Tom features on new charity single

12 Dec 2012

Tom is the guest vocalist on a new charity single, Same Heart by Dutch-American singer-songwriter Laura Jansen, which is the theme song of Dutch radio station 3FM's Serious Request 2012 campaign.

All proceeds generated from sales of the track will go to the campaign, which is focusing on the fight against infant mortality. You can buy it from iTunes worldwide here (we're told it should be added to the UK iTunes Store soon).

Here's a video of Laura and Tom discussing the track...


Comments (42)

I'm the first to listen to it now. Hehe... However, I love the song. Tom has a good, no, great voice. I love his voice and Laura's got that too. I love the song. It's a wonderful song, and I'd like to be able to it. Tom is even handsome now... Tihihi... I really love him, and KEANE! I really love the song, Tom makes it with Laura. Incredible.

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 6:49pm, 06 Jan 2013

Tom has an amazing voice and the song really good

Posted by Delta at 12:42pm, 01 Jan 2013

great sound!! it's amazing

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 1:29pm, 30 Dec 2012


Posted by aída (méxico) at 10:59pm, 29 Dec 2012

What a great song! Tom, your voice is amazing! HUGS FROM BRAZIL, SÃO PAULO!!!

Posted by katherinehajdu at 6:58am, 22 Dec 2012

lovely, lovely song and again TOM's voice is indeed that of an angel! Yes, his chubby cheeks are long way gone and he's now a full-fledged MAN, gorgeous man!

Posted by anouk23 at 7:24pm, 17 Dec 2012

KKOPPI Tom has been looking good for years now he hasn't just suddenly improved? When is this song going to be out on UK Itunes because it is fantastic.

Posted by AnnetteM at 4:05pm, 17 Dec 2012

Listened to this a few times and I really like it now.Their 2 voices sound great together...KKOPI I knew what you meant.Tom is looking really good.I loved him back in the days of Hopes And Fears and love him just as much now.He has changed but he looks just as gorgeous and very much perfect and his voice is still as stunning.I shall be downloading this track xx

Posted by EM1977 at 2:35pm, 17 Dec 2012

Love it! Tom's voice can turn every song into a piece of pure magic!

Posted by pepelyashka at 2:49pm, 16 Dec 2012

@AnnetteM I was just stating that Tom has never been this fit before, he was always having these 'cute cheeks' but now they're gone, we see a perfect jaw line and he looks like a true gentleman.

Posted by KKOPPI at 1:53pm, 15 Dec 2012

Video not available in Canada. :(

Posted by slightly.mad at 4:02am, 15 Dec 2012

it's a great song. The two voices mix well. And it's for a good cause. Thank you for helping out.

Posted by dogivy at 11:41pm, 14 Dec 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 9:54pm, 14 Dec 2012

Our boys are example of engagement in humanitarian causes. The solidarity will be the main rule for the survival of all living beings in the future. Congratulations guys!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 7:10pm, 14 Dec 2012

Una canzone dolcissima ed espressiva: bravissimi Tom Chaplin e Laura Jansen, le vostre voci insieme stanno benissimo e rendono questo brano molto armonioso, sono contenta di questa vostra iniziativa di beneficenza, siete veramente degni di lode!!! Anch'io questa settimana con i miei alunni della classe ad indirizzo musicale avremo di sera un concerto in un teatro per la beneficenza Theleton, spero che vada tutto bene!!! Un abbraccio forte a tutta la band da Sabrina from Catania!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:56pm, 14 Dec 2012

This is so wonderful. And Tom is perfect just as he always was.

Posted by angelwz73 at 2:29pm, 14 Dec 2012


Posted by Alekeane at 1:23am, 14 Dec 2012

The player does not work for the US!!!!

Posted by shirleyhonda at 11:29pm, 13 Dec 2012

Wonderful duet! Didn't expect much out of it when I heard about it for the first time. But Tom sounds amazing on this track and Laura's got a lovely voice too.

Posted by sss86 at 6:35pm, 13 Dec 2012

When can you buy this on uk Itunes because I couldn't buy it on the international itunes?

Posted by AnnetteM at 4:13pm, 13 Dec 2012

Congratulations! I love it! Your two voices go so well together. Lovely song. XXX Simona

Posted by sim163 at 4:03pm, 13 Dec 2012

:D Thomas, kapan kau akan merilis album solomu itu??

Posted by DAHVALMA at 10:26am, 13 Dec 2012

KEANE! I was looking up a lot of your old, lost songs back from the 90's and I heard a snippet of a song called Melodrama (I think), and it sounded so good! You guys should really release a CD full of old recordings of yours. I know myself, and probably many other fans would buy it. Seriously I just want to listen to it and its killing me not being able to! Haha :)

Posted by courty40fresh at 9:21am, 13 Dec 2012

The duet is really amazing, Tom is singing better and better. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 3:18am, 13 Dec 2012

This is such a great song. I listen to it all the time, especially when I want to jam in the car! I have been waiting for Tom to do a duet with a female singer forever! Keep it up, your voice is too beautiful!

Posted by Hattie at 10:48pm, 12 Dec 2012

Extraño y diferente, pero siempres es tan extraordinario solamente escuchand la voz de TOM, es realmente sorprendente lo que pueden hacer las dos voces!!!

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 9:15pm, 12 Dec 2012

Great duet, voices go together very well.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:57pm, 12 Dec 2012

It's a great song! The duet turned out amazing, the two voices go so well together...and Tom is always brilliant, his voice is so pure and beautiful, he sings in that very unique and magical way of his...just amazing! Congratulations and thank you for joining such a great cause! xxx

Posted by hlimpo at 8:04pm, 12 Dec 2012

Awesome! Great!

Posted by paliz at 8:00pm, 12 Dec 2012

HI TOMY **Nothing surprises me I'm a hundred percent with you I know that you do what your heart tells you help others is just wonderful )your two voices are very well together !! LOT OF LOVE

Posted by choupette94 at 6:00pm, 12 Dec 2012

Beautiful Lyrics, encanthed video, lovely voices and a great charity single ...I loving Same Heart ♥♥

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 5:20pm, 12 Dec 2012

Great song for a good cause.

Posted by jado72 at 5:00pm, 12 Dec 2012

i fell in love with the song, it's just so good! i'm so buying it!

Posted by pskeane at 4:47pm, 12 Dec 2012

This song is really good, its on repeat right now! Both voices blend beautifully and Tom... well.. his voice is just always amazing!!

Posted by broadwaybaby at 4:40pm, 12 Dec 2012

Hummingbird - Didn't think that Tom had put on weight ? Strange to be commenting on weight isn't it? Instead of his amazing singing!

Posted by AnnetteM at 3:26pm, 12 Dec 2012

AnnetteM, I'm taking a wild guess here but I suspect that the first comment is referring to the fact that Tom has indeed lost a lot of weight. Isa, the first comment did not at all imply that Tom is too skinny.

Posted by Hummingbird at 3:03pm, 12 Dec 2012

Have to agree with ISA what is that first comment about? And when is this song gonna be on english itunes?

Posted by AnnetteM at 1:29pm, 12 Dec 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I liked the song, much when it begins than when it develops, but it´s a lovely song and I will try to have it. I do liked the video, I do prefer videos like that than those ones that tries "to tell a story". Well, just my point of view and also I do not agree, with all respect, with the first comment, I do prefer Tommy not too skinny, ha ha! Just my point o view, of course. Thank you for sharing this! Lots of love to my favourite band! XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 1:08pm, 12 Dec 2012

Beautiful song!!! Tom´s voice is a magic...

Posted by stephrosie at 11:56am, 12 Dec 2012

Class - what a beautiful song. And yeah what has happened to heart and soul in music nowadays? Beautiful singing from Tom and I love Laura's song. I'm now off to Itunes!

Posted by AnnetteM at 11:51am, 12 Dec 2012

What a wonderful song! It touches me deep inside. Tom, your voice is so beautiful, it's a gift given by God. Take care!

Posted by SylliBee at 11:39am, 12 Dec 2012

Tom has lost so much weight lol, he looks handsome.

Posted by KKOPPI at 11:27am, 12 Dec 2012

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