgeon seeing them, wow, what a fortune this pic, indeed! The workman with the troyler... marvelous, I could talk about your pics all day, so, I will say bye bye now or I would not be polite. Many thanks, Rich, these pics must go to a photo book! I mean, a book made of paper and everything, since we can´t trust much on the internet. Thank you! LOTS OF LOVE! XXXXX

Posted by isa at 3:07pm, 20 Jul 2010

Thanks so much for the pictures Richard! I always look forward to your photoblog :) Absolutely can't wait to see you guys in Chicago! All my love, Jenny

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 3:04pm, 20 Jul 2010

Wow, that 'safe surrender' sign is kind of haunting! Thanks for sharing, Richard! ~Lindsay

Posted by petersl1 at 3:01pm, 20 Jul 2010

The BC will be on the spot tonight at San Fran! Go, Nico, go! Our hearts will be with you!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 2:41pm, 20 Jul 2010

Good morning! What an interesting blog, thanks Richard! Nice coloured buildings, more cheerful than grey or something. Enjoy your coffee!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 2:11pm, 20 Jul 2010

Hello Rich, ti ringrazio di cuore per questo aggiornamento del photoblog, sono immagini stupende e alcune davvero curiose ed originali!!Oggi per me è stata una giornata lavorativa, infatti ho suonato con mio padre al comune di Catania ad un matrimonio col rito civile: è stato tutto bellissimo e con la nostra musica ( tastiera e violino )è andato alla grande! Mi piace tanto sentirti raccontare quello che ti capita in giro per il mondo, sei veramente una persona squisita, ti mando un bacione caro Richard e un abbraccio forte forte! Sabrina from Catania, Sicilia!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:10pm, 20 Jul 2010

I really appreciate your updates, Rich. Thanks for finding the time to do that. Have a great time and keep up your fantastic work.

Posted by Miss Teake at 1:54pm, 20 Jul 2010

great pics Rich !

Posted by jennys at 1:03pm, 20 Jul 2010

A trip to 'Frisco on a hot July day! Just what I always wanted! Thanks for making that possible, Richard. I love your Photoblog! Keep 'em coming......and have a great show tonight! I have a friend in Oakland who will be there tonight....lucky guy!.....See you in Chicago...I'll be wearing my dancing shoes!...Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 12:47pm, 20 Jul 2010

Hello, guys!!! I always wait your news and pics!!! I don´t understand , really you have the time for all things you do? Concerts, Festivals, Interwiews, Radio, presentations, ...!!! You don´t stop for any minute!!! Kisses, Back to Barcelona after your summer vacations!!! (o for your summer vacations, who know!)

Posted by olga biazi at 12:42pm, 20 Jul 2010

Good Morning Rich!! Hum.. who could resist a cupcake? Sweet pic!! I like when your shadow appears reflected in the pic .. btw lovely all star. Impressive Chinese architecture between buildings . Is the Chinatown there..I think.. Thank you for your kindness.Have a nice day and a wonderful show tonight you all. Always with love,Rachel XXXXXX

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 12:00pm, 20 Jul 2010

So glad you're here!!!! Can't wait till tomorrow night!! Brilliant photos Richard!!

Posted by Mary Ann at 8:48am, 20 Jul 2010

This is so amazing! You guys are in my city! Welcome back to S.F. Can't wait to show my appreciation and love tonight at the show!

Posted by chelischula12 at 8:24am, 20 Jul 2010

Nice pics Rich - thanks as always for the updates!! Have fun at the show tonight!! :)

Posted by jacs at 7:56am, 20 Jul 2010

Great shots as usual, Rich! Wish I could show you some really wicked places in Houston when you guys are in this weekend... But, the invitation is open! Can't wait for the gig...see y'all soon!

Posted by carnold290 at 7:35am, 20 Jul 2010

Your pictures are so amazing. You seem to capture the 'feel' of the places you visit. X

Posted by ahhceo at 6:58am, 20 Jul 2010

Richard Beautiful pictures ! Amazing and excellent photographer! Greetings from Argentina! :) Bye! ♥

Posted by Leonela at 6:18am, 20 Jul 2010

wow!!!great photos!

Posted by beluuchiiss at 6:14am, 20 Jul 2010

Richard Wasn't the latte at the Blue Bottle divine? I was there at the MOMA location at the beginning of the month. Relived my trip to SF through your pics. Thanks. See you in Boulder soon

Posted by rbchsweeney at 5:00am, 20 Jul 2010

Richard--safe surrender sites are to encourage terrified mothers to abandon their babies, safely and without fear of arrest, instead of putting them in the garbage or a toilet. Also? I have a picture of that Little City Meat Market sign in my collection somewhere!

Posted by musicalmeg at 4:10am, 20 Jul 2010

hello¡ .,. great pics rich

Posted by PIERO at 4:02am, 20 Jul 2010

Oh, my! Look at those yummy onion rings! Thanks for virtually sharing. Looking forward to your blog updates, and the Boston & Brooklyn shows. Best wishes for a fantastic tour!

Posted by karleu at 3:54am, 20 Jul 2010

YOUR PHTOBLOGS ARE SO AWSOME!! :DD I love tham!! You inspired me to do the same dispite I?m not that good... :P Anyway, love it!! :DD when are you gonna do one from South America (specialy Argentina! :P ) jaja! LOVE YOU BOY!! :DD

Posted by Elfa at 3:37am, 20 Jul 2010

Love the photos! Thanks Rich!!!

Posted by pfox023 at 3:15am, 20 Jul 2010

Hi pickle!!!

Posted by Maayani at 2:56am, 20 Jul 2010

Yesss! A new photoblog! I am sooo addicted to these :) And clearly, so are lots more boardies. Hi Richard and other boardies!

Posted by picklepine at 2:39am, 20 Jul 2010


Posted by hollybaba22 at 1:44am, 20 Jul 2010

Thank you Richard for this new photoblog and your first comments on your arrival in the US. I understand when you say that you cannot sleep, and you have been up since 4am. I arrived a couple of days ago in Houston from Italy and have the same problem. You're lucky you have this problem the first morning only...I usually need a week to recover from my 7hours jetlag :S Terrible... Onion rings look delicious and very "artistic" :P and Colin apparently is enjoying his dinner as well. Everything is strange odd and different in the US, I always like your pictures very much so, please keep uploading as many as you can in your sleepless nights :) I can't wait to see you in Texas. Lots of love, Simona. Ciao!

Posted by sim163 at 12:23am, 20 Jul 2010

♥♥Richard eres hermoso gracias por existir ♥ ♥ ♫ nunca cambies eres un ser humano maravilloso ♫ ♥ ♥ Espero que también hagan una serie de preguntas para ti y tim ♥ ♥ ♫ Te adoro por ser tan buena persona y ser tan humilde ♫ ♥ ♥ besos desde mexico.mexico.mexico♥♥

Posted by rubisita at 12:18am, 20 Jul 2010

came back to argentine the nexts year please i love keane i love you thomas

Posted by achess at 12:01am, 20 Jul 2010

Dear Rich!Great pics!Thank you! :)

Posted by silviana86 at 12:01am, 20 Jul 2010

hi good evening everydoby,,, Dear Rich thanks for the picks ... love from Mexico Liz ♥

Posted by keane-liz at 11:55pm, 19 Jul 2010

Wonderful pictures Richard! I was wondering is the fried onion ring stack from Red Robin?

Posted by hamsandwich6724 at 11:54pm, 19 Jul 2010

Hello Rich thanks for more pics ! Love from Argentina ♥ :)

Posted by tejeda at 11:33pm, 19 Jul 2010

YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CRY!!!!!!!!!! I was supposed to go to the West Coast gigs but I can't anymore & I'm so depressed. This is gonna be a hard week for me :( But have a fantastic time boys & everyone that gets to see you.

Posted by annie nyc at 11:00pm, 19 Jul 2010

Kool!!! :D LoL. I sometimes wake up at 4 in the morning lol. :) xox Keep up the good photos!

Posted by keanez girl at 10:35pm, 19 Jul 2010

Hello!!!!!! Richard beautiful and original photographs each day surely you become an excellent photographer, thanks for sharing them with all the fans of Keane..... KEANE FOREVER!!!!....^_^

Posted by ñañaranga at 10:31pm, 19 Jul 2010

ok, I´m back from work & have time to dedicate my hobby as a fan-stalker. I must say I like the both neon signs from Loris Diner (sorry, don´t know, how to put this 2nd point above & between the i &s). It´s a very classical and sweet one. But, how can you eat onion rings & drink milkshake? How does this fit together? Maybe, a classical british habit? Well, thanks for keep us informing. Fight the jetlag;)

Posted by Johanna at 9:37pm, 19 Jul 2010

Thanks Richard for more great pics!! Those onion rings looked so good! Hope that you and the rest of the guys enjoy the American part of the tour I sure wish you'd come back to Cleveland, I'd really love to see you again!!! Keep the pics coming! LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mislynny at 9:36pm, 19 Jul 2010

Welcome back to the US boys. Be seeing you in Chicago and Milwaukee. Can't wait.

Posted by timkennedy11 at 9:30pm, 19 Jul 2010

wow estan tan cerca de Mexico seria una gran desilucion que no pasaran por Mexico. please come back to MEXICO please, please I love you guys!!!!! and rich great photos in special the photo of the little ghost I like much.

Posted by princesse at 9:24pm, 19 Jul 2010

Hi. I hope that you’re fast asleep, at last. I too hope that you don’t close your eyes too long, if you’re on stage ;) Seriously: great pictures, I love your comments, and your imaginative portraits, you’re awesome! Where is Lori? :D Mmmm, onion rings (they look like hula-hoops, everything is king size, in the U.S.A. ;) Thanks for dedicating time to us, it means a lot! Have a great time! Best of our smiles for you all, lads!

Posted by Just_Elisabeth at 9:14pm, 19 Jul 2010

love it! :)

Posted by camkeane at 8:58pm, 19 Jul 2010

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